Dr. Jennifer Hibberd

Dr. Jennifer Hibberd is a specialty dental surgeon, academic educator, lecturer, public speaker, scientific editor and clinician. Her area of specialty is paediatric care within the dental field. She has been in private practice for many years which has blessed her with the gift of giving specialty services to the children of our communities. Dr. Hibberd has actively engaged in community initiatives, advancing the profile of children’s critical needs and services. She has dedicated her career to the advancement of health for children.

Over the years she has founded charities and served as a director on charity boards. She has been actively involved in fundraising for patient-centred care throughout her career. She believes ‘charity starts on your own doorstep. We don’t need to fly to another community or country to help others. There are people in our own communities that need help, especially the children’.

Throughout these past two years, Dr Hibberd has researched and contributed extensively to the science of COVID-19. She has highlighted the work of experts across the globe and co-authored several scientific studies & papers with doctors and scientists around the world.

Dr. Hibberd co-founded Canadian Covid Care Alliance and more recently, co-founded the World Council for Heath. She serves as a leadership consultant and promoter of health in several organizations.

She stands for health and humanity and believes our children are our future. She is quoted as saying, ‘The care and example we give children today will serve humanity tomorrow and into the future’.