Dr Val Fraser: The New Paradigm for Children That Thrive Begins with Education & Health

Speaking with Better Way Live hosts Linda Rae and Emma Sron on Monday, the 23rd of October 2023, Dr Val Fraser discussed the secrets of raising healthy and happy children through self-directed education at home.

About Dr Val Fraser

  • Dr Val Fraser is a former teacher, university teacher educator and Ofsted school inspector. As well as her specialism in education, Val has had a long interest in natural health and in particular natural health for children.
  • Her work took her around the world lecturing to international school teachers and she retired from the University in 2020. She continues in her current role as an education advisor for a local authority in the UK.
  • She is also an education adviser for Nottinghamshire Local Authority reporting on home educated learners. Her specialist field is the most vulnerable children who often present with mental health issues and complex learning needs.
  • In May of 2021, Dr Val Fraser joined with other professionals in the fields of medicine, science, education, and law to launch, Safer to Wait, a campaign dedicated to providing information to parents for informed consent for children’s Covid-19 injections.

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