Svetlana Rikoff: About Ezra Wellness

Svetlana Rikoff joined us from Canada to introduce our affiliate, Ezra Wellness.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly on November 8, 2021


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: With real excitement, I bring forwards that Svetlana. She’s from Canada, like myself, and we’ve been working together. She started a phenomenal movement called Ezra Wellness and I’d like her to come forward now and tell us all about it. [00:00:43] Svetlana Rikoff: Hi, Jennifer. Hi everybody. Thank you for having me. Like Jennifer was saying I’m from Canada. Currently, I’m in Grand Forks, British Columbia. So that’s the Southern part of British Columbia. I’m right on the US border, about five minutes away. And I’ve been a registered nurse for 20 years. I have two children, 10 and 12. [00:01:04] I was married to a family doctor for 20 years and I recently went through a COVID divorce yeah, I’m one of them. I’ve worked in primary care, emergency room and intensive care. That’s my background. So I saw the writing on the wall, March of 2020, this was a plandemic. [00:01:22] I’ve had the, I guess the privilege of watching medical corruption and misuse of management of resources and finances throughout the last 20 years just being married to a family doctor, making almost a million dollars. There was some things that I’ve seen in my career that I don’t agree with and the pandemic just really brought this on. [00:01:42] So I saw the writing on the wall when we had a whole bunch of staff at our local hospital, deciding not to get vaccinated, [00:01:50] and marrying that with the patient care that’s been really suffering for the past two years. Since the start the pandemic, our family doctors have been given the permission to do phone medicine and get paid the same amount as in a phone visit compared to an in-person visit. So the patients haven’t been seeing their primary healthcare providers for probably two years. [00:02:13] But the nurses in the clinic, which was me, I still got to see the patients. So I still got to do a lot of hands-on with them and talking with them. So October 26 just this past couple of weeks was a very significant date in BC history. It was the last day that as a healthcare provider, that you can be vaccinated without losing your job. [00:02:32] So as of October 26, there were many healthcare providers, who did not get the vaccine and were ultimately fired. They’re calling it a unpaid LOA. They were basically booted out of our health authorities without pay. So I created Ezra in response to having all these amazing healthcare providers, which are by the way, are the cream of the crop. And patient care that’s been going downhill. [00:02:59] So we married the two ideas together and we put Ezra together. So I’m in my office right now, and we are seeing patients. We’re slowly getting busier. So we are a non-discriminatory clinic we’re based on wellness, so health promotion and disease prevention. We’re multi-disciplinary. So we’re working with the chiros, the massage, the naturopaths, the MDs who have gotten fired because they themselves are not vaccinated. [00:03:31] Our partners include Vaccine Choice Canada, Action for Canada Health Alliance, World Council for Health, Canada Frontline Nurses. We are working with some indigenous groups. So basically this is a clinic that is restoring health care back to Canada and non-discriminatory, and there’s two currently open in British Columbia. [00:03:53] And there’s about 45 more that are establishing themselves as we speak. So our main purpose is health promotion and disease prevention. We’re honoring vaccine injuries. So we are, we’re allowing now space for people to come and move forward to talk about their vaccine injuries. [00:04:12] The traditional system is just saying, oh, you have a normal adverse reaction. This is normal. These blood clots are normal. These seizures are normal. Okay. This paralysis, this is normal. We know that this is not normal. So we’re providing now a space for them to come and we’re doing intakes and we are trying to understand what’s happening and working with family doctors who have been treating vaccine injuries already. [00:04:42] So we’re building up to treating full on vax injuries. We’re also doing maternity care. Currently in British Columbia, if you’re a pregnant woman, you cannot have a non-vaxxed partner joining you for your, for the birth. Okay. So the vaccinated or the mother who’s pregnant can not have her unvaxxed partner join her or any of her kids. [00:05:06] So this is a huge disconnect and a huge problem. So we’re having a lot of maternity patients come to us and wanting to do home births. So we do have a maternity team and a midwife. [00:05:19] We’re all either registered nurses or licensed practical nurses or carrieds and we’ve abolished the hierarchy nursing and we’re all nurses now. And we’re spelling it differently and N-U-R-Z because our college owns the word registered nurse and nurse. [00:05:35] So we are not identifying with our college anymore. Okay. We don’t represent them and they don’t represent us. So in this role, I’m not associated with my college and we’re in discussion of how to move forward with them, whether resigning and surrendering our license, or just going to completely non-practicing. [00:05:58] We’re also looking for a possibility of a new regulatory body. We’re working with the Canada Health Alliance. The Canada health Alliance is all healthcare professionals, chiropractors, nurses, dentists, naturopaths, chiros, and massage, you name it, and we’re one growing body. So we’re revamping the way that we’re doing health and wellness. [00:06:22] So we’re going from the old way. And we’re the transitional generation that’s moving the new profession forward. And any patients, clients who want to come into this new role of health and wellness, where we’re promoting accountability for your health. So we’re, we are promoting being more responsible for your health and wellness, as opposed to rely on the medical system, AKA a victim of the system. [00:06:50] Big pharma, we understand that there’s a role for medications. But our goal is to tone down the big pharma, and offer alternative ways before we end up on a medication forever. So what else can I say. [00:07:05] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Do you want me to talk a little bit about what we’re working with too? [00:07:08] Svetlana Rikoff: Yes. Yes [00:07:10] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Take a few minutes break. [00:07:12] I’m on the leadership committee with Svetlana. And so we’ve been working hard to find an alternate pathway because a lot of the healthcare workers are worried about liability and which is understandable because in the classic system liability is a big issue and we all pay huge insurance to cover ourselves. [00:07:30] So we are looking, as Svetlana has mentioned, at alternate ways to organize and license and we’ve come across a few great ideas. We’re going to be entertaining those ideas. And it is again the alternate way of going through the traditional organizations, where they licensed you and they happen to be federally recognized too. [00:07:48] So they even have liability insurance. So we’re actually having a meeting tonight to discuss all of that. We are uniting with the Canada Health Alliance, with the nurses, the whole nurses movement across Canada, and we are engaging the indigenous groups. We’re talking very closely with them too, so that we can just have our healthcare workers that are stepping out of the system as protected as possible. [00:08:13] So it’s an exciting movement. It’s a very hard for everybody to get it around their heads, especially the medical doctors, where they used to prescribing medications, but it’s a transition and we will always have doctors that are in the system that will help with this transition. Just like surgical cases and [00:08:32] Svetlana told me also about a case where a patient was, or a victim was crushed pelvis. And the doctor of the hospital refused to treat him because he was not vaccinated. How could last week treating non-vaccinated be okay? And this week it’s not? Because that’s how quickly things changed here. Ezra provides that connection to, and the communication with sympathetic doctors who happen to be vaxxed, so they’re still in the system, but they’re helping on both sides, which is very advantages too. So it’s an amazing movement, Svetlana, you’re an angel. And this is really an example to the rest of the world. And actually we had a meeting with the world council of health because we are going to bring this to, we’re going to bring other alliances to the table at the world alliance of health and meet with other countries. [00:09:21] And we’re looking at creating an organization within the World Council of Health, and Tess, why don’t you speak to that for just a moment, because it is an interesting it’s in the works, but would you like to talk a little bit about it right now? [00:09:33] Yeah, absolutely. [00:09:34] Dr. Tess Lawrie: I think what’s really important. And what’s clear from Svetlana’s presentation is that it’s really not a question of who’s vaccinated and who’s not. Everybody has been missing care and health and wellness guidance over the last two years. [00:09:50] And we’re all needing help. So it’s really not a question of vaccination status. It’s a question of, there’s a better way. There needs to be a change. We have now the opportunity for huge change and we need to take it because we need a revolution in health and health and wellness. [00:10:09] I think just before the pandemic, we were probably at the worst levels of health, mental health, physical health, then generations of human beings have been before. And the pandemic has actually just consolidated that. So we have societies around the world who are just in the worst state of health, needing healthcare and not being able to even speak to a practitioner to get any advice. [00:10:35] What we’re looking at with the World Council, we’re looking at all these different models. The Ezra Wellness clinic is one. The Wakaminenga, I beg your pardon, the Maori health council is another model where basically, it’s about empowering people to take control or to take responsibility for their own health and actually matching people who matching clients, who are prepared to take responsibility for their own health. [00:11:02] And with practitioners who are available to provide that wellness care coaching and whatever to facilitate achieving optimal health. So it’s not about blaming the practitioner. It’s really about empowering people to take responsibility and it’s only with individual responsibility that we’re actually going to get out of this. [00:11:25] I think it’s clear. We can’t outsource our health to governments and health authorities. We actually have to make the change ourselves. I think what Svetlana and her group have begun and the Maori Health Council and other groups who are starting to provide care in a new way, it’s really a very exciting moment [00:11:47] for the World Council for Health. We’ll be starting a page on health revolution. And we will be looking at different models that are being introduced in different countries to provide care for people. Not care. It’s really wellness coaching. It’s teaching people and supporting them in their learning. Remembering who they are remembering how to look after themselves. [00:12:10] Because I think we’ve really we’ve forgotten what good health is. And the way out of this is actually to put the fear aside, to actually take on board some responsibility and move forward in a positive way. Yeah, we’re very grateful to the guidance shown by Ezra clinics and we’ll be watching that and incorporating I’m sure much of what they’re doing and to creating new model here in the UK. [00:12:36] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you Tess and that’s so true. And you actually, sorry. You actually touched on a really important point, is that even before this pandemic, our healthcare system, were in dire straits and it was the generation of it’s everybody else’s fault, whether it was legal, medical, it was never an individual’s responsibility to be responsible for any of their actions, any of them. [00:13:00] So this has created the tipping point going through this pandemic and it’s going to bring out the best in all of us. Ultimately, a lot of us are already working on that, but it will bring out the best in all of us. And thank you Tess, you’re always an innovator and this is really important. We all work together and we encouraged those of you all over the world. [00:13:22] Please come forward with whatever’s going on and any movement that you’re creating there that can contribute and come to the table with us at the World Council. Tracy, you have a question. [00:13:32] Dr. Tracy Chandler: Yeah, just to let you know that the Wakaminenga health council, which is the Maori Health Council is actually issuing annual practicing certificates already because in New Zealand, [00:13:41] and I think it’s similar in other countries that we can practice under any medical council. It doesn’t have to be the official medical council and same with the dental councils as well. And we’re in talks with pharmacists and labs to be able to prescribe and request funded lab tests and prescriptions under the new Wakaminenga health council. [00:14:01] We won’t need the old system anymore, which is very exciting and I’m sure that can be replicated in other countries because apparently the Wakaminenga health council can recognize any practitioner in any country. Due to some very old law, which I don’t understand, but very exciting news. [00:14:18] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Yeah, that’s really good. [00:14:19] And I was in a meeting this morning with an indigenous group in Canada and questioning cause I keep digging and trying to get more information. And apparently it’s in the constitution of Canada also is once you’re affiliated with an indigenous group. This has definitely an upside that we’ve never explored before. [00:14:34] And it’s very exciting. So thank you, Tracy. So that’s where we bring it all together and get the best that we can for everybody. [00:14:42] Zoe Strickland: There are a few questions, Jennifer. A question from Mark Trozzi is for nurses and MDs in Canada who are interested in what you’re doing Svetlana, how can they reach out and apply? [00:14:54] And also is it just certain provinces with opportunities for them? And are you keeping a kind of regional. [00:14:59] Svetlana Rikoff: Yeah. So is our website and it’s the growing network and needing to create it and build it up so they can reach out to us on that’s our website. And then there’ll be a place that you can put in your comments. [00:15:18] And we are keeping a registry of, what Canadian cities are currently establishing themselves. [00:15:25] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: And it is across Canada. It’s it’s not every single province has got a group yet, but we’re almost there. [00:15:32] Svetlana Rikoff: Yeah. So the thing with what’s happening with British Columbia is we’re the only province so far that the mandate, the vaccine mandate is being like hammered home, like October 26, you have to be vaxxed or you’re out of here. [00:15:44] Okay. So BC is the only province right now that’s happening, but the other provinces will fall. [00:15:52] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Alberta was another one, Alberta’s the next one, that’s got the next largest number of healthcare workers joining this movement, then Quebec. Beyond that, it’s just a matter of time, right? [00:16:05] Svetlana Rikoff: So it’s actually nice, in a way, because it gives us some breathing room to start to plan this properly, because this is a big movement, right? There’s a lot of planning that has to go in BC was just sprung. And I just started to do this for my community. But it basically blew up because every other community in BC was kinda thinking the same thing. [00:16:24] So it gives some time to other provinces to start to think about this. But we like, for example, Edmonton, we have currently have over 350 members at Ezra. Calgary over a hundred. The numbers are just growing and growing. I’m getting phone calls every day. [00:16:38] How can I support this? How can I do this? We’re already doing referrals. Just because there’s not a physical location or building doesn’t mean that we’re not actually working. I’m calling Ezra Vancouver, and we’re getting people helping. The nurse advocacy role is huge. People going to surgeries right now do not trust the medical system. [00:16:57] They are scared that when they’re under anesthesia, that they’re going to get jabbed. Cause that’s actually happened. So they’re calling Ezra to be an advocate for them. And just like Jennifer was saying, we’re getting unvaxxed people getting denied healthcare. Who are they calling? Ezra. We’re also, taking some burden off of the current medical system, which is a good thing. [00:17:20] It should be a good thing. It should be a welcomed thing. [00:17:22] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: So considering people in Canada couldn’t even find doctors to see before this pandemic, and it totally feeds into what you were saying to us. It was probably at its lowest point. [00:17:32] And I think going into a different system and a different way of moving forward with your health is going to help put controls on all of that. [00:17:39] Dr. Tess Lawrie: I think also, if you just think everybody gets COVID, and COVID is one of the things that’s really undertreated at the moment, especially early treatments. [00:17:45] It’s a service that’s so essential. People really need help at the moment to access care. There a couple more questions. There’s a question from Dr. Emma Briley about [00:17:55] if a patient needs secondary care, can you refer them in the normal way? And are you able to. [00:18:02] Svetlana Rikoff: Sorry, secondary care. [00:18:04] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Getting them back into the system, just like that person that was injured, you sent him back into the system. [00:18:09] Svetlana Rikoff: Yeah. We’ll do the intake. And if we’re, if it is just beyond our scope at the moment, these patients already have already attached to a family doctor. So what I do and what my son does, we just get on the phone and we talk to the family doctor and we say, Hey, this is the situation. Where are you at with that? [00:18:27] And then we get the care that way. Yeah, so we don’t just dead end the patient. We move it to the very, very end until the patient gets what they need. [00:18:35] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: There’s going to be a bridge backwards and forwards between both systems. And like you said to us being vaccinated or un-vaccinated, that’s not the barrier with a healthcare workers not with all of them. [00:18:46] So there’s a lot that are vaccinated that are happy to help, and they stay in the system because they can, but they also support the system outside of the mainstream because they can, and that’s what Ezra will depend on to, for support. As far as prescribing, if you step away as a nurse practitioner, you can’t prescribe, however, these nurse practitioners are still licensed, but tell me what the status is here. [00:19:11] Svetlana with the nurse practitioners who can normally prescribe, no longer can or what’s the situation? [00:19:18] Svetlana Rikoff: So the prescribing is probably our only missing key at this point. Okay. So what we’re doing is a couple of different ways. One, we can be using the current family doctor that the patient already has. [00:19:32] If they don’t have a family doctor, a current family doctor, we have Ezra doctors who I can just call up and say, Hey, I have a patient here. Do you want to do a quick intake? And this patient, I think, needs this medication. So we have an Ezra doctor remotely, which is a beautiful thing, and there’ll be more and more of them. [00:19:53] Thirdly, we’re working with pharmacy. Okay. There might be an opportunity down the road where we can be using the pharmacist to help us get these medications where we don’t need to go through a family doctor. If there’s none. [00:20:09] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That’s a little tenuous right now, though. [00:20:11] Svetlana Rikoff: Well, there’s many countries that, are doing it. [00:20:15] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: And I think a lot of their medications were never restricted, but you know what, we will explore every avenue. And if there’s a possibility of going there in a way that is accepted on both sides certainly we’ll absolutely go there, because it’s, you’re walking a fine line where you don’t want them to come in and shut anything down. [00:20:35] Svetlana Rikoff: Yeah. Yeah. But we’re also here to get what the patients need. So we’re looking at all options. [00:20:41] And so basically it’s about empowering mind, body and soul, and the mind, the soul piece are what people love, because once you start to feel heard then the body can start to heal. [00:20:55] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Absolutely. Tess, do you have any more questions? Thanks so much Svetlana. [00:20:59] Dr. Tess Lawrie: No, but I did just want to reiterate what Tracy was saying about the Wakaminenga Health Council and that they are already open to health professionals from other countries registering with them. [00:21:12] It’s a question of of really subscribing to the principles. And they have principles for the health practitioners to do no harm and so on and to do their very best. And there are also principles for the users of the system which involves taking responsibility for your own health. [00:21:29] If there are any complaints you do through mediation rather than through litigation and and it’s all towards empowerment and facilitating a condition of true health rather than the independence on a system. And and so there is a possibility at the moment if they were professional health practitioners who were unable to remain registered with the existing bodies, that they could explore that as an alternative new system. [00:21:54] Sorry. [00:21:55] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Can I ask you a question, Tracy, regarding this. Now, because it’s an indigenous affiliation, do these, does what make it, what makes it binding in each country? Is it by affiliating with the indigenous groups in those countries too? Because how do you get a government to actually have to step back and acknowledge that? [00:22:16] Because you think of having a license, like a medical license, and you’d come from say Poland, and you come to Canada, you don’t have, it’s not recognized until you get a licensed in that country. But if it was linking with another indigenous group and they acknowledged each other, then having a license from an indigenous group, say from the Maoris, coming to Canada, If you are affiliated with the indigenous group in Canada, you then come under the constitution of being enabled to practice without punitive action. [00:22:46] Have they looked into that or, cause I just wonder how you could do that coming to another country because it sounds great. [00:22:54] Dr. Tracy Chandler: Yeah. I’m not on that particular sub committee, so I don’t know that intimate details of it. I will put a link in the chat to the Wakaminenga Health Council, which does explain it in more detail. [00:23:03] But my understanding is that it’s covered by a very ancient 1800’s laws. I think they’re looking at both ways of umbrella-ing people, grandfathering people, and which has to also through affiliation for non Commonwealth countries. But I’ll put some information in the check, cause it’s not my expertise in that the New Zealand. [00:23:23] Dr. Tess Lawrie: I know that they refer to universal law and their website and it’s based on universal law. Yeah, so I think it’s steps outside possibly of country specific registrations because at the end of the day, it’s an agreement between a health provider or coach or whatever, and a client and they have an equal responsibility. [00:23:44] Zoe Strickland: I see Professor Dolores has her hand up. [00:23:47] Professor Dolores: Just to say that there’s risks, in the natural law, universal law, and it does apply everywhere. And I think it’s partly how we get out of this system act in honour or do no harm. And all of us are liable under the law for our actions, as well as our emissions in treating the women on the regulatory councils around the world that are losing the livelihood of doctors and nurses who are trying to do no harm. [00:24:14] And I’ve been looking it up. Do you remember Tess that part of the natural law is around that trust and the law of equity which I think this is where you’re dealing with men and women in the rule of law, as opposed to anything with the register and the license is to do with the other aspects of the law that deal with dead corporations. [00:24:37] So I think they’re on to exactly the right way out of this. So I just wanted to support them. [00:24:42] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That’s awesome. Thank you. Thanks Dolores. That’s really wonderful. Thank you for bringing that forward. This is definitely the direction and the new way forward. This has been really interesting and it’s definitely food for thought for everybody. [00:24:54] And then, take this back with you and please bring it back to the world council because we’re building on this and we’re going to do it exponentially. I can feel it . Now I think that’s it for questions regarding this, even though the more we know, the more we’re going to ask about it.

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  1. I am so proud of Svetlana,
    I am going to support and help this brave woman and will support this Blessed clinic in anyway i can. I pray before the Lord for the community ground this clinic is on to be given back to the community for Gods work

  2. I truly believe that Ezra Wellness is the tip of the spear when it comes to the delivery of truly high quality healthcare in this once great country. All of us, regardless of Covid vaxx status need to be supportive of this effort. I listened to Dr. Pam Popper from the US recently, and she stated that healthcare in the US will have a completely independent stream from the establishments that are currently delivering pharma-centric healthcare. The vision she stated is indistinguishable from Svetlana’s message.
    Blessings to you all!

  3. Great to hear from Dr Tess again, I’m your Number 1 fan. I’ve already taken control of my health, tested for Vitamin D and blood levels now 100 nanomoles per litre. 50 other tests done, inflammation low and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio low. Magnesium was a little high even though I don’t take a supplement. We can all do this rather than have a long wait for the NHS to give a very basic service.

  4. Yeah!! Thank you. This is terrific! All the best for this amazing revolution in Health and Wellness care. Individual responsibility, hear hear!

  5. Is there a clinic in the Lower mainland that I can attend as an organic human with a trustworthy immune system?

  6. Very interested in Ezra Wellness.
    Need help to get off Depression meds and another way to manage depression in a natural way.

  7. Thank you World Council for Health. Our Sustainable Development Association (Canadian non-profit since 1994 & Indigene Community since 1983 would like to offer the following already existing Community Economy health tools for those who would like to animate & center health-care sustainably, right where we already live & work. Rather than all of the arduous work of building what inevitably become inappropriately scaled & then ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) false-fake ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) captured health & residential-care institutions & amnesic systems, lets get down to the loving & important scales of indigenous cultural health. This ‘exogenous’ capture is as old 7000 years as oligarch-led colonization & capture of societies into empires since Babylon.
    ‘INDIGENOUS’ (L ‘self-generating’) CULTURAL approaches to Health Care & Medicine.
    All our human worldwide indigenous ancestors structured ‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) ‘society’ (L ‘socius’ = ‘friend’) around the ~100 (50-150) person Multihome-Dwelling-Complex (eg. Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village). Today 70% of people worldwide live in Multihomes with an average of 32 dwelling-units or ~100 people. 20% of multihome residents today, live intentionally within the proximity of multihomes or neighbourhoods for extended-family joy of sharing & collaboration. Within these intimate, intergenerational, female-male, interdisciplinary, critical-mass, economies-of-scale longitudinal knowledge of each other, family-health histories, conditions, preferences, lifestyles etc, enable a personalized loving care regime.
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    Interdisciplinary specialization for everyone as part of an interactive whole, means even those injured or ill, have an ongoing gift for their ‘community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift-or-service’) & the sense of being needed. The story keepers, Griots, Sachems etc within community kept memories of individual & family histories, so as to form epidemiologies or health-histories for many 1000s of years.
    The 1st technology is the nature of our bodies & biosphere. Humans animate our resources through RELATIONAL-ECONOMY The ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) path is to think ‘fractally’ (‘at all levels’) so that our personal, family, extended-family, Multihome-Dwelling-Complex, Village, Region, Nation, Confederacies, Continental & Hemispheric Councils are integral at all levels with love & personal empowerment lives . The Indigenous-Circle-of-Life was universal across all indigenous nations on every continent & island of the world.
    DO-WE-KNOW-WHO-WE-ARE-? community-economy web-software is designed to: 1) Catalogue our talents, goods, services, resources & dream, 2) Map individual & business relations locally, 3) Account for local buying, selling & investment together, 4) Communicate, agreements, contracts, record-keeping & library. As worldwide digital technology becomes more sophisticated, dynamic humans will correspondingly organize locally so as to be able to engage the system /c full health privacy & sovereignty.

  8. I am very excited to hear about this movement as I have always believed this is the way and lived my life accordingly.
    Unfortunately my family is in the minority where I live, so I do feel lonely with my views at times.

    But more pressing now:
    My teenage daughter (sharing the same attitude towards health) is in B.C. at the moment, being coerced to take the experimental vaccine.
    She has no other choice but get vaccinated if she wants to continue being where she is and live on campus with her friends, whom she really likes. She worked very hard to be where she is, earning herself an amazing scholarship and building a much wanted international network of friends.
    Coming from a very small community with no possibilities to share and expand her ideas and views, this is a major, life changing opportunity for her.
    This is also why I supported her to go overseas, to find her way and at the same time holding strong in her views concerning her health.
    What we are seeing now in ‘the old way of handling health and bodily choice’ is very, very sad and a frightening development to be honest.
    But I must try to see it as a challenge that helps me – and others – move forward in a pro active way. It’s not always easy of course, but it helps me to find out where I stand and how I can assume responsibility for my actions.

    I really want to connect my daughter to one of your health centres.
    Are you able to get back to me and direct me to one, so she could visit one day soon to establish connection and to move forward?
    I am quite desperate and very concerned for her well being as well as immediate bodily health and unable to be with her as I live in a far away country.
    All the best to you all!

  9. This is amazing. I can’t wait to be part of this. As soon as there is one a planned for Calgary let me know. I will
    Help with whatever I can. We so need to move this direction.

  10. Please include me in your updates and mailouts. I am a health professional that wishes to provide a more thorough model of healthcare. I would like to create connections with other like-minded healthcare workers.

  11. Hi, I’m looking for help in finding true non discriminating health care. I refuse to wear a mask and will not take any experimental drugs.
    Im aware of Ezra Wellness, and would gladly support them or such a business.
    I live in the Parry Sound, Ontario area.
    Pls contact me at

  12. my niece is experiencing strange symptoms.. two weeks post jab. I want to tell them where they can get medical advice outside mainstream health care.

  13. I have a friend in Donnelly who desperately needs help right now, please can someone help her? I am in BC, I wish I could be there, but it’s just not in the cards for me. Please help her. She is 3 months pregnant, her throat is so swollen she can’t drink fluids — she needs help



    Im writing this Out-of, Sheer-Frustration & Desperation!
    I Am a 57 Yr. Old Woman, Who’s been ‘Discriminatory Labeled’, as-a,…,’Problem-Patient’. I have been Unfairly ‘Stereotyped’, by All ‘9’ Dr’s In Creston, and I Have Tried, Cranbrook, BC, & Nelson’s Clinics and ER.s In Each-Town.
    I have ‘DIAGNOSED INSOMNIA’, & ‘IM PRE-SURGERY’, To, ‘2’ Herniated Disks in my Back and I will have to have another, Complete Shoulder Replacement, Shortly After.
    I Don’t have a Dr. Here; (Canyon/Creston, B.C.), BUT, I Am Willing to Travel, Once-Per-Month, Too be Fairly Assessed, by a Physician, With More-Than ‘6 – 7′ Year’s Experience! Especially When, I’ve been On-a-Benzo for 39 Yrs and now, a Narcotic for Cronic-Daily-Pain, too-which, (Prior to Relocating to B.C.?), I Was On, A More Manageable Doseage!!! I SHOULDN’T BE GOING TO BED, “IN-PAIN” & “VOMITING 1ST THING’, IN-THE-MORNING, DUE-TOO, THE AMOUNT OF PAIN THAT I’M PLAUGED WITH.
    THIS REDICULOUS DR. KASS, (6+ YRS EXPERIENCE!)….,PUT ME ON A BENZO, AFTER 6 MONTHS OF BASICALLY BEGGING HIM!!! IVE been Prescribed a 5 mg Valium at Night, but Won’t Switch Me, Back-Too, the 10mg Mogadon, (Nitrazepam!), Too Which I Was On, for Battered Wives Syndrome and PTST, NIGHT TERRORS!?! THIS DR. TOLD-ME,…,”IF I ASK HIM AGAIN”, THAT, “HE’D DISCONNECT MY CALL”? VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AT-BEST!!! THESE ARE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, I’ve been On, Since 2011 – present. I’ve been On 90 Mgs of Ms. Contin, Per-Day,….,as, A.M. & P.M. Doseage-Of,..,(30mg/15mgs/30mgs & 15mgs at Bedtime, With My 5 Mg. Diagram!?!? Diazepam in Such-A-Low-Dosage, Does NOTHING!!! MY PAIN, IS 100%-WORSE, AND IVE DONE, ALL-THE, MRI’S, EXRAYS & CT SCANS, TO PROVE-MY-POINT!!!


    I AM A SOCIAL WORKER, In Creston & IN JANUARY OF 2021; I LOST MY MOM, to COVID. Then, In March 28th/21′ I LOST my Brother Charles 💔, to Covid. And, Then,….,” July 1st, 21′, I LOST MY 35 Yr Old Son, Who, “Comitted-Suicide, by Fentynal”, Leaving behind his 2 Teenaged Kid’s.
    I’M ON THE 90 MG PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, SINCE 2018/2019, FROM 300 mgs!!!

  15. Ezra Wellness – Svetlana Rikoff – how to get in contact with them. Would like to get services.

    living in BC, unable to get the jab due to conditions that jab manufacturers even indicate, that I should not get it. Doctors and Hospital will not deal with un-jabbed clients.

  16. Very good video! I survived the ICU ward in health science centre in Winnipeg. Ventilator and maybe Remdesivir I never asked but after I came off the ventilator I improved and spent a week in Covid ward and the rest of the time I recovered at home. Today I feel 100% and actually within a couple of weeks I was myself. Thank you for what you’re doing because at this time of my life I don’t trust the healthcare anymore. I actually never really had much faith in it. Altona Manitoba Canada born and raised. Still here today. My ex-wife is vaccinated my three adult children are not vaccinated. I let them choose and they all found reasons why they shouldn’t get vaccinated. It’s disgusting what has happened and hopefully your organization can make a difference.

    Leonard Hildebrant

    1. I didn’t realize my comment was going public. Would like to have it removed as I thought this was going to an office not public.

  17. I went on the internet to pull up the website of but it was taken off the internet. On that website it had an email for Ottawa. Is it possible you could email me the email address for that area. I know it is outlook.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Judy, did they email you ?

      Just asking as would like to get in touch, but the last I read of Ezra was an eviction and then nothing else

      Thank you


  18. I have worked AS as Indigenous Social Worker degree holder, I hold an indigenous worldview in social work and in health care, i also understand the western social work methodology, Indigenous is healing of body, mind and spirit and western is control of body and mind. that is the difference, and indigenous, was , is, healing through herbs, wholefoods, nature, sadly, its my people in Pendleton blankets, getting the jab, almost like a small pox blanket. I have worked in hospitals as well, as an Indigenous support worker, and anyone in hospital is just drugged up, an Elder once said to me, you work at the death hospital, I thought, why would he say that, I understand, drugs can only do so much, our bodies become immuned, and one cannot get stronger drugs, to fix one self, and eventually one does die, healing is holistic, regenerative, I only used the hospital for birth, i could of did a mid wife, and at home , as I look back.however, a hospital did help me, birth my kids, whom i never immunized but HERBISIZED them, they are now 20, 25, and 28, and since the womb, have been consuming wholefoods like daniels fast, sunrider, doc of detox, and Gods FARMACY, me and my athletic sons, had covid, and we killed it through daniels fast, Psalms 91, and we were fine. I support Ezra wellness, Healing of body,mind and spirit, intervention and prevention is the key to long term holistic health, balance ones medicine wheel, contact myself, one could add sunrider to your daily regime, like i have for the last 40 years, preventing to get sick, but retire with the body, mind like a 20 years old but have the spirit of a 62 years old:):): and wisdom… proverbs 23:9 Do not speak in the hearing of a fool,
    For he will despise the wisdom of your words. When i worked at the hospital, the so called world health organization, did not listen to the wise, instead they are the fools, that try to control the body and mind, since 1910, in research, and will not stear , to herbs, wellness, wholefoods, in regenerating ones health, I had to leave, Do not speak in the hearing of a fool,
    For he will despise the wisdom of your words.

  19. Hi, I have been feeling unwell since Mothers day May 8, 2022 My wife and I both tested positive on a rapid test on about the 20th of May. Some of the issues like the real bad cough and headaches have subsided but the nausea and lack of energy perisits almost 4 weeks later. Neither of us have been vaccinated and we are certain we got this from family members. My family Dr. told me on the phone to come in once I was feeling better. Why would I come in if I was feeling better? That is the frustrating part. There is zero help from our family Doctor. Is there any way to receive ivermectin or any therapeutic that will ease the nausea and overall lack of energy.
    Thanks. Bill Baumgartner Regina Saskatchewan

  20. I have a son who has Down Syndrome he has developed a huge hernia. I am reluctant to get surgery even though it is big he has never caused any pain . He functions normally except he has a big deformity. He is healthy and has never complained of pain or particular discomfort. He has a ventricular septal defect yet it has not caused and problem but to have this serious invasive sugery could end his life as I feel it would be too much for him. Even with the surgery I am afraid of serious complications . The Shouldice Clinics refuse to accept him as they are the only ones who use natural mesh. There are serious complications with the artificial meshes and I am afraid to cause more harm to have him undergo such a serious surgery where I do not beleive in this system he would have his best interests at heart. He is the sweetest boy he is my joy. I want to do right by him in anyway. He is not vaxxed and he is well otherwise as I have been giving him C,D, and Zinc which greatly seemed to cure a sinus condition he had. Could I book an appointment for him . Right now I am looking for any help I can get . Nurses are claiming he is not well but this is not true as he is very healthy otherwise . I am a firm beleiver in First Do No Harm.I am scared to death of this system. I am willing to travel to Alberta even if you could direct me to doctors who are like minded .

  21. I just saw you on Talk Truth, Nurse Svetlana, today January 26/23
    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago Nov 17/20 stage 3
    I am a health foodie and opted out of taking chemo/radiation.
    I want to introduce you to a book called How to Starve Cancer by
    Jane McLelland In this book she tells her story of how she healed herself of cancer with the assistance of old drugs that have been out there forever. But who’s going to dare to work with me, no oncologist in this country of Canada that’s for sure.
    If you look her up on the web, I’m sure you will see what I’m talking about. Anyway thank you for what you are doing and I would like to try the ivermectin for cancer. What would you suggest? I could send you the secret code for Lifelabs so you could take a look at my blood results done recently and the past. No pressure though. I’ve been taking a few drugs like naltrexone and Metformin for cancer and mistletoe and IV C. And certain supplements. Anyways I’m so thankful that there’s people like you to challenge this crooked medical system and its greed. I presently consult with a naturalpath.

  22. how can you sell this without getting shut down?
    how do we get the dosage to take?
    How do we get the product? is it liquid or solid?

  23. I heard you on talk truth and missed you phone # I would really like to get some ivermectin asap my daughter is having serious issues I believe as a result of the jab my phone no is 403 389 6591 my name is jerry

  24. This looks like 100% WEF and UN language. Wake up people!!!
    New Human Order??? AYFKM???
    World Council For Health? (WEF language)
    And this “wellness” centre sure popped up fast after the fake covid pandemic. It is just an offshoot of the pathetic death industry.

    Learn how to take care of your own health and stop giving yourselves to these people that claim they are going to take care of you.

    People have become so dumb it is unbelievable.

  25. Hi, Sorry for all your troubles but God is leading you in the right direction! I seen you on Talk Truth, great show! I am not vaxed, nor is my Husband. I’m interested in the information on ivermectin, my mom was diagnosed with dementia, would that help?
    Thanks and God Bless

  26. Very interesting article. I’ve been told I might be able to purchase Ivermectin fro your business. Can you please reply with information and price, please.

  27. I’ve had covid 19 for 16 months and have terrible brain fog and tiredness. I would like the medication that heals this but I don’t remember what it’s called. My name is Emme and my phone number is
    289 354 0975. I phoned yesterday but couldn’t remember my number and left the wrong number. Thank you

  28. I would like to know how to order Ivermectin tablets from Ezra Wellness. can you let me know? I learned about Ezra Wellness from watching Talk Truth on Daystar TV. Thank you

  29. I went to the site that you said to go to on Talk Truth,, but the site can not be found. Could you please supply current contact information.
    Thank you.