Despite the Bath and Northeast Somerset Council (B&NES) failing to honor its contract with the World Council for Health to host a 2000 attendee conference in the heart of Bath on 20-22 May, the Better Way Conference will move forward as planned.

The conference, which was scheduled to be held at the Assembly Rooms, will host more than 60 internationally acclaimed speakers from the world in the areas of science, medicine, media, and law. Speakers include Robert F Kennedy Jr, The HighWire’s Del Bigtree, GB Media’s Neil Oliver, journalist Maajid Nawaz, and many more. The full speaker lineup can be found on the conference’s website.

The Bath and Northeast Somerset Council states its reason for withdrawing its commitment was that the conference would bring their ‘name and reputation’ into ‘disrepute’.

In response to the sudden decision by B&NES, World Council for Health co-founder and Better Way Conference organizer Dr Tess Lawrie stated:

‘Given that Bath has been an internationally renowned home of healing for hundreds of years—and humanitarian discussions are of critical importance for the world right now—this is an extremely short-sighted decision from B&NES.

‘The Better Way Conference is all about an evidence-based approach to medical decision making, sovereignty, empowerment and reimagining the future of healthcare. We have many thousands of people supporting this conference both in-person and online and we fully intend to run the event as scheduled.’

After witnessing similar attempts at preventing experts and professionals from speaking, gathering, and sharing information at venues and events around the world, organizers at the World Council for Health were prepared for the possibility of such a situation. Despite efforts by B&NES to hinder its success, the Better Way Conference will go ahead as planned on May 20-22 at a different and more open-minded venue.

Virtual and in-person tickets for this one-of-a-kind event remain on sale at


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  1. Well done B& NSC for advertising this event nationally, hope it goes ahead successfully, this kind of censorship cannot be tolerated. The light needs to be shed on these medical matters. It is vital to stop the WHO from dictating medical policy of Big Pharma and Bill Gates. Of special importance is the piece they have left out of the 1948 health act, this is more important than the pandemic treaty(ref James Roguski).

  2. Thank you for being willing to take a stand and for drawing to our beautiful city of Bath such a reputable group of people – I just hope they can get into the country! Sadly I will be running a training down in Devon at that time, which seems crazy when all these people I have been watching online over the last 3 years are now on my doorstep! However, I have bought a virtual pass which is better than nothing but I accept won’t be the same as seeing them in person.
    And thanks to all the speakers for the courage and deep commitment to truth.
    Barbara Morgan

    1. What is the British Government’s stance? There seems no connection between those of us who can see straight through this travesty of future public health, and are violently opposed to the Who and power mad Gates, and the western governments, who stay ominously silent.

  3. Due to some family event I will not be able to come to Bath for your event.
    Will it be possible to hear what the speakers have to say at a later date?
    Thanks for your reply and I wish you lots of success.

  4. Have nothing good to say I don’t like anybody who thinks that they have the audacity to take my free will * 💩

  5. Я, Живой Человек наречённый от роду Алексей, по отцу Викторович, волеизъявляю, что я являюсь Живым Человеком со всеми присущими естественными правами Человека от рождения и правами Человека, указанными во <> от 10/12/1948 г. резолюцией 217А ( ||| ) ООН.
    Я Алексей живорожденный Человек,живущий по КОНам ! Запрещаю производить биологические эксперименты и опыты на планете Земля .

  6. We MUST stop the upcoming signing of an amendment to turn over the power of the United States to the WHO. This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL on every level! It will circumvent the power of the states to handle anything. It will give absolute power to the WHO! STOP this by any means possible!

  7. Better Way Conference. Absolutely brilliant – Thank you. Saw Del on GBnews today. First I’ve heard of it. Wish I could be there but will follow online So pleased you have been able to overcome the indoctrinated corruption of Bath council. Best wishes and a hearty welcome to Bath and England to all the speakers and visitors. Fully agree with Diana McClure – the unelected dictators of the WHO must be stopped-( but it’s not just America- it’s the World they are after) but will not be whilst our Doris, the leader with hair like a haystack, walks like a gorilla, and now wants to control Bogof, is with us. What a plonker (just my personal opinion of course !!). Hope he gets another fine and resigns like the other plonker has promised !!

  8. We can NOT let the WHO have our sovereignty!!! This is NOT the will of WE THE PEOPLE!!! This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Please STOP this signing!!!!

    1. It’s been impossible to apply for tickets & by the time sourced it …it stated ‘sold out.’o& No idea where venue is…except Bath. I would most certainly attend Saturday or Sunday.
      But wish you all every success .You deserve every success in the world.Thankyou Thankyou JFK & ALL the wonderful speakers. & Del Bigtree ICAN of course. . .Heartfelt thanks to all

      I bought Jfkjnr book …having tried to source it at every library. NONE STOCK.I had to wait 6 weeks on order with Waterstones.

      but…please do make it easier for people to attend in person.

  9. Our worlds’s whole future is at stake. Please speak for us against the horrible decision the WHO is taking and against the devious intentions the WHO and those who fund them, have.

  10. I am very angry that civil servants and or councillors have taken upon themselves to decide not to allow a conference on medical matters to be run in a tax payer funded venue, I suggest the same free speech deniers are billed with the loss of revenue. Can we have a few names to acquaint the of the public anger and disgrace to Bath through the cancellation of a world reaching event with international speakers. Who do these people think they are?

  11. Where is the new venue?
    I need to know asap!
    Security code 14fbd3f2a3

    Mobile 07767 797858

  12. Biden has sold out on this, we had 18 mo to change our minds , Biden changed it to 6 months, which would be before the next election. He must hate our country. No loyalty to the freedoms of the US. I am praying that this gets voted down soon, Biden did this behind closed doors.