Willful Blindness | Mind Health Connection Room

Join a panel of Mind Health experts to discuss what willful blindness really is and how we can understand and connect with people that are subconsciously ignoring what others see.

This conversation took place on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 and is also available on Facebook, Rumble, and Odysee.

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  1. Oh I cannot express how deeply this moved me. I am unvaxxed by choice. In the beginning of this “pandemic” I simply knew I would not be participating.

    That choice led me further and further into questioning what we now call the narrative etc etc etc. Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole I went. Increasingly frightened I became. Needing to go to emergency services at hospital in March of 2022 I found that I was being treated poorly without respect by the attending physician.

    I have lost friends and family members over the past 2 years. I feel abandoned by my country (Canada), the head of government (Trudeau), the health authorities in my province (B.C.) and most of all my friends and family. One family member will no longer speak to me after telling me that I should be locked up! Another friend told me she would never forgive me (for saying the vaccines were not working as promised). On and on. These people, my family, are all highly intelligent educated folks.

    I am wanting to say I so appreciate the points you made in the discussion. We ARE all on the same side. It is my concern for the health and safety of my friends, family and all earthlings that has turned me into a somewhat angry and passionate warrior for freedom and justice!

    I will forward this talk to others like myself who care deeply about our world and are trying to do something to change it. We, my friends in different parts of the globe, have been working on speaking out. We’ve all faced incredible backlash and shaming.

    I strongly feel you have provided a way for each of us to come into greater communion with all people on whatever side of this crazy cleverly formulated division we stand.

    Thank you so very much. I will stay posted to hear more from you. I feel hopeful after just last evening having dipped again into hopelessness and despair over my sense of powerlessness.

    God bless you for this work you are doing.