Dr Homer Lim Introduces the Philippine Council for Health

Speaking live at General Assembly Meeting #78 on Monday, February 27, Dr Homer Lim introduced us to the Philippine Council for Health, our first Country Council. These are fully autonomous councils that promote the Better Way Charter.

Who is Dr Homer Lim?

  • Homer is a Philippine Doctor whose field of expertise is integrative oncology (integrating natural & conventional cancer treatments), acupuncture, detoxification, Orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy as well as energy healing.

What is the Philippine Council for Health?

Right now, we are in the process of establishing country councils. These are fully autonomous councils that promote the Better Way Charter for health, freedom and sovereignty. They will:

  • Develop country-specific policies and health guidance suited to local needs
  • Create their own website enriched with country-specific resources
  • Educate on and advocating for the protection of inalienable rights
  • Provide WCH accreditation to health centers, practitioners and laboratories, and WCH bioethical approval for country research
  • Support educational initiatives related to innovative, holistic and traditional health practices
  • Establish WCH Centers of Excellence for Integrative Health

We are delighted to share that we have our first country Council for Health: The Philippine Council for Health. And, we have many more coming soon!

The move toward decentralisation is key to respecting and upholding the rights of every individual to make their own health decisions. Head on over to our Substack to learn more about the expansion of WCH.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 27, 2023. Dr Heather Gessling, Peter Gillooly and Dr Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman also presented at this meeting.

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