Robin Monotti: The Book of Vision — An Exclusive Look

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #82 on Monday, March 27, Robin Monotti shared an exclusive clip from his new film, The Book of Vision, and answered questions from our live audience.

Who is Robin Monotti?

  • Robin Monotti is an architect and filmmaker who started a London-based production company called Luminous Arts Productions in 2016.
  • He was born and raised in Rome, moving to England when he was 17 and studying BSc Architecture at the University of Bath in 1994.
  • He co-wrote the song “Heart of a Child” with his friend Eric Clapton in 2021.

What is The Book of Vision?

  • The Book of Vision is a feature film created by Luminous Arts Productions about the doctor-patient relationship in the history of medicine, executively produced by Terrence Malick and starring Charles Dance.
  • The film opened the International Critics Week of the Venice Film Festival of 2020 and the Warsaw International Film Festival 2020 and is available to watch on demand on most digital platforms in the UK and Ireland.

Find this video to watch and share on Rumble, Substack, YouTube, and Bitchute.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly Meeting on March 27, 2023. Margaret Anna Alice also presented at this meeting.

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