South Asia Malaysia Health Summit 2022 | Day 1 – India, Nepal, and Austria

The South Asia Malaysia Health Summit 2022, hosted by Dr. Naseeba Kathrada, took place January 21 & 22 and is now available online for viewing and sharing.

Gona Singh, Dr. Sharon Lawrence,  Dr. Stephan Becker join Dr. Naseeba Kathrada during the South Asia Malaysia Health Summit (SAM22) to bring us updates on the situation in India, Nepal, and Austria, respectively.

This clip is available on Odysee and Rumble.


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  1. Namaste
    My name is Nikita Rosemary Thierry
    I came to Nepal for a month in late February 2020 and due to events I find myself still here almost two years later.
    The media censorship and the general populace belief in the main stream media and social media sites such as Facebook combined with a massive covid fear campaign lead to people believing in a pandemic that never was in 2020. There was no excess mortality and the whole event was a farce. Nothing encapsulates this better than being inspected by a soldier carrying a AK47 looking into a bus crammed full of Nepalese after a ten hour journey over the mountains picking up and dropping off people every where and a woman sweating in a plastic suit noting the buses number plate on entry into the valley. Theatre. Pure theatre. Unfortunately since the injection the stories of deaths are growing. I personally know of four people who have died directly after the injection and which in all probability are due to the shot, but of course the doctors will never admit this. I have meet and talked to doctors who have admitted that the pandemic never really happened and since the injection they are seeing more ´ Covid cases ´ and the an increase in deaths. Also that the injection is unproven and should definitely not be administered to children but the government it seems at present is determined to go ahead and inject the young.
    I meet and talked to a doctor today and asked her what she thought and how and what information she based her ideas on. She said you just do what your told and accept that the injection is safe and needed because they are told so. I said its an experiment and unproven. Her response was she was told it was proven safe and effective so it must be. But she conceded this was an irrational idea as yes it was made and tested in just eight months and we have no actual data that substantiates the view that it stops infection or what its long term effects might be or that it is indeed safe. Indeed directly after she herself was injected she caught Covid !
    From my experience in Nepal in 2020 the infection was neither severe or contagious in the general population. I personally worked in the paddy fields with a woman who a week later was called a covid case. She was kept in hospital and her family was quarantined for two weeks. No one became ill. There was no sign of a highly infectious disease. She returned home after a month. The case count was created by the mass testing in the urban population and not by actual hospitalisations. Everyone knows of a person who was called a covid death that in reality was due to other causes but the PCR test said they had Covid too so it was registered as a Covid death. It is totally accepted that the rich used the event to make money while the general population have suffered very badly . The economy is being slowly suffocated due to covid mandates and this is causing poverty, depression and deaths but there are a few doing very well .

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