Dr. Phillip Altman: The Time of Covid

In this video presentation at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #54, Dr. Phillip Altman joined us from Australia to share results from his new report ‘The Time of COVID’, discussing the background of the vaccines as well as their safety and efficacy.

Who is Dr. Phillip Altman?

Phillip Altman has expertise in the areas of clinical medical research and pharmaceutical drug regulatory affairs in Australia. Holding the degrees Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), and Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy, Phillip’s doctorate concerned the development of new cardiotonic drugs with lower intrinsic toxicity, compared to existing drugs including their chemical synthesis and testing in various animal models.

Dr. Phillip Altman also founded the Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists (ARCS), which includes more than 2,000 scientists, clinicians, and associated health professionals involved in both clinical trial and regulatory affairs, in Australia and New Zealand.

Download a PDF of Dr. Altman’s report here. Please note that this is a living document and the version hosted at WCH may not be Dr. Altman’s most up-to-date version.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on August 22, 2022.

This video is also available on Rumble and Odysee.

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Dr. Phillip Altman’s presentation:

“Profound thanks, Dr Altman.” – Dr Mark Trozzi

“Thank you Dr Altman.” – Delia

“Our gratitude Dr Altman…” – Christof Plothe DO

“Thank you for speaking today Dr Altman. Amazing!” – Anne O’Reilly

“Thank you very much, Philip.” – Sabelo Sibanda


  1. The most concise and clear summary I have seen of the madness/misinformation that has enveloped the scientific community during the pandemic

  2. Hi, Tess
    First time commenting on WCH, which will be impactful. Thank you Dr Altman, for your presentation. “My Health is my Wealth” That money can’t buy, bribe, blackmail, or fool. The Natural World is my Tool and Fun stuff to go with it.
    First off: All this is NOT NEW. What’s been created, has been, what’s been invented, has been. Source of information and knowledge, on Alternative Media. Hence WCH, Ickonic.com, Brighteon.com,stopworldcontrol.com, fallcabal.com etc.
    Second off: A fake alien invasion. Yip!! put my togs on, not a problem. Swim back to Australia. Lool. This is the second time. I’ve had to put my togs on, and swim back to NZ, as an 8yr old child. June to Nov, 1967. What’s been created, has been, what’s been invented, has been. 60yrs later skater. Still protecting and defending Humanity against “War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity” and Wrongs done to Humanities children, back in the year 1967. Then we were Humanities children. I am the ninth child of fourteen. Pre Covid 19 Hoax. We ALL share 1/35,000,000 of land on this Peaceful, Loving, Beautiful Planet of ours. We ALL have Super Powers( Living Breathing Sentient Beings). Remembering lemuria and Atlantis. Photographic memory, remote viewing, telepathic, all the Fun stuff.
    Source of information and knowledge, The cosmic hoax: An expose, Close Encounters of the Fifth kind: Contact has begun. Yip!!put my togs on moment. We have contact with True Sentient beings and they are not a THREAT to Humanity, not one iota. They have concerns, just like living breathing beings. Humanity. Dr Steven Greer, siriusdisclosure.com. Watched his movie “Unacknowledged” MUST SEE.
    Dr Greer has a loong list of Criminals and Killers of Men, women, children and babies. Longer than most households shopping list ( Food).
    The fun part aside. We are ALL millionaires and millionaresses, operating as Creditors Beneficiary. We are ALL Creditors and Money Creators. Not if you are operating as a Debtor, where’s the money, gonna pay my bills, pay my mortgage, put food on the table for the kiddies, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, which expensive car can I buy. None of that, you do not own. NOT your children, house, land,car etc. The government owns your Arses, lock, stock and barrel. For all your “Learned Colleagues” Tess. Is the time to “Unlearn the Learnt”. some websites: commonlawcourts.com. livingintheprivate.com matrixfreedom.life matrixfreedomplatform.com. Dr Dolores Cahill interviewed founder Iain Clifford of Matrixfreedom and Mr Stafford on her talk show.
    Life is not for ignorance, it is respected and celebrated (not by alcohol) other meaningful gestures. And WCH you’s are doing just that, respecting the people, giving them information, knowledge to benefit their health, which will turn into their wealth, just as my life has. Respecting and acknowledging All the Peaceful, Loving and Beautiful Grandparents and Ancestors whom came before us ALL.
    Peace, Love, Joy, Justice, United Freedom, Balance with Kindness and Results. WOOHOO

  3. This report needs to be distributed to everyone in the world!!! It is the best compilation of scientific evidence to date.

  4. Phillip so so happy to see your position with regards to the death shots.. Cant wait to see ou down the stee and thank you in Person. I am a Manly Resident and have just voted for you in a postal vote.

    Keep up the fight. you are champion of or times.

    Thanks Paul.

  5. I’ve just read your excellent article in “The Light Australia”, a free uncensored truth newspaper avail. at my health food shop in Nambour, Qld. You’ve said it all so clearly. Well done! I loved Dr. Mercola’s book too. The truth is out now. All your recommendations should be implemented ASAP. I want to see all these creeps jailed immediately. And all who participated in the lies. Best wishes to you. And thankyou for all your great work. Rosemary.NambourQld.

  6. Hardly factual as completely ignores the fact that all vaccines have some individual repercussions.
    4 vaccinations and No ill effects and the chips must be blocking themselves!

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