Dr. Michael Pim: About ChiroUOnline

Dr. Michael Pim joined us to introduce our affiliate, ChiroUOnline.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly on November 8, 2021


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: We have Michael Pim of ChiroUOnline from the UK. Michael would you like to come forward and do your presentation? We look forward to it. [00:00:40] Michael Pim: Thank you very much. And to thank you for that great introduction. My name is Dr. Michael PIM. I’m a chiropractor. I’ve been in practice almost 30 years now. Seems just a few months past and I started chiropractic in the U S of A, which is where it all started. [00:00:57] And I come from a family of chiropractors, my dad, brother, sister, and my son is now studying chiropractic. So what sort of took hold from an early age has resonated out to be sort of me in a way of life because the philosophy that underpins what I do and the belief in health comes from within. [00:01:17] And so my talk really is about the sort of natural superiority of health. In other words, like nature, it doesn’t need any help. It just needs no interference. In when I look at the WHO definition of health, it basically says the state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. [00:01:39] And I think these last few months, or year and a half has really exemplified that, not only is it riling up a lot of people who don’t want to buy into the narrative, but also it sets the tone and the ground for, like minds coming together. So often we’re in our little silos, whether we have a label chiropractor, medical doctor herbalist, but actually we’re all doctors and doctor means teacher. [00:02:11] And how can we teach together to, to help humanity? Because this has been brewing for some time with, I think the overreach of big pharma. And it’s constraining how healthcare with politics is really changing the psychic and delivery of healthcare that we have today. So my message from Chiro U, which is an organization we only started to just a few months ago, was to reach the public directly by connecting with them and empowering them. [00:02:44] And to help them realize that, so much of health comes actually from within it doesn’t come from some dependency of big pharma, that’s going to rescue or save you and, first do no harm. And really, if you just give your body what it needs, it can deal the environment. And I look at some examples, like the germ theory and the terrain theory where it, where we’re blaming bugs, somebody’s gotta be the villian. [00:03:12] Somebody out there outside of herself is the cause of why we’re sick when actually it’s not the cases the environment, the environment being the governing factor of whether we are sick or well and how we adapt to that. So as a chiropractor, my key into, or segue into healthcare is the nervous system. [00:03:34] And I look at the nervous system as the master system of the body. And if I get nerves, sending messages to all parts of the body will produce all the chemicals and hormones and it will heal up. Just obviously as a basic example, many people think it’s the doctor that got them well. [00:03:52] And, people often like to give credit to the doctor. And I often like to put it in this context that actually it’s your body that got you well. [00:04:01] All I do is just take away the interference. I took away that, which was inhibiting you from, Expressing optimum health, because, if you cut yourself, your body’s designed to heal, we’re not designed for failure. [00:04:13] So that sort of philosophy of health from within it’s something that, I want to help connect with you and change the landscape of what’s going on out there because so much of this pandemic has really exemplified in many other areas of how healthcare or disease care is delivered. [00:04:33] And I look at patients that are asking, they’re begging, who do I see? Where do I go, how do I be healthy. And what is health? Most people have no idea what health is and where it comes from. And, if we can empower more people give that message of hope. [00:04:49] I think it’s something that is so needed in this day and age. And, when I look at BJ Palm, which was the developer of chiropractic, and he said alot of the professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment. [00:05:09] And so many of the speakers I hear are talking about health is talking my language and we’re not alone because those personal testimonies that I heard today off the, the tax within family, the misunderstandings and misleading information, or what people understand as to what’s good for the body is rippling out and life changing consequences in these vaccines. [00:05:35] Yeah. Let’s come together and work together and I’m so pleased with the movement that you’ve started here and a rippling out because this is vitalistic. This is empowering. It has an energy to it. It’s not a mechanistic looking at the body or just the sum of its parts. I want to play a full part in working with you, colleagues and others have invested interests so that we can really change the landscape. [00:06:00] And only thing that’s really preventing us is just coming together. I don’t think we need to change every heart and mind. I think changing a significant number of people to see that. Yeah, we have a means of connecting directly to the people rather than through insurance providers or our politicians telling us how we can help patients. [00:06:22] So without further ado, thank you very much for the opportunity to speak. And I look forward to engaging with you all at a later time. [00:06:31] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you so much. That was a really wonderful talk. I really appreciate it. You definitely hit on many factors. That is what is bringing us all together here even today. And there’s no question we’re finding the ways to communicate better than we ever have with our colleagues around the world. [00:06:49] So we’ll come together and we find a way to help everybody else. And it’s funny as we’re all in this meeting and many of us come to so many meetings trying to figure out a way forward this way, that way or the other way, and our friends who are all been taking the vaccines and living the life of Riley, it looks everything’s great with them. [00:07:09] I’m not talking about the injured ones, but I look at my family and I’m thinking they have no idea how hard we’re working to try to save their lives. And we will continue to do that. And slowly bring them aboard as time moves forward. And I guess they get confronted with bigger challenges that will get them to turn our way. [00:07:26] So thank you so much for being with us. And those are really wonderful things for becoming one of our alliances here too. [00:07:32]

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