Marco Albertazzi: About Movimiento por la Salud y la Libertad

Marco Albertazzi is an an activist from Costa Rica and founder of Movimiento por la Salud y la Libertad, Movement For Health Freedom.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on April 11, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in the Newsroom. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Marco’s presentation:

“What a brilliant summary of how governments have systematically harmed the health and wellbeing of people around the world – thank you Marco. We will help you remind them that “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any nation can have.” (Winston Churchill) and reclaim our health, rights and freedom.” – Dr Tess Lawrie

“The billboards here are very graphic – he is right! To terrorize the public.” – Interest Of Justice

“Go Costa Rica!!! Thank you Marco!” – Karen McKenna

“Bravo Costa Rica” – Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (South Africa)

“Amazing Marco” – paola amaldi

“Wonderful presentation, thank you Marco. It’s incredible how congruent and in “lockstep” government responses were across the world. I wish you every success in Coast Rica in reasserting sanity.” – Dr. Anne Mc Closkey

“Brilliant, thank you Marco!” – Meleni Aldridge

“Thank you for your inspiring presentation!” – Dr. Kat Lindley

“Fantastic job Marco!” – Interest Of Justice


[00:00:00] [00:00:29] Dr. Mark Trozzi: So, I’d be honored at this point to introduce, we have a partner organisation to present and Marco Albertazzi from Costa Rica and he’s with the Movimiento por la Saludy la Libertad, for health freedom. Marco I’d be grateful if you could take the floor. [00:00:46] Marco Albertazzi: Hello. How are you everyone? We prepared a statement that I would like to read and that I would like to share with all of you. Members of the steering committee of the World Council for Health, esteemed colleagues and partners, and dear friends around the world, since the declaration of the pandemic, primarily by the World Health Organization and then by the Costa Rican health authorities, we have faced governmental policies through the excuse of a health emergency based, not on technical, medical or scientific criteria, but on capricious and senseless regulations, that violated citizens rights characterized by the abuse of power by the government against the people which included; the indiscriminate confinement and isolation by lockdowns, and also absurd vehicular restrictions preventing people from traveling in their personal vehicles, while buses, trains, and other means of mass transportation were packed. Access to parks, beaches, and rivers, where people could have sunbathed, exercised and breathed fresh air to strengthen their general health, was prohibited. While the prolonged and useless use of masks that exacerbated allergic asthmatic and respiratory disorders, mainly in developing children and our elders, also affecting them emotionally, that was imposed. The use of wrong and generalized procedures and protocols for the treatment of patients inside and outside hospitals without taking into account their personal and individual characteristics certainly increased the number of deaths. [00:02:28] They created fear propaganda that our frightened population had to endure, which included images of refrigerated containers and body bags. Billboards with images of dead bodies or with messages advising distancing from our elderly, as well as roadside messages demanding that chronically ill patients stay at home, causing panic and anxiety attacks. [00:02:53] We can not fail to mention that constant harassment of the press that acted as government propaganda agencies, broadcasting the press conferences of the government on a daily basis, presenting many related epidemiological data and the political measures taken without technical, scientific or medical criteria – all without questioning the narrative.. [00:03:17] The country’s health authorities ignored, excluded, silenced, and denied other available effective, safe, and proven prophylactic and therapeutic treatments aimed at strengthening people’s health, especially those at risk when exposed to and facing the COVID-19 disease. The treatment of other pathologies in the population was neglected and abandoned, and patients were treated by telephone, worsening their chronic pathologies and affecting the condition of public health. [00:03:50] In the same way, hospitalized patients have been isolated and forbidden contact with their relatives, practically kidnapping them and limiting them to a mere phone call, affecting their emotional health and the patient’s recovery. The counting of cases and deaths was not done using a proper statistical analysis of data that would allow comparing the epidemiologic situation both nationally and among different countries and regions, turning isolated data into manipulable figures. [00:04:21] The epidemiological links were included as real cases, PCR tests, which are not useful for diagnosis were used and furthermore were conducted at high cycles, which resulted in false positives. There wasn’t a differentiation made between dying from COVID and dying with COVID. No autopsys were performed and the protocols for handling corpses implemented by the health authorities, did not allow for that verification of the real causes of death. Inhumanely and without medical scientific support, people have been prevented from attending the funerals of their deceased loved ones, with the excuse of avoiding contagion. [00:05:04] In our opinion, health is a state of bio psycho social wellbeing. And if by privileging, one aspect of health, the other two are harmed. This would be contrary to the health model implemented worldwide. Health is a much broader and complex concept than simply COVID-19 and an injection called a vaccine. [00:05:28] Furthermore, as a consequence of the irresponsible mandate of mass innoculation including people from five years old and above embodied in the executive order of the president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, and the minister of health, Daniel Salas with an illogical excuse of dealing with a virus that has a lower lethality rate than the common flu, the national legal framework, our political constitution and the international treaties that protect our civil and individual rights and even the privacy of our personal data, have been violated, through abuses, restrictions and impositions that have transgressed the warranties and liberties of the natural and legal persons of Costa Rica. Evidentaly, this has had a huge impact on the economy, tourism and the entire national socioeconomic fabric, costing alarming rates of trade restrictions and business closures resulting in unemployment and increased poverty. [00:06:29] Consequently, there has been a decline in the living standards and an exacerbation in diagnosis of chronic depression since employers, infringed workers’ labor rights with the approval of the government. This has empowered employers to persecute, coerce, suspend and terminate workers, which created in our opinion, a new underhand form of slavery and a sanitary apartheid by some businesses against those who did not want to accept the imposition to be inoculated with this experimental substance. [00:07:04] All of this has put at risk the life, health, jobs and businesses of hundreds of thousands of Costa Rican citizens, and discriminated against a large part of the population through the implementation of the QR code, which has now been surprisingly eliminated, after people were coerced by the need to have their green pass. Therefore, this has fostered fear, uncertainty, insecurity, finger-pointing, persecution, social isolation, distress, and even suicidal ideations, because of the fear of losing their job or actually losing their jobs, compromising the possibility of providing for their family. [00:07:48] The mental, emotional and physical health of our society has been put at risk when we take into consideration that these injections are not effective, because it has been seen that inoculated people are not immunized, but are capable of developing the disease, as well as transmitting it to others and even dying from it. In addition, the efficacy rates reported by pharmaceutical companies, authorities, and the media are not real since they presented the relative efficacy. [00:08:20] Efficacy rates which are ambiguous, instead of the absolute efficacy rate, which is actually more accurate. They are also not necessary, because the survival rates to the virus exceeded the effectiveness rates of the injections, regardless of the pharmaceutical company that produces them. There are other proven, effective, safe, and long standing treatments that allow patients to be treated effectively. [00:08:45] Particularly if early care is provided. Therefore, in no way, none of the policies and mandates that Costa Rica and the world have undertaken are justified. Above all, it is illogical to think that pediatric inoculations should be forced, when, for instance, people under 19 years of age have a natural survival rate to COVID-19 of 99.997%. [00:09:13] Also, these injections are not safe since these so-called vaccines have never been previously used in human beings, as they’ve been developed using new technological platforms. And according to what the pharmaceutical companies themselves indicate, the clinical studies and trials of these experimental gene therapies have not yet ended, and are still in place. [00:09:37] Moreover, serious and even fatal adverse effects have been reported in the national population. However, due to the lack of a correct and timely pharmacovigilance policy in Costa Rica, it has not been possible to evaluate and warranty the safety of these substances, to those who have opted in or have been coerced or even forced to be inoculated with them. [00:10:02] In the sense we have had to resort to the pharmacovigilance systems of international governments, such as VAERS of the United States of America, Yellow Card of the United Kingdom and EudraVigilance of the European Union in order to have data and alert the public about the adverse events that these substances are producing in people of all ages, regardless of their physical complexion, level of physical activity or other individual characteristics. [00:10:33] Also, the government has failed to disclose a number of important details, such as the contents of these injections, taking into account that every person who is being inoculated should have the right to know and understand what is being administered to their body, to know the potential risks, to which they could be exposed so that they have the capacity to consent or reject this inoculation. [00:11:02] What we know as informed consent, which has been absolutely omitted, contrary to what is required by law and rather than informed consent, it has been manipulation, coercion and obligation and who is to be liable for these eventual, subsequent damages. With these measures, the provisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in its judgment of November 30th, 2016, in the case of I.V. against Bolivia, are being violated when it stated: States have the international obligation to ensure that informed consent is obtained prior to the performance of any medical act. Since this is based primarily on the autonomy and self-determination of the individual as part of the respect and warranty of the dignity of every human being, as well as her right to freedom. In turn, this implies that individual may act in accordance with her wishes, her ability to consider options, make decisions and act without arbitrary interfering from third parties, all within the limits established in the convention’. [00:12:20] In accordance with the above, the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights has established in his Resolution 1/2021 of April 6th, 2021, that any COVID-19 vaccine to be provided by the state, must have the prior, free and informed consent of the person receiving it. This implies that every person has the right to be given by the healthcare providers, information about the COVID-19 vaccines they may receive. Such information must be timely, complete, understandable, clear, non-technical, reliable, culturally appropriate, and take into account the particularities of, and the specific needs of that individual. On the other hand, the contractual information between the pharmaceutical companies and the administration has been handled with absolute secrecy due to its suspicious privacy clauses, contrary to the provisions of the same resolution just mentioned by that Inter-American commission on human rights. [00:13:34] It is for all of these reasons that we, a group of citizens and professionals from various specialties, including doctors, public health professionals, pharmacists, biologists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, lawyers, communicators, economists, business administrators among others, that based on science, official documents, clinical studies and verifiable data, have joined together and formed the Movimiento por La Saludy la Libertad (Movement for Health and Freedom), a non-profit organization that defends the life, health, rights and freedom of our Costa Rican brothers and sisters, raising our voices in defense of those who are ignored and whose rights have been infringed. Taking a stand against abuses restrictions and government impositions. [00:14:29] So far, our movement, along with other groups with whom we have strategic alliances, numbers over 130 people involved in different committees, such as medical, scientific, legal, communication, research, logistics, activism, entrepreneurial support, marketing, and design among others, who contribute to the movement pro bono. [00:14:55] During this time we have called for peaceful demonstrations and protests where thousands of us have gathered in different parts of the country, such as the ombudsman’s office, where we had a meeting with the ombudsman, which by the way, the president of Costa Rica and the minister of health declined to attend. [00:15:15] Also, we went to the Congress of Costa Rica on several occasions where we also had meetings with some congressmen of the Republic. We have been to the Supreme Court of Justice, the constitutional court, the national stadium media headquarters, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the presidential offices. [00:15:35] We have had also meetings with businessmen, municipal and community leaders, and even defended patients and their families when their rights were violated in hospitals. As the movement for health and freedom in Costa Rica, we make a strong call to all physicians, scientists, social, personal health authorities, scientific journals, the World Health Organization, and all professionals in the health sciences to remember and honor their Hippocratic Oath. [00:16:09] We call on the media, professionals associations, universities, public and private employers, churches, and government authorities, to respect free expression and to encourage the debate of ideas without censorship, to observe international treaties on bioethics, human rights, civil liberties, the legal framework and sovereignty of each country that protects its citizens from abuses as well as to reject the pandemic treaty being proposed by the World Health Organization, and therefore to honor the dignity and freedom of every human being in the world. [00:16:48] Finally, on behalf of the Movement for Health and Freedom, it’s coordinators, teams and members, I would like to thank the World Council for Health for accepting us as members of this prestigious organization. This without a doubt is a great honor and at the same time, it reaffirms our commitment to Costa Rica, to continue fighting with ethics, dedication, and love for our fellow men in defense of truth, justice, rights, health, life and freedom of every Costa Rican, as well as our brothers and sisters around the world. [00:17:26] To conclude, we would like to share this brief video with you that shows some of the actions we have taken, up to today. Thank you very much. [00:17:37] Karen McKenna: Thank you very much. [00:17:37] Jennifer: Yes, we’ll get it going. We’re just gonna play it now. [00:17:40] Karen McKenna: Thank you very much, Marco. I really appreciate all your dedication and that’s an honor to share your country. [00:17:46] Marco Albertazzi: At the end, the quote was saying that liberty has never been given by the oppressor, it must be taken by the oppressed, which is from Martin Luther king, Jr. So, thank you very much. [00:21:06] Dr. Mark Trozzi: Wow. Thank you. Thank you Don Marco. That is such a concise, detailed summary of the situation of the strategy. You know, it’s one thing to sit in one’s living room watching the TV, but what you and your group have done is, is detailed and meticulous. I know personally and in Canada and I encourage all of us around the world to, we will have these videos edited soon, we’ve had such important messages to including Marco’s message to get to the world because really we are all in very similar situations and as you said Marco, we are all brothers and sisters in this and we must take back our rights. They will not be handed to us. [00:21:48] It’s interesting in a conversation last week, along the lines of what you said, Marco, in your quote from the great Martin Luther King, you know, when our American brothers and sisters centuries ago sought independence, they did not ask. They declared. So thank you so much. I hope we see lots more of you and that we can support you and that you can support us. Phenomenal work. [00:22:14] What an amazing meeting and lightening it has been. We certainly live in interesting times and we’re certainly among a special group of people, all of us who’ve risen up to form this big group. [00:22:27] I would like to ask at this point, if there are any matters, arising of importance before I have a little positive announcement to share as well. So I’d like to open the floor to matters arising, perhaps by raising hands and reactions. If you can. I think we’re all speechless. [00:22:45] Marco Albertazzi: If I may someone was writing here in the chat, that what happened in Costa Rica has been the same that has happened elsewhere. So I think if they coordinated their efforts to violate human dignity, our rights, then what the previous presenter was saying, we need to coordinate as well. Groups that defend people around the world and present The People’s Treaty and push on Bills in our legislatures to have our rights protected. [00:23:23] So I think that we need to coordinate that and we need to, to work as a coalition worldwide and prepare something so that we can be heard and we can take a stand altogether. [00:23:38] Dr. Mark Trozzi: So true, Don Marco, you know, and for some reason I find myself thinking of when you live in a big house, we’re all a family, the world is our house. And if you have rats in the house, you can chase them from room to room, it doesn’t get rid of them. We all need to do our part so that the rats have no room from which to keep jumping to the other rooms, because we were all in this together. [00:24:03] I have a little uh, you know, sometimes positive news is such a great thing. We’ve all been working so hard to try to turn this ship from its insane direction, to a sane direction. And we should not give up vigilance. We should stay focused and continue because there’s a long way to go. But, we received news that we have a second government behaving quite sanely on planet earth, following Iceland. Apparently government of Norway, has announced that these injections, which I’d like to remind everyone are not vaccines. If you’re looking for a vaccine for COVID, they don’t exist in my opinion. But they’ve announced that the injections called vaccines don’t work and for people to take off their masks and build real immunity. [00:24:50] So, keep up the work team, we are getting there. We’re getting there. God bless you all. [00:24:55] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you everyone. It’s just been such a brilliant general assembly in so many ways. [00:25:00]  

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