The Philippines has become the first nation to set up its own Country Council for Health, as part of a strategic move toward the decentralisation of World Council for Health to countries, communities and individuals.  

The Philippine Council for Health launched on 17th February 2023 and will promote the Better Way Charter for health, freedom, and sovereignty. Fully autonomous, it will: 

  • Develop country-specific policies and health guidance suited to local needs
  • Create its own website enriched with country-specific resources
  • Educate on and advocate for the protection of inalienable rights
  • Provide WCH accreditation to health centers, practitioners and laboratories, and WCH bioethical approval for country research
  • Support educational initiatives related to innovative, holistic and traditional health practices
  • Establish WCH Centers of Excellence for Integrative Health
  • Decentralise to provinces, cities and communities.

Dr Homer Lim, on the Steering Committee of the Philippine Council for Health, said, “This pandemic was a man-made issue of trying to control people. With the council for health – whether it’s the World, Philippine, or Provincial Council for Health, it will grow because at the end of the day, it’s really about being free.”

This exciting development is the first step in a decentralisation strategy that will see councils for health set up in every nation over the next three years. Central to their role will be to carry out the World Council for Health mission of empowering health, freedom and sovereignty, in line with the 7 Principles of the Better Way Charter – a value framework that honours the sanctity of life, celebrates difference and upholds individual freedoms. Together, each Council for Health will empower everyone in co-creating a Better Way for the entire world. 

This comes at a time where globalist ideologues are aggressively pushing for countries to surrender their sovereignty and fall in with a centralised, one world government run by an unelected, corporatist elite. In terms of health, the World Health Organisation is enjoining member nations to submit to amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty/Accord/Instrument that, if passed, will trample on people’s inalienable rights and see member nations handing over health policies to the WHO: an unelected, majority privately funded organisation. 

Dr Tess Lawrie, Steering Committee member of World Council for Health, says: “We don’t have to submit to the whims of a corporate cabal – we can just say ‘No’. There is a better way. The Better Way Charter puts individual responsibility, sovereignty and people’s inalienable rights at the heart of the social contract, where they belong. We want to see every country empowered by its own council for health, serving the needs of its people in harmony with its unique context, wisdom and traditions. This is about all of us awakening to our own power, taking responsibility and becoming guardians of our own health and that of our beautiful planet.”

World Council for Health celebrates the Philippine Council for Health, and looks forward to welcoming many more country councils in the coming weeks and months. 

For more information about the WCH Decentralisation Strategy, please watch this presentation by Dr Tess Lawrie. 

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  1. Thank you. We need to inform ourselves and be empowered to a have a choice in our health decisions.

  2. I am most willing to be part of this because the government, the health department are now controlling our rights and destroying our health.
    Hope this will be solved thru your advocacy.
    God bless!

  3. This is a very laudable endeavor!
    When i tried yo subsctibr this messssge popped up… ” this appesrs to be spsm as it failed ShieldPRO AntiBot protection checks”. Pls check and advise.

  4. This is great news and testimony to all your fine work.
    May all countries follow this wise and courage path and free the world of what aims to become a world totalitarian tyranny.

  5. Our family would love to move to the Philippines but you are still required to be vaxxed and boosted? we will never take any vax ever including for our 9month old daughter

  6. It’s a very good move and initiative for concerned doctors, scientists and citizens to fight the WHO’S move to Rob and control us of our Sovereignty as a Free nation

  7. I’m going home to the Philippines and would like to meet and be involved.
    Please include me in any newsletter or updates to be kept in the loop.
    I’m based in Oxford, UK but will be there in September – October,2023.
    Thank you
    Marian Aguiluz- Eastwood

  8. maraming salamat po… mabuhay ang World Council for Health..! Isa po akong acupuccturist at ako po ay susubaybay sa inyong mahalaga at napapanahong gawain.