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On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, Gerry Pyves led our Mind Health webinar, teaching us about his new revolutionary community-based approach to healing trauma. He is the author of Touching Trauma, Building Resilience.

In general, touch has been shunned by the psychological professionals. However, Gerry holds a very different view. He believes that touch could be central to removing trauma from the human nervous system. 

“Trauma is not an illness. It is our nervous system doing exactly what it is meant to do.”

Who is Gerry Pyves?

Gerry Pyves has been in full-time clinical practice for 38 years as both a Massage Therapist and a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist.

He is a registered Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist in New Zealand and the United Kingdom endorsed by the governing bodies for Transactional Analysis worldwide to both teach and supervise Psychotherapists.

He is also the founder and creator of NO HANDS® Massage, where he has trained thousands of massage therapists how to reduce the ambient trauma levels being carried in the bodies of their clients.

“As a neuropsychologist and therapist, I was impressed with the clarity in which Gerry communicates the complexity of the neuroscience of trauma. As a fellow human being, I was repeatedly comforted by his profound empathic understanding of what ultimately binds all humanity at our deepest level.”
– Dr Anna Reynolds, Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

You can learn more about Gerry Pyves through his website.

This conversation is also available on YouTubeFacebookRumble, Gettr, and Odysee.

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  1. That was so beautiful and so perfectly timed . Thank you for your work. I do ka Huna massage and coaching . This takes it to another level ❤️

  2. Infinite gratitude for you Dr. Gerry!! What contribution can I be, from Beirut, Lebanon, with love!!
    Full support!!! I shall donate and spread the word!! Thank YOU!!

  3. Oh wow. From start to end just BEAUTIFUL. And no, nothing new under the sun. Just burried and almost forgotten. Can we have more Gerrys in the world? It might be interesting to see Gerry and Franz Ruppert from Germany speaking together. They might have great conversations for us to hear.