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Strong and Free Canada is a grassroots organization dedicated to recovering rights and freedoms, providing factual data and expert testimony on Covid and government overreach, and more.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 17, 2022. The full meeting can be viewed here.

This clip is also available on Rumble and Odysee.

strong and free canada jan 17

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Will’s presentation:

“Strong and Free are doing great mission work in Canada! I am very happy and proud to work with Will and team.” -Dr Mark Trozzi

“Great video, thank you Will.” -Jennifer Hibberd

“Great thanks Will!!!! So accurate and we all must internalize this information Truth!” -Keren eg

“Brilliant and hard-hitting.” -Rebecca Blech

“Thank you Will, excellent presentation.” -Luke Moffat

“So important!” -Rima E Laibow, MD

“Great Presentation Will!” -Zoe Strickland

“Thank you Will, that was a great presentation.” -Jolene Field

“Amen Will. See the big picture, the forest not just the trees, and tackling it head on.” -Dr Mark Trozzi

“Thank you Will for your leadership.” -Dr. Kat Lindley

“Interviews with Will are great and have a big and growing audience.” -Dr Mark Trozzi

“Very focused to the way to be effective!! Truth will conquer fear!! Thank you very much!!!❤️” -Zafeiria Kakaletri

“Thank you Warrior!” -Tess Lawrie

“Thank you everything you’re doing, Will.” -Rob Verkerk


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: Our first, um, coalition partner presentation today is Will Dove from Canada. Who’s from the group Strong and Free Canada, will um, the floor is yours. [00:00:41] Will Dove: Thank you. Can I share my screen please? [00:00:45] Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: Um, Zoe? [00:00:47] Zoe Strickland: Yes, you should be able to share your screen. [00:00:49] Will Dove: All right. We have a short promo video that I’m going to run for you. That’s a good introduction to who we are. [00:01:00] Strong and Free Canada is the nation’s largest anti mandatory vaccine and anti lockdown organization. We work with lawyers to provide rights toolkits for Canadians to successfully defend their rights. Our volunteers distribute brochures to mailboxes across the country, and we work in partnership with other organizations such as Take Action Canada, the justice center for constitutional freedoms, lawyers for truth, free to fly vaccine choice Canada, Liberti, the World Council for Health, and many others providing tactical support, making connections and at times providing financial support. [00:01:46] Our founder Will Dove through the Iron Will Show who conducts regular interviews, experts, whistleblowers, and the victims of our government’s unconstitutional actions to provide a large database of data, facts, and truth, which mainstream media, not only won’t tell Canadians, but actively works to suppress working with a dedicated team of volunteers and contractors. [00:02:13] We’ll also post The Iron Will report, which uses satire to shine a light on our government’s criminal activities and to expose the contradictions false science and censorship, which the mainstream media, many internet sources, our government and the global tyrants are using to deceive and instill fear in the people. [00:02:37] Fear is the pandemic. Truth is the antidote. The only certain way for Canadians to recover the rights and freedoms is when enough of us simply refuse to comply. The virus spreads by infecting a cell and making copies of itself, which then infect other cells. Truth works the same way. Every Canadian, we free from fear with our rights toolkits and real science and truth from world-class experts can then spread that fruit to others. [00:03:17] We are Strong and Free Canada and I am Iron Will. Be the virus, spread the truth, refuse to comply. [00:03:41] So hopefully that, uh, ran properly. If I have the floor for a few minutes, I’d like to share some thoughts on just exactly what is going on and how it’s being orchestrated. I’ve been in this fight for the last year and a half. And in that time, of course, I’ve learned a great deal. [00:04:02] The tyrants always use the same strategies, the tactics to change: COVID, global warming, all of these things to instill fear, but the strategies never change and they are threefold. First, seize control of the government and the media. Historically, this has been done when people became the government. And from there, we’re able to control the media. But in this particular case, these are concurrent attacks, not sequential ones. [00:04:35] They have been maneuvering for years, possibly decades to put into positions of power in countries around the world. Politicians who can be controlled at the same time. Many of these media moguls who control the message are part of the problem. And so the people do not hear the truth. [00:04:54] Step 2: destroy the middle class. The middle class is a threat. The poor are not, they live paycheck to paycheck and could be easily controlled. The Uber rich are not, most of them are benefiting from it. And the few that aren’t are too few voices to make a difference, but the middle-class. We are educated and many of us have sufficient funds to hold out if we lose our jobs. [00:05:22] And so they seek to destroy us. Step three, identify and remove the undesirables. This is what the vaccine passports are for to identify those of us who refuse to comply in countries like Australia, they’re already imprisoning them. They’re being made enemies of the people in countries around the world. [00:05:46] And these are the strategies that the tyrants use. And it’s very important to know these strategies because as I say, the tactics change, but the strategies do not. Tyrants gain power through fear, fear of loss, loss of life, loss of Liberty, loss of health, loss of income, loss of social acceptance. But to make that fear real, they must actually take things from people. [00:06:15] When they take something from someone that person no longer fears losing it. You can’t fear losing what you don’t have. And so they must take something else and something else until there is nothing left to take. And this is why the tyrants will in time defeat themselves. They are their own worst enemy because when a person reaches a point where they perceive they have nothing left to lose, they stop being afraid and they fight back. What we are doing here, what all of you are doing is speeding up that process by providing the truth. Because as I say, the truth is the antidote to fear. [00:07:05] Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: Thank you so much for that. Um, Will that was amazing. And so well-spoken, um, Jennifer, do you have any questions for Will? [00:07:15] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: I don’t have questions, but that was so profound, Will. And that’s, what’s reflected in the chat. Thank you so much for sharing that powerful presentation and just your powerful words and you’re so right. [00:07:28] Just keeping away from fear and bringing the truth forward and finding the way to get it out there to everybody is phenomenal. Thank you so much. [00:07:38] Will Dove: And I’d like to thank everyone who’s a member of the World Council for Health, for everything that you’re all doing, it is absolutely vital work. And there are many people out there who are listening and paying attention. [00:07:49] If by the way, you are a scientist, a medical expert, legal expert, and you would like a platform for your message. I’m going to post my email address in the chat. Please contact me. I will be happy to interview you. [00:08:02] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That’s wonderful. Thank you very much, please as many of you step forward and engage with Will because Canada needs your voice. [00:08:12] Canada needs your support and Canada needs your strength, and we need the people now. Thank you. [00:08:20] Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: Thank you. Thank you so much for that, for that powerful presentation will and so inspiring. [00:08:24]

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  1. Do you know about UNDRIP and the lost of our land rights? It’s now law.

    Bill C-15 / UNDRIP Concerns. While we believe in equal rights and equal opportunities for all Sovereigns, we strongly oppose UNDRIP as outlined in Bill C-15 for the following reasons:

    1. While Bill C-15 identifies “indigenous” via subsection 35(2) of the Constitution Act 1982 as being “Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada”, UNDRIP itself, along with the UN, have no legal definition regarding who is “indigenous”. Romeo Saganash, a main driver of C-15 stated in the March 11 2021 Meeting No. 22 INAN – Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs, that UNDRIP and the UN HAVE NO OFFICIAL DEFINITION of who is an INDIGENOUS PERSON. Video Reference Time: 13:11:08. Romeo even stated that UNDRIP is being used right now in Canadian courts due to UN Human Rights agreements. Video Reference Time: 12:51:00 https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony/en/PowerBrowser/PowerBrowserV2/20210302/-1/34941#info_
    Even though there is no UN legal definition of “indigenous”, C-15 states “The Agents of Canada Inc must…ensure that the laws of Canada are consistent with the Declaration.” ie: UNDRIP. Is this not insane? The whole point of C-15 is to have Canadian law based on UNDRIP and it’s 46 indigenous articles. With UNDRIP having no definition of “indigenous” it will ultimately trump C-15s working definition of the same since it’s UNDRIP that will be the basis of law creation, not Bill C-15 or it’s indigenous definition.

    Without UNDRIP having a concise definition of “indigenous”, all of it’s articles are meaningless and MUST be removed.

    UNDRIP also does not define “indigenous” as being referenced to one’s place of birth, thus if one claims to be indigenous in one country, can they claim UNDRIP rights in another country?

    The United Nations desires a borderless earth and a World Parliament that supersedes National Governments. Will the foreign indigenous be able to claim land, resources, and territories in the land mass known Canada if they simply use them, as per article 26? This has already been evidenced by the takeover of Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square in 2020 under the guise of the indigenous land claim in Toronto.
    Article 36 clearly states that foreign indigenous can claim UNDRIP rights in foreign countries.
    Subsection 1. “Indigenous peoples, in particular those divided by international borders, have the right to maintain and develop contacts, relations and cooperation, including activities for spiritual, cultural, political, economic and social purposes, with their own members as well as other peoples across borders.”
    2. UNDRIP Article 5 states:

    “Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.”

    Here you have a nation within a nation that can fully participate in the another nation if they so chose. This is not just on reserve land, as that’s not stated in UNDRIP. This can be anywhere in the land mass known as Canada.

    They may claim large cities! and your land!

    Many Sovereigns still live in the illusion of fiction that Canada is a country, which is farthest from the truth. Canada is a crown Corporation of the Vatican. These are Important Facts MUST be comprehend and educated to more Sovereigns if there is any chance to remove this enormous threat!

    Canada Inc is using UNDRIP as some legal format to steal the land under this pretext of UNDRIP and many sovereigns are being intestinally mislead by “Band Councils” under the Indian Act. Yes the Same Indian Act that was created by them that created the Concentration/Reserve camps!

    Indian “bands” and “band councils” are NOT decision-making institutions” they are Vatican institutions imposed by the unlawful corporation of Canada Inc, who have created a de-facto government through its Indian Act under a BNA Act which the fraudulently renamed the Constitution Act 1867.

    The Constitutional ACT 1867 is dead copy in the archives of Britain.

    This play of words “indigenous” is just another manipulation and trickery being played out on every sovereign man and woman by a unlawful organization called the “band council” !

    United Nations is and always been a threat to every man and woman and they created the indigenous word to deceive millions.

    How this is done needs to be discussed widely across North America and the land mass know as Canada Inc.

    What is certain, is that by standing together and developing a Sovereign plan based on our UNALIENABLE rights is the MOST important step forward to place ownership to its proper owner the Sovereign man and woman. (Not international law as this is also a fraud of deception! The Universal law was created by the United Nations founders. It’s a unlawful Law they use to manipulate their agenda of UN Agenda 21/30 genocide of sovereign man and woman!

    As the Indigenous agenda they are using in stealth!

    We can advance our Sovereign men and woman much further than by passively accepting the de-facto federal government’s watered down and self-serving version of our Unalienable rights that the current AFN- Assembly of First Nations is pursuing their UN AGENDA on the uneducated man and woman what this really IS! and what their true intentions are!

    Still, who is indigenous? What if foreign indigenous political / social beliefs go against unalienable Rights? History has shown their is and always have been an Agenda from the UN and unlawful governments to harm the Sovereign Man and Woman!

    UNDRIP is just way too open ended for interpretation to be a basis of law!
    3. UNDRIP Article 26, the big one.

    “Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise USED or acquired.” Section 26 opens the door to indigenous people claiming ALL of Canadian land, water, and resources, as now seen in British Columbia’s 2019 adoption of UNDRIP. 95% of the province is now being claimed and soon to be transferred to Native Bands.

    This one article alone is so sweeping, so radical, so open ended, that it’s acceptance by this de-facto parliament would destroy the future of many Sovereign men and woman in the land mass know today as “Canada Inc” we know, stop almost all business investment / job creation, bring anarchy, and possibly civil war.

    When land is claimed under developed areas such as cities, roads, and infrastructure, great social upheaval will develop, tearing apart the very fabric. Already untold millions of acres of Sovereign Land have become off limits to the Sovereigns under this fraud of Canada Inc. Canadians, destroying 10’s of thousands of jobs, by the fulfilling of UNDRIP through Caribou Recovery.

    One example of this is the B.C. / Canada / West Moberly / Sauteau Agreement which states: INTERGOVERNMENTAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT FOR THE CONSERVATION OF THE CENTRAL GROUP OF THE SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN CARIBOU FEBRUARY 21, 2019 WHEREAS British Columba and Canada are committed to fully adopting and implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/species-risk-public-registry/conservation-agreements/intergovernmental-partnership-conservation-central-southern-mountain-caribou-2020.html

    Another organization created is the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is a total fraud and deceiving millions to use the residential schools, hardships as an emotion tool to usher in their United Nations Agenda to millions on emotions and disinformation! And do not forget the disinformation agenda they are intentionally deceiving millions with this so-called Compensation.

    If this were even truthful in any manner then the real criminals who created the mass destruction and genocide of sovereigns world wide would be the UN, the de-facto unlawful governments. ( kings/Queens/ MP’s /MLA’s / Governor General’s / Lieutenants Governor’s /Governors,

    History has proven without a doubt there is a Evil Agenda being played out in stealth and secrecy the true intentions of UNDRIP and Indigenous !

    4. Will the Sovereign men and woman taxpayer have to pay untold trillions for “equitable compensation” when “indigenous” claim the land, territories, and resources?

    Article 28 1. “Indigenous peoples have the right to redress, by means that can include restitution or, when this is not possible, just, fair and equitable compensation, for the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which have been confiscated, taken, occupied, used or damaged without their free, prior and informed consent.” 5. Canada will not be able to use it’s military on Canadian soil unless agreed to by indigenous people, whoever they are. This aligns with the UN desiring national militaries gutted and replaced with UN Forces.

    The facts are all tribes, were conquered by the Kings/Queens for their quest for power, wealth and the theft of all resources. Here are a few to mention that were all conquered and eventually lost their true heritage and culture are as follows the Mohawk, Galway, Celtic, Tavastians, Karelians, Sámi, Danes, Saxons, Franks, Nahua, Purepecha, Zulu, and Wodaabe are a few examples.

    THE UNITED NATIONS is in fact the same globalist empire we hear about now , but there previous names were

    League of nations -The first meeting of the Council of the League took place on 16 January 1920, and the first meeting of Assembly of the League took place on 15 November 1920. In 1919 U.S. president Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel peace Prize for his role as the leading architect of the League. League of Nations was formed on 10th January 1920.

    The original members of the United Nations were: China (then the Republic of China), France (then the Provisional Government), Russia (then the Soviet Union), the United Kingdom, the United States (these first five forming the Security Council)

    The United Nations has set sustainable development goals for 2030, – Sustainable means de-population – extermination, genocide,

    The UN strive for world peace which is they will be happy when the entire population is exterminated and then the World Elite will have WORLD PEACE or their Whole Piece of the PIE?

    In order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for the Elite all. UN Member States have also agreed to use the climate action to limit global warming.

    Climate action and global warming scam will be used to starve the sovereign men and woman world wide!

    Indigenous and UNDRIP and also Turtle Island are being used in stealth and deception to full to carry out the Agenda. Only an informed and educated sovereigns must stop the insanity.
    Article 30 1. “Military activities shall not take place in the lands or territories of indigenous peoples, unless justified by a relevant public interest or otherwise freely agreed with or requested by the indigenous peoples concerned.”
    6. Will we be UNDER UN CHARTER RULE, Circumventing their fictional Law?

    Article 46 1. “Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, people, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act contrary to the Charter of the United Nations…”

    Again who is Indigenous and who has the so-called authority the AFN- Assembly of First Nations. They are selected and do NOT represent the sovereigns.
    7. Indigenous will have veto power of any activities with land, resources, territories, they claim to have once used. Article 32 2. “States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free and informed consent prior to the approval of any project affecting their lands or territories and other resources, particularly in connection with the development, utilization or exploitation of mineral, water or other resources.”
    8. It is stated by witnesses in the C-15 committee meeting March 11, 2021, that the purpose of C-15 is to offer the indigenous equal rights, which they claim they don’t already have, and that no new powers will be given. Yet clearly, UNDRIP gives them supreme powers in Canada, completely eclipsing anyone who is not designated indigenous. An extremely dangerous situation due to this imbalance.
    9. Much of de-fact Canada’s fictional laws already reflect UNDRIP principles without the need to duplicate internationally what already exists domestically.
    10. Bill C-15 cedes power to unnamed people who will ultimately determine the future of this country. This legislation does not stipulate who will table the UNDRIP report to Parliament, which will inevitably result in a power vacuum and a seizure of said power.
    11. The UN desires global governance of every aspect of our lives and to establish a UN World Parliament. Adopting Bill C-15 with UNDRIP as the basis for Canadian law is a major step towards these goals and not compatible with our nation’s interests. Bottom Line: UNDRIP will enact UN Mandates and Laws over a sovereign Canada. Indigenous is not legally defined by the UN and totally undefined in the UNDRIP document. Having nations within nations off reserve land will cause havoc.

    Section 26 essentially gives away all land, territories, and resources to whoever is deemed indigenous and making claims. 95% of BC has already been claimed with their adoption of UNDRIP, Oct. 2019. The destruction of the Sovereign man and woman is within the UNDRIP document.

    If you do not want to see your future destroyed, then organize to end the UNDRIP and UN Agenda 21.

    This will RADICALLY affect you, your family, and fellow Sovereigns like you would not believe. It’s almost beyond comprehension. Canada’s future is fully in your hands.

    Some actually believe they can VOTE against this, Sorry there has NEVER been a VOTE!

    You will stand on the right side of history and will be a hero in the land.

    Now is the time to be brave and a true hero.


    Much love and gratitude to you all
    Sovereigns collaborating on solutions.😉

    2023 is going to be a different beast entirely. Take heart in knowing that you were made to be here to not only experience this epic time, but that you are built and designed to conquer fear, evil and tyranny. You wouldn’t still be standing if anything else was true. Never doubt it for one second.

    You have come this far, you are not alone, and never forget that in the end:

    Liberty wins.

    Truth wins.

    YOU win.

    Please forward the email and share on social media.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Fellow Sovereigns I implore you all to IMMEDIATELY familiarize yourself with your local Land Use Bylaw. Also, pay attention to whether it has been updated recently or is in the process of being updated. Keep reading to find out why!

    I reside in Thorhild County. Thorhild county, North East of Edmonton, is a small municipality that is more than 99% rural by land use. There isn’t even one town in our county, but there are 7 hamlets ranging in population from 24 people to 391 people. In fact, in our entire county of 1997.17 km2, the total population is only 3042 people.

    Currently, we are fighting a proposed Land Use Bylaw (LUB) complete rewrite. A company called Green Space Alliance Urban Planning Firm (GSA) was contracted at a price of $100k to do the rewrite. They have an office in Edmonton but are based out of India and their specialty is large urban centres (Mumbai as an example!). The rewrite they did for our county is deplorable, excessively punitive, and very clearly not designed for rural communities, but rather more strongly patterning large urban center templates.

    I will say the county did the (bare minimum) of their due diligence to make people aware of this incoming change through advertising on their FB, Twitter, website, and local newsprint. However, a quick glance at their social media shows that their engagement is embarrassingly low. They should have realized at some point that the information was not being received. In fact, when the GSA sent surveys out, only 61 people participated. Does that sound like adequate participation numbers to confidently say you have satisfactorily engaged the public in the process? I would say not.

    At any rate, not to pat myself on the back, but had it not been for me one morning sitting down with a coffee to read this bylaw (about 1 week prior to the Public Hearing) and rapidly hopping on social media to sound the alarm, I am quite certain this bylaw would have been passed, without contest, on Jan 10. I began an aggressive social media campaign to ensure as many of my community members were aware of the dangers if this bylaw were to pass, and the movement took on a life of its own! Prior to that, literally NO ONE was talking about it.

    We had 47 people show up to the Public Hearing, 10 people gave impassioned presentations about all the ways this bylaw would affect them, and the whole community, negatively. The council had no choice but to put forth a motion to take more time to go though the information provided in the presentations. They have not given us a timeline as to when they will revisit this. We (a group of us concerned citizens) booked a community hall and had a staggering 193 people attend where they were presented with what we know so far about what our legal options are for interceding in this LUB process. It was pretty incredible.

    I believe there is a province-wide campaign for Alberta municipalities (perhaps even nationally!?) to update their land use bylaws right now. This is no mistake. This is clearly NWO driven in my opinion. I hope to somehow bring awareness to what’s going on here but NO MEDIA outlets will provide us any kind of coverage or support whatsoever. I would love if we are able to bring some attention to this provincially, maybe even nationally (that’s too much to hope for!) and IF we are successful in staving off this assault on our liberties, to make it VIRAL and help other municipalities stop the local abuses of power that are working to prevent us from living freely, providing our own food security etc. You know!! ALL the things they want to use to control us!!

    Some of this impacts us is:
    Like I mentioned, we are a predominantly rural community. Less than 1% of our total land use is “urban”. By population, we are approximately 72% rural/agricultural (so approximately only 28% of the County’s population lives in the hamlet mentioned). Despite this, the proposed LUB includes the following regulations (just as a few examples of the atrocities contained therein)

    ALL zones will require a permit for barbed wire fencing (in a farming community!)

    ALL zones are subject to a sister bylaw titled the “Urban Hen Bylaw” which, in it’s current state (though not yet passed) limits you to have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 laying hens. In order to secure a permit to possess these hens you must be a landowner, take an approved Hen Care course, apply for a PID#, apply for a permit, secure a written letter of consent of every neighbor who has property adjoining yours (in a county where farmers have hundreds of farmed acres!) , provide the Land Title certificate to your home secured no more than 14 days prior to your application (which is impossible given how backed up they are….I’ve been waiting 11 months!), strict regulations on the size, design, placement of your “hen enclosure”, have the enclosure inspected and pass inspection prior to use, and agree to the county requirement that an inspector (peace officer) can enter your premises at any time without warrant to inspect, as a condition of your license. Again, this is written in a Land Use Bylaw in a county that is 99% rural/agricultural by land!

    In addition to that nonsense there is now a limit on the number of “accessory” buildings. Max 4. If you know anything about farming, this is beyond ridiculous.

    Also for any buildings that have not been used in 6 months, you will be required to apply for a new permit for. So grain crop not good and you only use half your grain storage, those unused grain storage buildings become instantly illegal and a new permit must be applied for.

    Country Residential areas are limited to 10 shrubs that must be a 50/50 mix of coniferous/deciduous shrubs, as well as have only 2 coniferous TREES and 2 deciduous TREES. Certainly if you live in the city, this may not seem offside. But if you live in the country where your nearest neighbor is literally miles away, you can see how ridiculous this is!

    There are more than 100 instances where it states that permits will be issued “at the discretion of” “based on the opinion of” etc.. Extremely subjective.
    I could go on and on…..

    THE MOST INSIDIOUS PART is that it’s 100% RETROACTIVE!!!! So even if you are in compliance with with existing LUB, once the new one comes into effect, the new one applies!!!! And you will be subject to daily fines for non-compliance!!!

    We have been in contact with Municipal Affairs who have provided us with some limited guidance. They have no authority or jurisdiction to intercede however.

    I fully believe our situation up here in Thorhild County is in no way isolated, and I would STRONGLY suggest that each and every one of you become intimately familiar with your own LUB.

    For anything you find issue with, IMMEDIATELY send an email to the councillor for your division, and cc the CAO at minimum. It would not be offside to cc every councillor and anyone else on your administration payroll.

    If you have any questions (or suggestions) of how we are proceeding to protect our community, or on steps you can take in your own community, please feel free to fire us off an email at info@constitutionalconventions.ca and thorhildcountyresidentsunited@gmail.com.