Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion | Film Screening

On October 13, the World Council for Health hosted an online screening of the new film Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion. Host Christof Plothe was joined afterwards by Mark Sharman from News Uncut for a Q&A.

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements while taking an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. The film highlights leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy, and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate.

The film currently has more than 800,000 views on YouTube.

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion was produced by Oracle Films production was created in collaboration with Mark Sharman from News Uncut. Learn more and support this important self-funded project at

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  1. Watching this while half listening to the local news on TV as they push the poison….. When will it all end? I don’t even need your film screening for validation. Friend had a heart attack two days after the poison then a couple weeks later started to get weakness one one side of her body…a couple of friends had their young adult children go to bed and never wake…. another friend fell coming out of work, she can’t remember why she fell, now she struggles with her speech? Then there were the suicides. Getting to be ridiculously horrifying.

  2. My 27 year old daughter is still suffering from her 1st jab. Pericarditis, chest pain, shortness of breath for over 1 year now. Before the jab she was climbing mountains literally. She went to University for 7 years prior to graduate as a registered dietician got the jab for her first job. Can’t work due to jab injury in pain and depressed. Her whole life is changed. No compensation for this.
    Pure Evil!

  3. Who is killing who now? The unvaccinated to the vaccinated or the other way around? I did not take the vaccine and I’m 70 had no covit at all! Its shocking how the vaccinated are dropping dead esp the younger generation! The most evil agenda through all ages. Fauchi and Bill Gates snd the rest should be jailed and dealt with severely! I know of a large amount of people in my city and some people in my circle of friends that died unexoectedly!!!! Horrific! Its like looking at a horror movie!

  4. ASTRAZENECA KILLED MY BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY MUM!!!The vaers stats in USA and yellow card here in UK show thousands injured & dead let’s not forget that’s ONLY THE 1% Reported on there. OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS FOR 2020-2021 were 17.000 ACTUAL COVID DEATHS with NO underlying co-morbidities NOT …the millions of deaths they kept attributing to covid that were NOT covid deaths at all!!! while in the same period CANCER ALONE KILLED 300.000 UNSEEN UNTREATED PEOPLE that’s just ONE disease millions died just the way they planned it so much evidence showing vaxx was lab created faucis been in USA courts questioned with others virus gain of function increased potency!!his and Bill Gates e.mails evidence is clear but these billionaire elites are exempt !!PFIZER CEO admitted there were NO TESTS to stop spread yet the gov,t & elites are allowed to lie pushing the poison even to children that’s child sacrifice knowing what end result for many will be &worldwide dependency on gov,t to live enables them to FULLY CONTROL YOUR LIFE take vaxx or wel stop your income ..take vaxx or wel switch off your electrics CAR ,HEAT,etc that’s why electrics are essential in WEF KLAUS SCWABB & elites (see davos etc ……. THE DICTATORS PLANS for the current 8 billion to be culled in the billions the writings on the Georga stones in the USA .

  5. Everybody Must see this excellent film. However tragic these experiences are for the people in the documentary, they are an extremely small fraction of the people who’s lives have been Devastated by this Bioweapon Injection across our world!

  6. The ‘powers that be’ have slyly maintained that the jab does not prevent you from getting covid and the jab does not prevent you from spreading covid. So to my mind it cannot be classified as an immunisation jab. So what does the jab do? Supposedly stop you from getting severly ill from covid and even that is debateable and I would like to see more evidence on this. So you were never going to protect grandma, grandpa, mum and dad etc, and children don’t get severly ill, so right there are two big fat lies. But you saved the NHS! What this documentary does show is that if you are young you have a good chance of either dying or getting severly ill from the jab. AND how easy it was for the population to be misled, manipulated and coerced by the very people who are supposed to look after our collective interests, government, doctors, so called medical experts, media, tech companies, etc. And what’s to stop them from doing it again? I listened to the so called experts and smelt a rat by their very choosy words and their repeated relunctance to confirm that the jab did not cause harm. I feel for all of you who took the jab and bowed down to the systematically imposed FEAR. The consequences are starting to become evident. From colds that seem like covid and taking an age to get over to traditional life saving treatments no longer working. In the past 4 months I have witnessed many acquaintances in their prime 50s, 60s passing away. I did not know anyone who died during the pandemic. I feel for you now but I won’t the next time. This should be a wake up call to EVERYONE NOW! These sequence of events will surely happen again in the not too distant future and we need true British Citizens to read between the lines, have backbone, take a stand and not bow down to imposed FEAR. You have been warned. Good luck everyone!