Riekie Erasmus: About Covid Care Alliance

Riekie founded the Covid Care Alliance – South Africa and Riekie Erasmus Attorneys. Riekie Erasmus has been in the legal field since 1980, as a prosecutor, magistrate, and state advocate. She started practicing independently as an attorney in 1995 and has the right of appearance in the Supreme Court of South Africa. Riekie has a keen interest in all family matters, personal injury claims, and all litigation.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on April 4, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our Newsroom. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

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“Keep going Riekie, history will have a different view. The truth will come out.” – David Charalambous



[00:00:29] Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Now I am really happy that I present Riekie Erasmus from South Africa. She founded the Covid Care Alliance, South Africa and Riekie Erasmus attorneys. Rieke Erasmus has been in the legal field since 1980, as a prosecutor, magistrate and state advocate.

[00:00:47] She started practicing independently as an attorney in 1995 and has the right of appearance in the Supreme Court of South Africa. Riekie has a keen interest in all family matters, personal injury claims and all litigation. So good evening and good evening in Austria, good day for everybody else. And I’m happy that we have you tonight and looking forward to your presentation.

[00:01:13] Riekie Erasmus: Thank you very much, Maria and Mark for having me here and I want to say also thank you to Shabnam who introduced me to the World Council for Health and for you accepting me in the, World Council for Health. It is so heartwarming to see the number of experts, medical practitioners, legal minds, and other experts who are part of this very good movement.

[00:01:44] I realized in the second month of COVID that this is a scam, it’s just, I think I was actually born a detective and not an a lawyer in the first instance because I have the ability to see through a scam very, very quickly. So when I realized that we are having a big problem here in that everything does not, um, tele, I started looking into this and, in the beginning of 2021, I realized that this thing is so big and I saw the panic and trauma that individuals suffered and how fearful they were.

[00:02:33] And I realized that. They need help, because the people who were speaking against the narrative were few and far apart. I think I was one of the first lawyers that started speaking out about this problem. And I have been scolded and I have been threatened that they’re going to file criminal charges against me for spreading false information about COVID and they were going to report me to the legal practice council or governing body.

[00:03:09] And it was, it was so shocking, that I just could not believe that people can not only believe the narrative when we have a culture of our government not acting in the best interest of the citizens. And yet in respect of the COVID regulations and laws and issues that popped up from government, they just believe everything that government’s said. And every attempt from myself and other people who had the same thinking that I had, was just met with either a scold or a ridicule. And I was very vocal on social media about this, and then my partner Pete Smanjak connected with me on LinkedIn.

[00:04:04] At that point in time, I already opened a WhatsApp group and a Telegram group just Covid Care Alliance. And [inaudible] said to me that this thing should go bigger and we should have a website, he will join me and so that we can really help the public through a website. Because on LinkedIn I was blocked or removed because I made a comment on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Page and they didn’t like that so I was kicked out of LinkedIn and they haven’t admitted me again. And on Facebook, I have been in the Facebook jail every so often and more, more often than not, especially lately this year. So I then realized that this thing is bigger than I believed it would be and I, I saw that there was not going to be a quick end to this problem and, the panic and the fear in the public just became more and more, especially when they came out with the, with the jabs and there was jab mandates, et cetera. So I then decided to register a nonprofit company COVID Care Alliance to be the vehicle through which we can manage this problem and to give wide assistance to members of the public.

[00:05:26] And also to unite the individuals so that they know where to go for assistance to just talk about their fears and their problems. Myself being the lawyer, obviously I help on the legal side and Peter Smanjak is regenerative health practitioner and also a financial services advisor.

[00:05:49] So he Is able to look out for us for anti narrative medical aids and financial products. And obviously then also the regenerative health issues. So we help the public by having weekly zoom meetings on a Thursday evening at seven, where either me or Peter will speak or both of us. And then we will also have a guest speaker on one or other topic that is relevant. COVID Care Alliance is also a one of the applicants in the kids vacs case where the ACDP was the was the driving force and Free the Children. And we just realized that our court is really not, assisting us in any way.

[00:06:37] They find any way possible to just postpone the matters, to postpone the matters. The kids vacs case was filed as an urgent application, but it’s now four months, five months later, we’re still not in court. Our date I think is the 28 of April . Now, if you think that you are dealing with children’s lives and there’s no need for a vaccination or a jab for the children, but yet they are pushing to jab the children, just shows how vile they are and it’s pure evil.

[00:07:17] I realized also very early into this, thing that we, that you sit here with, it’s a fight between good and bad. There’s no gray matters, it’s black or white. And the citizens of the world have also become two groups: Those who were against the narrative and those who were for the narrative. And those who were for the jabs and those were against the jabs. Which is a clear medical discrimination issue actually also. I do believe many of the people who are for the narrative, it’s just ignorant or they do not want to go through the trouble of doing their own research, they’re just gullible and accept what is told to them. And I’ve also realized that everyone who was a conspiracy theorist in the beginning and still is called conspiracy theorist, is actually critical thinkers. And will just not accept what it told to them, but to go and do their own research and sort it out for themselves as to what is going on here.

[00:08:25] Also I realized that God has a hand in the people who are anti-narratives. Every person that I met and I have to say that for that I want to thank Covid because of made the most beautiful, wonderful, religious people we can rely on and just the fact that each and every one of you and others that’s not even here, has been putting time and effort and their expertise to fight this narrative, is, that is not a coincidence. That shows that God is in control and he has everything in his hand and he is the guiding force.

[00:09:10] And if you look at what you have found works in the sense of preventing COVID or to treat people with ivermectin and all those vitamin D vitamin C, et cetera, it all comes from nature. And the first and foremost one was vitamin D or get sunlight, go out into the open, enjoy nature.

[00:09:34] When we were told that we’re now going to be placed in lockdown, we were told; if you feel you have symptoms, just go home and isolate yourself, drink a lot of water and p ainkillers. I mean, that is so ridiculous. How can any person with two brain cells accept that that is good advice, for what they say is such a serious disease that we must all be in lockdown.

[00:10:05] So that was the first thing that triggered me. And when, if you realize, if you add now also after the fact that you realized that you needed the sunlight, you need the fresh air, and all these natural medication, it’s a further indication that we have to get back to our roots and get back to nature. Because if we eat healthy, if we live healthy and not, drink all these, big pharma medications that has so many side effects, then we will all be so much better off.

[00:10:44] A huge problem that I have experienced is that even though we have been empowering individuals with knowledge and support, they still do not have the ability to take on, for instance, their employers when they are confronted with these jab mandates. You can advise them, this is what they should do, and this is the procedure and that it’s all unconstitutional and these laws or speaking against it and when it comes to the fact of, okay, I’m going to write this letter now and you must present it to your employer, then they will tell me, okay, now but that sounds too harsh, I say, but they don’t care about you. They are forcing you to take a poison. So how can you now have any feelings for them?

[00:11:39] You have to stand up for yourself and you have to push back. And I think that has been the most difficult thing that I had to deal with, is just to get the people to understand that. I felt that I was more of a therapist or a psychologist than I was a lawyer, just to get the people to get over that thinking of they cannot take on their employer.

[00:12:06] So yes we have a hard time. There’s still not many lawyers that is against the narrative. I’ve even had a lot of my colleagues that said to me that I’m mad. And they did not even want to allow me to post on our WhatsApp group. Anything that is anti narrative. And if you’re just speaking in social events with them, it’s as if they want to, you know, push you to the side.

[00:12:36] So it’s a very difficult situation to be in, but I begin to see the light, slowly, but surely every day, there’s more light in the tunnel. And I just hope it’s not a train. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity and thank you for all the help that you give. I know in the kids vacs case, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Craig gave affidavits, and I know everybody has offered in meetings that we had, if you need an affidavit, just ask for it. And that is so much help, I really appreciate it. Thank you. You are all angels in this dark, demon world.

[00:13:24] Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you, Rieke, for your words and for your presentation. I’m also pretty sure that we will be in the right place at the right time and that, you know, we are strong enough to stand in this together and my steering committee, Christof Plothe made a nice comment in the chat and it is also a spiritual comment and Christof, I need to find it right now, a quote from Buddha in this case, can you, quickly say.

[00:13:54] Christof Plothe: … that there are three things that cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.

[00:14:00] Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Yeah, and that is it. And I think we don’t even have to, you know, call us if some people has a problem with the term religious people, but for sure, spiritual people who know that there’s a reason why we are here and why we gathered together and we are really sure that we can make a difference, find a better way together and focus on solutions. And this is also a big part of the Better Way Conference that takes place from May 20th to May 22nd. So, in the chat, we have a couple of questions for you and either my colleagues Karen McKenna or Mark Trozzi are going to ask you, thank you.

[00:14:41] Karen McKenna: Well, I think the first question is from Mark Trozzi, he’s saying your insights and clarity are precious and soon we’ll have this video share of you speaking, but are there other links and resources you can share so that those not in attendance today can hear your messages?

[00:14:57] Riekie Erasmus: Yes. Our Telegram group is T dot N E slash COVID care Alliance. Our website is just COVID care alliance.com. And, I write memos for the members, to give them all the details of the law and Peter writes things on the, on the medical and the financial side. So that is all posted on the Telegram group and on the website. We also have a Facebook page, but that is not very active because I simply cannot get to all the pages.

[00:15:34] As it is already, my practice, that has had no labor court cases, is now maybe 30% labor matters. So I had to overnight become an expert in labor matters and I’m so busy with just helping people against their employers that the social media pages is mostly run by the admin.

[00:16:04] Karen McKenna: Thank you. I think that’s the end of the questions Maria.

[00:16:06] Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you, Rieke.



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