Dr. Shankara Chetty on Omicron Management Protocols (Robust Round Table #1)

On December 22, 2021, in partnership with the Caring HCWs Coalition, World Council for Health hosted the first of many Robust Round Tables, a webinar for health professionals.

In this clip, Dr. Shankara Chetty discusses Omicron management protocols.

Additional clips from the Round Table can be found here.



  1. Apologies. This is the only way I can find to contact the WCH – I see no contact address on your website.
    I would like to deliver 5.000 to 10,000 leaflets in my area to promote your website and contents – particularly emphasising your Early Treatment guidelines, Detox Guide, and other health articles.
    I need a PDF leaflet to download, similar to the ivermectin a5 double-sided flyer on the birdgroup website here: https://bird-group.org/get-involved-2/ (I delivered 5,000 of these leaflets in my area). I will then send it to a printer.
    I found delivering such leaflets a non-aggressive and helpful way to introduce scepticism towards the health propaganda pushed by the health authorities and mainstream media; and that leaflet met with much interest and positive conservations.
    Everyone, regardless of their position on Covid, should gain something from your health advice.
    Please can you arrange to put such a leaflet, with a PDF file to download, on your resources page SOON.

  2. This video seems to cut off half way through Dr Chetty’s talk – just as he starts talking about Omicron symptoms.
    Is there more?

    1. Yes the same thing happened for me, it cuts out at what could be considered the most important aspect I wanted to hear. How can we view his full presentation please.

  3. Hi – as a retired medic I found this a very clear presentation, but like others was disappointed that the recording ended before the speaker was bale to finish his presentation about the specifics of Omicron .
    Would it be possible to broadcast the end of the talk?? Thanks so much

  4. Today I received a 30 day ban from Facebook simply for posting a link to your homepage, not even any accompanying text…they are running scared of you guys : please keep up the good work

  5. Fantastic presentation. I will look again at this video. Beautiful mind. Thanks WCH. A. Doctor at the front line , using his powers of observation combining with his knowledge.

  6. What an amazing man Dr Shankara Chetty is! I have never heard anyone share such depth of knowledge and understanding of the virus as he has. No wonder he has shown so much success with his patients. Thank you for this amazing video!

    Every time I share the comprehensive pdf on the viral stages and treatment, from your website, to LinkedIn, they censor it. They even censor from medical journals and libraries like bmj and ncbi.

    It has been terrible to witness the censorship and misinformation shared through pharma, government, big tech and mainstream media, who are all colluding against us.

    Thank you to all doctors and professionals on this webpage who contribute to the greater good and uphold the oath to β€˜do no harm’

    May God Bless you and make your business fruitful, and help you to reach as many humans as possible.

    You are true heroes!


  7. I listened to your video on the Reimer gulmilch grand jury and found it to be the most informative video I have ever seen

    I got Covid last Friday and tested negative yesterday but still feel lousy with no energy a broken cough with green Flem, and want to be ready just in case I have any problems with my oxygen after 8 days Which is today

    Could you tell me what Cortizone orally I should be taking and do I need a prescription for prednisone which is the other drug I think you mentioned should be taken

    Thank you very much
    Gary 905-301-9993
    email Garyg4141@gmail.com
    and I live in Alton Ontario Canada
    And I am a very healthy 81 year old male And I have absolutely refused to even consider taking any of the Covid vaccines which I think are poison and dangerous, which is now confirmed with your video

  8. Once again, Dr Chetty astonishes with his very broad understanding of a virus that seems to perplex the venerable medical establishments around the world. Every word made sense to me, and was incredibly valuable in establishing the progress and evolution of COVID19. It also reminded us of the origin of this enigma, and its continuing threat to us all.

    As always, it is invaluable to hear Dr. Chetty’s explanation of the 8 day allergic reaction in some people. I have seen this happen in a friend – and lucky for her, her young GP knew about the importance of steroids as her condition deteriorated.

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