Mikael Kivivuori: Introducing the MKR Co-Operation Network to the World

Speaking live at General Assembly Meeting #73 on Monday, January 23, Mikael Kivivuori introduced us to the MKR Co-Operation Network—a new World Council for Health coalition partner. He then answered questions from our live audience.

What is the MKR Co-Operation Network?

  • The MKR Co-Operation Network was founded in 2020 by Finnish doctor Mikael Kivivuori as a Multi-Professional Corona Crisis Solution Group and embodies his ideas about the importance of love, understanding, forgiveness, mental well-being and psychology.
  • MKR is an independent think tank and a mass movement that consists of active citizens and professionals from all fields, in great co-operation. The idea is that a crisis is an opportunity and a good excuse for starting a Universal Circle of Good that will spread everywhere.
  • It has gradually expanded into “a solution group for all crises” and is currently working for a better future in a variety of fields.
  • In September 2022 MKR International Team started to fulfill our visions for global co-operation, firstly with Children’s Health Defense Europe and now with World Council For Health.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 23, 2023. Eugene Trufkin and Germaine Staley also presented at this meeting.

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