Lies My Government Told Me: And The Better Future Coming | Dr Robert Malone

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #66 on Monday, November 21, Dr Robert Malone (🇺🇸) provided an inside look at his new book: Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And The Better Future Coming.

What is Lies My Government Told Me about?

Dr Robert Malone’s new book is a guide for the times—breaking down the lies about COVID-19 and shedding light on why we came to believe them.

“What effect did the COVID policies have on lives, livelihoods, and democracies? How is it possible that the lies spread by governments would persist, and that our institutions would fail to correct them? Lies My Gov’t Told Me takes a hard look at these questions and illustrates how data, information, and psychology have been distorted during the pandemic. 

Governments intentionally weaponized fear to mold behavior. The media smeared anyone who objected to the narrative. And Big Pharma—aligned with larger globalist interests exemplified by the likes of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum—had captured the agencies that are supposed to regulate it long before the pandemic began. Dr. Malone explores these perverse connections between Pharma, government, and media, and tells us what can be done about it.

With contributed chapters from other leading thinkers, such as Dr. Paul Marik and Professor Mattias Desmet, and drawing upon history, psychology, and economics, Lies My Gov’t Told Me looks at COVID from numerous angles. Never satisfied with a simple answer or easy solution, Dr. Malone proposes multiple action plans for a better future.

Dr. Malone calls on each of us to find our own solutions, our own ways to resist the control of fascist, corporatist, and totalitarian overlords. If we are to step out of the darkness—toward a world that defends the principles of the Constitution, upholds individual rights, and honors free speech—we all must play a part in the transition.”

Who is Dr Robert Malone?

  • Dr Malone is a doctor and scientist whose mission is to ensure vaccine safety, stop or limit vaccine mandates, and identify lifesaving treatments for Covid-19.
  • He is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents and has nearly 100 peer-reviewed publications.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on November 21, 2022. Dr Mike Yeadon and Dr Roger Hunter also spoke. Find this video to share on Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute.

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  1. I am a US citizen and a US veteran now living in Northern Italy. At age 22 I wrote to President Kennedy for help, including a document showing my dad was a US veteran. Kennedy was able to establish that my dad never lost his US citizenship (30 years before) and that I could claim the US citizenship even though I was already 22. I am receiving emails from Dr Malone and WCH. I feel I have to tell you something since just heard TODAY that one son, age 17, of my nephew Giovanni who is Medical doctor was found DEAD in his bed this morning. The SAME thing has happened a couple of months ago with another cousin (a plummer in perfect health). He was found DEAD in his bed in the morning.
    BOTH had taken the DEADLY Covid shots! Seems that both Died from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndorme).
    PLEASE, try to help us ALL! European government are all too corrupt to help us out!
    GOD Bless you!

  2. If you watch Steve Bannon’s Warroom on Real America news. Real Americas voice.
    This book is being released free to download on the 19th of Dec.