Dr Jessica Rose: Has VAERS Data Been Manipulated?

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #69 on Monday, December 12, Dr Jessica Rose (🇨🇦) gave a comprehensive presentation on VAERS data, what it reveals, and how it is being manipulated.

Who is Dr Jessica Rose?

  • Dr Jessica Rose is an artist, musician, mathematician, professional surfer, biologist, researcher, and data analyst with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a master’s degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She was one of five esteemed graduates of a newly established interdisciplinary degree program.
  • Jessica also holds a PhD in Computational Biology from Bar Ilan University and two post-doctoral degrees: one in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and one in Biochemistry from the Technion Institute of Technology. She took a break following completion of the final Post Doc in December 2019—then Covid-19 happened.

What is VAERS Data?

  • VAERS data comes from the U.S. CDC’s official Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).
  • Over the past two years she has been applying her extraordinary skill and expertise to studying VAERS data and sharing her disturbing findings with whoever will listen. See OpenVAERS for more information.

Find this video to watch and share on Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 12, 2022. Dr Stephanie Seneff and Zakis Polyzoidis also spoke at Monday’s meeting. 

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