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What is the Freedom Rising movement?

Freedom Rising is a coalition of people and organizations in Canada that together are striving to put an end to the tyranny that has stolen rights and freedoms from Canadians and their communities.

Feeling coerced by the C19 vaccine mandates? You are not alone!

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Founder | Ted Kuntz

Ted Kuntz the current President of Vaccine Choice Canada. He is also a father, grandfather, medical choice activist, author, and educator.


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: I would like to introduce Ted Kuntz. He’s going to discuss the affiliate association. I consider Ted an amazing man of principle and a mentor for all action groups established in Canada. He is also Canadian. His dedication and compassion for an individual’s right to choice and freedom. [00:00:50] Ted, please introduce yourself further and share your current initiatives collaborating and bringing forward a collaboration of alliances in Canada: Freedom Rising. [00:01:00] Ted Kuntz: Well, Dr. Hibberd, thank you for inviting me in and what a pleasure to be part of this community of good hearts, good minds, good souls. [00:01:08] It just nourishes me to be in, in your company. So thank you. In terms of who I am: I’m mostly just a parent. I’m a parent of a young man who was severely vaccine injured back in 1984. Josh lived with an uncontrolled seizure disorder his entire life, and passed away in 2017. [00:01:26] That experience caused me to delve into the journey of vaccine injury. And what I experienced was is that what the science said . About vaccine injury and what the government said were two different things and so I’ve been an advocate for informed consent and vaccine risk awareness for about 35 years. I’m the current president of Vaccine Choice Canada. [00:01:49] Our mandate for most of our history was really around informed consent, vaccine risk awareness and protecting that right to informed consent. We’ve got two provinces in Canada that have introduced mandates and have increased the egregious violations. I think of the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children. [00:02:10] Our mandate changed dramatically in 2020 when COVID arrived. And the violations of our rights and freedoms was so obvious that we were inundated with requests from Canadians asking if we would do something. [00:02:26] We didn’t think we were the right organization to do that because you know, anti-vaxxers are, you know, unscientific and, and, you know, are just looking for someone to blame [sarcastic remark]. But when no one else stepped up we made a decision that we would begin that process and started a legal challenge against our provincial and federal government. [00:02:44] So it’s been a very interesting two years. [00:02:47] What Jennifer has asked me to speak to is part of my work in Canada, I recognize that there are incredible people doing great work, but we’ve operated mostly independent of one another. And I felt there was a need for us to build some kind of an alliance together where we could both benefit from each other’s wisdom as well as help to amplify each other’s efforts. [00:03:12] And so I invited a small group of people to come together. I called it a communication team. And we were looking for a message to deliver that might help to build an alliance as well as bring hope to Canadians that this tyranny could be ended. And after a number of discussions, we arrived at the term Freedom Rising or the message freedom rising. [00:03:34] We developed a logo that we invited our fellow organizations to post under their website. So there was a consistent message of freedom rising. And then we developed a website called, the website is freedomrising.info, where the intent was to list the various freedom organizations for those that were beginning that journey of wanting to become warriors in this battle. And much to my surprise, there was more than 120 Canadian organizations that were in some form or another doing this work. And so we’ve listed those let me just do a quick screen share. So you can see that the that, what that website looks like. [00:04:13] So this is our freedom website, we have a listing of allies. We have a gallery just to show the rising up. You can download the graphics of freedom rising, and then we’ve got a number of documents for consideration. But if you go to the listing of, in Canada, like I said, there’s more than 120 organizations that are part of that Alliance. [00:04:36] We also began to look at allies internationally. And so we’re also listing international organizations. So if your group is interested in being listed under the freedomrising.info website, there’s a contact that you would simply send your information and a copy of your logo to our website designer. [00:04:56] I just want to take a minute and show where we’re actually doing an upgrade to our website now to give it a fresher look and to be more inviting to those that are beginning to join this movement. We recognize that as the mandates increase that more and more people are being recognized the tyranny and want to be a part of helping to end it. [00:05:17] The other thing that we’ve done is trying to bring the various leaders together. So every Friday morning I host a gathering of freedom leaders. And the idea is we need to recognize who’s doing this work. We need to deepen our relationships with each other, build a sense of trust, figure out where we can amplify each other’s efforts and avoid duplication. [00:05:37] So the goal is to build a strong Alliance as we reimagine our world and what isn’t working for us. So maybe that’s just the best oversight I can give you in the minutes that I have for here. [00:05:49] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That was wonderful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the work you’re doing and the dedication. [00:05:54] And I know it’s like everybody, it’s from the heart and you’ve made a huge difference in Canada and continue to. Thank you so much. And you’re a leader that will, as an example to other countries around the world. So absolutely Ted is definitely a great person to get in touch with, for all of the action groups and anyone that’s got information to feed into this so we can all help each other. [00:06:15] Thank you so much. [00:06:16] Ted Kuntz: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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  1. Celebrating how we are finding each other all over the world to support each other with unity, community, freely sharing of perspectives, ideas, creativity, optimism, hope, peaceful certainty in our path. It is work made much lighter by the help of many hands.✨🤍✨

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