The Great Freeset & Rejecting Monopoly Power in Favour of a Better Way

Joining us live on Monday, May 8 at General Assembly Meeting #88, WCH Steering Committee members Dr Tess Lawrie and Emma Sron spoke with former BBC presenter Jemma Cooper about The Great Freeset and rejecting monopoly power.

Download Dr Lawrie’s slides.

What is The Great Freeset?

  • The Great Freeset is an opportunity to set ourselves free by truly harnessing the freedom and power that comes with being human. It is a natural alternative to the WEF’s initiative, The Great Reset, and the WHO’s ongoing power-grabs.
  • Unelected bodies, such as the WEF and the WHO, seek to exert control over countries and individuals in a host of different ways. Some of these initiatives, including the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty and proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, have recently been in the spotlight, however many initiatives are flying under the radar and hidden from the public.
  • The World Council for Health would like to present you with an alternative to The Great Reset. With your help, we see these challenging times as an opportunity for change to empower sovereign individuals worldwide.

We call it The Great Freeset.

Generations of control, propaganda, and brainwashing have left many people feeling disempowered, lost, and disconnected from the wisdom bestowed on us by those who came before us. Many of us have handed over our power to global authorities—but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can take back our power as individuals, as families, and as communities. We can set ourselves free via #TheGreatFreeset.

About Dr Tess Lawrie

  • Tess Lawrie is the Director of E-BMC Ltd and the founding Director of EbMCsquared CiC, a community interest research company. Tess is committed to improving the quality of healthcare through rigorous research.
  • Her range of expertise, based on experience in both developing and developed countries, uniquely positions her to evaluate research for a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Tess is a frequent member of technical teams responsible for developing international guidelines. Her peer-reviewed publications have received in excess of 4000 citations and her ResearchGate score is among the top 5% of ResearchGate members.
  • She envisions a healthier world in which science and learned wisdom are brought together to empower people to take responsibility for their own health

About Emma Sron

  • Emma Sron has been an activist for most of her adult life. She has always had an eye and a heart for the people and issues that are often overlooked.
  • She received a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While there, she organized to support the local homeless community and co-created an organization to bring attention to the experiences of youth in Uganda.
  • Emma previously worked with children on the Autism spectrum as a Mental Health Practitioner, Case Manager, and Visual Support Coordinator before becoming a mother and choosing to stay home.
  • As a homeschooling mom, she has spent time as a professional photographer, coordinating disaster relief, working in independent media as a journalist and editor at outlets like MintPress News, The Mind Unleashed, and The Anti-Media, and more.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly Meeting on May 8, 2023. Dr Pierre KoryDr Paul Marik, and Clive de Carle also spoke at this meeting.

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  1. For God sake can all you free m8nded groups collaborate, and connect. Eff EU other day there’s another group breaking away from the cabal mentality, but it is undermining you positive mindsets, values etc as there are loads of you