Curtis Nordstrom: Dealing with Weaponized Fear | Mind Health Connection Room

This week, Curtis Nordstrom presented on the weaponization of fear and how we as individuals, families, and communities can deal with it.

Curtis is an American physician working in Switzerland, training in both General Medicine and Psychiatry. In addition to his medical degree, he holds a master’s degree in Health Promotion. His current clinical focus is on trauma therapy with EMDR and behavioral therapy, as well as depression and anxiety. Curtis has a special interest in nutritional and PEMF treatments for somatic and psychiatric maladies.

This conversation took place on Wednesday, August 3 at 8 pm UTC on Zoom.

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  1. I live in New Zealand, at times I feel like im screaming but no one is listening because of the government propaganda of lies and misinformation and disinformation that is not scientifically based.