James Esses: Gender Ideology — Indoctrination, Contagion & Medicalisation

On June 7, 2023, James Esses joined us from the United Kingdom to lead an important Mind Health webinar on gender ideology.

Who is James Esses?

  • James Esses is a commentator, writer and advocate on gender ideology and free speech.
  • He is currently taking legal action against his former training institute and accreditation body on the basis of discrimination, after being expelled from his Masters’ degree for speaking out about gender ideology.
  • James is also a trainee psychotherapist.
  • He co-founded the group, ‘Thoughtful Therapists’, who are working to change the narrative regarding mental health treatment in this space, and regularly speak on podcasts, including an appearance on Triggernometry.
  • Prior to this, he was a Criminal Barrister and spent many years specialising in crime and criminal justice in the public sector, including tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • You can learn more about James Esses by visiting his website: https://www.jamesesses.com/

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