Germaine Staley: When in Doubt, Grow Something

Speaking live at General Assembly Meeting #73 on Monday, January 23, Germaine Staley gave an empowering presentation on permaculture and other nature-based solutions. She then answered questions from our live audience.

During the conversation, Germaine told her family’s story shifting into homeschooling and showed us how we can sustain humanity in an ethical way that isn’t destructive.

Who is Germaine Staley?

  • Germaine Staley is a sustainability designer, permaculture designer/teacher, and aquaponics teacher.
  • Germaine is passionate about integrating holistic, ecological systems into the urban environment so that more of a balance with nature can be re-established.
  • She is co-founder of Champions of Permaculture and one of the founding members of The Eco Island Project on the Isle of Wight in England. She is also a founding member of an eco co-housing project in the South of France.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 23, 2023. Eugene Trufkin and Mikael Kivivuori also presented at this meeting.

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