Kim Knight: Covid-19: The Hidden Meaning & Messages for Humanity

Kim Knight joined us from New Zealand. Kim is a health and personal development coach based in Queenstown, New Zealand. As a result of her own 25-year journey back to health from a multitude of long-term health issues, including chronic fatigue, anxiety, and clinical depression, Kim became fascinated with identifying and clearing life problems at a root causal level. She has 20 years’ clinical training and experience in various cutting-edge health approaches including lifestyle medicine, Lifestyle Prescriptions, The Emotion Code, Motivational Medicine, Birth into Being, Ren Xue human life science, and Qigong.

Kim is passionate about empowering people to self-manage their health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Learn more about The Art of Health And Science of Wellbeing here.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 14, 2022.

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Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Kim’s presentation:

“Thanks for reminding us about the consequences of disturbance to homeostasis due to deviation from nature.” -Dr Pri Bandara

“This is so powerful – we forget that we are part of nature and when when we lose our connection with nature we lose our connection with ourselves.” -Jackie Stone

“So true, Time for humans to become humble again and rejoin nature instead of attempting to dominate it…” -Christof Plothe

“Amazing presentation Kim.” -Zoe Strickland

“Awesome presentation Kim.” -Jackie Stone

“Kim, thank you for the interesting presentation.” -Marek Skowroński


Kim Knight === [00:00:00] Dr. Tess Lawrie: And we’re going to move on, to,another partner introduction, Kim Knight who’s with the art of health and wellbeing. And, she is also going to speak about COVID-19 the hidden meaning and messages for humanity. So Kim is a health and personal development coach based in the Alpine result of Queenstown New Zealand. As a result of her own 25 year journey, back to health from a multitude of long-term [00:01:00] health issues, including chronic fatigue, anxiety and clinical depression, Kim became fascinated with identifying and clearing life problems at a root causal level. She has 20 years clinical training and experience in various cutting edge health approaches, including lifestyle medicine. So welcome, Kim, we look forward to hearing what you have to share with us. Kim Knight: Thank you, everybody, and, my talk today is on the deeper meaning and messages of COVID-19 as I see it. Does COVID-19 have meaning and lessons and gifts, and I’m well aware that my presentation is very different from many of the presentations, from doctors and scientists. I hope that it will bring some, some useful information. So I live in the beautiful, resort,of Queenstown. And, I’m just going to share just a little bit about my background because it helps to understand, why am I sharing what I’m sharing today. Kim Knight: I’ve trained in a lot of different therapies, which most people will never have of heard of. I was just [00:02:00] drawn down this track for whatever reason. And I’ve also been very privileged to study with many spiritual, great spiritual teachers. And, I always feel quite hesitant about mentioning anything to do with spirituality and consciousness on, on, on, forums and platforms like this, because I never know where people are coming from. So obviously this is just my experience, but it has brought me to where I am today in my understanding and how I see the world. And I’ve been very passionate about, since I dunno, I think it was about 2009 speaking at what I call mainstream medical health conferences,around the world. And usually I found myself as the only natural health practitioner in,big groups of doctors and scientists and nurses and medical professionals. And that was quite challenging, but I just have a real passion for bringing together integrative,alternative, although I don’t call it alternative, health care and [00:03:00] medicine. I think there’s a place for them to come together, but I just need to say, do I know anything? Because the more I learn, the more I know very little in the bigger scheme of things. And so what I’m presenting in here is just it’s like a little pinprick of really the total picture. So what I want to talk about today is what I call the bigger picture of life, which is something that I’m always looking at and natural harmony and balance and the individual and the collective, the connection, the microcosm, and the macrocosm, and then offering some solutions just from my perspective of the way out. I’m pleased, bear in mind that I’m only going to be touching on these topics because of the time. So let’s start with the bigger picture. And I do want to say, I just love this quote. I have it on the back of my business card. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second. It is violently opposed. Third, it is [00:04:00] accepted as being self-evident. And, just bear in mind that some of the information I’m presenting now,it may be ridiculed, by people listening and that’s okay. And also just to mention very briefly a thing called a ring pass, not a ring past, not expansion as our consciousness and awareness expands. We expand past. circle also circumference of awareness, and that can be quite a shattering experience sometimes. And this has to happen actually, as we evolve our consciousness, we’re going to have an impasse not expansions, which are not comfortable experiences. And I had, I’ve had a couple of my own very, huge impasse mass expansions. Haven’t got time to talk about that now, but just to mention it. So the reality is we live in massive universe. It’s just so enormous. We can’t even comprehend it. And there’s actually a bigger picture. According to some sources or history, we haven’t been around just a few thousand years. We’ve actually [00:05:00] been around for millions of years. And I’ve put the link here to the website, if you want to go and find out more about this, but I highly recommend checking out, a video on YouTube. It’s had millions of views, the hidden history of humanity by, Philip. Can’t remember his last name is just gone. But anyway,we have a much, much longer history than what we’ve been taught in school. So again, this is, this can be quite a shock if you’ve not really thought about this or being told about it before. And it’s important to understand this, to understand what we’re going through right now. And it’s interesting, the word, in the bigger scheme of things. Again, I haven’t got time to go into detail here with this, but, the word scheme, we’re just a a tiny cog in a much, much bigger, scheme of things in the universe. Kim Knight: But most people, we’ve not been taught this, but just to bring it back to a much smaller perspective, every two and a half thousand years or so, there’s a great change. And we’re currently moving from the age of Pisces to the age [00:06:00] of Aquarius. And as we move from one age, energetically, there, there is huge turmoil often at the crossover, just like when two seas come together and it gets very rough. And we’re right in the middle of this,at the point of this changeover. And we also have to understand that as humans, we evolve and we there’s invalid evolution and evolution, and in evolution is, when we move from spirit to,to matter, and then we go the other way. And the, and it is said in, in, in the ageless wisdom teachings, which is a huge body of teachings, which I’ve been studying for 20 years now. And I literally only know probably, one little grain of sand,on a whole beach is that we have that there are five, sorry, seven kingdoms of nature. And the human kingdom is one of those kingdoms. And we’re currently evolving up towards the kingdom of souls. Yes, I know this is quite esoteric, [00:07:00] but, just take what you want from this and just leave the rest. And also there are many different dimensions of existence that we exist on. Again, I’m only touching on this, just,in this presentation, but the point is that we are evolving from the human kingdom to the kingdom of souls. Some people say, so what is the goal and the purpose of life? Accordinh to what I’ve been learning from various different spiritual teachers, who all seem to say the same thing, and I’m talking about teachers, who’ve reached the level of realization called enlightenment, and when you’re living and operating from that space, you have a completely different understanding of the world. And one of the things that one has from this space is what is called wisdom. And so we’re here to grow, to learn,and to be in,in a state of oneness, oneness where we cannot harm another because the other is ourselves. And we’re here to be of service in the bigger scheme of things, [00:08:00] but crisis often proceeds change. Kim Knight: And as my first chigong teacher used to say, true healing has changed, and we’re never the same again. And what happens is we go through pain and suffering is that they turn into gifts and gratitudes because we learn and grow and improve and evolve. And this is what happens individually as we go through crises. So let’s look at harmony. Harmony is homeostasis, from an individual on a planetary level. We know that in the body, our body is always, maintaining homeostasis where our body is absolutely incredible. The, I don’t know, hundreds of thousands, millions of,things that it doesn’t start up our body every moment of the day, trying to maintain, homeostasis and balance. And this is going on in a planetary life, so to speak and also in the universe. It’s a true fact, a sad fact that what is natural has become unnatural and what is [00:09:00] unnatural has become natural. We’ve really lost touch with balance in our current modern society. And what does that mean? It means we’ve lost touch with nature, with our own nature. We’ve forgotten that we’re part of nature and we’ve also lost connection with our true nature, our true self. And when this happens, getting sick is the body’s way of bringing us back into balance. It’s a wake up call for change, and this is what I’ve discovered through my own journey from sickness to health, and then working with hundreds of clients, seeing the same thing over and over again. So how does nature attempt to bring us back on track when we’ve lost balance? It manifests a sickness because the world organism has lost homeostasis. Actually after that, that should have been a slide later. So it’s our individual organism has lost homeostasis, and the body goes through what we call a natural healing cycle and symptoms and sickness are part of the natural healing cycle. And this is one of the [00:10:00] most misunderstood things, I would say for most people today is understanding that, in large parts, symptoms are part of the healing process. So I’ve worked a lot with people with chronic fatigue who come and say, I had a virus and then I never got well, but when we track back, we find that actually the illness, the dis-ease started many years before the virus actually in inverted commas set in. The virus was the last straw effect because there was so much imbalance in that person’s life. And in that person’s, mentally, emotionally, physically that the body just, it just had to collapse to it to allow that person to heal and to get them to wake up and take notice that they needed to make some change. And by the way, I just want to, say that, there are so many different opinions now on, what is a virus? Just,just last week, the film terrain was released where they’re saying, viruses don’t exist and they’ve never been [00:11:00] isolated. So if everything is built on that, if this germ theory doesn’t actually exist, then everything collapses. And then listening to something else the other day where, you know, saying the virus is the result of cell poisoning due to radiation, you go back and look at the Spanish flu, the world war II pandemic, 1968 pandemic, et cetera. Kim Knight: So there are many different theories of why a virus exists. I’m not gonna make any conclusions on that. I just, you can go and explore that yourself. But coming back to health and healing. The problem is, and this is what I’ve seen with, myself and hundreds of clients is that if we get out of balance and we’re constantly stressed, we have unresolved trauma then it leads to us not taking care of ourselves. And the result of that dis-ease which turns into disease. And it’s not, it’s often not until we reach a crisis point that we’re willing to open, to change and do the necessary work to create that change. Now, bear in mind, everything I’m saying right now, I’m talking about [00:12:00] individuals, but think collectively, too. So symptoms are not random. Illness is not a mistake. The body has not made a mistake, symptoms, contain messages, meaning and purpose. The solution, therefore is to restore balance, to heal the trauma, to reduce the stress, to respect ourselves greater, self care. And the result is that people, come back to health and I’ve worked with so many people who have just been bedridden with illness for years, and then they do this and they get well within a few months. So the body has incredible self-healing abilities. If we look at the collective, what’s happening collectively, it’s the same thing. And I remember very clearly back in March, 2020 when this pandemic was announced so to speak, and I thought, whoa, this is a collective version of everything that I’ve been seeing. When I’ve been working with people individually, it’s exactly the same thing. It’s just happening on a collective level. Now, isn’t that interesting? We’ve got to such a crisis, collectively that the whole [00:13:00] planet now is sick. And it’s a good, it’s good to remember that every human is a cell in the body of humanity, that there is no separation, and this is the oneness aspect of everything. Kim Knight: So remember crisis often proceeds change. So that happens individually. But now we’re in a collective crisis because we’re in a space of change and illness shows us the next step we need to take for our evolution and growth. So the question is, are we getting the meaning and the message of the virus and bear in mind what I said before, whether the virus is real or not, it doesn’t matter. The global situation is still a wake up call for humanity to change their ways and restore balance. So what is the change? There there are many, changes that we need to make. Obviously, this is very complex topic. But from what I’ve been learning, through how I change myself and how I get better outcomes for myself in my health. [00:14:00] And that means mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. The solution is the internal change that we make. We start inside. So I changed my ways,and then I get better. And then my whole world changes externally, too. So one of the keys and the secrets to the change that we’re wanting that we’re seeking in this world situation is we’ve got to start becoming more inwards and looking at what do we need to change internally each one of us, one person at a time. And but if we look deeper and ask, why did we lose this global planetary collective homeostasis? Again it comes back to what the same reason that, each individual has lost it because,humanity is the group of all humans individually. And it’s what we do and how we behave and act that brings results. Kim Knight: So coming back to Involution and evolution, What’s interesting is to remember that there are many different yugas or huge eons [00:15:00] of time. And it’s just useful to remember that we are in what is called the Kali Yuga at the moment, which is the dark ages. And yeah, there’s going to be a lot of turmoil during this time, but, why have we gone so far off track? We live in a world of cause and effect where actions have consequences. That’s a law of the universe, so to speak, it’s a law of life. And every action we take will either have a beneficial or harmful effect. That’s just, again, a fact as an individual, we can either self-harm or self-respect and self care, and every little thing that we do, every thought we have every action that we do will have one or one or other of those effects. Kim Knight: And as an individual, we will either cause harm or benefit to self, to others and the planet. And the problem is ignorance. One of the main problems is ignorance and, and we’re not aware of what we’re not aware of until we become aware. And many of us are [00:16:00] ignorant of the truth of life, how life works, our purpose here, we’re unaware of who we truly are, and we can either be ignorant or self-aware or somewhere in between. And as we move through this shift of ages, there’s this shift from,two Pisces to Aquarius and then the bigger shifts as well,from the planet, sorry, the kingdom of humans to the kingdom of soul, so to speak, our consciousness is expanding and crises often accompany such transformation. So what drives our behavior? This is what we have to start to look at. And I’m only referring here to the wrench way system, because this is what I’ve been studying for many years, but there are many different ways of looking at this. So just bear in mind, this is just one way of looking at it, but it still has truth. Human behavior is driven by unconscious patterns, which are intricately tied to our conditioning, our beliefs, our worldviews, our paradigms, our values, and our state of awareness or our state of ignorance. [00:17:00] And I just want to share with you 10 fundamental patterns that we’ve learned to work on in this system. Just to give you an example, because these patterns, it doesn’t matter what system you’re looking at, these patterns relate to everybody. We have these 10 unhealthy patterns of consciousness, for example, greed, that’s just a really, easier example to look at when we think of human consciousness, the fact that we have wanted, more than what we need, we have competitiveness, which now, we starting to transition to cooperation. Kim Knight: So we have these unhealthy patterns of consciousness, which we need to work on and transform, and we can do this, but it takes effort to do it. And it takes first of all, the knowledge that we need to do it in the first place. And I just want to share a few quotes here from Yuan Tze, who is the founder of Feng Shui. Everyone in society is at the mercy of patterns, human society, is a culture of patterns. It’s only when patterns are transformed that [00:18:00] true progress in life as possible. Good intentions led by unhealthy patterns can cause harm. The most important thing for life is the manifestation of realization and wisdom. So we don’t want to grow our consciousness just for the sake of growing our consciousness. We want to grow it so that we become a wiser human being because when we operate from true wisdom, then we do no harm and we do what is best for the collective. And we were just coming from a much, much wiser and more understanding place. So a goal is this self-realization of wisdom. So some suggestions for solutions, and again, some more quotes, should we be more afraid of destruction and crisis or afraid of continuing in the same direction without making change? Which should we be more concerned about? Yuan Tze civilization is a civilization, which should be the core of human civilization, which connects from the heart level.[00:19:00] And it’s a hard word to describe, but it’s our heart. It’s our consciousness. It’s our true self combined. So we’re coming from this place of greater self-realization. So the world may continue to present a crisis and uncertainties, but through purifying the heart and uplifting the consciousness, we can arrive at a place where we still have that we will have the clarity and strength to still life in a good direction and keep moving towards a bright future. So the good news is that we can bring ourselves through this, but we must work on ourselves. We need to transform our consciousness and we need to transform our heart consciousness. And in Ridge way, we do that by cultivating what we call the Five Shen the five heart, the five essential qualities of the heart, which are trust, openness, love, gratitude, and respect. And also, but this isn’t, a topic for another talk. I’m very passionate about bringing what I see as a new healthcare system to the world, where we understand that we heal a person, not [00:20:00] an illness. We heal a whole person’s life, not a disease. And understanding that when we’re talking about healing, we have to take everything into account in a person’s life. So if you’d like more information on along the lines of what I’ve been sharing today, I did do a webinar about a year ago for the health forum, New Zealand, what in the world is going on. It was an emotional resilience webinar, but I talked a lot more about this bigger picture. I went much more into detail and also last year I ran a summit called awaken. It’s not yet up for free viewing again. I haven’t had the time to go back and do that, but, if you want to learn more about this much, much bigger picture of life,that I’ve been referring to, then the ageless wisdom teachings, the org, is an esoteric astrology or, that they have lots more references to other websites on the website. Kim Knight: So I hope this has been, interesting. It’s just being so [00:21:00] quick. I could have gone into several hours detail on many of those slides. Yeah, thank you. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you very much, Kim. We’d love to have you back. That was just so informative. And aligned with World Council for Health is trying to do really, to help people remember who they are and why we’re here and the importance of remembering that everything we say do and think has an impact on ourselves and also on, collective health. What you’ve shared just provided such clarity on the mission ahead and, and everybody is, has been really enthusiastic. Dr. Tess Lawrie: I would like to just highlight again, the strong message of Kim’s that COVID actually is the opportunity as it is a magnificent opportunity for us to change and to change our destiny as a humanity. And we have, we all have a choice to make, whether we stay in the dark and remain ignorant or we, make positive choices, empower ourselves and take an active part, engage in, our destiny and [00:22:00] a future that is bright for our children. So with that, thank you once more, Kim.

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