Dr. Manual Apricio on the Use of CDS Post Jab (Robust Round Table #1)

On December 22, 2021, in partnership with the Caring HCWs Coalition, World Council for Health hosted the first of many Robust Round Tables, a webinar for health professionals.

In this clip, Dr. Manual Apricio discusses the use of CDS after vaccination. 

Additional clips from the Round Table can be found here.


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  1. This really does work for I myself have done these protocols and also on others for I am a therapist in alternative medicine .

    1. María, and Verónica, I am Shirley from Spain. i have Andreas A1 protocol and also a shorter protocol from a Spanish org just using NAC, glutatión, zinc, vit D and Ive forgotten name of one thats mainly for sleep and anti radiation. I put CDs and dmso on Jab and magnet (??) . I was drinking CDs most of the time that I make myself from MMS. I cant see what you says works for you. Is It the A1 protocol? I find It very long and difficult to get liquid ,zeolite here and what is Purilanbor? Can you think of ways to simplify some of this as I would rather do and have to get ready fast now. Thanks

  2. Please keep me updated on Avery thing that has to do with protocols with CDS and also the jabs! Thank you

  3. Hola doctor espero q se encuentre bien y uisiera saber cómo hacía una cita pues mi hijo q actualmente tiene19 años y a sufrido de Eccema severa y última mente casi se muere debido a esta enfermedad y también sude de problema de autism ligero como me podría dar una cita quisiera q recibiera una dosis of cdc por favor manténgame informado gracias son ustedes considerados héroes mil gracias mi e-mail is socorrojrz@gmail.com