Dr. Priyanka Bandara: Our Health in the 5G Era

Dr. Priyanka (Pri) Bandara joined the World Council for Health assembly on March 21, 2022 to give her presentation entitled, “Environmental Electromagnetic Pollution & Our Health in the 5G Era”.

Dr. Bandara is a former academic clinical and basic researcher at leading Australian institutions (Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred hospitals, Faculty of Medicine at University of Sydney and UNSW), now operating independently to investigate the impact of common environmental pollutants on human health, particularly chronic diseases. She has a special interest in the toxicology of anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation (EMR), mainly microwave EMR used for wireless communication and surveillance technologies. Pri is an executive member of Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) and an advisory board member of Environmental Health Trust (USA).

This is the full, edited presentation that we received. Shockingly, due to a cyberattack that occurred in our Zoom meeting, Dr. Pri Bandara’s brilliant presentation on the risks of 5G and wireless technology was deleted before our eyes when her computer was taken over.

For more information about this occurrence, see this blog post.

Look for a rescheduled event with Dr. Bandara soon.

This presentation is also available on Rumble and Odysee.


[00:00:00] Cristof Plothe: So coming to our first speaker it’s Dr. Pri Bandara. Pri is a former academic clinical and basic researcher at leading Australian institutions and now operates independently to investigate the impact of common environmental pollutants on human health, particularly chronic diseases. She has a special interest in the toxicology and anthropogenic, electromagnetic, radiation, EMR, mainly microwave EMR used for wireless communication [00:01:00] and surveilance technologies. She’s an expert public speaker, especially on the topic of wireless health risks. The platforms, all yours. Thank you very much for tonight. Dr. Pri Bandara: Thank you Cristof. First of all, I just want to make a comment about Markus’s beautiful sound frequencies. Just want to start by saying our mere existence depends on frequencies of nature. And for wellbeing, we really need to have ourselves exposed to the good, positive frequency. So here we are talking about different forms of frequencies. I’ll start my slight presentation. And I ask you not to worry about capturing all the information. There’s so much information there. In the time it’s hard to detail everything, but you can have the slides later for details. But I just want to introduce you to this very complex topic and share some scientific evidence indicating harm.[00:02:00] Now, when we talk about environmental electromagnetic pollution, it is caused by different forms of man-made electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation which now is collated in the 5g era. And now the most prominent form of this pollution comes from radio frequency electromagnetic radiation generated for wireless communications and surveillance networks. So in the modern 21st century life, we are surrounded by countless devices that emit RF radiation exposing us 24 7. This used to be quite rare a few decades ago, about three decades ago. So for example, in the nineties, until the the population wasn’t largely exposed. For example you can get exposed to a microwave [00:03:00] radiation, which is radio frequency, radiation in a particular frequency band. In the old days, if you were standing by an operating microwave oven, you get exposed to some microwave radiation, but many people don’t understand, that when you are exposed to your wifi, you get exposed to the same radiation all the time. And in fact, a more biological interfering form with pulse modulation of microwaves. So these are very complex topics that we don’t have to go into, but the evidence now suggests that if it’s not only small insects like bees that are dropping dead with this massive proliferation of man-made, electromagnetic frequencies, but even our children as they spend their entire days in close proximity to these microwave transmitters and fall asleep on them, they are getting harmed [00:04:00] as well. In the 5G era, the microwave transmitters are going to be increased massively in millions because everything’s going to be connected to everything and we are talking about things like smart cities, internet of things and this problem is at crisis point. I would like to start with this slide, which gives you an indication of the magnitude of this problem. From the 1950′ um, uh, s, the environmental levels of Radio Frequency radiation and microwave radiation largely, around this one gigahertz frequency band used for common communications. This has increased over the decades, to a quintillion times above the natural levels. The radio frequency we get from the sun is extremely low, almost nonexistent and everything is [00:05:00] man-made. So when you think about this, it’s a billion times a billion, it’s unimaginabl e. And yet there’s little talk about electromagnetic pollution. We are very concerned as a global society about say, for example, carbon dioxide increase. In that same period, we’ve had doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and we need to pay similar attention to electromagnetic pollution. And I asked you to look at this paper, which is a very good in introduction to the issue. Now, even today, in the modern world, there is wide variation of exposure and usually by many orders of magnitude. Let me, just give you one example from a, published paper by, Professor Lennart Hardell, a Swedish oncologist, who has done an amazing work in this space. In 2015- [00:06:00] uh, he measured his exposure. I’m not sure what’s happening. Cristof Plothe: Can you hear us Pri? Dr. Pri Bandara: Yes I can. Cristof Plothe: Okay. Thank you for coming back to us after this, uh, most amazing event. Dr. Pri Bandara: Okay. Um, um, so, um, as you, you can see, you know, we we’ve had an, um, extraordinary experience, um, and, uh, well, I think it’s good that it happened this way. Um, So the whole world can see the cancel culture. That has been created in this um, world controlled by big tech. So, um, you know, it’s happened to be, uh, it, It has happened to me before. For example, last year I was present [00:07:00] giving, uh, recording um, Uh, uh, a presentation with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for GP education and my computer screen started going black and all sorts of weird things happened. I’ve had a lot of technical problems, but this is the first time in front of a live audience to this extent. So they, the hackers joined the meeting and pretended to be Tess Lawrie and asked for me to give remote access control, which I complied to. And they soon deleted all my slides so I have to present next week. I didn’t even have a backup copy I just did the slides last night. Speaking of sabotage, it just shows how important this topic is; the impact of wireless radiation on health and wellbeing of people and [00:08:00] all forms of life on earth is a huge problem. And there is intense censorship on this topic. In fact, before COVID this was the most controversial topic that nobody wanted to take up. I was only alerted to this issue in 2012. And when I took up the issue, within months, I realized this is a hot potato nobody wants to touch. And certainly academic researchers who are dependent on grant money. Now just to give you one biological effects of radio frequency, radiation, wireless radiation that all of us get exposed to through our favorite devices, not mine anymore, I’ve been completely wireless device free or everything wired since 2012 with unbelievable health gains in my family, particularly to my young children. Personally what happened within my own family was the reason why [00:09:00] I dedicated my entire life to protect people from wireless radiation dangers. My five year old, back in 2012 managed to recover from multiple immune mediated, chronic diseases and ADHD after we massively reduced his exposure by 9,000 fold in his sleeping area. Very high exposure from a couple of wireless devices, including a baby monitor. DNA damage caused by low levels of exposure, what’s called non perma levels of wireless radiation exposure from everyday devices like mobile phones, your wifi routers. This is real, and it can increase your cancer risk and cause a whole host of adverse biological effects. In the 1990s, Professor Henry Lai’s team at University of Washington, were the first two [00:10:00] comprehensively show that wireless radiation from mobile phones could cause DNA damage. What happened to professor Lai? There were mysterious forces operating through the university and the university was asked to sack him, which didn’t happen thankfully, but his research grants were cut and he was starved in terms of research funding. And then in the early two thousands around 2004 at the university of Vienna, Professor Hugo Rodriguez lab did some experiments with the European union funding very comprehensive study and showed again wireless radiation from a typical mobile phone within 24 hours of exposure caused DNA damage equivalent to, the positive control was a very high dose of ionizing radiation equivalent of about 5,000 chest x-rays in today’s terms, cause they use very little I can’t say little low doses compared to before. It, [00:11:00] it was quite remarkable DNA damage. And when they published this data, there was intense sabotage. There was pressure on the journal Mutation Research to to withdraw that publication claiming that Professor Rodriguez’s Lab committed a scientific fraud and there was a whole saga his lab was shut down. He lost his career. It was so many years later, finally this group was vindicated. Recently there was some legal action. The court determined that another professor manipulated a hidden program to sabotage this lab’s activity. You know how important this topic is. They are preventing the world, the people from knowing the truth. And this is exactly why we need to stand up and talk about this issue. I’m happy to take any questions. Cristof Plothe: Thank you very much Pri for sharing your personal [00:12:00] story behind it, your expertise and your outlook and we can’t stress enough your conclusions that this is a highly important topic for all of us. And we hope that we’ll he here more from you soon. Dr. Kat Lindley: Dr. Pri I just wanted to say thank you so much for hanging on with us because like you said, it’s actually good it happened here and today. So that we’re all aware that we’re all under attack and this is an important topic. And we’re looking forward to having you give you a full presentation on our next meetings when we have them scheduled. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your courage for having the voice out there showing everyone how important this is, because we don’t realize how exposed we are in our daily lives, our children just us, with our phones – we’re so dependent on technology it’s incredible how we change from the days or before, as I like to say and the way to go forward is really to remember who we are and go back to basics. So thank you so much. Dr. Pri Bandara: Thank you very much Kat. [00:13:00] Now there is a question asking any thoughts on microtech and injections and 5G relationship? I don’t want to really go into that here. I think that should be done with some evidence so let’s address that later. And indeed it’s an area that is. We need to investigate with urgency. And as you said Dr. Kat, it’s really important, not only to realize how harmful everyday exposures can be but people need to be educated on very simple and effective ways to minimize that harm with the technical help to wire devices and especially for children to give safe and secure wired connections for work. Kids are on devices all the time, these days. Um, and so I’ll leave it there. Cristof Plothe: Okay, thank you very much Pri thank you very much, Kat. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to us and hopefully spread the news about the World Council for Health. [00:14:00] Thank you for all the help of the incredible team behind organizing tonight. And we would also like to remind everybody again that we are for the people from the people, so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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