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A massive convoy of truckers in North America who want to see an end to vaccine mandates at border crossings in Canada have embarked on a cross-country journey scheduled toreach Ottawa on January 29. The mandates are exacerbating the interruption of essential services required for the country to function such as healthcare and transport and are violating fundamental human rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. World Council for Health (WCH) recognizes the efforts of these truckers and their supporters around the world.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and
the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles
of fundamental justice.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Mandatory Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ mandates were enacted at Canadian border crossings on January 15. Since then, a grassroots, peaceful movement of affected workers and truckers acting in solidarity has formed. The first leg of the protest convoy began on January 22 in Northern British Columbia with new groups traveling from different directions, including from the United States, joining the effort.

“Truckers have a lot of power,” said filmmaker Laurent Goldstein who was in Delta, BC on January 23 to document some of the first trucks joining the cross country action and reported on Monday to WCH. “They distribute the food, they distribute the goods. They’re almost like the lifeline, the blood of civilization if you think about it.”

As of Wednesday, the truckers have formed a world record-breaking convoy, reportedly over 70km long as trucks continue to join from all parts of Canada. The freedom convoy is being greeted by thousands of Canadians lined up on roads and highway bridges to cheer on the spectacle in support of freedom and health.

“They are really touching a core there and the organizers are very conscientious. They’ve been contacting the police, the RCMP, the various communities that they are traveling through along the way, and they are making sure that this is done in a very peaceful and respectful way,”Goldstein explained.

The peaceful civil action brings immense pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to repeal not just trucker vaccine mandates but to put an end to the use of all so-called health mandates since March 2020.

The World Council for Health stands in opposition to the continued use and mandating of the experimental and harmful Covid-19 injections, having called for the immediate end of their use. WCH supports the use of safe, effective, and affordable treatments for Covid-19 and opposes measures that restrict freedom of movement.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, an industry special interest group, has denounced Freedom Convoy 2022 calling into question public safety, even as organizers demonstrate peacefully and in coordination with local police. The organization, which claims to seek to alleviate supply-chain issues caused by government actions, continues to advocate for mandatory injections in order to work.

Convoy organizers have received tens of thousands of donations via a GoFundMe campaign to support the truckers. However, there has been confusion after reports that funds were frozen by GoFundMe. While donations continue to pour in, it remains unknown if GoFundMe, an organization with a history of withholding donations donated to causes they do not align with, will release the funds.

World Council for Health Coalition Partner Police on Guard has released a statement in support of the freedom convoy. Messages of support were also shared by WCH Coalition Partner Canadian Covid Care Alliance on Twitter and in their newsletter. Visit Canada Unity to learn more about Freedom Convoy 2022.

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