Kim Knight: The Bigger Picture

Speaking live at General Assembly Meeting #84 on Monday, April 10, Kim Knight discussed how humanity is heading for its next phase of evolution and what larger spiritual and astrological forces may be at work in shaping our destiny and future. When we understand ‘the bigger picture’ of what is going on in the world, it can help set world events/crises in context, bringing greater hope for a better future. 

Who is Kim Knight?

  • Kim Knight is a health and personal development coach specializing in root cause analysis, lifestyle medicine and elevation of consciousness.
  • Her passion for getting to the roots of problems is one of the reasons she started to investigate the bigger meaning and purpose of life.
  • The combination of her own challenging journey to heal from chronic illness and personal trauma, combined with three decades of study in esotericism, has brought her to a unique understanding of life which she refers to as ‘The Bigger Picture’.
  • Kim is a member of the World Council for Health Mind Health Committee.

7 Core Topics Explored in Detail in the ‘Bigger Picture’ Series (Part Two): 

  1. The Journey of Evolution and Involution (aka Evolution / Devolution) This refers to the descent from Spirit into Matter and back again. As we move from Spirit into Matter, we become more ‘materialistic’. When we reach the extremes of materialism, we are operating from greed, selfishness and separateness, and this leads to harming others and nature. This is clear to see in our world right now.
  2. The Astrological Shift from Pisces to Aquarius This refers to the natural astrological shifts which occur every few thousand years, and bring with them different defining energies which influence humanity on every level (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) and which cause upheaval during the transition from one age to the next…
  3. The Rayalogical Shift from the 6th to 7th Ray This refers to great sources of energy which emanate from beyond our solar system and colour every aspect of life, including humans and nature. As we transition from one ray to another, there is much upheaval in the world…
  4. The Hidden History of Humanity Most people in western ‘civilization’ have been told that humans have been around for 6,000 years. Newer research is saying we have been around for many more thousands of years than this. But what if humanity has been on earth for millions of years? The true history of humanity will blow your mind…
  5. The Approaching Collective ‘First Initation’ of Humanity This refers to the journey of evolution of human consciousness and how we evolve through continual ‘expansions of consciousness’ in an upward spiral to higher and higher levels of self-realization and wisdom. All expansions of consciousness are preceded by crisis, whether individual or collective…
  6. The Move from the Solar Plexus to Heart for Humanity This refers to the current shifting from being polarized in the animal aspect of our being (solar plexus) to our higher nature (the heart) which brings with it many challenges as we strive to overcome our animal instincts…
  7. The Journey through the 5 Kingdoms of Nature to the Kingdom of Souls This refers to humanity’s journey from ‘the kingdom of humanity’ to the ‘kingdom of Souls’ and beyond into Spirit, and even beyond that, because our evolutionary journey is infinite. In order to progress into Soul consciousness, the personality (mind, emotions, body, etheric system) must be purified and uplevelled…

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly Meeting on April 10 2023. Louise Creffield and Prof Mahin Khatami, PhD also presented at this meeting.

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