Introducing: WCH Coalition Partner Iniciativa21

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #75 on Monday, February 6, Petra Quirke introduced us to Iniciativa21—a World Council for Health Coalition Partner based in the Czech Republic.

Petra, who was chosen to speak because of her fluent English, answered questions from our live audience after her presentation.

What is Iniciativa21?

  • Iniciativa21 is a non-political community of doctors, psychologists, lawyers, other experts, and active citizens who disagree with the state’s approach to Covid-19.
  • The focus of Iniciativa21’s work is in the fields of medicine, law, psychosocial care, child care, and education.
  • They respect human freedoms and rights as well as the democratic principles of the Czech Republic and advocate for real health based on the responsible approach of each person to himself, for medicine based on an individualized relationship between patient and doctor (with respect for the patient’s right to make decisions about his health).
  • The original goal of Iniciativa21 was to publish, disseminate and fulfill the demands of the “Petition for health, freedom in medicine and society, and for respect for constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms” .

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 6, 2023. Mina Dew and Eleanor Hajee also presented at this meeting.

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