Nuremberg 75th Anniversary Compilation Video

Almost 75 years ago, the city of Nuremberg in Germany was the place of a historic declaration. When the judges of the military tribunal against leading medical officers in the Nazi administration passed their verdict, they issued what became known as the Nuremberg Code.

This year, on August 20, a line-up of international speakers traveled to Nuremberg to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Code.

In this short compilation made by Children’s Health Defense, hear from Vera Sharav, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Mary Holland, and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed.

Watch the full livestreamed event here.

This video is also available on Rumble and Odysee.

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  1. Having watched this tremendous and powerful event , and knowing who has committed these atrocious against us surely it is now time to bring these criminals to justice.

    1. I long for massive protests and historical general strikes to end this rule by wealth system. If we get that far though, we need to have a clearly written demand of them, or the cycle will repeat.