Mina Dew: Class Action Covid UK — The Government Will Need to Pay!

Speaking live at General Assembly Meeting #75 on Monday, February 6, Mina Dew gave a presentation on Class Action Covid UK and explained how the legal case is designed to win. She then answered questions from our live audience.

Who is Mina Dew?

  • Mina Dew started Class Action Covid UK in October 2020, a legal case against the UK Government for loss and injury resulting from harmful “Covid Measures”.
  • Mina has a juris doctor (advanced law degree) from Bond University, Australia, and a psychology degree from Newcastle University, UK.
  • Combining a working knowledge of the English common law system with an appreciation of the depth of the Covid deception, she has worked with lawyers in England and overseas to put together a comprehensive class action for the people of the UK.

What is Class Action Covid UK?

  • Class Action Covid UK (CACUK) is a legal case against UK Government for loss and injury resulting from harmful “Covid Measures”—including (but not limited to) masks, testing and the rollout of ineffective and dangerous “vaccines”.
  • CACUK evidence shows that the UK Government, acting in lockstep with other nations and organisations, has created a humanitarian and economic crisis in this country by its Covid Measures.
  • CACUK’s case is a tort case started by Mina Dew based on English common law. Tort means that if someone’s actions caused you loss or injury, you can claim against them, whoever they are, and whether they meant it or not.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 6, 2023. Eleanor Hajee and Petra Quirke also presented at this meeting.

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  1. How about Boris Johnson kill 40,000 old people in care homes and got away with it because of a dangerous vaccine that was sold to the world in 2016 not in 2020 as was said these people plan this and how many people will die because of him millions people with power and weath think can do as they
    Wish we don’t need these evil people royals governments

  2. How about Boris Johnson kill 40,000 people in care homes and got away with it because of a lie these evil people plan this for years and what is it about power and control putting fear in to people who pay for that well Boris Johnson needs to be taking to count for crimes against humanity people who have all the power and weath in the country think they are better than you or me well they are not and the royals are just as bad one lie after another

  3. Amazing to have someone fighting against all this corruption. Well done Mina what a true inspiration you are. All this truth needs to be exposed and those involved in all the lies and corruption and injury and harm need to be held accountable x