Undue Influence: Inoculation & Recovery with Sue Parker Hall | Mind Health Connection Room

Sue Parker Hall is a Certified Transactional Analyst, a UKCP registered psychotherapist and a BACP senior accredited practitioner. She is author of Anger, Rage and Relationship: An Empathic Approach to Anger Management (2008, Routledge) specialising in trauma processes in general and anger, rage and shame in particular. She offers psychotherapy and supervision to individuals and groups and teaches her theories and methodology to psychological practitioners nationally and internationally. Visit Sue’s website here.

This conversation took place on Wednesday, August 24 at 8 pm UTC on Zoom.

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  1. Alarming Events: Headline After Headline of Pilot Incapacitations

    Full video:

    Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #64 on Monday, November 7, Captain Alan Dana summarized several recent worrying headlines. These are just some of many:

    November 1, 2022 — Austrian Airlines OS235 from Vienna to Berlin. The co-pilot vomited over the instrument panel and then leaned on the thrust levers.

    November 3, 2022 — Fly Dubai 737. Incapacitated pilot by stroke.

    September 21, 2022 — Lufthansa Airlines. First officer collapses on a flight attendant when he’s taking a restroom break.

    October 22, 2022 — Indonesian pilot collapses in the cabin (caught on video).

    Alan Dana is a highly experienced pilot who has always taken good care of his health. He holds British, US, and Australian professional Airline Transport Licences, including an FAA Accident Prevention Councillor designation. His total experience is over 35 years, now exceeding 23,000 flight hours.

    When his employer Qantas insisted he take a novel Covid-19 injection, Alan refused. Qantas fired him. Now, he and other flight crew are taking them to court.

    Learn more through his website:

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