Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: The Big Picture: How We Got Here & Where We Go From Here

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: The Big Picture: How we got here and where we go from here

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the founder of Waterkeeper Alliance as well as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense. He is a well-known and accomplished author and was named one of Time Magazine’s “Heroes of the Planet.”

His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment and children’s health stems from a litany of successful legal actions. 

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 3, 2022. The full meeting can be viewed here.

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Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Robert’s presentation:

“RFKjr with his experience and knowledge has eloquently reminded of how deep this all runs. Things previously called conspiracy theories being given a deep link here. Thanks for bringing us your insights Robert.” -Nathi Mdladl

“Many thanks Robert for inspiring us at the start of 2022 to keep fighting and showing that there’s a better way!” -Dr Tess Lawrie

“Mr Kennedy – thank you for sharing your insights and convictions with such courage!” -DV

“Thank you so much Mr. Kennedy! Your work and this presentation are vital. Thanks for speaking the truth , opening our eyes and helping to bring back democracy.” -Keren Eg

“Thank you to you for doing such an incredible and important job. Together we will change the world and bring this corruption to light!” -Sophie Angel

“Dear Robert, thank you from NZ for your inspiration and tireless work, we will win and save humanity. :-)” -Dr Tracy Chandler

“Thank you Robert F Kennedy, you are inspiring, all your work is Wonderful.” -Ghizlaine Ghallab

“Thank you Robert F Kennedy Jr – You’re Awesome!” -Ivan Jardine

“Thank you Robert from NZ, very grateful for your tenacity. I ordered your book in October but unable to get in NZ!” -Sam

“Thank you Mr Robert F Kennedy Jnr” -Marek Skowroński


[00:00:00] [00:00:29] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Moving on then to our first speak of this general assembly. And he is of course, Robert F. Kennedy. He is the founder of Water Keeper Alliance, as well as founder and chairman of the board and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense. [00:00:44] He’s also counseled to Morgan and Morgan, a nationwide personal injury practice. Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed author. The long list of published books, including the New York times bestseller “Crimes Against Nature”. He was named one of time magazine’s heroes for the planet. His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment, and children’s health stems from a litany of successful legal actions. He received recognition for his role in the landmark victory against Monsanto, as well as in the DuPont case that inspired the movie doc Watson. Here today to tell us about his latest book, “the Real Anthony Fauci” let’s warmly welcome Robert F. Kennedy. The mic is yours. [00:01:24] Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Thank you. Thank you all for being here and for your commitment to this issue within a democracy and all of the human rights, civil rights, all of that input is I want to particularly thank Tess Lawrie for her leadership, which has been really inspiring and really important. [00:01:47] I think in my book, one of the things that has attracted tremendous attention, it’s her transcript of her, conversation, which she provided me with. [00:01:58] It’s shocking transcript for most people. But, for me, I’ve been around for 40 years, and I’ve seen, I take agency capture as part of the landscape as part of the ecosystem. But I think most people are extremely idealistic and are shocked when they see it. [00:02:19] And that was really, I think, a bracing interview. I say one thing because I love that little animation you did on ivermectin. I did a short piece recently. And one of the, I think interesting comparisons and everybody talks a lot about Japan, and some of the other places where Ivermectin is used and encouraged. [00:02:42] But Nigeria, I think is one of, to me, one of the most convincing example is because Nigeria has a population fatality rate from COVID of, I believe now, 14 per million, and compare that to the United States, which has around 2300 per millions. We have a thousand times what Nigeria has. [00:03:08] And of course there’s a lot of reasons. Nigeria would have a low death rate. They have a much younger population and that’s a really important factor, but clearly that doesn’t account for the huge Delta between what we experienced in the United States. And one of the key factors I’m sure is that Nigeria also has the world’s highest burden of malaria. [00:03:35] 27% of the malaria cases on earth are in Nigeria. And so hydroxychloroquine, it is very widespread in the population, and also has one of the highest burdens of river blindness. And so Ivermectin was also very widely and those were things, that public health already very least should be required to explain why are we getting these huge huge disparities between certain nation death rate. [00:04:06] The average death rate in Africa is 168 per million. Those countries didn’t have a pandemic. Those deaths would have gone completely unnoticed and reported. It’s something that think about, I’m going to just talk about a broad overview and really all the specifics in my book. [00:04:28] I think one of the most interesting chapters in the book that kind of came as a shock to me when I was writing it. Was the deep level of the intelligence, the global intelligence agencies in planning for the pandemic and, and managing the pandemic and in guiding the public health technocracy a part from the tried and true and known consensus about what you do during pandemics, which is not to do global lockdowns, but to protect the vulnerable. [00:05:04] And we didn’t do that for some reason in this pandemic. And if you look at that last chapter of my book, it shows that for 20 years, the CIA has been working with the public health agencies in the United States, but also in Canada and Australia, Europe, to normalize a militarized response to pandemics rather than a public health response. [00:05:33] Witnessed by, all of you. I’m sure have seen it Event 201, and Event 201 was this event that happened and in New York city at the Pierre hotel in October of 2019, And we, now, we now have a pretty good idea that the Chinese knew by the September 12th, 2019, that they had a problem that something had escaped from the Wuhan lab on September 12th. [00:06:07] And they knew it that night. We know that from the national security agency has had the parking lot, the satellite photos. There was internet chat chatter, in Wuhan, with people desperate to get masks, people to get medicines for people. That night, the Chinese military went into the lab and confiscated 2200 coronavirus samples that have never been seen again. [00:06:34] And they changed the public facing websites to erase a lot of the data function occupants, including a lot of the NIH funding traceable to the inner function studies that they’ve been doing. And they replaced the director of the lab with a military biowarfare high level military, bio warfare officer. [00:07:01] And so it’s pretty clear. So a month later they’re in New York at 2 0 1 and who is hosting Event 201? We all know that bill gates hosted it, but the other hosts are a strange group. It is George Gao of the Chinese CDC who cleared the, we know that the Wuhan CDC, which is a subsidiary of the Chinese CDC is deeply involved in September 12th. [00:07:31] And, essentially the Chinese cover up. So we have to assume that George Gao, who is the reigning infectious disease expert in China and the head of the Chinese CDC, that he must have been aware of what was happening. So he is taking part in Event 201. And who is the other person? It is April Haines, who is the deputy director of the CIA, a former deputy director. [00:07:58] She is now the number one spy in America. She is head of the DCI, the national security agency. She is, or she is president Biden’s chief advisor on the management of the coronavirus pandemic and she made her bones that the CIA incidentally by she was chief counsel during the upgrade scandal and then CIA secretly bug the, the Senate’s intelligence committee, which is completely illegal. [00:08:34] And she’s the one who authorized the destruction of the torture tapes and the destruction of the transcripts of the tapes of the CIA’s surveillance of the United States senate. She began by committing illegal acts and that justified torture. And she’s now managing the coronavirus, pandemic in our country. [00:08:58] And if you look at what happened in that 201, that thing, that it was really shocking to people and who else is there? There’s people from the social media companies, there’s people from the pharmaceutical industry, including the largest pharmaceutical company, Johnson and Johnson, there’s people from the mainstream media, high level people, and Bloomberg, and the Washington post, et cetera, which was controlled. [00:09:21] Jeffrey Bezos and they’re taught that the odd thing about it, is they’re not, there’s no discussion of public health. They don’t talk about quarantining the sick, about protecting the vulnerable, about creating that international grids. Don’t link the 11 million frontline physicians across the globe to try, destill and develop and collect the protocols from Zambia and from Bangladesh, from Argentina, the stuff that frontline doctors are finding out; are working to develop international protocols for treating the disease. [00:10:02] There’s nothing like that. They don’t talk about how do we distribute vitamin D to the population? How do we distribute Zinc to the population? How do we get people to [give] up drinking sugar drinks, and chemical residues, and lose weight and get an extra there’s nothing like that. There’s no interest in it. The only thing they talk about is how do we use the pandemic? [00:10:26] As a pretense to clamp down to help generate new controls and to execute what essentially is a coup d’etat against democracy globally, and against human rights and civil rights and constitutional rights, and I just started researching Event 201. I just bought the fact that It was not a unique, one off event. They’ve been conducting these ever since 1999. They began just before the anthrax attacks and they were modeling an anthrax epidemic. As you may [00:11:00] know, maybe many of you do not know, three weeks after 9/11, there was an anthrax attack that killed seven people in our country. And it was on uncertain newspapers, but also on two United States senators. Who were those two? Patrick Leahy and Eric Hart. And what is significant about those two? They were the two biggest opponents of the Patriot act, which is the act that began the clamp down of totallitarian controls. [00:11:34] And after those attacks, the Patriot act, those attacks were used to justify the passage of the Patriot act and to justify our invasion of Iraq, which is what the CIA wanted. And it was not until later at the FBI investigation disclose the anthrax, had not come from Iraq, which everybody believed. It had come from one of three us military labs. [00:12:06] So it was somebody associated with intelligence agencies or the pentagon, that had orchestrated these anthrax attacks. And by the way, immediately before the anthrax attacks, they did the first of these simulations, which was called dark winter and the dark winter simulation simulated an anthrax attack on the United States. [00:12:31] It was at a high level. There were 20 other simulations, and I document about a dozen of them in the book. And each one they have all the hundreds of thousands of people, not just in the us, but Canada and all across Europe. Were frontline workers, police, FBI, intelligence agencies, public utilities hospital systems and frontline workers, police, firefighters were all involved. [00:12:59] Some of them involved 20, 30,000 people, a hundred thousand people over time. And they were always telling them, here’s what you do in a pandemic. Each one had a famous person who gave the premature legitimacy to it. Senator Sam Nunn or Bill Gates or some other Senator. They were teaching and training, frontline leaders, local heirs, local governors, et cetera. [00:13:25] Here’s what you do in a pandemic. You clamp down totalitarian controls you end free speech. Impose censorship. Locked down society. Close businesses. It had nothing. And if you look at event 2 0 1 and you look at the fourth simulation, which was the last one and most important. It’s George Gao, sitting there, and they were simulating a coronavirus pandemic, a worldwide coronavirus pandemic. [00:13:55] This October it’s already circulating. We don’t know until December 31st, the Chinese don’t admit it. It’s already circulating. You have handed the Chinese CDC there, and his main thrust is we’ve gotta be able to stop the social media companies. I’m talking about the fact that the rumor that this is a lab created coronavirus. [00:14:22] This is what he is saying on October 12th, you can go right now and look at that event and hear him saying this. And that’s what they talk about. It was simulation is how do we stop people from talking about this? We’re doing this for 20 years in the anthrax attacks. It was such a powerful and important simulation at the us Senate that and held the hearings. [00:14:47] What did we do if there is an anthrax pandemic? Which either way is impossible because the anthrax does not spread person to person in order to have anthrax attack, you have to drop it onto each city and have an ALA. No, you can’t. So it’s basically, it’s not going to happen and so they simulating this attack. [00:15:14] It’s so powerful. The United States Senate has hearings on it. And the real anthrax attacks happen. Those hearings are in session at that moment. That’s how exquisitely timed that was. After that, all of these other simulations and collectively they’re called Operation Lock Step. What does that mean? It means that you are teaching all of these governments in Europe, United States, Canada, north America. [00:15:45] How to pivot these liberal democracies pivot and suddenly impose totalitarian controls and enact a coup d’etat against democracy. How to use a pandemic to do that. That’s what they’re training them. All, if you put yourself in the position of these frontline workers who are mystified, Hey, why aren’t we working on repurpose medicines? [00:16:09] Why aren’t we doing healthcare here? Either we have an, a healthcare and make this the beliefs problem. What is the CIA doing it? Public health, the CIA does not do public health. CIA does coup d’etat against democracy between 1947 and 2003 that the CIA was involved in 73 coup d’etats or attempted coup d’etats almost all of them against democracies. [00:16:36] A third of the countries on the earth. So, what are they doing in public health? As it turns out, every one of these simulations was designed and orchestrated by the CIA. And there were a high level intelligence officials at every single one of them that it was a one consistency. I was in Colorado. [00:16:58] I was just getting on a plane and I, a baggage handler came out this big brawny guy and he hugs me and he says, thank you for what you’re doing. And he said, why? And he’s a liberal Democrat working class. And he said “Why isn’t it that people don’t recognize that this is not a public health issue. This is about power it’s about centralizing power and it’s, oh, you know, some people are awake and if you’re awake, it’s clear that nothing to do with public health”. [00:17:28] What I said, what’s happening today I call it is turnkey totalitarianism. And what that means is. Our history, the ambition of every totalitarian regime has been a complete control over every human expression and including facial expressions, art, literature, poetry, every human interaction, every transaction. None of them have ever succeeded. In Germany in 1939, it was possible to escape over the Alps into Switzerland. You can hide in an attic like Anne Frank. You could have a hammer radio in your basement. And there was ways of not getting caught. Even when I was a kid, I went to to Germany, to East Berlin. I met people who had escaped up with a wall. Letting people die trying, of course many people also escaped. [00:18:20] It was always possible to get away from it for at least a few people. Today because of technology that you have, the capacity, Bill Gates has his satellite fleet alone, he’ll be able to look at every square inch of the earth, 24 hours a day. You have all these devices now that are spying on you. [00:18:42] Even those a digital thermometer in your house have the capacity to be read remotely. Oh, if you think Siri is working for you, you’re wrong. She isn’t, because they’ve had the capacity with your apple watch and your Siri and your garage door opener, and your, all of these devices that are, your GPS in your car, harvest our data for a decade. [00:19:12] The problem is they’ve never been able to transport it. And the 5g system, which is making imposed, coterminous with the pandemic, is designed to do that. 5g is not there for your benefit. It has nothing to do with benefitting you. It has everything to do with allowing your devices, to spy on you, to talk to each other and to give your data, which is it’s like oil at the very beginning, when were no rules, [00:19:43] and the oil was just sitting there free under the crown for anybody who gets drill. It’s free money, that data and the government wants it so they can control it. And, Microsoft, Watson, all these other companies, Apple wants it, so they can monetize it and sell it. [00:20:01] Now they have the capacity to do that. So everything that you do is now being watched and surveilled and the capacity for the monotypes to tax every transaction. They’re going to have to also at the same time, digitalize currency. They’re getting rid of the cash economy. [00:20:20] It’s meaning that you cannot hide any transaction. The government’s going to know about it. The financial institutions are going to be able to make money on a friction of every transaction and the government will be able to attack and use it against you. [00:20:36] They will have that information in your data file in case you ever cause trouble. And at the same time, the worst thing is digitalized passports, transforming every right that you have. You have a right today. As imperfect as government is, you have a right to go to a party. You have a right to go to a bar. [00:20:56] You have a right to go to a play or a sporting event, or get on a plane and travel or go to a polling out. These are all just rights that people assume. And the minute you have a digitalized passport all of those rights become privileges that are contingent upon your obedience with governments dictates, and with the digitalized currency, they have absolute total control. [00:21:22] Because for example, let’s say that they have a if there was a two week social distancing mandate, everybody has to wear a mask and everybody has to social distance. And you’re only allowed to leave your house for necessities. And you violate that. You get too close to your girlfriend. You go outside without a mask. [00:21:47] They’re going to know it because you’re going to be seeing on facial recognition. They know where your GPS is. Now they can tell you, okay, you are on probation. And you have to say two weeks at home, and guess what your credit card is only going to work in grocery stores that are half a radius from your house. [00:22:08] You can’t buy a plane tickets. You can’t buy gasoline. You can’t drive from LA to San Francisco. Your money won’t work there. Well the capacity from that have total control over every aspect of your life is now within reaching distance of these totalitarian elements. And it’s turnkey totalitarianism, and they’ve created. It is so powerful that when they do go, all of the pieces in place and switch on, it will obliterate all human rights. [00:22:42] You guys know, Queensland Australia is essentially in a civil war right now. You have hundreds of thousands of people lining up in the streets in Vienna, Austria. You’ve seen nothing about that in the mainstream media. Nothing. We all know that because we see these underground video clips and none of my friends, liberal friends in Hollywood know any of this is going on. [00:23:09] So that is the level of control it will have. And ultimately, when they put all of these mechanisms in place, even if there’s a hundred percent of us opposing it, we will not be able to fight them because the level of control that they’ll have, and I’ll give you three rules that everybody needs to understand. [00:23:30] One government acquires a power. It will never relinquish it without confrontation. Oh, they tell you, oh, we just want two lock down. And we gave them that power and what did they do? They extended it two years. And now they’re giving it back to us, but are they really giving it back because no, they still have the power to do it again to us anytime they feel like it. [00:24:00] So they will never give it up. Number two: every power they take they will ultimately abuse to the maximum extent possible. So a two-week lock down that we gave them, they abused it into two years and that is like the law of gravity. Anytime they take a power. Yeah, that power will ultimately be utterly abused. [00:24:26] Number three, no one in history has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism. You think you have the illusion that if we just do what they tell us to do, we’ll all go back to normal. No, it’s the opposite. If you comply, if you obey, you are sending them a signal about what to do next. That’s why the hill you’re on today is the hill you need to die on. [00:24:58] Because if you give up that position, you’re only going to get weaker and how do we win this battle? We win at all through conversion, by persuading people who are now part of this mad psychosis, who are subsumed in the orthodoxy to pursuade them to come to our side. The good news is at a hundred percent of the conversions go from their side to our side. [00:25:27] Nobody goes from our side back into the matrix. They all come. Once they get out of the matrix, they stay. How do you do that? And you do it one person at a time. And that’s what we all have to do. Three civil disobedience is a day that are all bent on converting people. So you see a mom with their baby, like I, the other day on an airplane, I said don’t vaccinate that baby until you’ve done your own research, you can’t believe your doctor. [00:25:58] You can’t believe the government. I didn’t tell her not to vaccinate I told her, do your own research. Or you go, to a store owner who has vax only. And just say, listen, I’m going to tell, I’m not going to patronize you anymore. And I’m going to tell my friends not to patronize you. [00:26:17] And you talk to people, the way that propaganda works, Goebbels outline this. He said, here’s what you do. You always tell them the big lie, why the big lie? Because once you swallow a big lie, you can never, it’s very hard for you to disgorge it. And Mark Twain explained to how that works. He said, [00:26:41] it’s easier to fool a person than to persuade them that they’ve been fooled. Once they’ve been fooled, they do not want to go back and nourish what will stop them from ever believing you. So bigger of a lie they swallow, less likely they are to relinquish it. And so how do you make them relinquish? Well Goebbels that to, he said the way that you make them believe a lie. [00:27:08] Is you tell it to them five times. The first four times they’ll dismiss it. The fifth time they’ll believe it. And so they have CNN telling them the big lie, five times, and of course they’re all in mass psychosis. You know, it’s formulaic. Advertising is a trillion dollar industry. And the reason it is because propaganda works. You can persuade people to act against their own interests. [00:27:34] You keep repeating it to them. That’s what you want to do. How do we counter that? We have to help them the counter narrative five times. And stopping the person on the street, having a conversation that you don’t want to have because you know the ferocity of the resistance, but if they hear it from you and they hear it from four other people, they’re going to come across, it’s going to open their mind. [00:28:00] And let day light back in. We have the stickers, we have a sticker templated children’s health defense. You download that template and you go to Kinko’s or FedEx and you buy that paper with the sticky on one side of, the sticky glue. And then you can run off for free our stickers, our information, all the stickers. [00:28:24] They’re stickers with memes on them that are designed to wake people up every day. When you leave your house, take one of those sheets and take all of the stickers on that sheet and put it up somewhere. In high pedestrian areas, what we need to do, our mission is to tell people on the other side, to subject them, to expose them to the counter narrative five times each and on the fifth time they come over to our side. [00:28:49] Oh, I am being given a signal. And I want to thank Tess and everybody else for being part of this for your leadership of the resistance. Thank you. [00:29:02] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you very much. Robert F. Kennedy for joining us at the general assembly of the World Council for Health, we appreciate your time and your energy and your commitment to democracy and freedom. [00:29:14] Hopefully the next time, we’ll have a little more time to share with us because we have lots of questions for you in the Q and A section and some really good ones as well. I want to say thank you from all of us at the World Council for Health, for you, indefatigable energy. And of course, for ending this amazing book on the quote of Martin Luther King, Jr. really powerful quote that you ended on. So thank you very much for your solidarity. [00:29:38] All right. And from Robert F. Kennedy, and I’m sure they lots of amazing questions in the Q and A Jennifer, perhaps our affiliates can engage with each other and solve those topics. I know that many of them are us are very clued up on those topics and we’ll be able to engage them. Your thoughts, Jennifer. [00:29:56] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Absolutely. Okay. The first question that came up, which is very interesting, and I think we all questioned this is that our medical field, how the doctors, really, the majority of them seem to have drank the Kool-Aid and are not are not behind the talks of Robert Kennedy. And they’re more following the mainstream mandate. [00:30:18] Now the question was, are the retired physicians more comfortable and more willing to come forward to wake people up? Or are there issues there? And most definitely we see there are issues even there. Svetlana? You’re here right? [00:30:35] Svetlana: Yeah, we’re here can you hear me? [00:30:36] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Okay. Did you two have an interview with Robert Kennedy, this morning? [00:30:42] Okay. All right. That’s fine. Thanks Svetlana, what it was regarding is Dr. Mel Boucher, you see here he stood up outside of hospital and defended what was going on and was telling about all of the stillbirths that have been happening at the Lionsgate hospital in BC. And a short time after that he was approached by the RCMP, cuffed and taken into a psych ward in the hospital where he has been been kept for several weeks and Svetlana just managed to help him get out of there. [00:31:22] And they’re actually in a safe house now. The RCMP have been calling Daniel Lagacy to find out where he is. They’ve been looking around trying to find him so you can see here everybody’s affected by this, but you really just have to be brave and step up because we really need to save our children and most of all, so thank you for showing your faces here and you guys and I’ll go on to further questions. [00:31:47] The next question was regarding, basically a lot was answered by Robert Kennedy is, how do we get through to people? He did point out basically, you’ve got to talk to them five times over and reinforce it. It’s a difficult conversation. We all know we’re going to get up against opposition, talking to people, even within our families. [00:32:08] We all know it’s very difficult to approach family members too. That basically covered most of the questions. There were several questions in that same area. So back to you. Thank you. [00:32:21] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Jen. Zoe is going to stand some of those questions, perhaps all of them over to Robert I’m showing he has a moment he’ll be able to engage them. [00:32:30] [00:32:50]

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  1. Thank You! Robert and everyone in your team for Your commitment, courage and tenacity.
    (A caring father)

  2. Robert’s monologue video, is very poorly edited, cuts and inserts. It makes the whole piece very suspicious.

  3. Thank you Robert Kennedy for your unrelenting fight to save our children. You will never know, completely, the impact you are making on public opinion n re to this gene therapy debacle. Saving children has also been my lifetime goal. It’s up to every single adult to educate ourselves about the cold reality of the tremendous risks imposed on our children by nefarious powers that be, regarding these so called vaccines. DOCTORS, especially need to educate themselves and speak up! Their ignorance or silence is costing lives.