Zakis Polyzoidis: Introducing WCH Coalition Partner ISONOMIA

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #69 on December 12, Zakis Polyzoidis (🇬🇷) introduced us to ISONOMIA—a WCH coalition partner.

Who is Zakis Polyzoidis?

  • Zakis is an advocate for well-being and health freedom of expression, human rights, law and order (in the good sense).
  • He is a solutions architect for the banking industry in London as well as the legal administrator for ISONOMIA.


  • ISONOMIA promotes justice and good health for everyone in Greece and Europe in general.

Find this video to watch and share on RumbleOdysee, and Bitchute.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 12, 2022. Dr Stephanie Seneff and Dr Jessica Rose also spoke at Monday’s meeting. 

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