Demystifying Vaccine Contents with Dr Loretta Bolgan

Dr Loretta Bolgan is a scientific consultant with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science. Experienced in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, and registration dossier of medicines. Dr Bolgan has experience in vaccines and environmental damage. She joined us live from Italy.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 28, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our Video Library. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Dr Bolgan’s presentation: 

“Thank you for your great work!!” -Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg

“Thank You very much for both completing and sharing your research, Dr Bolgan.” -Dr Mark Trozzi


Dr Bolgan === Dr. Katarina Lindley: [00:00:00] And let’s start with our first speaker today. As we have heard from Dr Loretta Bolgan, she is a, uh, certificate consultant with PhD in pharmaceutical science, from Italy experienced in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, registration, dossier of medicine. She has a lot of experience in vaccines and environmental damage. So Dr. Bogan, thank you for joining us today. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Thank you very much. Thank you for the invitation. Dr. Katarina Lindley: I’ll ask you some questions, so that way they can all hear the question if you don’t mind. So you told us a little bit about your involvement in research in vaccines substances, and it goes back before these hasty manufacturer COVID-19 jobs. So can you tell us a little bit about the findings? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah, we are talking about the, the work that, I made with an association in Italy that is [00:01:00] called Corvelva and, uh, this work was the consequence of another huge piece of work that I made with the Italian Parliamentary Commission on, uh, army people, and, uh, from this commission, the result was the, uh, vaccines, uh, made on army people that have never wanted to, um, say to them outside of Italy, in places where, uh, they do operative exercise, we had a very high number of, uh, young guys that died mostly from cancer. So their results was the, uh, the, the procedure that was used to vaccinate these, uh, these guys. So I [00:02:00] decided to perform an analysis of the vaccines, uh, considering that the same vaccines, so that they’re made for army people, they are the same and that they use it for children. And in that time, and we had, the huge problem in Italy of the compulsory vaccination. So, um, in 2017, we had the law for compulsory vaccination, ten of them eh, ten of them and, uh, eh, let’s say that, that the main results are that we had from this kind of analysis was that, uh, the, vaccines have inside measles, rubella, chickenpox, and, mumps, um, that they are highly contaminated with, uh, fetus cells [00:03:00] lines DNA. So we can say that these kinds of vaccines are fetal DNA vaccines and not altered live virus vaccines. So actually with these results, we brought it to the national registration authorities and also to EMA, but so far we didn’t have any results from, from them They say that they answer to me many times that the vaccines are fine, like they are made and contamination are not absolutely a danger for the children and also they didn’t want to perform any new analysis to confirm our results. Also we analyzed that the 61??? Vaccine, the one that [00:04:00] is a protein based vaccine with aluminum inside and also the, uh, papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil 9. And these two kinds of vaccines, they’re highly contaminated by chemical impurities. And, uh, and those are where we have a problem that the protein changes the conformation inside of the vaccine and becomes… the protein becomes. Um, insoluble and make like a very big deposit in the vial and this is not a very easy to, um, to destroy, to try to analyze it. So after another kind of analysis that we made, that we can say that the aluminum, that he used like [00:05:00] adiuvant inside of the vaccines. They, they create an aggregate that is very similar to prions you know, some kind of protein so that. they cause encephalitis that can really damage the children because the aluminum with this kind of practice can pass to the lymphatic system and deposit in the brain of the child that is vaccinated. So let’s say that there is a lot of studies that tell us that vaccines from children that are highly contaminated, and for sure that can be considered ineffective vaccines and they shouldn’t be put on the market for sure. Dr. Katarina Lindley: It’s such an incredible work. Thank you. so what response have you had to your work from the public and from the [00:06:00] Italian public health authorities? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: So you see we took our to different institutions because they were very severe results, you needed to consider that, er, we performed analysis metagenomic analysis, and, Mass spectrometric analysis we have completed one . We repeat the analysis with the same samples in another level, so we did the Interlevel validation and, uh, and we did for more than one sample, more batches of vaccines. so the results were confirmed. The institution didn’t answer to us, so we are still waiting for an answer from them. So they didn’t care [00:07:00] at all about our studies, and their answer was, since we didn’t perform an analysis in the labs that are from, the institution, like EMA laboratories. they didn’t have any value actually. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you. And, um, you have also going to do some publication to demystify vaccines and the potential side effects. Can you tell us a little bit more about, uh, the articles that you published? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Regarding the pediatric vaccines, have we made it to publication. One it was peer reviewed and published in PubMed and this is also the, uh, protocol that we use to analyze a vaccines metagenomic protocol, NGS, uh, um, analysis. And, uh, the other was, was the mass spectrometry protocol. But this one, [00:08:00] eh, we is still in preprint because actually we couldn’t finish completely the testing of the vaccines regarding the chemical contamination so unfortunately we should close this one before we can be able to, to publish with the peer review, we will be able to so something, but it’s very expensive most of it, so we have some limitation to finish to this kind of work. Instead for the publication of this one regarding the COVID-19 and vaccine, I didn’t publish anything with peer review, I just, uh, publish on my website, many kinds of small books that you can download in PDF, described the, mechanism of [00:09:00] the damage of vaccination damage for, mRNA vaccines and, uh, the damage of a spike protein, and, uh, that I’m finishing the one, uh, with the, the adenovirus vector vaccines, plus, uh, I’m continuing to study the vaccination damage, now we have a lot of publications let’s say that, that we can, uh, that they can support, the knowledge about the mechanism for damage. Dr. Katarina Lindley: And Dr. Bolgan what’s your website for those who would like to see the papers you have on your website? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah, actually it’s in Italian. The first book was translated to English also. If you can see, and I can, write on the chapter. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Great. Then we’ll share that in the chat. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah. And the first book was actually, uh, regarding the FastTrack authorization [00:10:00] that they did them and, um, or already it was possible to know what were the, what the could be the, the main problems with these kind of vaccines. So already in May, 2020, we could, have a prediction of most of the, of the vaccination damage that we are seeing now. So they are really not justified to FastTrack the authorisation with this kind of product, medical product… Yeah. Dr. Katarina Lindley: So together with Dr. Spichani you have founded The Italian Society of Doctors. Can you tell us a little bit more about the organization? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: I’m collaborating with many doctors, biologists, many other, professionals that work on the, health, issue, most of, uh, any kind of, professional, uh, figure that they can take [00:11:00] care of the health of the people. And, uh, you know, the main problem in Italy is that, the, physician, nurses, biologist, they can’t work, uh, if they’re not vaccinated and, this is a really serious thing. Let’s say that this very big problem for the people because they can’t get cures, you know, so there are many immediate, uh, limitation also for people that want to go to the hospital. Let’s say during the time they change them many times, these things, so these things so can’t say that the, from the beginning was so severe the problem, but in Italia many, um, physicians and doctors, biologists, said that they are not in the condition to work. So the idea to create this society, Italian Society of [00:12:00] Medicine, comes from this, necessity to put all together, the professions that want to react to this, problem that, uh, gave me to the possibility to, to work, uh, for, for doctors mostly. I know that the, now the society is, doing a very strong legal action also to try to see if it can, uh, get back to work and got most of the money back for the months that they didn’t work and they didn’t get paid. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you. And, um, I’m from Croatia and I lived in Italy for a while. I lived in, Bassano Del Grappa. I was probably close to where you are, so I wanted to ask you, how is the situation in Italy now and what are, what is, what are the things that everyone is struggling with? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: From the beginning of April, there will be the possibility [00:13:00] to, to do more things without the vaccination, let’s say this. Uh, but the problem of the Green Pass is still there, we have still the limitation to do many things, if you don’t have the Green Pass and, to have Green Pass you needed to do a rapid test, the COVID test. And, this is, uh, something that is really unacceptable because you consider that we don’t have any more, any kind of epidemic in Italy. And, uh, the purpose is just to keep this control on the population with the green pass, actually. So, uh, movement. Yeah. People are moving so many manifestations, I mean, people go to protest for that . But, you know, we don’t have too many results and let’s say that to be a, some sentences, very good or legal, sentences that, give us some moral [00:14:00] opening, but there are too much trust on our politicians because we know that, they don’t care too much about these things, so they decide without considering if the people, agree or not, uh, I will say that the people definitely do not agree. They vote for more anyway. So it’s not the very easy situation, at all. Dr. Katarina Lindley: And from your work, I understand that you believe that we need to reform the vital sectors of the society with more of a local community approach independent from the current system. So kind of more decentralized where we are right now. So, can you tell me a little bit more about that? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah. I’m thinking about this too, because on one side I’m working on vaccination damage because I think that the people that, has severe or even not the severe vaccination damage that they needed to be cured. We need also [00:15:00] to prevent the vaccination damage where it’s possible. And this is a major work because I’m afraid that, that, uh, the number of vaccinated people that are going to have severe damage is going to grow. So I’m working with many doctors in Italy to try to study this. But besides this I’m taking care also the, preparation for what we call the new reset for us not The Great Reset that they want to do on the other side. So let’s say that the, the points are the main points of this work to cover all Italy, so it’s a national problem, we are trying to, uh, to find credit how you say … Moneta Credito? Credit currency. Eh, this credit currency [00:16:00] is, is very important because it helps to exchange, um, goods primary goods in particular, but also services and services like preschool and health, like private visit from doctors. So this kind of plan uh, is already advanced that they say that, that we, we have already, two, three coins so that we can use them with the system and the credit, um, coin is, uh, already circulating in Italy. And maybe we need to do some testing. They say some experiments to see for the, um, this kind of work it can, uh, can be, uh, feasible. And also we are working [00:17:00] a lot on energy autonomy. So we are finalizing different projects, um, how to put, uh, a family or a community in a situation that they can be, um, uh, can be able to, to provide, uh, energy, let’s say gas and electricity without having to spend too much money. I think this one is, is, uh, a big issue in this moment. Let’s say that the the workers, it’s necessary to put the people in contact with each other. So we need also a platform and a platform that people can meet and exchange things.. And for there to be plenty of platforms so that they’re growing -some of them are, they’re very strong, very, [00:18:00] very bigger already and, uh, I think that is this kind of work is going to help very much the people to connect with each other. That’s the main thing that we need to do. Let’s say that there is a huge movement in Italy for this thing and that is going to go, let’s say against what they’re doing, our politicians, because we are trying to build up from the, population, this thing. My opinion would be, it would, , going to have a good, the results for this kind of work, hopefully. I will say that the personally I’m taking care about the, agriculture, to put the, the farms together, so they can exchange their goods through all Italy, with this kind of system. Dr. Katarina Lindley: I think one of the things that pandemic showed us is that, uh, how important is community and [00:19:00] working together and the human connection. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: You can create a close group community where you can have people stay in one place and pretty big place, but you can have all the things that you need. The idea right now is to put the people, to connect the people from where they are, because we don’t have time to grow new community. There are many communities already in Italy that are really born before COVID-19 but eh, still in this moment is very important and when you are from your house or your home, you can connect to the people and to try to exchange what you have and that it can be a good or can be a service that can go to the community. Let’s say that we have plenty of solutions. [00:20:00] Dr. Katarina Lindley: Well, thank you so much for answering all these questions. In the chat, there was a question about, the website for your organization, for the one with Dr. Speciani . And Dr. Maria, are there any, are there any questions you would like to ask? Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Yes. Hi everybody. There are questions. One of them from [WCH] steering committee member, Mark Trozzi, Mark asks, with human fetal cells and DNA in these various vaccines, should we expect this as a trigger to a variety of auto immune diseases like vaccinated against human cells? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah. Dr. Deisher, Theresa Deisher did a big study about the risk to have this kind of a contamination in vaccines for children. We have different, different possibilities because the fetal DNA can integrate in another genome. Uh, [00:21:00] they say a hundred percent of integration. So this kind of, uh, reaction of the vaccine can, uh, damage the DNA violently and, uh, the person where the integration comes, because, you know, if there are, uh, genes that regulate the, um, the replication of the cell, we can have a tumors so cancer, or if it goes in another kind of, uh, genes, like the one related to the developmental of the child, we can have, uh, diseases related to the development, like, autism uh, or syndromes that, we can see a huge growth unfortunately on the children that are vaccinated. they say that, uh, autism could be one of the [00:22:00] main diseases so that they can be related to this kind of contamination. Auto-immune diseases here can be in this one too, for sure, because is, DNA from another human being so we can have auto-immune diseases against the DNA of the person, so can be very severe auto-immune diseases. Thank you. We have another question from Stefan Becker; have you ever seen in other vaccines, the huge variation of active or passive ingredients, like it has been demonstrated with the mRNA vaccines, they have huge intercharge variations. Let’s say that the pediatric vaccines , they demonstrated to be, heavily contaminated. This contamination are not, controlled by the pharmaceutical company or the, authorities. [00:23:00] So there were user variation between one batch to the other ones, I didn’t analyze, uh COVID vaccines, so I don’t know really what is the content and so, there are some results from, uh, some tests in the data with the electronic microscope, but it seems more than that. So I think we need to wait for more control studies for COVID-19. But since, let’s say the, vaccines for the children, they are very defective that’s for sure. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you. Again from Mark Trosdey????, if we do not support their COVID agenda, claiming that these injections of viral genetic material and various undisclosed ingredients are vaccines, what do you like to call them to be accurate and not support the fraud that these are just vaccines. [00:24:00] And Mark says he generally calls them forced injections. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: We talk about the, uh, from the pharmaceutical point of view, these are vaccines, because you need to consider that the definition of vaccines is that, you inject them to help the people produce antibodies that can, this should have been necessary to protect the person against that infection. Certainly that to be protected, from infection of the virus. And the consequences is that we are protected against a disease caused by a virus. So it actually, in retrospect, we know, that the complication of COVID is not really, caused by the virus because we know that [00:25:00] this is the immune system that attack all the tissues when the virus is not there anymore. So we can’t say that the virus is the main cause of COVID because sometimes what happens is, the person is even asymptomatic, doesn’t have any symptom, but is impacted, it can infect other people. The complication is caused by the activation of other microorganisms like other viruses or other bacteria that they are very serious and they can really damage the person. So we can call them GMO vaccines, or genome based vaccines. Because for the first time we introduced only the gene that produces the protein that is able to induce the production [00:26:00] of antibodies. We can distinguish them from the, uh, traditional one that they are protein based vaccine and they’re normally contain a adiuvants, but from mRNA vaccine so adenoviral vector vaccines and protein based vaccine despite protein is still always the, sorry, it’s still the antigenic protein. So it might be nice corrected to call them vaccines even if they are a new generation of them. Uh, we have to consider also the path that this kind of vaccines, they’re not really different in the, in the mechanism of action from the attenuated live [00:27:00] virus vaccines, because let’s say that the, the attenuated virus vaccine, so the, in this case, the virus is able to replicate inside the cells and the mRNA vaccines they are made to avoid the adverse reaction caused by this kind of traditional vaccines. So in their mind, this kind of a new generation of vaccines, they are an improvement on what we had and they should be better in terms of efficacy and also safety. So you can imagine the, traditional platform and whatever they are, this should be a better improvement. Dr. Katarina Lindley: We have one last question from, um, Dr. David Vela from New Zealand, um, to your knowledge, have there been any proper risk [00:28:00] assessment on the genetic DNA components detected in the vaccines? There was a publication where they, they did the NGS sequencing of the mRNA vaccine of Pfizer, but it was in my opinion fraud, beacuse when I know that there was a lab that they try to use the same analytical methods to replicate there is doubts they did what they need to do to do. And so actually, I don’t know anybody that was able to, to perform at the sequencing of the mRNA vaccines, so I put that to somebody will be able to make it. Personally I didn’t see anything yet. Well, Dr. Bolgan, thank you for your time and thank you for answering all of my questions. And, uh, we are grateful for your time here today with us. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Welcome.  

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  1. Some may not believe what they see and hear in the following paramount-importance discussion, but one’s intuition says what these three people are presenting is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the absolutely shocking, disturbing and explosive truth.. Bottom line – humanity MUST know. Best regards..

  2. More of us are waking, however it’s a slow and grueling process. Coming to an understanding that you have been lied too all your life by your government(s) and the main stream media at first causes confusion, however everything that is discussed here is quite accurate. There is hope, and l’m looking forward to contributing to the fight back required for genuine change. If there is any way l can contribute to the cause through the World Council for Health, please let me know.