Theta Freedom Meditation with Robito Chatwin

Theta Freedom Meditation – Part 1

Theta Freedom Meditation takes us on a journey to experience the power of our subconscious to remove our backpack of stress and find peace, calm, positive energy, purpose and freedom within.

In this meditation, Robito guides you into the ALPHA brainwave state, which is focus on the present. He demonstrates that focusing on the present can mean focusing on the breath, sounds, silence or sensations on the body. He explains that meditation can also be focusing on a candle, a spot on the wall, the ground under the feet when walking, or even focusing on the thoughts that come up while attempting to focus on now.

Robito then asks participants to focus on his voice as he guided them to the THETA brainwave state which we go into when we relax or let go. It is the brainwave state before sleep (DELTA), when we become increasingly connected to our subconscious. Here he demonstrates a simple ‘change the flavour’ exercise to reduce anxiety and worry about the people attempting to take away our freedoms globally, and to regain the feeling of our own power so we don’t feel like giving them so much of our attention anymore.

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Robito Chatwin is founder of Covid Positive News on Telegram and a hypnotherapist offering emotional detox and inner guidance freedom hypnosis sessions. Suffering from suicidal ideation growing up introduced Robito to serious meditation practice. Now a full-time meditator, he lives in the present moment and at peace within (“I make no high claims. It’s just neuroplasticity”).

WCH hosts live Mind Health guided meditations on Telegram on Friday at 9pm UTC/GMT (4pm EST).

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