Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Covid-19 Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Covid-19 Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease

Dr. Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She has a BS from MIT in biology and MS, EE, and PhD degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. 

Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, glyphosate, and the mineral, sulfur. 

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 3, 2022. The full meeting can be viewed here.

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“Thank you so much Dr. Seneff!!! Genius presentation, so many important information brought to us easy to understand.” -Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, AUT

“Thank you for your important work. The mitigating treatments are hopeful for those who have been coerced into accepting these injections.” -Anne Mc Closkey

“Dr Seneff, I hope you will come back and tell us more about your work and the mechanism for the other types of harms that your work has predicted.” -Dr Tess Lawrie

“Thank you so much, Dr. Seneff.” -Helena K

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[00:00:00] [00:00:29] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Before we move on to Stephanie Seneff, I’m really looking forward to hearing from as are many of our affiliates. I just want to read this quote at the end of this book “The Real Anthony Fauci” and it’s because it’s Martin Luther King Jr. And it’s from his majestic “I have a dream” speech and he said, “But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that they are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity for this nation. And so we’ve come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and security of justice. We’ve also come to this hallowed spot to remind America the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make the real promises of democracy”. [00:01:20] Such an inspiring quote, and one that certainly holds true, not only in America, but certainly around the world. And on that note, we want to introduce to this 22nd and very momentous, World Council for Health gathering, Dr. Stephanie Seneff. And I’m going to introduce her with the great honor and great pleasure. I’ve reading about your work for a really long time. [00:01:46] Dr. Stephanie Seneff is senior research scientist at MIT’s computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and MS, EE and PhD degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. Her recent interests are focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide glyphosate and the mineral sulfur. [00:02:17] Since 2008, she has authored over three dozen peer reviewed journal papers on these topics. She’s the author of a book on glyphosate titled, “Toxic Legacy”, how the weed killer glyphosate is destroying our health and the environment, which was released by Chelsea green publishers in 2021. And of course these issues are very much close to our heart in Africa as well on the issues of GMO and and healthy food. [00:02:44] So Dr. Stephanie Seneff, it is indeed a great honor and a pleasure to welcome you to this gathering, to talk to us about the COVID-19 vaccines and neurodegenerative diseases. You’re warmly welcomed. The mic is yours. [00:02:58] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: Thank you so much for having me. I’m so thrilled to be here and thank all of you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you were doing, it is so important and it’s very difficult to follow Bobby Kennedy because he’s such an inspiring speaker, but I will be talking about a different topic, but very closely tied to our situation. [00:03:15] So let me share the screen and get my slides, pop them up. Okay, great. So my topic is COVID 19 vaccines and neurodegenerative disease and happy to be here to talk about this. And I think some of you may be aware the paper that I wrote to together that was Dr. Greg Nigh. It was published in IJV TPR last May. We titled it “Worse than the disease” question mark. Reviewing some possible unintended consequences of the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. And I have to say that I thought glyphosate was the worst chemical I would ever encounter in my lifetime. And now I’ve met my match with the messenger RNA vaccines. [00:03:54] They are extremely dangerous in my opinion, and the technology is novel and untested and has many unknowns. And so in that paper, we looked at theoretically, what could be some consequences that we were anticipating could be happening in the future with these vaccines. And some of them are very slow acting. [00:04:11] So we listed several things. I’m just itemizing here. We’ve talked about each one of these in different it’s a long paper over 40 pages long. Pathogenic priming multi-system inflammatory disease. Auto-immune disease, allergic reactions anaphylaxis because of the polyethylene glycol, probably. Antibody dependent enhancement, meaning that over time the vaccines could actually backfire and make your disease worse. [00:04:33] Activation of latent viral infections in the course there’s Bell’s palsy and shingles. These are all viruses that normally stay quiescent. It become alive again after the vaccine. Neurodegeneration and prion disease. The emergence of novel variants. I think the vaccines are driving the emergence of novel variants and the potential for the integration of spike protein gene into human DNA and passing it on to future generations. [00:04:56] Now, today I want to focus on neurodegenerative and prion diseases. And we have a long section in our paper on that. So I can refer you back to it. For you to read it, if you want to know more. So I want to just show here a picture. This is a nice picture of the messenger RNA in the vaccine. [00:05:10] These vaccines contain messenger RNA that has the genetic code for the spike protein right here in the middle. And then it’s pegylated with all this polyethylene glycol to keep it away from enzyme, it would break it down. All of the uridines in the entire sequence. There’s four things in the code and one of them is uridine. All of them are replaced with something called one methyl, pseudo uridine and that’s all these guys up here. [00:05:30] Every single uridine is replaced. That’s extremely unusual, never occurs in nature. It’s incorporated into a lipid particle that looks like a human LDL particle, which means that cells can take it up under natural methods that they already have in place to take up LDL. There’s a synthetic cat ionic liquid, a very unusual untested catatonic lipid. [00:05:49] That’s added as to act as an adjutant to draw in the immune cells. And that’s been shown to be very toxic to cells. So the RNA is then humanized. It’s got this five prime cap. It’s got this three prime UTR, five-prime UTR, poly ATL. All of these things are human. Making this, mRNA look like human RNA, which gives it a stealth entry. [00:06:07] The cells are fooled and not aware that this is a viral protein that’s being made. And this gives it a stealth entry system for massive production, spike protein. So I want to give the big picture first and then I’ll have a bunch of slides to support it. And natural infection starts in the nose and the lungs. [00:06:23] And usually won’t even get into general circulation if you have a healthy, innate immune system, and that’s the most important thing you need to fight this virus, is a healthy innate immune system. The spike protein nanoparticles are ininjected, messenger RNA nano-particless are injected into the deltoid muscle in the arm, bypassing not only the mucosal barriers, but also the vascular barriers. [00:06:41] So the immune cells come into the arm, take up this message. Also take up these particles and they start making spike protein because they can’t stop themselves from doing it’s all designed to so that it cannot even be controlled to be shut down. And then they carry these spike proteins into the lymph system and they ultimately gathering in the spleen where they continue to make spike protein. [00:07:00] So these immune cells in the spleen release large quantities of spike protein, and they release them inside exosomes. And these are liquid bodies that cells release when they’re under stress. And so those exosomes contain the spike protein displayed on their surface. And that’s probably what causes tremendous [00:07:16] reaction antibody response. The vaccines are very successful in their goal of producing a huge antibody response. The kind of response, you would only get in severe disease. People who recover from the disease without many symptoms only produce very small numbers of antibodies. So these exosomes are dispersed throughout the body, but they travel, especially along neuro fibers to the brain and they deliver the prion like spike protein to the neurons, and then an inflammatory response in the brain induces neurological damage. [00:07:46] So here’s a paper, “Is COVID-19 a perfect storm for Parkinson’s disease”. So this is looking at the disease and this, these authors noted this loss of smell, which is a very common symptom, very interesting and unusual common symptom of this disease, which means that the the virus is capable of going into the nose, going along the olfactory nerve and along the olfactory nerve, it can gain access to the brain stem nuclei. [00:08:08] It can go along the olfactory nerve. It can travel on the Vegus nerve, which is another nerve system that connects the gut and many of the organs to the brain. And then it gets to the brain and it can update. When it does that. It upregulates a protein called alpha-synuclein, which is one of the proteins. [00:08:26] It’s a protein that misfolds in association with Parkinson’s disease. That’s well known. And so this alpha-synuclein when there’s too much of it, it folds the wrong way and becomes toxic. And now in the substantia nigra, which is the center of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, dopaminogenic neuron, sorry, that’s a hard word to say. [00:08:46] The neurons that make dopamine in the substantia nigra, they express high levels of this HT receptor, which allows it to get in. So three independent case reports have described the development of Parkinson’s disease following COVID-19 disease. Now I think the same thing can happen in spades with respect to the vaccine because Parkinson’s disease has been well studied and has been shown that it begins in the gut. [00:09:07] And it’s from prion proteins that prion-like proteins that are produced by pathogens in the gut. And then the spike protein itself is a prion-like protein. And I’ve studied prions for a long time. And they’re quite interesting because they have a characteristic signature motif, which is this G X, G motif glycine zipper. [00:09:26] And that motif is present in the human prion protein. There’s 15 of them. Most proteins have zero. Just to be, have a backdrop. Most proteins have zero. The prion protein that humans produce has 15. Amyloid beta, which people probably know is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Another protein that is false, it has only four. [00:09:45] The spike protein has six. So it’s worse than amyloid beta in the sense of it’s prion-like character, but not as bad as the human prion protein. So stress immune cells in the digestive tract, in the spleen up regulate alpha-synuclein and they release it packaged up in exosomes, along with this foreign misfolded proteins. [00:10:02] This is what is known to happen in the association with Parkinson’s disease. And then those exosomes travel along the vagus nerve to the brainstem nuclei and this damages. Then it reaches the substantia nigra damages that organ, and that’s the source of the Parkinson’s disease. And the process over time can take decades, a slow process over decades before symptoms appear. [00:10:22] This is an amazing paper by some people in India. I recommend everybody read this paper because it’s quite extraordinary. It actually transfected cells with the DNA code to make their own, to make the spike protein. So it’s a similar model to what’s going on with these messenger RNA vaccines. [00:10:38] They made these cells produce the spike protein, and they determined that these cells then released exosomes. So they verified that cells exposed to the message to make spike protein will produce exosomes loaded with micro RNA. These micro RNA is have, are very strong, controlling signaling molecules that influence policy and particular will cause immune cells to induce an inflammatory response. [00:11:02] And so they get internalized by these microglia, which are immune cells in the brain. And this induces, this strong inflammatory response, which will lead to brain swelling, brain damage, all these bad things. And so they to quote them these results uncover a bystander pathway of SARS-CoV-2 mediate CNS and central nervous system damage through hyperactivation of human microglia. [00:11:26] And I just want to have, I just got this picture from this article, which is a nice example of these exosomes. I’m very fascinated by exosomes and I’ve been reading a lot about them lately. The donor cell can be very far away from the recipient cell and the donor would be [00:11:38] all these nuclei in the brain get exposed to these exosomes that are then taken up by the cells in the brain. And then those micro RNA that are released in them can cause holistic changes in the immune system, in the brain to induce this inflammatory response. So this is a fascinating paper, nucleoside modified messenger, RNA vaccines. [00:11:59] I’m sorry, the next paper is the one I’m thinking of, but this is interesting too. Induce potent T follicular helper in general center B-cell responses. So this is the paper that’s showing that this nucleoside modification, which is this trick of changing all uridines into methyl pseudo uridines this was something they discovered would really work well to stabilize the RNA. Make it last a long time, and also make it produce a strong response in terms of making protein. [00:12:26] And that caused a very strong antibody response, which is what they’re looking for. And it induced this formation of germinal centers in the spleen, which is where a lot of the action is taking place in the immune response. And then this other study showed that repeated exposure to foreign protein, to immunization resulted in increased susceptibility to prion protein exposure. [00:12:45] In other words, they showed that by giving vaccines to people or to animals they became increased more sensitive to the problems with prion proteins that can misfold. And of course, what you’re giving with this vaccine is both at the same time, the expansion of the germinal centers and the delivery of a prion-like protein at the same time. [00:13:05] So here’s a paper, an article, which is very interesting. J Patrick Wieland and he’s MD-PhD so very highly qualified person. And he asked the question, is it possible the spike protein itself, causes a tissue damage associated with COVID-19? And he talks about a furin cleavage site, which is unique to the spike protein in this, SARS-cov-2 compared to .SARS-cov-1. This a furin cleavage site, which is part of why people think it’s not a natural virus, it allows this S1, the spike protein gets chopped off into S1 and S2 and S1 gets released. [00:13:38] And so it goes into circulation. It can go anywhere. And in fact, they found that it goes to the vessels, the blood vessels, the small blood vessels in the mouse brain. And that it is a potent neurotoxin. So this is extremely dangerous. So here’s a quote from them. The spike S one sub unit of SARS-CoV-2 alone is capable of being endocytosed by H two positive endothelia. [00:14:00] These are the cells lining the blood vessels in both the human and the mouse brain with a concomitant Palky cellular micro encephalitis. That may be the basis for the neurological complications. And they’re talking about, of course, the long haul COVID, but I think the vaccines are also causing essentially a long haul COVID microencephalitis meaning the swelling of the brain. [00:14:18] SARS-COV-2 spike protein interactions with amyloid or genic proteins, potential clues to neuro degeneration. This is another very interesting paper where they found that the receptor binding domain of the spike protein also binds to heparin and to heparin binding proteins. And this is important because it’s been shown in other studies that heparin binding accelerates the aggregation of these amyloid protein. [00:14:42] So there’s these various proteins that are associated with various neurological diseases, amyloid beta, of course it’s Alzheimer’s alpha-synuclein is Parkinson’s disease. And there’s also Tao, which is linked to Parkinson’s. They have probably on protein itself, which is Crisfield Jaco disease and TDP 43 is linked to ALS. [00:14:58] So all of these nasty neurodegenerative diseases can be induced by the spike protein going into the brain binding to happen, and then facilitating the misfolding of these other toxic proteins. So this is a paper with a nice diagram over here on the left that shows how foreign pro prion proteins, which I say could be spike coming in a prion protein. [00:15:20] They act [00:15:20] like crystals and they induced misfolding of all these susceptible human proteins, such as alpha-synuclein amyloid beta, et cetera. It causes it’s proteins to change their shape from an alpha helix to a beta sheet. And the beta sheet is a soluble formation that then eventually they go home together and they form oligomers and fibrils. [00:15:38] And then finally they form these plaques that are characteristic features of these diseases. This is a very interesting paper. I would advise you to read this paper because it’s quite shocking and it showed, first of all, that the spike protein actually goes into the nucleus. And this is actually very scary. [00:15:52] It goes into the nucleus and when it gets into the nucleus, it inhibits specific proteins BRCA1 and 53BP1. These proteins are known to be able to repair DNA damage. So when you prevent the repair of DNA damage and you induce inflammatory response, you’re asking for trouble in terms of getting DNA mutations, which of course are linked to all kinds of diseases. [00:16:17] When the cells have become disabled because of mutations in their genes. COVID-19 vaccine associated Parkinson’s disease, prion disease, signaling UK CA Yellowcard adverse event database. This is an article by Jay bar class. And I just want to give you a couple of quotes from this article. He has been talking a lot about the concept of prion as a spike as a prion-like protein. All the COVID-19 vaccines on the market, contain spike protein or it’s nucleic acid sequence creating a possible catastrophic epidemic of prion disease in the future. [00:16:48] And then this analysis should serve as an urgent warning to those mindlessly. Following advice of politicians and public health officials regarding COVID. Now I want to take some time to look through this chart here, I’ve been rummaging through the various database. It’s actually a really great resource. [00:17:05] And I think we should be using it more people always say it’s not reliable. Anybody can report there’s problems with it. But it’s the best we have. And it’s actually very good, I think, compared to what else we might have available. So you can go to the VARs database online at this website and you can actually just go look and see how many counts there are for various conditions across various co subclasses of the data. [00:17:30] And so what I did was I looked at a number of different conditions that are associated with neurological disease, memory impairment, amnesia. This is the prion disease, CJD mobility, decreased resistant indicator. Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s itself, dysphagia, which is difficulty swallowing and Anosomia loss of smell. [00:17:47] So I just looked at these and I counted how many counts were there in this database? I did this on December 4th of this year. So recently last year, sorry. And and I looked at all the counts for the COVID vaccines for less than a year versus all the counts for all the other vaccines over the history of the database. [00:18:04] So this is all 31 years, all the vaccines. How many camps? And so you can see just memory impairment significantly more one and a half times more than one and a half times as many reports for memory impairment for these vaccines, compared to all the other vaccines over the history of the database. And then you look at all of these things that I have here have more than one fall, more than more cases of these COVID vaccines and the cases associated with all the other vaccines over the history of the database. [00:18:32] And in fact, there’s Anosomia is amazing because there’s over 4,000 cases of loss of smell, only 122 for all the other vaccines. It’s a 35 fold ratio between those two. And I want to just note these three. Prion disease. The numbers are small because this disease is very rare and people don’t ever think the prion disease could be caused by the vaccine, but it’s almost seven times as many cases of the prion disease with the COVID vaccines compared to all the other vaccines. [00:19:02] And then there’s a four and a half times as many Alzheimer’s cases. And then 35 times as many cases of this, which is a very strong indicator of future Parkinson’s disease. And Parkinson’s is over two times as many. So this is anecdotal evidence. It’s actually got an email from someone who pointed this out to me, Mark who’s in France. [00:19:21] He testified that his wife developed CGG about two weeks after her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. And he said, we must no longer speak of chance because when you develop a disease where it is said that there is one case in a million, which is true at one person in a million develops this disease in their lifetime and less than 60 cases per year. [00:19:40] And that you develop the first symptoms 15 days after the second injection of a vaccine that we do not know. We can no longer afford to speak of chance. And I want to just end on a positive note because this is a pretty depressing talk. There’s a paper here shown here published in 2018 and it shows that these really special molecules that are produced by plants and especially by herbs and spices, so things like curcumin, quercetin resveratrol, these are almost like magic molecules. [00:20:10] And we know that they have a lot of health benefits. Ancient Chinese and ancient Indian herbs have been used, medicinal herbs, have been used for many years. And there’s formulations that have been coming out of mainland China, Taiwan, and India that show tremendous promise in treating a COVID 19 disease or even preventing it. [00:20:29] And so all of these molecules shown here have been shown to basically drive this process of protein misfolding, which is going usually going this way towards finally these amyloid plaques drive it. Block it from happening and even drive it to reverse. These down here have been shown to convert these beta amyloid fibrils into oligomers. [00:20:48] So it looks like these would be very therapeutic to help prevent the possibility of ending up with a nasty neurodegenerative disease after you’ve gotten these vaccines, or of course from COVID itself. And I certainly think and Bobby Kennedy said this too. The government needs to be emphasizing our need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to eat certified organic whole foods and to spice up our food, put lots of herbs and spices into our food, even the vegetables and fruits themselves also have these magic molecules that can really help to keep your immune system strong and also get out in the sunshine and get out in the sunlight without sunscreen, without sunglasses, get your vitamin D up. [00:21:27] These are such important messages to try to keep us from getting sick from the disease. And even I think from the vaccine as well. I think it’s the same approach to try to protect yourself if you’re forced to get the vaccine, keep yourself extremely healthy through these methods. So in summary, the message RNA vaccines are carefully crafted to induce immune cells to produce large quantities of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. [00:21:49] This protein is neurotoxic and it has prion-like characteristics. Whereas our SARS cov two infection is localized in the lungs. The vaccine induces immune response, primarily in the spleen. Exosomes traveling from the spleen to the brain may play a decisive role. The vaccines produce a very strong antibody response in spleen by activated germinal centers. [00:22:09] And this increases susceptibility to prion disease. Spike causes an inflammatory response in the brain by activating microglia. And there’s much evidence from VARS of messenger RNA vaccines causing neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and CJD. Anecdotally CJD can be induced within 15 days of mRNA vaccination. Herbs and spices [00:22:29] rich in polyphenols may have therapeutic value and thank you for your time. [00:22:33] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you very much, Dr. Stephanie Seneff for that a science-based doctor driven, informative, and of course empowering presentation. I think what you shared with us at the end is equally as important as everything you shared before us. [00:22:47] And of course we all about knowledge and taking action, with compassion and wisdom. Let’s have a look at some of the questions, Jennifer. [00:22:54] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Yes, we have a number of interesting questions here. Okay. The first question is from Anne McCloskey. “Dr. Seneff in your opinion, are there things those already injected can do and attempt to mitigate these neurological problems?” [00:23:08] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: Yeah, that’s a big question. Isn’t it? I do have friends who are working on protocols to help people to recover. And I think it actually overlaps tremendously with, in my opinion, just the basic search for good health. Live a lifestyle that’s based on optimizing your health. And to me, that includes really being careful to avoid toxic chemicals eating certified organic food, eating whole foods, staying away from processed foods, getting out in the sunlight. [00:23:31] These are all the things that I recommend as a general policy. As far as specific things you might take, I would imagine you could take some of these. Like in my last slide I talked about all of these special nutraceuticals that come from plants and from herbs and spices, I think even possibly just taking these Chinese herbs, that there’s a formulation coming out of Taiwan that my husband found, and he’s been taking it as preventative for anticipation of a COVID infection. [00:23:56] And so I think those kinds of things could be very therapeutic and just the usual thing of zinc and vitamin C and vitamin D and B vitamins are also very important. Just keeping all your vitamins and minerals up and and getting that sunlight exposure for the vitamin D that’s what I would recommend. [00:24:12] And you could hope that your body, you need to improve your, I should say, also sulfur. I’m always, I’m a big fan of sulfur, as you saw from your introduction, eating a sulfur containing foods and even possibly taking some sulfur containing a nutrients such as methylsulfonylmethane or conjoint with sulfate or N-acetylcysteine. [00:24:30] These are all sources of sulfur that can help you to boost your self or supply, because I think sulfur is very important for the immune system. You want to have a strong immune system, and I think that’s critical for good health in general, when your immune system becomes weak your general health, but you become very susceptible to these influences from toxic exposures. [00:24:49] And the really important thing is to make your innate immune system strong. [00:24:52] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you very much. Now, the next question is from Meg. “What is the spike protein burden of the SARS cov two virus versus the vaccine?” In other words, what is the comparison of the risk between the virus and the vaccine for misfitting and inflammation. [00:25:10] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: So what I believe in of course, we don’t have enough science, we don’t have enough science. Yeah. But what I believe is that if you have a healthy immune system, the virus won’t affect you at all, because you will clear it before it gets past the barrier. So it’s staying in the lungs and not even getting into the circulation. [00:25:27] The vaccine starts already passed the lungs past the circulation in the muscle. It’s already a huge step towards a place where it can cause trouble. And then the immune cells come in and carry it into the spleen. And from the spleen, that’s when you start to get into really big problems with it traveling, [00:25:42] so conveniently, along that vagus nerve up to the brainstem. And in fact I’ve been looking at that VARs database reports, and there’s a huge number of reports of headache and migraine headache. Huge numbers. And, I think that’s because of the spike protein has traveled up the vagus nerve to the trigeminal nerve and it’s caused inflammation, trigeminal nerve, which is linked to migraine headaches. [00:26:04] So I think it’s actually inflaming all the nerves coming out of that pathway. That’s charged with the vagus nerve, goes to the brainstem and then goes to the olfactory nerve. And then the eyes, the optic nerve is getting inflamed. And we were getting all of these evidence. And of course the facial Bell’s palsy, that’s also neurological inflammation in the face. [00:26:21] I think all of those things are connected to a spike protein infiltrated in the brain. And it will happen with the disease. If you have a really weak immune system, it breaks past the lung barrier breaks past the vascular barrier. And finally it gets to the brain, but that’s a much later step for the disease [00:26:36] so it’s [00:26:36] many fewer cases associated with the disease I suspect. And of course you also have all this problems with the heart. I didn’t talk about myocarditis and that’s probably also a Vegas nerve, just traveling to the heart, to the brain from the spleen. And the spike protein response and inflammation in the heart, just like inflammation in the brain. [00:26:55] It’s the same thing. Really. It’s just different order in the skin, attacked by the spike protein arriving, packaged up inside those exosomes. That’s just something that happens much later in the disease process. And if you’ve got a healthy immune system, you’d never get to that stage. [00:27:09] That’s encouraging to hear that’s good. Now from Shabnam. [00:27:13] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Our Shabnam here. “Given the reality of self spreading vaccines and shedding, how likely it is that prion disease is transmissible and how can its impact be mitigated?” [00:27:24] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: Transmissible from a vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person? Is that what she’s saying? [00:27:29] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Yeah, I think it basically the incidence of getting prion disease. I think Shabnam, you’re asking more about the prion disease itself or the spike proteins. [00:27:41] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: The prion specific case, because self spreading vaccines are the reality and shedding. There’s emerging evidence on shedding or transmission as well. [00:27:49] So based on that, how transmissible is prions and how can we mitigate that? [00:27:53] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: I do think I started hearing about shedding and at first I was very skeptical, but then when I started seeing these exosomes situation, it becomes very easy for shedding to happen because it’s been shown. [00:28:04] And we talked about that in our paper. Actually, we had quite a large section on the prion diseases in our paper, and we talked about the possibility of the exosomes getting released into the lungs and then out into the air, or even shedding through the skin. So I think it is someone who’s not vaccinated could pick up spike protein and possibly even the code to make spike protein because the messenger RNA itself has been found that the spike protein messager RNA has been found to be able to be completely kept intact and shipped out inside an exome, which is really quite frightening because that means that someone could convey the machinery to make the spike protein, not just the protein itself, but the machinery to make [00:28:41] it could be conveyed via exosomes that are shed and picked up by somebody else. But I think that the numbers would have to be much smaller. That secondary effect would have to be much smaller. And I doubt that it would get, you would get prion disease from picking up the vaccine secondhand. And I don’t think it would be likely that would end up with a prion disease. [00:29:00] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Okay. Another question from Meg. “Is white matter inflammation at target for recovery? To the drugs, such as ivermectin hydroxychloroquine work through mitigating this?” [00:29:09] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: Yeah. Now I’m actually not an expert on that. So someone else might know the answer to that. Can ivermectin actually reduce the inflammation in the brain, I think is what you’re asking. Whether it might be a good treatment option for the vaccine. Which I suspect that the same things that treat the disease would treat the vaccine injury. [00:29:27] I would guess that could be true, but I’m not a doctor. Anybody else want to comment on that? [00:29:33] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: We’ve heard cases where people with at that are having seizures that are taking it intermittently that it’s decreased the seizure activity, but I don’t think there’s been anything written up about it. [00:29:45] Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yeah, I can. [00:29:46] I can say that Sydney from doctors experiences and feedback, Ivermectin’s one of the, one or top of the list of a bunch of medicines that are being used to help people with post jab injuries and symptoms. And as Dr. Siena says, it actually does tend to the same group of combination therapies that are being used to treat COVID are also being used in the first instance with post jab injuries. [00:30:12] We really need more research on this, but there’s not going to be time for randomized controlled trials. This is going to be evidence based on doctor’s experiences. Which is probably how it should be. [00:30:22] Phil Oldfield: I think when it comes to Parkinson’s disease, it’s well known that you’ve got trauma and inflammation that can then trigger the sooner. Courses. And so anything that would mitigate that and I’ve met in does act as an anti-inflammatory. So box to me, targeted to the brain. The other thing of course is that it’s interesting when I saw the figures that there was a symptoms of Parkinsonism on December the fourth and which could be the fact that you’ve got an accelerated build up. [00:31:04] But, we mustn’t forget that even if a headache and I’ve known people, who’ve had headaches for about three days, really severe headaches, and some that might be milder that in itself could trigger the cascade. And you might find that in about 10, 20 years, that would turn into either Parkinson’s disease or Lewy body dementia. [00:31:30] And of course, mustn’t forget that that’s been proved for the source code V as well, where that’s been shown and. [00:31:39] Yeah, I can guarantee that someone’s going to say, oh no, that can’t possibly be the vaccine it’s due to COVID and I want to make it very clear that I don’t know. I think Stephanie made a good point that, when the vaccine is given it’s in the blood, although do, although you do get some back, virus in the blood as well, but I know also the number of people who have been vaccinated, those people who have got COVID and I think we have to be, there’s the lots of papers in JAMA where they be linking, COVID-19 to Parkinson’s disease, very few papers linking the vaccine to Parkinson’s disease. [00:32:28] And as that’s due to the fact that journals aren’t reluctant published this sort of work, right? Yes. We certainly had that experience. I’d like to introduce everybody to Dr. Phil field, he’s an expert in prion disease and just published a paper with him and Byron bridal and myself on prion disease and vaccines journal. [00:32:49] And yeah, we had some interesting experiences with BMG rejecting where a paper telling us that it was getting screened by the who or who like to beforehand and then rejected. Can, I can explain it. Basically this, I was really disheartened. We submitted the paper before that buying them had submitted the paper to one of the editors at the BMJ one space sympathetic to our cause. [00:33:17] And he said, this is just a sort of paper that BMJ needs. And of course, you’ve got a lot of articles from the British medical journal, very balanced. Anyway, we submitted the paper efficiently and we were told that the, any paper from that journal that that is submitted also gets submitted the same time to the WFA Cho to the world health organization. [00:33:45] But a few weeks after that happened we then off to an email that said, I’m afraid when can’t go any further with this. Now we’re not talking about it being peer review. This is even before it’s been peer reviewed. So we can’t go any further with this. We’ve got so many papers for published that, this one wasn’t interested in it to be significant. [00:34:10] And so at that point I contacted nature who also, send their articles, that BMJ to the, who I think I actually sent them the article itself. I said, would you be prepared to publish this? Got an answer back the following day saying unfortunately, because of our workload, we’re not accepting unsolicited papers at this present moment in time. [00:34:37] I was disgusted and eventually we’d got it published in vaccines. [00:34:43] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Yes. And there we gone. I have one last question. And this is actually a good closing question. Why don’t we see more adverse events in the large population, the large proportion of the population who has taken the vaccine. [00:34:56] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: Why do most of the people…? [00:34:59] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That see a lot as many adverse events… [00:35:01] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: I think one thing is that people don’t realize the vaccines causing their problems. I actually know speaking personally, people who got the vaccine and then shortly thereafter had something really flare up something else. They were dealing with flared up, and they had to go get treated and aches and pains just much worse than they were before. [00:35:18] These kinds of anecdotal things that people don’t think the vaccines causing it. I think many times they’re feeling bad after they got the vaccine. Maybe a couple of months later, And they just don’t realize. Cause I think the vaccine basically makes everything else you have, cancer flares up. [00:35:31] I have friends who treat cancer and they’ve been saying they’re cancer patients that had been in remission are showing up with, new growth of the cancer, these kinds of things. It’s all anecdotal. And I think people only report to VAERS if they feel very confident that the vaccine was the thing that caused their problem for the most part, and so I think that many cases of, and, just, and even something like a headache after the vaccine, it could be very serious and it could lead to serious consequences down the road, but they like, oh yeah, the vaccine causes headaches. That’s fine. That’s part of what’s normal. We’ve been told that we should expect to have some nasty symptoms after the vaccine and that’s normal, but don’t worry. [00:36:07] That’s shows that the vaccine vaccines working, so people don’t report those things. So I think everything goes way under reported. The numbers are, people are trying to figure out exactly how are under reported. The number that Steve Kirsch has come up with is 41 fold for every report. [00:36:20] There’s 41 unreported, 40 others that are unreported is a, an estimate based on a number of different ways to look at the. [00:36:26] Svetlana: Can I just comment on that? This is Svetlana from Ezra [Wellness Clinic]. I think Stephanie, you have such a great point. If people don’t have the the space to report a vaccine injury, we’re not going to be collecting that data. [00:36:39] So currently, in the mainstream healthcare system, they’re not accepting it. They don’t want to hear Vaccine injury. So if you’re not heard, how can you heal? But for example, at Ezra, we are welcoming vaccine injury, testimonies stories, and injuries, right? So we’re starting to collect our data. [00:36:54] And that’s right, is that line of work. We do have different facts, reporting systems, just the official ones may have limitations and make it difficult for the doctors to report. But on a number of our alliances, we actually have VAX checker and a few others. So I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing it, too. [00:37:14] Because I think everybody needs to offer some access for people where they don’t know where to turn, because I know that it hasn’t been made that easy for them. Very much for talking with us, back to Shabnam. Thank you very much, everybody. This has been really interesting. [00:37:31] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much, much, Jen. [00:37:32] I just want to to share that on the SAVAERS system here in South Africa which is independent and alternative. People are reporting memory issues, dementia, amnesia, Alzheimer’s and very frightening comments. Like he turned into a zombie, obviously they mean cognitively. And so I think it is really a wake up for us to understand the science of what’s going on so that together we can find a way to help people who are having these kinds of experiences. [00:37:57] And that’s why we’re here because the World Council for Health is creating a better way together. Before we, and thank you very much, Dr. Stephanie Seneff. I want to say goodbye to you for now with a quote also from Nelson Mandela, “Everyone can rise above the circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” [00:38:18] Thank you for your time. Thank you for your service. [00:38:20] Dr.Stephanie Seneff: Thank you so much for having me. It’s been my pleasure. [00:38:22]

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  1. You may want to change her bio from, ‘has a BS from MIT’, to has a BSc. The former is true of many scientists, but not Seneff!

    1. I agree. Alot of so called experts have a bachelor’s in business, psychology, political science… etc.
      Having 4-5 yrs of biology, chemistry, microbiology, Anatomy, physics, organic chemistry,…etc. It gets u so far ahead of the others bc you’ve already learned the majority of what they teach, then your just advancing and advancing In these areas and critically thinking in solving problems. By the time one graduates 10,12,15 years later, they should have extensive expertise in everything in their field. Thar doesn’t even count loving what ur doing. To stay in it that long you’ve gotta be obsessed with it and im sure its a lifelong obsession. So someone w a 4 yr degree in Chem that’s a quality Mgr at a chemical company compared to someone who lives, breathes, and eats the stuff is uncomparitable to someone who does it just to pat the bills. It’s not even close. Like fauci who does what he does so he can pay his bills and uses his job and lobbying to pay 100,000 more bills.

  2. Hi there, My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 months after his 2nd shot. Do you have a protocol he can take that can help reverse his symptoms?


    1. Herbsplusbeadsworks watch and make copper chloride. With shungite, wow, c60 and copper together are incredible. Melt aluminum fr your body. Neg ion sski We are on emf kill grid. Detox using zeolyte and glucliathone green tea and coffee enimas and rife machine. Apitherapy. Copper helps parkinsons and adhd autism and more. Eat alkayln diet and neg ion water. HOCL we need. Avoid all aluminum mercury silicas. Aluminum. Im not a Dr but said with love to detox and eat clean. Drink clean. Emf protectionz.

    2. Meagan,
      I just read an article in Nexus Magazine, the September/October 2021 issue entitled ‘Gut Biome and Infrared Light’ by Suvi Mahonen, copyright 2021. A small trial of 19 Parkinson’s patients in New South Wales and South Africa showed significant improvement in symptoms including gait, balance, cognition and fine motor skills, sleep after receiving infrared light therapy by affecting the gut biome. The study is/or is going to be published in ‘The Journal of Photochemicistry & Photobiology, B: Biology. Dr. Brian Bicknell, microbiologist at the Australian Catholic University, initiated the trial. The article quotes other doctors that could be a starting point for more information. Australasian Dr. Ann Leibert and Professor of Cardiology at Macquarie University, Dr. Hosen Kiat were quoted briefly. I have come across such therapy before, seeing excellent results in studies in animals and humans. Infrared lights are available to the public.

  3. homeopaths can address vaccine injury. It needs to be addressed as soon as side effect appears for best chance of recovery. he needs to be trained in classical homeopathy and it is better to say that it can take some time as every case is different, depending of the patient’s overall health prior the vaccine. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand homoeopathy. it is very difficult to practice but you can get amazing result.

  4. The doctors say I have ALS. The only issue I had was with speech and swallowing. In March 2020, I received the covid shot. Shortly after those shots, I needed assistance with a walker to walk and balance. I believe the shot made my health decline.

  5. My father, an 80 y/o retired physician suffered from age related memory deficits and mild cognitive decline but in the last year since he received his first and second Covid-19 vaccinations he has declined precipitously. He is now unable to walk independently and suffers from severe cognitive dysfunction (forgetting names of immediate family, unable to attend to or understand everyday conversation oriented 1/4). He has had a full neurology evaluation and carries a tentative diagnosis of Lewy-Body Dementia.

  6. My husband after taking his second covid shot ,had fluid in the lungs,and a swollen right leg and they didnt know what cauused it

  7. Thank you so much Dr. Stephanie. Helps explain my nephew’s case. 5 hours after dose 1 in July 2021 felt a sharp stab in his heart. Warded for 3 days, diagnosed gastric? Had dose 2 in August. Early October, warded 1 week for severe headaches & vertigo. Vertigo eventually disappeared but splitting headaches continued. On Dec 5, scans showed brain hemorrhage. Already had 2 surgeries to drain out the blood. Doctors considering a risky open skull surgery to find cause of bleeding. He is only 35. Can you suggest a protocal for his case? We live in Malaysia.

  8. A lifeline to the global community. Ignorance is not Bliss and intentional manipulation of data and the non-disclosure of essential information to the general as well as the so called “delivery health care professional community”, is malfeasance at best and criminal/evil, at worst.

  9. DMSO may be beneficial, It has sulfur, which you like. ‘… DMSO acts on these signaling pathways to suppress inflammatory cytokine/chemokine production.’
    ‘DMSO Represses Inflammatory Cytokine Production from Human Blood Cells and Reduces Autoimmune Arthritis,’ Ingrid Elisia, Hisae Nakamura, Vivian Lam, Elyse Hofs, Rachel Cederberg, Jessica Cait, Michael R Hughes, Leora Lee, William Jia, Hans H Adomat, Emma S Guns, Kelly M McNagny, Ismael Samudio, Gerald Krystal. 2016 Mar 31, PubMed. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27031833/

    1. That is a good suggestion. A lot of people also find MSM to be beneficial as a supplement which is a “close cousin” to DMSO. DMSO is dimethylsulfoxide, with one extra oxygen atom compared to MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Both provide both methyl groups and sulfur in an oxidized form, although it is not yet clear to me how the body metabolizes them. They have been shown in studies to help suppress inflammation.

      1. Thank you for you’re reply. Your research is impeccable. I have shared your lecture with many. And I hope others will also. All the very Best. Roy

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