Jane Gunn: Medical Negligence and the Principles of Mediation

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #70 on Monday, December 19, Jane Gunn (🇬🇧) gave a stellar presentation on medical negligence and the principles of mediation.

Who is Jane Gunn?

  • A former city solicitor, Jane Gunn is now a full-time mediator with 20 years of experience mediating commercial cases.
  • She has mediated hundreds of disputes and is frequently chosen for her extensive mediation experience as well as her ability to handle complex and emotive cases.
  • Accredited in 1996 (CEDR), Jane is a Mediator Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators a CMC registered mediator and an IMI (The International Mediation Institute) Certified International Mediator.

Free resources from Jane:

Contact Jane Gunn:
📧 jane@janegunn.co.uk

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 19, 2022. Sue Grey and Karen Churchill also spoke at Monday’s meeting. 

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  1. Can I have a conversation with Jane? I am in the midst of a terrible conflict with my husband of 24 years where our marriage is dissolving around the vaccine and one of our children that he vaccinated against my will, and not being able to move beyond this even as we try to coparent. It is an excruciatingly difficult problem and situation and I am intrigued by her description of conflict and would love love love to be able to speak with her in person! Is this possible? I am really in a desperate situation. Thank you so much. Kerry