General Assembly Meeting — November 1, 2021

We invite you to view the November 1, 2021 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting video with guest speakers Dr. Ryan Cole and Michael Alexander.

Dr. Ryan Cole is a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist based out of Idaho, USA. He presents his knowledge and experience about Covid-19 prevention and treatment as well as vaccines. Dr. Cole cares deeply about optimizing health for both individuals and communities.

A Declaration Panoply of Pandemic and Pathology Posits

Dr. Cole’s presentation can be found and shared here.

Michael Alexander is lawyer from Toronto, Canada and has appeared at all levels of the court system, including the Supreme Court of Canada. He joins us to discuss informed consent.

Informed Consent–A bridge between Doctors and Lawyers

Michael’s presentation can be found and shared here.

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[00:00:58] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Welcome [00:01:00] everyone to World Council for Health I’m Jennifer Hibberd, I’ll be hosting this meeting today. And with all of our wonderful affiliates from all parts of the world, thank you so much for joining us and hello to all the people watching us live streaming right now.

[00:01:14] Also, I’d like to remind you that, as I had mentioned, we are recording and live streaming this meeting to be fully transparent with all the information and updates that we bring to this meeting today. And we’re very honored to have all of our affiliates from around the world here in real time. It’s wonderful.

[00:01:35] All right. So this is our weekly meeting. We have it every Monday. I would like to point out a disclaimer before we continue. We are delighted and honored to host the speakers from around the world and welcome their different perspectives. But we’d like to point out that the opinions of our guest speakers don’t necessarily represent the opinions of the World Council for Health.

[00:01:59] And [00:02:00] no, of course, this is live now, not rehearsed at all. And it’s gonna, it’s gonna carry forward in a very natural way. And please keep your microphones on mute during the meeting, unless you’re called upon to speak. And if you have any questions, if you can put them in the chat box, and if you do put a big Q in front of them, it will just draw our attention to your questions.

[00:02:23] So we don’t miss it at all. And Shabnam and Tracy will be following those questions for the Q&A sessions after our speakers speak. And if all of you could please respectfully adhere to the code of conduct to facilitate a very respectful and open discussion with everybody. Thank you very much.

[00:02:43] And if you don’t wish to appear on the screen, you can turn off your camera. Okay. Because of the live streaming. So onto our affiliates, we’re getting new affiliates on an ongoing basis and building our family in the World Council for Health. [00:03:00] And every day that we get more affiliates is wonderful and it just brings more information and allows us to disseminate more information worldwide to everybody.

[00:03:12] And we do appreciate for all of those watching that donations are very welcome because it gives us the ability to support the initiatives and all the wonderful…

[00:03:23] Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: Do you want to share your screen, Jennifer?

[00:03:25] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: My screen is not being shared.

[00:03:27] Dr. Naseeba Kathrada: No.

[00:03:28] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Here we go. Thank you so much. So here I was just saying just the reminders for you.

[00:03:34] We’ve already gone through all of that. All of our wonderful affiliates that are growing daily and thank you. All of you. We’re very honored to have you come aboard. We’re a collaborative effort altogether. So it makes each of us stronger in our countries and we can support each other in real time and certainly through this meeting too.

[00:03:53] And here you have just a brief overview of the steering committee that we have operating to try and just [00:04:00] keep things running smoothly within the world council of health. And thank you all of you that are on the steering committee. And we welcome help from all of your alliances all the time.

[00:04:09] Please join us in any of our committees. We would engage you in any way that you’d be interested in engaging to help further the cause that we are all working together to move forward and help humanity. Here’s a sample of all our logos. We still have more that we would like to keep loading. If you haven’t put your logo, or sent your logo in, please send it into us because we would like to have it as an affiliate showing on our website.

[00:04:37] We have some fabulous speakers today. Dr. Ryan Cole is here with us, Dr. Tracy Chandler and Michael Alexander. We will then do some affiliate introductions like we like to do every week, which just keeps us all very well connected and knowing more and more about each other.

[00:04:54] Then we will do a review of our committees and any other matters rising. We welcome [00:05:00] any of you that would like to bring forward any urgent matters. That certainly is a great time to start adding it to the chat. Talk with us in the chat. And also we’d be happy to feature you at the end of the meeting too.

[00:05:13] So without further ado, I’d like to introduce Dr. Ryan Cole. Thank you so much for being here. We’re all honored to have you here today. Thank you.

[00:05:22] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: Alright, thank you, Dr. Hibberd, it’s a pleasure to see you again. And it’s an honor to be here with so many esteemed colleagues from around the world.

[00:05:29] I recognize many of you, Dr. Malone. We both just got back from Alaska where we had a very good conference up there and helped hopefully shift the tides of the pandemic. So good to see you. I see Dr. Kory looking forward to speaking with him next weekend at another conference. So it’s an honor to be here with all of you.

[00:05:46] Hi Jules, I see you down there too. So many friends here, so thank you for the opportunity to share today. I’ll try to share my screen.

[00:05:53] Okay. So I’m going to be quick here.

[00:05:56] I know we’ve got only a few minutes. Basically I want to share a [00:06:00] couple of pathology concepts and share a concept for those of you who aren’t aware, I want to share a declaration.

[00:06:06] This is what I like to start with. “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” Famous words of general George S. Patton.

[00:06:13] And I think we’ve experienced this year. The concept that we must all think alike and there must be consensus in everything and that’s not science and that’s not medicine.

[00:06:23] The global COVID summit. I know many of us have heard Dr. Malone read this from Rome. Those of you who haven’t signed onto the declaration, I would invite everybody to do so.

[00:06:34] We have an update for it that addresses children and the vaccines addresses natural immunity and addresses Covid recovered as well as early treatments and interventions. So I’m not going to read through all that in the interest of time.

[00:06:49] What we’re experiencing this year, and we all know this, we’re in a war of words. It’s not a world war. It’s a word war, disinformation, misinformation, consensus guidelines, propaganda, conspiracy, [00:07:00] anti-this, anti-that. Really, what we’re trying to do is we want collegiality, dialogue and share information. I think back to Galileo, he says, “The earth is not the center of the universe.”

[00:07:11] And what was the response,”Imprison him!”? I think a lot of us are experiencing that very same thing this year. And it’s not that we are right or wrong, or our colleagues are right or wrong. But the ability to question is what’s extremely lacking. If we base everything we do on emotion and belief then we become blinded over time.

[00:07:28] And then, we’re experiencing this pandemic of fear. What we need is data. We need truth. We need hope, optimism, love, joy dialogue, and we need to listen to each other again. So I, I hope at least we by sharing information, we can prompt that thinking. This really struck me when we were at a conference recently in Maui, Dr.

[00:07:47] Malone and I Dr. Urso is crossing the street to the park and this little girl, I think basically spoke for the world with her sign. And it struck my heart and I hope this is what we can help overcome.

[00:07:59] [00:08:00] This virus here in the states. It’s not a political issue. It’s not blue, a virus, isn’t blue.

[00:08:04] It’s not red, it’s not purple. It’s a humanitarian issue. And that’s really the heart of what we need to get back to is the humanitarian aspect of what we’re doing. We’re experiencing a medical tyranny agency capture here on this side of the pond. Our journals have been hijacked. You’ve seen the false articles in some of our most esteemed journals this year.

[00:08:24] Our public health has not been a public health agency, rather decree agencies. And we must return to science and trust in public health. What have we gotten wrong this year? That there’s no outpatient treatment for SARS. It’s a lie that masks have stopped the spread. They don’t, that school should be closed.

[00:08:40] Vaccines will stop the spread. They haven’t. Lockdowns work. They don’t. Everyone is at equal risk. This one size fits all, the governments are a three-year-old with a hammer. Everything’s a hammer and everything’s a nail. That’s not true. This is a stratified virus to age groups. We all know that. We need to return trust in public health.

[00:08:58] We haven’t had public health [00:09:00] messaging. What about our vitamin D deficiency pandemic around the world? I was just up in Alaska, so I threw that slide in. Every Alaskan is now immune suppressed for the rest of their fall and winter. Most of us in Northern climates are, if we don’t supplement.

[00:09:13] We have an obesity pandemic worldwide. We have really bad problem with metabolic disease worldwide, especially in some of the Western countries. We’re sleep deprived. Your immune system is critically controlled by your sleep. We don’t exercise. We don’t move enough. You could run outside and most of these Northern tiered countries right now for the next four to five months naked, and you’re going to, you’re going to synthesize zero vitamin D.

[00:09:35] So those who don’t supplement and focus on some of these simple things, you’re going to be immune suppressed for the winter.

[00:09:41] We have this false dichotomy in our world right now that there are two groups, vaccinated, unvaccinated. Absolute false dichotomy. There’s a wonderful golden ticket Willy Wonka group. And that’s the COVID recovered, who have a broad, long lasting, durable immunity. There’s three things. And now I’m going to go into lab mode here. Three things [00:10:00] that we can really look to in terms of who has a poor outcome with COVID. And these are three lab tests every single hospitalized patient should get.

[00:10:09] And that’s what your vitamin D level? There’s a fantastic study recently that showed a high percentage of individuals hospitalized have an anti interferon Type 1 antibody. You need Type 1 interferon to fight off any infection, especially viral infections. And as we get older, that percentage of individuals up to 20% can have a self antibody attacking their own interferon response.

[00:10:33] And we already know that SARS-CoV-2 hijacks our interferon response and drops our interferon levels. And that’s a critical thing to measure because we can predict who the highest risk hospitalized individuals can be and be more aggressive in their treatment. And one thing we’ve ignored in science so much this year is there’s a good percentage of individuals in our society who are immunoglobulin A deficient. And IgA deficiency leads to much worse outcomes in [00:11:00] respiratory viruses.

[00:11:01] Obviously we’re onto the Delta variant. Delta spreads faster, more transmissible symptoms start sooner. And here’s why if we look at the mutations, there’s mutations in the receptor binding domain, so it binds more easily, not only do the proteins and the docking shapes affect how readily it binds to our receptors, but it also changes the electrostatic charge, which is interesting.

[00:11:25] And this is fascinating. People wonder why is Delta worse? Why does it spread faster? The mutation near the Furin cleavage site now with the legacy variants, the alpha variant, about 10% of bound cell could enter or of bound virus could enter our cells. With the Delta variant about 75% of bound virus can enter our cells.

[00:11:42] So when we see these whopping viral loads early, this mechanistically explains why and why we’ve had to increase the doses on certain medications that are efficacious. We’ve had to use higher doses to displace receptor sites and whatnot. So that’s an important, just little tidbit on Delta. [00:12:00] Now we’re moving on to Delta plus, Delta 4 plus 20 plus, et cetera.

[00:12:03] These mutations are affecting what we see now. As a pathologist, those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Mayo clinic trained anatomic clinical pathologist. I was the chief surgical path fellow there at Mayo. I’ve done about 500,000 patient diagnostics biopsies in my career. I’ve done about 150,000 COVID tests in my lab this year.

[00:12:24] And so one question I do have as a pathologist is if we’re going to learn science, we need to study the mechanisms. And I know the group in Germany has done, a small case series, Dr. Peter Schirmacher of Heidelberg did a good series of 40. I have a couple of stacks of patients right here on my back desk that are finally getting sent from around the country. But much to the reticence of my colleagues in pathology. I had a doctor in Ohio. The family requested an autopsy. They did the autopsy. I just needed some tissues, so I can stain for spike, protein and virus. He said you have to fly here and [00:13:00] cut the tissue yourself. That’s your research project. I’m not going to help you. So again, there’s the lack of collegiality and the lack of willingness to find science and find answers.

[00:13:09] And it’s incredibly frustrating here in the states. There’s a, an absolute paucity of reporting of post-mortem be it in autopsies. We don’t have the funding to do it. We have to private fund it. No funding from the NIH. So little funding from the NIH is going into the post examination of both death from the disease.

[00:13:28] You can’t find… one cannot find that for which they do not look. So in basic science, we need to do these things. There needs to be funding from our agencies. I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. Same thing. The post vaccine deaths- are they truly post vaccine deaths, has the patient acquired COVID post vaccine? Because after your shot, and this is an immunologic message that we’re not giving to the public, we’re getting this public message of get your shot in the middle of a widespread, fast spreading virus.

[00:13:56] And you’re literally an immunologic sitting duck in that period of time. [00:14:00] And as your broad natural non-specific antibodies drop, you’re trying to ramp up a spike response, wrong spike to the wrong virus now. And you’re literally a sitting duck to become infected for several weeks on end. So a lot of the post vaccine deaths could indeed be post viral deaths.

[00:14:20] And so we, we need the tissue. So if you have colleagues around the world that are willing to share post vaccine deaths, we’re staining for spike, we’re staining for nucleocapsid, we’re staining for virus. And so we’re looking into that. I know many of you have seen the Sulk study where we know that the spike protein is doing damage.

[00:14:37] The one on the right there, it’s blown apart endothelial cells. The one on the left is nice, smooth vascular cells. The spike protein itself is the toxin! On the right dark is all inflammatory cells. I get to look at these cool pictures under the scope all day long. These beautiful colors and patterns on the left is good lung, right, is bad lung, all inflammation.

[00:14:59] These are the patterns we’re [00:15:00] seeing on the left. You see all those blue dots within the pink. This is cardiac tissue down below. You see as blue coming in after inflammation in the heart, you get scarring. Scarring does not turn back into myocytes. And these are the concerns we have, from the laboratory and the autopsy setting.

[00:15:16] We’re seeing in the few that we do have these chronic damage defects, same thing in the liver. We know the nanoparticles go to the ovary. I liked my comment from my colleague, Dr. Urso. He likes to say the nanoparticles are like garlic. They go everywhere. So they’re depositing and concentrating in specific areas in the body.

[00:15:35] We hear the post exposure, post shot menstrual problems from around the world. Obviously we don’t have enough data on pregnancy yet. These are being pushed forward. I’m hearing reports from colleagues around the world. Oncologists. Now this is anecdotal. I just got three labs together. So we’re going to have about 150,000 specimens between our three databases to review, to look at uptick.

[00:15:57] We’re concerned about cancer [00:16:00] upticks, post shot and post post COVID, but certainly post vaccination. And this is highly concerning oncologists are looking at cancers. They’ve been able to manage for, their 20, 30 year career. They know the course of the disease, and they’re seeing these take off like wildfire due to immune dysregulation.

[00:16:16] And that’s highly concerning. Let’s see, I froze here.

[00:16:19] We know the VAERS reports from the US I’ve seen the yellow card system in the UK. I’ve seen European data. We know how tragically high the adverse events are. We need to be looking at these in the lab. Here in the US it’s just mind boggling that we’re still pushing forward with the wrong shot for the wrong variant of the virus.

[00:16:40] At this point, we don’t have a public health message. If you’re COVID recovered, we should be screening. We know the data from Dr. Rao, Dr. Camera, Dr. Duteous and a couple others that if you’ve had COVID and you get the shot, you’re actually at higher risk for adverse reactions. From the UK, we know that if you’ve got the shots and then got COVID, you have a more narrow immune [00:17:00] response, you don’t develop the antibodies like you should to the nucleocapsid protein.

[00:17:04] So you end up with a more narrow response. You don’t get that broad immune response. And now are those individuals susceptible to the variants? We see immune modulations, post shot. This is very concerning that we’re modifying the innate immune response, which is our T-cells macrophages dendritic cells, or reprogramming those such that we don’t have as strong of an innate response. We’re dropping certain critical pattern recognition receptors toll-like receptors 3, 4, 7, 8, 3, and 4 are responsible for training cells to keep cancers and check 7 and 8 are responsible for keeping our T-cells trained to keep viruses in check.

[00:17:44] So we’re seeing big outbreaks, post vaccination and post COVID in some of herpes family viruses. And in the lab, we’re seeing this at rates we’ve never seen before and it’s concerning, and we’re also seeing it women’s [00:18:00] cancers of the cervix as well. HPV increases, et cetera. This original antigenic sin, if we’re exposed to that spike first, be it through vaccine, it’s a folly that we’re endeavoring in. And it’s very concerning.

[00:18:14] Reactivation of viruses post Moderna. Here’s the one I’m worried about. p53 is the guardian of the genome as a receptor and p53 dysregulation leads to tumor pathways.

[00:18:25] The S2 subunit binds to p53 also to BRCA in In Silico studies, and this could explain activation of cancers faster in addition to the toll-like receptors. IL-6 pathways increased inflammation, leads to increased cancer, JAK pathway, STAT pathways, all these nerdy things we studied in the lab.

[00:18:44] These are all highly concerning. And here’s something we should be looking at as well, pre and post shot labs. I know a lot of people are being mandated into getting a shot. They have no choice. It’s their livelihood. It’s their lives. It’s their freedom. It’s very unfortunate.

[00:18:58] From a medical legal point of [00:19:00] view here in the United States, I’ve been recommending: okay. If your employer is going to mandate you get a shot, check your clotting factor, your D-dimer check a sedimentation rate, check a C-reactive protein, check your Troponin. See if your heart is normal going into it, do just a general blood count, electrolyte count, liver count. And then after your shot. Now you can document to your employer if you’ve been injured by the shots.

[00:19:24] And then the employer in many settings here in the US could and should be liable if you’ve been injured by those shots. Where’d the flu go real quick. Viruses compete with each other. This is a new area of science over the last decade. And they have secret social lives. Actually in the lab, we study them individually, but they actually compete with each other and they send little peptide signals.

[00:19:45] There’s their social life. You’ve got all your little different viruses is hanging out together, but they send peptide signals. So a lot of the, more, oh, it’s a conspiracy. The flu was really here. Yeah. The flu was here, but at a much lower rate, viruses will send [00:20:00] signals to turn other viruses off.

[00:20:01] What about antibody dependent enhancement? Are we seeing it? Some papers say we’re seeing the early signs of it, and this is highly concerning as well. Especially as people get the shots wrong shot for the wrong protein. Doesn’t prevent disease. Doesn’t present, prevent acquisition, doesn’t prevent transmission.

[00:20:20] We know that the vaccinated are carrying equal or higher loads of virus. Now we have these illegal things happening in the workplace where if you haven’t gotten the shot, you have to get a weekly test. Whereas we know that the vaccinated can be carrying equal viral loads. So it’s a separate but equal argument here under our civil rights act in the US.

[00:20:38] Again, ADE. What about the COVID recovered? Why in the world are we not recognizing it? There are countless studies. Now, if you go to the Brownstone Institute, they have 96 of them printed and listed. We need to be pounding this to our health officials or politicians. It’s it. It doesn’t make any sense as to why we’re not recognizing [00:21:00] it.

[00:21:00] You have broad immunity to 28 proteins, not just the 29th, the spike, your body remembers all of that. You form a full, broad T-cell response. We know in SARS-CoV-1 18 years later, those individuals still have T-cell memory to SARS-CoV-1. There’s no reason that shouldn’t happen here since it’s 78% homologous to SARS-CoV-1. Dr. Risch and Battacharya. I love their comment: to vaccinate the Covid-recovered is scientifically incoherent. Absolutely true.

[00:21:26] We don’t vaccinate. If you’ve had chicken pox, you don’t get a chicken pox vaccine. If grandma had the measles 80 years ago, she still has a broad, natural immunity to the measles. This is one point I want to hit again, immunoglobulin A, your tears, your boogers, your mucus in your throat.

[00:21:42] Now some people are IgA deficient. We should test for that, but those who are COVID recovered form a nice IgA antibody and your cells can produce 10,000 antibodies a minute in your mucosal, secretions. The vaccinated don’t have this at high levels. The [00:22:00] COVID recovered do. That’s why the COVID recovered should be the freest members of society.

[00:22:05] No mask, go about your life normally. If you get a little virus in, your binding it quickly. The vaccinated don’t have the benefit of the IgA response from a muscular vaccination. And this is very, again, anti-science what we’re doing from public health measures and we’re ignoring basic laboratory science and medicine.

[00:22:26] Bicycle. Think of the virus as a bicycle; front tire is your spike, the rest of the bike is the rest of the virus. You get a shot, you get a antibody response to the front tire. You get a natural infection and recovery. You have memory to that lovely basket, the handlebars, the frame, the seat, the post, the cranks, the chain, the back tire, the fenders, everything.

[00:22:47] Now the bike gets into a crash; a la Delta. Now you have a Delta bicycle. It’s bent, it’s mutated. Those who have vaccine don’t bind much of that tire anymore. In fact, they bind and don’t neutralize it, but those who are [00:23:00] recovered, remember the rest of the bicycle. It’s broad. It doesn’t matter if that spike mutates a little bit.

[00:23:04] If you’ve had a natural infection, your body remembers the rest of it and your body has a good broad antibody response, but more importantly, your innate T-cell response. Again, vaccine for Delta mandates, good grief! It doesn’t prevent disease. Doesn’t prevent acquisition, doesn’t prevent transmission, doesn’t prevent disease, doesn’t prevent death.

[00:23:25] And so to mandate something for which it’s not even designed, it doesn’t make any sense from a point of logic, from a point of science, from a point of ethics, from a point of morality.

[00:23:35] Early treatments are for everybody. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated, we see all the breakthrough cases and in the UK, you’re ahead of us. In Israel they’re ahead of us, in Iceland they’re ahead of us. You’re seeing the breakthrough sooner than we are. We’re starting to see it here. And the narrative is going to crumble because people are finally going to recognize what we’re doing with trying to make a vaccine a therapy. And [00:24:00] technically it is a therapy by definition, but they changed definitions.

[00:24:04] Really we need to focus on early treatment because that’s what’s going to save the lives and we need to get that message out that the treatments are for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. It’s for everybody. We still have no early outpatient treatment recommendations in the United States.

[00:24:19] Therapeutic nihilism. We know the protocols from around the world AAPS, FLCCC, Truth for Health Foundation, the early protocols save lives of all the patients I’ve treated around 400 now, zero have gone to the hospital. Zero have died. Zero. And I have plenty of colleagues that can share that same story.

[00:24:40] Tale of two countries. We look at a developing nation like India. What did they do? They had the will to early treat for pennies on the dollar compared to what we’re doing in the West. You look at Uttar Pradesh. They’re down to 20 cases a day they’re done. They let it burn through. They were willing to treat.

[00:24:56] It was about humanity. It was about their people and citizens. [00:25:00] Now in Delhi, 88% of women and 85% of men are seropositive. What are we doing here in the US and other parts of the world, well we all know what’s going on? Anyway, treat early. Don’t wait. Delta, all the variants are clotting diseases.

[00:25:15] Don’t forget, this is an inflammatory clotting disease. You can take my ivermectin away. You can take hydroxychloroquine away, I can still treat inflammation and clotting. If you do it at the right doses and at the right time. I’m not going to go through all the therapies. I know many of you are very familiar with that, but we should be willing to use them.

[00:25:32] And it doesn’t take all of them. It takes five or six to them, and it takes seven or eight, but it takes getting it onboard early because Delta spreads like a wild fire. And so will Delta plus don’t forget your Vitamin D, the higher your D, the lower your risk for acquiring disease in your severity of disease. Study out of the UK recently, this one’s out of Quest Diagnostics, 191,000 patients. We know some basic immunologic modulators, Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, it’s a pro hormone. Controls and directly [00:26:00] indirectly 2000 genes in your body, accounts for about 5% of the protein production in your body, if you have it in appropriate amounts. We know the comorbidities.

[00:26:07] We need to give that public health message to change those. Don’t forget your diet. Don’t eat processed foods. Don’t eat junk, don’t eat sugar. If I want to make you D deficient, I give a lab rat high fructose corn syrup, and I can make them D deficient period. Don’t drink the sodas. Don’t drink the junk. We can control our lives, sleep. Misinformation, disinformation.

[00:26:26] We need to stand up for each other, which I know we’re doing. And I’m grateful for this group for doing what you’re doing. And I talked fast and hopefully I can answer some questions later. So thank you so much.

[00:26:37] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you so much, Ryan. Thank you so much for such an eloquent, informative, logically thought provoking talk.

[00:26:46] I really appreciate it. We all really appreciate it. And this will most definitely help all of us bring these messages forward in a clear unthreatening way. Really thank you so much. And your slides, you’ll [00:27:00] find if we keep them at the World Council for Health and distribute them to whoever would like them because…

[00:27:05] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: You bet. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you.

[00:27:09] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Can I ask you a question quickly and then we’ll go onto the questions everybody’s been [inaudible]. We hear this wonderful news like in India and other countries where they’ve got the early treatments going and their numbers are going down. However, when I’m talking with the doctors and people in the ground there, the vaccines are getting pushed in all of these countries.

[00:27:30] So it sounds like and I know a lot of people go Hey, where do I go? Kind of thing or whatever, what they’re looking for, a place, a haven where things are looking good. But I’m not seeing that anywhere.

[00:27:40] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: I’m highly concerned. Cause like when Uttar Pradesh went through their wave and then they treated early and had a high level of success, their vaccine uptake at that time was only about 5 to 6%.

[00:27:51] Now, if you go through and vaccinate, those who are recovered, you’re going to modulate that immune response. And I wish I had more time, but [00:28:00] high zone tolerance, if you give somebody peanut allergy shots over time, eventually the body and the T-cells say, Hey I don’t want to see that antigen anymore.

[00:28:09] And they start forgetting it. If we keep pushing this booster concept to those who are COVID recovered, those have already had a shot. Eventually you’re fatiguing the T-cell response and the T-cell memory to where the T cells just don’t want to respond to any SARS-CoV-2 variant down the road. And in any population where we’ve gotten to 25% vaccination, the new variant steps in, so it’s highly concerning nationally, internationally.

[00:28:36] What we’re doing still trying to say that a vaccine is a therapeutic way to approach a virus. And I have PhD work in immunology as well. It’s scientifically incoherent what we’re doing. Whereas the early treatments cover all the variants because of their mechanisms of action. And I could do an hour on each drug, but I won’t.

[00:28:57] So that’s a great question and why they’re doing that it makes no [00:29:00] sense whatsoever. They should celebrate their COVID recovered, broad, natural.

[00:29:04] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you now over to Shabnam and Tracy to bring forward any Q&A, or the questions for Dr. Ryan to answer.

[00:29:13] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Jennifer. We’ve got three. This one is from Brett Weinstein. Do we know if early treatment ever interferes with the development of natural immunity, Ryan?

[00:29:23] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: That’s a great question, Brett. Thank you for that. The short answer is no. And the reason being by the time you’re symptomatic, your immune system has already been exposed to the whole panoply of antigens.

[00:29:37] And if you treat early, you may, what we know from Dr. Schwartz’s study in Israel, that you do cut viral shedding time and viral load in half, but you still have enough virus present for long enough to stimulate the entire immune cascade and immune reaction, CD4 cells talking to the plasma cells, forming the antibody.

[00:29:57] So that’s a great question. And in my [00:30:00] experience and measurements in the laboratory between mild, moderate, and severe cases, people, no matter what still form that immune response.

[00:30:09] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Ryan. There’s one, that’s one more of a comment than a question, but it’s an interesting one from [inaudible] that the Australian data doesn’t support that Delta is more infectious or more deadly. Cases per hundred tests from CFR haven’t been higher, talks about what’s happened in Australia and Victoria, specifically.

[00:30:26] Your thoughts on that, because it seems to be a debate about whether Delta is more infectious [inaudible]?

[00:30:30] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: That’s a, an excellent point and a great question, because if you look at many countries that went through Delta, their death rate was much lower between seven to 20 times lower than some of the earlier variants.

[00:30:41] It is more transmissible just based on the mutations that are present. But when we look at the data from many countries around the world, it seems to be less deadly. Now what’s fascinating in the United States is we’re still having a fair amount of death. We’re still using the renal drug [inaudible] remdesivir [00:31:00] that interestingly, pulmonary disease that has all these kidney symptoms, meanwhile, other countries aren’t having kidney disease that aren’t using Remdesivir so it makes you scratch your head.

[00:31:10] We’re using a toxic drug here in the United States. I think we’re seeing a worse outcome. We’re metabolically sicker than many nations comparatively. And the other interesting thing too, in certain nations in the Asian nations, about 90% of the population is O blood type, which in some studies tends to have a better outcome. So that’s a great question. I don’t think from my world perspective, no [inaudible] Delta [inaudible] deadly.

[00:31:34] From the US perspective. I just don’t think we’re doing things properly here. It may be a little bit lower than earlier waves, statistically, I’m not sure.

[00:31:43] Dr. PIerre Kory: Hey, it’s Pierre Kory can I just add one thing to that question of whether it’s deadly or not, I’m just going to speak on a clinical level as an ICU doctor. There is a fundamental difference between Alpha and Delta in the ICU, and that I can speak without any [00:32:00] hesitation, any qualification or any confusion.

[00:32:03] When patients got to me in Alpha in the ICU, which is advanced disease, advanced pulmonary inflammatory phase, we could turn them around to some extent. When they get to me in Delta, just like Ryan just said, which is in the US undertreated, which is a tiny dose of steroid and toxic Remdesivir, it’s the rare patient that we can turn around in the short term.

[00:32:27] Some of them will hang on land on a tracheostomy, go to a vent facility and survive over months. But this disease is far more resistant to treatment in the ICU. So again, that’s a narrow view of this disease, but Delta is completely different than the other variants. If they’re untreated or undertreated and they land in an ICU, this is a different disease.

[00:32:49] And I have to tell you, this is uniformly seen by everybody in the FLCCC in the ICU. I hopefully that’s helpful. I know it’s scary. It just emphasizes early treatment [00:33:00] matters. And just like Ryan said, higher doses oftentimes in Delta. And so again, I don’t know about the epidemiology everywhere, but this is a different disease than alpha for sure.

[00:33:08] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: And that’s a great, that’s a great point here. And that goes to where that mutation is in the amount of virus that does enter the cell from that pathophysiologic point of view. So thank you, Pierre.

[00:33:20] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Professor Cahill had her hand up? But I think she’s typed it. How can we boost natural immunity, supplement with vitamin D and what else? Especially the elderly and those at risk. I think that’ll be the last one for now.

[00:33:32] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: Okay. Yeah. And that’s a great question. So optimizing immune health. Obviously. Let that food be thy medicine, let thy medicine be thy food.

[00:33:41] We, as we, as a world, tend to be very metabolically unwell, yes, about 70% of individuals in the world are vitamin D deficient. If you’re going to take vitamin D your best co-factor to make vitamin D work and move vitamin D from your adipose tissue into circulation is to take magnesium. In the United States, [00:34:00] 70 to 80% of people and especially the elderly are magnesium deficient in addition to vitamin D deficient. So goes your vitamin D level, you drop your cancer rates, your depression rates, your all cause mortality rates, your cardiac death rates, the higher you get to that 50 or above nanograms per milliliter range.

[00:34:16] Vitamin C. A lot of people are zinc deficient. You don’t need to take a lot of zinc because you’ll become copper deficient. Body movement getting outdoors, the concept of Japanese forest bathing, walking out in nature, actually, because you’re exposed to pollens and other pathogens stimulate your natural killer cell T cell response. Hot cold therapy is fascinating in terms of training your natural killer cells.

[00:34:39] Sleep makes your immune cells stickier to talk to each other. There’s so many things one can do. That’s the tip of the iceberg avoiding excess alcohol, avoiding THC, THC suppresses your natural killer cells, CBD doesn’t. Just many things. I have an entire other lecture on that, but those are just some of the basic things one can do.

[00:34:57] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you. There’s about six questions in the [00:35:00] Q&A, and Dr. Tracy Chandler has donated a little bit of time to use so here’s another one. Did the Delta patients have the vaccine status revealed, were they unvaxxed, partially vaxxed, fully vaxxed? That’s from Dr. Killian.

[00:35:13] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: See, that’s an important thing.

[00:35:14] Data collection wise, we have, again, it’s a false, another false dichotomy. We have vaccines on vaccine in the hospital. No, we have post one vaccine, post two vaccine. I know in the UK, they’re much better about tracking whether you’ve had one shot, two shots, or you’ve completed your full course.

[00:35:33] Now, the problem is that with the Delta at the base, the inter-modal domain of the spike, now we have anywhere from six to 20 binding non neutralizing antibodies. They’re not doing their job and those binding antibodies – Dr. Yon describes this really well -Lee Meng; you have a dog. Your dog is your protector. You have either a really good dog. He’s your friend barks at the door. Does what he’s supposed to.

[00:35:57] You have your dumb, lazy dog that sits on the [00:36:00] floor. These your antibodies protecting your house. And then you have eventually these bad dogs that bite you. And that’s what these binding antibodies are. They’re now biting you. Because, and then they may even go and open the door and let intruders in, or let that in.

[00:36:16] It’s a bad scenario. If you form bad antibodies. A good antibody is forever, like in measles or chicken pox, a bad antibodies forever. And so with Delta since it’s not the same virus and not the same formulation as the lock and key mechanism, it’s one of our legacy variant viruses that isn’t even circling circulating in humanity anymore.

[00:36:38] So these hospitalized patients with Delta who may have had a shot are actually potentially worse off than if they hadn’t had a shot at all in terms of immune suppression. And that can be one thing that we need to be looking at. Did you get one shot? You need to be even more aggressive with those patients.

[00:36:54] Did they get the second shot, but still haven’t built up their full response. They’re not going to anyway, from a [00:37:00] mechanistic point of view, these are essentially at par with zero now, in terms of the —

[00:37:05] I hear all the time, ” At least they decrease hospitalization and death.” I’m not so sure about that anymore because all the data that have been submitted to the agencies for authorizations and whatnot is legacy data.

[00:37:18] And so I don’t know if I answered the full question, but Delta is a different beast to Dr. Kory’s point. I concur with his assessment and he’s seeing it. And if you wait, it’s too late.

[00:37:28] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much Ryan, and I think we’ll have to leave it there, but there’s some questions for you in the chat. Thank you so much.

[00:37:34] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: Thank you.

[00:37:35] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: We could talk on and on with you, Ryan. This is so fascinating and certainly this whole conundrum about vaccinated and unvaccinated and how the hospitals consider you unvaccinated even for several weeks after your second vaccine. So the data is very skewed, unfortunately, so it doesn’t help anybody.

[00:37:54] Yes. Thank you very much. And moving on now, we have Tracy [00:38:00] Chandler from New Zealand. She is a member of our steering committee, and she’s going to speak with us about a new form of grief and how to heal and introducing the colleagues support committee. Tracy, please come forward and talk with us this is interesting.

[00:38:16] Dr. Tracy Chandler: Hi, Jennifer and everyone. Thank you. I did say in the chat that I’m happy to give my time to Ryan because I think it was an incredible talk. Particularly loved the bike analogy and forest bathing. That was one of my tips. So you’ve given part of my talk. Thank you. So anyway I did say I’m happy to donate my time.

[00:38:35] If there was more questions Shabnam wants to offer? There are q uestions. Thanks, Tracy, Ryan. Is that okay?

[00:38:42] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: I’m game. I hope I know the answer. I’ll try. Thank you, Dr. Chandler.

[00:38:47] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Awesome. Thank you so much. All right, so let’s look at some really excellent questions, right?

[00:38:53] Marsha asked everyone, if there is a test to prove cross immunity, what is a legal evaluation of [inaudible] in [00:39:00] different countries? I’m not sure I understand that question, Marsha if you can just clarify that one. Then Fernando Valeria from Honduras. Thanks for the presentation. Do you know if the vaccines are developed using other proteins of SARS-CoV-2 or an attenuated form of the virus?

[00:39:15] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: That’s a great question. There are other vaccines under development. If we had just targeted the receptor binding domain, instead of the entire spike, we wouldn’t have to worry as much about antibody dependent enhancement because it’s narrow. And then you would have had an antibody that bound to nothing.

[00:39:31] Still the concern that maybe it could buy into some human tissues, but it would have been much less concerning down the road. There are many vaccines in development. If you target the spike you are targeting and making a toxin. And if we look at the traditional vaccines from SARS-CoV-1, those were traditional vaccines.

[00:39:48] Those were a protein. Those were a part of the virus. The problem with antibody dependent enhancement is the mutation in the coronavirus family. It always mutationally drifts over time. That’s why we saw [00:40:00] enhancement reactions in the animal models. So the challenge of trying to target say the nucleocapsid or the envelope in the membrane is obviously they’re buried more within the ball of the virus and it’s harder for the immune system necessarily to bind and neutralize those.

[00:40:16] I know there are vaccine technologies that are looking at doing those areas. The important thing is your T-cell memory is strongest to the nucleocapsid interestingly. So they’re under development. We did something quickly.

[00:40:31] We thought we were doing the right thing. If we looked at history, we could have known and should have known we weren’t with the spike. So that’s a tough question.

[00:40:39] Children and vaccines, it’s insanity, what the world is doing. Children survived this virus at 100%, their risk- it’s a risk benefit ratio. They only have the opportunity for harm, not benefit. The death rate in children is one per million, and most of those deaths Dr. Makary out of Hopkins, went [00:41:00] back and looked. And there was one child out of 550 plus deaths in the US that died purely of COVID. They all had severe underlying conditions. To introduce the wrong spike protein shot into their body with no long-term known reproductive health risks.

[00:41:22] No long-term cancer risks. And yes, I’m seeing an uptick through my microscope every day. No longterm auto-immune risks. Fascinating that our FDA just approved a new anti-clotting agent for children. Very fascinating. There, there is no benefit for a disease and you can early treat children with these medications. Helped a friend recently dose her little boy, he was better in 24 hours.

[00:41:50] Their immune systems are different than ours. They have two to three times the natural killer cell activity that an adult does. They have two to three times the granzyme activity, the [00:42:00] little hand grenades that those cells throw into infected cells. It makes no sense to put our children’s future at risk with no long-term outcome safety known.

[00:42:10] We haven’t advanced the clock and we can’t advance the clock, but we can look into the crystal ball through history and know that this is a horrible idea for children.

[00:42:20] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Absolutely. And I want to say your point about the clotting medicines is so interesting because there’s a sudden big push for MRNA cancer jabs from about June this year, very interesting. All right, a question from Fariah Hassen from South Africa, is the increase in COVID disease not really as a result of immune suppression rather than directly due to SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.

[00:42:42] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: I think it’s a fertile ground hypothesis. How predisposed or how immune suppressed is the population through which it’s spreading.

[00:42:49] Why have certain nations done better, better than others? Now this is another fascinating scientific tidbit; it’s biologically and ethnically different in different populations. Some [00:43:00] populations have higher concentrations of TM, PRSs, two receptors and ACE2 receptors in their mucosa. Now children pre puberty, pre pubertal children have lower levels of those.

[00:43:12] Hence they tend to acquire less virus. This is another reason children do well. But many nations, you can obviously buy some of the early treatment medications over the counter. That’s one reason they do better to certain populations just aren’t as genetically and protein receptor susceptible to the virus as other populations in other parts of the world.

[00:43:32] And then there goes to that point that was brought up in the question. We have an immune status in many nations where we’re in poor health. Based on decades of healthcare policy, food policy decisions we’ve made. And we’re literally a target for this virus because of those underlying choices we made over time.

[00:43:54] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Brian. Judy’s got an interesting one; when you say, Judy Stinson, and when you say that post vaccine [00:44:00] death could be post viral death and we should be doing autopsies. Do you mean that these maybe COVID recovered or may be dying from the shot?

[00:44:07] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: Not Covid recovered from the shot, generally, it’s individuals that choose to get the shot, say the viral naive individual gets the shot and then acquires COVID in that window after their first or second shot.

[00:44:21] I don’t know of many re acquisitions of virus in the COVID recovered. And I do like to quote Peter McCollough on that, where he says, look, if we were having a lot of breakthrough cases of COVID and the COVID recovered, we would see thousands of reports in the medical literature and we plain and simple aren’t seeing that. And to his point in the medical literature, you really can’t find an individual or many cases where an individual has had the virus it’s been sequenced has had it a second time and it’s been sequenced. There are anecdotal cases. There are certainly false positives, especially in the laboratories that run their cycle thresholds too high.

[00:44:55] And you get a false positive. You may have had a different illness and not COVID. [00:45:00] And if you don’t have a proven immunity then it may not be documentable. And an important point if you’ll allow me to bring it up, people panic about their antibody levels. If you had an antibody response to every pathogen you’re exposed to every day, you would look like the swollen stay puffed marshmallow man of lymph nodes and your blood would sludge. Your antibody levels have to go down over time. Your immune memory cells stay present and active, especially if your vitamin D levels are high in your lymph nodes in your bone marrow, same with your T cells. So people panic over their antibody levels dropping. The bottom range of that threshold that we have on antibodies was set too high because we set it in the middle of a pandemic.

[00:45:42] If we had two to three years to normalize that lower level in the laboratory of the antibody detection should be much lower than it is now. So just another aside there.

[00:45:51] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you. This one is connected to both Merrick and Sheena asking about is protein transmission from vaccinated to [00:46:00] unvaccinated. Merrick; is it true that the transmission exists and Sheena, is there such a thing as vaccine shedding? If so, how long does it last?

[00:46:07] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: That’s a great question. Now, this also depends on the fertile ground of the individual. Some people are more deficient in MRNAs and some people their again, it goes to the individual.

[00:46:19] If we look at the Ogata study from Harvard, we know that spike was being produced in circulating in all parts of the body for at least two weeks. We know from the journal of immunology last week that we can detect spike in exosomes for up to four months. We know from the work of Dr. Bruce Patterson, that in some COVID recovered patients, he can still detect by mass spec circulating spike 15 months. We know from studies in the subway and the sweat of individuals that were COVID infected in Wuhan, the spike could be detected in their sweat.

[00:46:49] So yes, spike can be shed. Now, if it’s an exome circulating for four months, the question becomes, are you still producing the DNA modality shots [00:47:00] tend to produce spike for longer than the MRNA shots.

[00:47:04] Now, the question becomes; can you be breathing out enough exosomal spike to actually induce a response or reaction in another individual? There’s no good scientific study that proves it. But we have plenty of anecdotal data of people that are experiencing that.

[00:47:20] So something is happening. If you look at page 67 of Pfizer’s application, we know that in that study, it clearly says don’t be in contact with a pregnant woman. Don’t be in a room with a pregnant women. Woman don’t have intercourse for four weeks, et cetera, et cetera. And we know of the self spreading vaccines that have already been developed. So it’s an excellent scientific question. There’s a lot of things we’re trying to do to prove it. We know that not only is it a scientific possibility, but based on what we’re seeing it as a probability, and there’s a few more things we need to do. And I would like to see many of us come together and have two or three papers in the laboratory. We’re going to be able to show it. I have several [00:48:00] endometrial tissue set aside because I’ve seen an increase in endometrial cancers and hyperplasias and whatnot.

[00:48:04] So many of those are coming to me. I want to prove that whether or not they’re spike there or not. So that’s a great question. Short answer is I think so, but to a small degree, I’m not sure it’s enough to induce some of the massive changes people are experiencing. I think a lot more of that is lipid nanoparticle and allergies, to some of the lipid nanoparticles that deposit in the ovary.

[00:48:23] Then you get a hormonal response and then just like women in a dorm in college, then I think you’d get a pheromonal response. So I’m hypothesizing that a bunch of the menstrual changes may be more likely to be a pheremonal response being in proximity to someone who’s immune stimulated against their own ovary.

[00:48:40] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Dr. Vince wants to know how do we protect our bodies from the spike protein from the jab?

[00:48:46] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: From the jab itself? Don’t get the jab.

[00:48:49] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: About as simple as that, Jen, I think you’re going to have to tell me when we can call it. One more by Fahrie Hassan; there’s evidence now that vaccine immunity may be destroying natural antibody production, [00:49:00] any comments?

[00:49:01] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: Absolutely. And that’s some of the UK data and the N protein antibodies, the nuclear capsid protein, which is very concerning. The other interesting point to bring up is as we age our thymus gland regresses, and it gets smaller and our naive T cells are much fewer that we can train. Now there’s an injection called Thymosin Alpha 1. You can basically make it, and interestingly this year, of course, the FDA disallowed the production thereof in the United States. Another fascinating thing.

[00:49:31] But the older we get, if your T-cell lines are damaged to regenerate, those T-cell lines is difficult to do. We’re lucky in the children that they’re still resilient and have the ability to train their naive T cells over time.

[00:49:46] So not only are we losing antibody response and damaging and narrowing the antibody response if one’s had COVID and they get the shot, you are narrowing your antibody response. That’s not scientifically [00:50:00] coherent. If you get the shots and get COVID, we know statistically, and by data that now you have a narrow response as well.

[00:50:07] The best thing we can do is if you get COVID get treated and to Dr. Weinstein’s question earlier, yes. You still make an antibody response. You still make a T cell response because you had enough virus for those first couple of days before you’re symptomatic that your body’s already training to do that process.

[00:50:24] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Diane. I think we leave it there. I’m just gonna paste a couple of questions that I’ve noticed along the way, if could chat with them. I think it’s brilliant. Thank you so much for those very insightful responses. And for your patience and for spending time with us.

[00:50:38] Dr. Ryan Cole, MD: Thank you so much.

[00:50:41] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you. Thank you. And just back to briefly, I’m going to just mention something of interest to everybody is in Canada, they now have advertisements about how to identify stroke symptoms in children.

[00:50:53] And they’ve started opening up stroke clinics in the hospitals as if it’s just a natural [00:51:00] phenomenon that’s taking place. Thank you, Dr. Cole. Amazing. Amazing.

[00:51:05] Thank you so much. Very interesting and motivational in terms of just the clarity that you deliver your information. It’s so good for all of us to incorporate and take forward.

[00:51:16] And I would now like to introduce Michael Alexander. He is from Canada, like myself, and he is going to talk with us about informed consent, a bridge between doctors and lawyers, Michael, you have the floor we look forward to hearing from you and you might be muted.

[00:51:34] Michael Alexander: I, am I un-muted now?

[00:51:36] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: You are.

[00:51:38] Michael Alexander: Yeah, the the full title of my talk is informed consent. The bridge between doctors and lawyers or 300 years of political philosophy in 10 minutes. Yeah. Put on your seatbelts. No, not really. But the the reason that I’m talking about informed consent today is that this might seem to be utterly uncontroversial or boring.

[00:51:58] We all believe in informed consent,[00:52:00] but it’s actually, I think on reflection a little more problematic than it seems. And I first started thinking about this about a month ago when I was speaking to a group of about close to 200 people on Zoom, we’re representing 2000 doctors and nurses in Ontario who did not want to take the jab.

[00:52:22] And I was being interviewed for an hour, many other lawyers had been interviewed. So I was competing for the business. And close to the end of the discussion. The chair of the discussion decided to talk about God given natural rights and the right to informed consent, being one of those. And I said, you know, to make sense of that claim, you have to think of it as independent of government and independent of space and time. And all of a sudden I saw all the people on the Zoom screen squinting and it’s kinda like, oh, what’s he saying. And I thought well you’ve just lost 2000 clients,[00:53:00] way to go Skippy.

[00:53:01] But then something really remarkable happened. I saw light bulbs popping up over people’s heads and they wanted to discuss that idea; how could a right exist, independent of government? How could it be God given? And the one hour interview turned into a three hour interview and I got the file. And I told the legal committee about this experience and Charles Kovess said, um, pattern interrupt.

[00:53:29] And by that he meant somehow through the statement I had shaken people out of their habitual way of thinking and somehow engage them in a epiphany of some sort. And people suggested maybe you’d like to talk about this to the Council as a whole.

[00:53:48] I think that the right to informed consent on its surface is somewhat problematic because we don’t think of it as something given to us by government. We think of it as something that government [00:54:00] must respect and must honor. But how do you make sense of that claim?

[00:54:06] So usually when we’re trying to solve this problem, we are going to the Nuremberg code and that’s an interesting position because the Nuremberg code does not provide the support that you might think for the right to informed consent. In fact, the court makes a very explicit statement about it right at the beginning of the judgment, it says of the 10 principles, which have been enumerated.

[00:54:33] Our judicial concerns for us is with those requirements, which are purely legal in nature, or which are at least so clearly related to the matters legal that they assist us in determining criminal culpability and punishment. To go beyond that would lead us into a field that would be beyond our sphere of competence.

[00:54:54] So what they’re saying right up front is somebody has given us a bunch of rules to deal [00:55:00] with workers, and we’re going to apply them. Some people are going to go free. Some people are going to go to jail. Some people are going to be executed, but that’s our job. And we’re not going to talk about the actual foundation for crimes against humanity and natural rights.

[00:55:16] Now they do make a brief mention in passing possible ways of looking at rights from that standpoint. And of course states, manifestly, human experiments under such conditions are contrary to the principles of the law of nations as they result from the usages established among civilized peoples from the laws of humanity and from the dictates of conscience.

[00:55:43] But they don’t see anything else beyond that. And the usages established among civilized people, well, usages can change. So that’s no basis for an objective understanding of rights. From the laws of humanity. I don’t know exactly what that means. And from the dictates of [00:56:00] conscience, that gets a little closer to the idea of a permanent right.

[00:56:04] It belongs to us by nature. But again, no explication of that within the judgment itself. And so we have to look for support elsewhere. So the question becomes, how can we make sense of the idea that we have rights that are owed to us by virtue of our humanity and that enter the picture before government ever gets involved.

[00:56:30] And to do that, you actually have to go to the thinkers of the enlightenment, who- that is the 17th century- and to the claim made by them that everyone is born free. That people have freedom. And that’s the first time that claim was made. And it was essentially understood for the first time as a panoply of rights.

[00:56:54] And so there, within that [00:57:00] school of thought, there are three ways of thinking about rights. One is pure reason. That was given to us by Immanuel Kant. And that idea is that you can only discover natural rights, objective, universal principles, and something called pure reason, separated completely from historical contingent material conditions, which are always in flux. Kant by doing this was in his own way, trying to reconcile Christianity.

[00:57:25] And a modern, natural science as to whether he did that. I’m not sure, but the idea is that you can find a metaphysical support for the golden rule, which would include the common recognition of rights through pure reason. Then there’s the state of nature and that comes from Locke’s second treatise.

[00:57:45] And the idea there is that you could just through, if you could, through various redactive techniques, get rid of all the conventions and institutions and false claims about justice and the good in a civil society that you could then[00:58:00] see human beings as they are naturally shorn of all the conventions of civil society.

[00:58:05] And that gives rise to a claim about natural rights. And then reason and revelation, reason versus revalation. The Mind of God. The idea that was promoted was that you have a natural conscience, which gives rise to natural duties and one of the foremost natural duty is to respect the rights of others. And this way of looking at the world made its way into the US constitution through Locke.

[00:58:30] So it went from Locke’s second treatise to the Federalist papers and then to the American Constitution, and Locke makes this plane, which the framers took very seriously, the state of nature, has a law of nature to governance, which obliges everyone and reason, which is that law teaches all mankind, who will, but consulted that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in this life, [00:59:00] health, Liberty, or possessions.

[00:59:03] And that statement makes its way right into the declaration of independence in the US constitution, slightly altered; we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men, read human beings, are created equal, that they are all endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

[00:59:25] And so hear you can see where the right to informed consent where it originates because when Locke says you may not harm another in his life, liberty, health, or possessions; really, you’re saying, everybody has the right to life, health, liberty and possessions. And everybody has also, he says, equal and independent, which means each person is the best judge of his own interests.

[00:59:46] And so nobody can make decisions for you. You have a right to govern yourself. And so therefore you have a right to informed consent when it comes to your life, your health and your Liberty. And what’s interesting with the Supreme court, the US Supreme [01:00:00] court, when it discussed the idea of informed consent, they made reference to the Liberty aspect of the statement under the 14th amendment.

[01:00:09] So this is a kind of antique understanding of rights. The court actually doesn’t really take it to seriously these days, but it comes straight out of the 17th century into American life. And now we could go there. It’s we’ve got a big problem facing us in the 20th century.

[01:00:27] The first problem is the proliferation of rights. There are so many different rights claims that have been made, particularly from the 1980s going onward, that people become very confused about what a natural right is, what conventional right is, what false claim is, what a true claim is. And I was actually asked by a major bank in Canada to to write a paper about the, on the topic, which rights are fundamental and which are not.

[01:00:55] Around that time, perhaps, fittingly, [01:01:00] I came home one day and I saw these kids on TV and they were screaming at me. You have a right to Kentucky fried chicken. That to me in some way indicated the problem that we had but the real problem beyond the proliferation of claims which made the whole subject confusing, we had to deal with postmodernism.

[01:01:22] And since the beginning of the 20th century, most universities, law schools, philosophy departments teach that there are no such thing as fundamental rights, such as the right to informed consent or the right to free speech or the right to equality for the law. These claims are just historical accidents.

[01:01:40] They belong to our cultural epoch that represents our preferences, but those preferences may change. And and if they do, then there are claims about rightful change. So once that way of looking at the world takes hold, then you’ve got the problem that all claims are relative. They vary from [01:02:00] time to time place to place.

[01:02:02] You’re into justice. I like pizza. You like surfing all the different things that people we have preferences for are equal in moral stature. And the problem that we’re facing is that the most fundamental texts that are taught to people, particularly talk to lawyers are based on the idea that we do not have rights that exist prior to the government or they are universal or objective in that sense.

[01:02:32] And the Bible of law school education these days is John Rawls, A Theory of Justice, which was published in 1970. And most law students read this book and take it seriously. It is a, it is a, it’s intent in Raul’s words to provide a neutral, unbiased, rational account of justice. So it sounds very promising, but after publishing [01:03:00] it, Raul’s published an article in a journal in which he said that theory of justice is political, not metaphysical.

[01:03:08] And by that, he meant that, he was essentially buying in to the postmodern notion that justice is something that varies according to time and place and historical accident. So you can’t find a way to locate a fundamental right to informed consent within the modern legal theory that is being talked to lawyers today.

[01:03:27] So this is the problem that we are up against. I’m going to escape from that now and stop screen-sharing. We’re in a, we’re in a world where the leading academic disciplines the lead professors and teachers deny that there is a right to informed consent and the way that we talk about it.

[01:03:48] And the paradox to this thing is that to rescue ourselves in the 21st century we have to think about how rights were conceived in the 17th century.

[01:03:58] [01:04:00] And that seems to me to be the only way out of the problem. So that’s what I’ve been thinking about recently.

[01:04:06] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you so much. So it was very informative and very thought provoking my goodness. I’m sure we have some very interesting questions. Shabnam, would you like to bring some questions forward?

[01:04:17] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Absolutely.

[01:04:18] So we’ve got two questions here. One from Dr. Tracy Chandler , thanks Trace, my [inaudible] 13, 16, and 17 year old girls with the covid [inaudible] vaccine. This was after they’re father was in [inaudible] that they meant that they couldn’t go back to his house unless they had a jab. And so my girls were too scared. The situation is compounded by discovering the pharmacist had . Not ask my girls to fill in a consent form and told him the only possible side effect, may be a slight sore arm… So I’m very interested in your thoughts about this as it relates to informed consent based in New Zealand, Michael?

[01:04:55] Michael Alexander: Sorry Shabnam I’m having a little trouble into might have a little bit of trouble with my audio on that. Is that on [01:05:00] the chat?

[01:05:01] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Chat, you see it?

[01:05:03] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Yeah.

[01:05:04] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Sad situation. That’s going on in many families.

[01:05:09] Michael Alexander: The father would certainly be open to a claim of child abuse if you want to bring forward the science and, and I don’t think the pharmacist had any role in interfering in the lives of 15 to 17 year olds. And I think that would be plain professional misconduct but also it might lead to a claim of abuse as well. And the pharmacist clearly did not properly inform them. Anyway, the pharmacist does have a right to dispense medical advice that’s between you and your doctor.

[01:05:39] So that’s just completely off base and it shouldn’t be regarded as fundamentally unlawful.

[01:05:44] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Right. Thanks very much. Thank you. Thanks for your courage, your questions, and then a, an offer from Ena. This one’s from Rob, even if it’s difficult to establish medical informed consent as an inalienable right, the [01:06:00] medical council of Canada and other medical regulators around the world, regard consent as an essential prerequisite of any medical, treatment (and there’s a link there). If doctors and health authorities that denying the site, hasn’t expressed, it is essential in inverted commas, isn’t that enough to hold them culpable if someone gets harmed after injection treatments when they hadn’t been informed of the risks, Michael?

[01:06:22] Michael Alexander: Yeah yeah. It’s fortunately, a medical informed consent fortunately is a medical convention. And from legal standpoint you can you can go after people based on the representation they’ve made to you, a contractual sense.

[01:06:37] If this is the representation and you have the right to informed consent, this is the way you practice medicine and you rely upon that to your detriment. Then you would have a claim.

[01:06:46] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Michael. Catherine Heley’s thing. We have an intuitive issue with informed consent in the context of the administration of experimental vaccines.

[01:06:56] We prefer informed choice instead of informed consent, [01:07:00] any comments?

[01:07:01] Michael Alexander: Yeah, it’s really, in some sense, the principle of informed consent. I like the idea of the right choice. It’s perhaps a little more descriptive, but I think that, that might be a better way to express it.

[01:07:12] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks, Michael. And then the very last one is an (inaudible) here from Anna and she says, I’m going to say, yeah. I think she has a different understanding of informed consent. Then we’d like a minute just to share that with us.

[01:07:30] Anna De Buisseret: Yeah. Hi. Thanks Michael. I’m obviously aware that I’m from the UK. And so therefore how we approach the issue of informed consent here is very much based on our UK law.

[01:07:43] Now in the UK, the starting point to look at what law applies in my view is the Coronation Oath Act of 1688 and the Coronation Oath Act specifically says—I’m going to put better lighting on so you can see my face- —The Coronation Oath Act specifically [01:08:00] states that the Queen or the Monarch must uphold, and our laws include God’s laws, our common law and our customs and usages and our statutes that have been agreed on.

[01:08:13] Now, our common law includes all of our laws that we can find from since time began, because we don’t have a written constitution. That’s enshrined at a particular point in time. So when you look at God’s laws, we’re all equal in his eyes and we are all sovereign and we don’t get to harm each other.

[01:08:32] When you look at our common law, it’s prima non nocere -first do no harm. So clearly experimenting on someone or giving them medical treatment without their consent is causing them harm. But specifically the Justinian code that was brought over to us, courtesy of the Roman empire, ‘voluntas aegroti suprema lex’ says over his or her own mind and body, the individual is soverign [01:09:00] and therefore, if you breach that bodily integrity, that individual sovereignty, either their psychiatric or their bodily integrity, then you’ve committed the tort of battery or assault of the person, against them. And that’s being confirmed in as late as 2015 and our Supreme court decision of Montgomery and Lanarkshire NHS Trust, where Lady Hale said that the informed consent laws were put firmly parts of established as the English law, and it amounts to the tools of battery.

[01:09:35] So in our constitution and our laws, absolutely, informed consent is absolutely part of our law. And it’s not something that’s gifted to us by government. It’s been gifted to us by God. It’s been confirmed in our common law for at least 1500 years on record and no bureaucrat, no modern day [01:10:00] legal thought says that you can get rid of that in this jurisdiction.

[01:10:05] You know what? I would also invite other lawyers. And other jurisdictions to look at is the fact that in 1953, the Queen swore an oath to we the people, not just in the UK, but to those countries listed in the 1953 coronation oath to uphold their laws and their laws would have included the common law rights, bodily integrity.

[01:10:30] So I’m not a lawyer practicing in those other jurisdictions. So that’s, as far as I can take it, the idea that anyone comes in 2021 and says, none of those laws for all that millennia apply is a nonsense in my view. So that’s my pennies worth.

[01:10:48] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you very much Anna, Jen do we have a minute more or not.

[01:10:53] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: How can I say no, go ahead.

[01:10:55] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Sorry about that. This is sorry.

[01:10:58] Michael Alexander: Can I just respond to [01:11:00] what Anna said,

[01:11:01] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Please.

[01:11:02] Michael Alexander: Yeah. The problem with the common argument is that er, (inaudible) this is recognized in North America, but we take this from the Brits statutory law will overrule common law anytime, and certainly constitutional law is Supreme, the relation to common law as well.

[01:11:17] So the common law argument is historically interesting. If you can call principles from it, it can be used in different forums, but it’s ultimately not controlling at the highest levels of democratic government.

[01:11:33] Anna De Buisseret: In this country though, we’ve already had case law that says the executive doesn’t get to create laws that override the common law.

[01:11:41] So we have that hierarchy in this country. And as I said, it’s specifically set out in the Coronation Oath, is that any statute law has to be by consent. We are governed by consent. So no group of people get to come in and change all of our laws and just, get away with it, not in this jurisdiction.[01:12:00]

[01:12:00] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: So Ralph J D wants to make a quick comment on informed consent. And Marsha has made a proposal on in worldwide questionnaire. If Ralph can just come in for 60 seconds and then I think move forward.

[01:12:15] Ralph Fucetola: Hi my pleasure. It has been an experience listening to you all today. And I think this Organ…, this group is going to make change.

[01:12:23] I just wanted to tell you that I delivered a paper on informed consent to the 2019 Libertarian Scholars conference at Kings College in Manhattan. And that paper, the link to that paper is on the chat. I took a little different approach. I looked at it through international law and through the Nuremberg code and and how it’s applicable to the powers through the Geneva conventions.

[01:12:46] I also write a little bit about American case law in that context. And I believe that informed consent is the defining issue of the 21st century. And that’s not my opinion, actually, it’s the opinion of a dear [01:13:00] mentor of mine, a Major General Bert Stoublebye who had many good ideas to tell us over the decades, not with us physically anymore, but his ideas are still are still important. And I think that we all ought to be pursuing the issue of informed consent. It is exactly what is being assaulted on every level by this planned pandemic. And that’s really what I had to say. I’m involved with casework here and you’re in the United States. We are presenting cases to our us Supreme court on informed consent. We will see if they’re willing to take any of them.

[01:13:34] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much Ralph that’s fascinating actually. And we’ll give the last word to Professor Dolores Cahill

[01:13:40] Prof Dolores Cahill: Great. I just wanted to really appreciate the discussion. I just wanted to back up what Anna says. So in Ireland, as in the, in England, the UK and in the Commonwealth countries and around the world, there is a hierarchy of law and these inalienable rights are in the divine and natural law. They are not written down and in Brehon law, they [01:14:00] have been in our oral tradition of law for 20,000 years. Some were actively used here until the 17 hundreds when the common law came into effect. But actually I would like to agree with Anna, the common law in our high courts, they’re called in Ireland “High Court Common Law” courts and they are our high court and our Supreme court, and it has higher jurisdiction than anything written down. So the inalienable rights actually have a 20,000 year tradition including in Brehon law in Ireland and King Alfred the Great of England was trained in the Irish Brehon law and brought them to England, and England and Ireland has this innate people rights and including a freedom of travel, freedom of speech of ordinary men and women for thousands of years. And that as Anna exactly says cannot be turned over by anybody in, in this decade or in this millennium. So just to say these inalienable rights are older [01:15:00] than people may have been aware of. And I’ve been researching this for 20 years. A lot of the information is not on the internet and is found in ancient documents including in ancient Irish. So just to say, I support Anna in her comments around the inalienable rights and the common law

[01:15:18] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you, Dolores fascinating discussion, Michael, thank you so much for stimulating it to a brilliant topic. Much appreciate . and it looks like we’ll have to have a part two at some time. Back to you Jen.

[01:15:28] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you so much, Dolores. That was fascinating. Thank you so much. And you realize how much power is in all of this spoken words that you are all bringing forward. So we really do have a lot to work with, and there is power behind this.

[01:15:43] Maybe we work together and collaborate like we are today and carry forward every day and power up with all of this. Our next, I would like to introduce Ted Collins. He’s going to discuss the affiliate association. I consider Ted [01:16:00] an amazing man of principle and a mentor for all action groups established in Canada.

[01:16:05] He is also Canadian his dedication and compassion for an individual’s right to choice and freedom.

[01:16:12] Ted, please introduce yourself further and share your current initiatives collaborating and bringing forward a collaboration of alliances in Canada: Freedom Rising.

[01:16:22] Ted Kuntz: Well, Dr. Hibberd, thank you for inviting me in and what a pleasure to be part of this community of good hearts, good minds, good souls.

[01:16:30] It just nourishes me to be in, in your company. So thank you. In terms of who I am I’m mostly just a parent. I’m a parent of a young man who was severely vaccine injured back in 1984. Josh lived with an uncontrolled seizure disorder his entire life, and passed away in 2017.

[01:16:48] That experience caused me to delve into the journey of vaccine injury. And what I experienced was is that what the science said about vaccine injury and what the [01:17:00] government said were two different things. And so I’ve been an advocate for informed consent and vaccine risk awareness for about 35 years I’m the current president of vaccine choice Canada.

[01:17:12] Our mandate for most of our history was really around informed consent vaccine risk awareness and protecting that right to informed consent. We’ve got two provinces in Canada that have introduced mandates and have increased the egregious violations. I think of the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children.

[01:17:32] Our mandate changed dramatically in 2020 when COVID arrived. And the violations of our rights and freedoms was so obvious that we were inundated with requests from Canadians asking if we would do something. We didn’t think we were the right organization to do that because anti-vaxxers are, unscientific and are just looking for someone to blame, but when no one else stepped up we made a decision that we would begin that [01:18:00] process and started a legal challenge against our provincial and federal government.

[01:18:04] So it’s been a very interesting two years. What Jennifer has asked me to speak to is. Part of my work in Canada, I recognize that there are incredible people doing great work, but we’ve operated mostly independent of one another. And I felt there was a need for us to build some kind of an alliance together where we could both benefit from each other’s wisdom as well as helped amplify each other’s efforts.

[01:18:31] And so I invited a small group of people to come together. I called it a communication team and we were looking for a message to deliver that might help to build an Alliance as well as bring hope to Canadians that this tyranny could be ended. And after a number of discussions, we arrived at the term freedom rising, or that the message freedom rising.

[01:18:53] We developed a a logo that we invited our fellow organizations to post under their website. So [01:19:00] there was a consistent message, our freedom rising. And then we developed a website called, the website is, where we the intent was to list the various freedom organizations for those that were beginning that journey of wanting to become warriors in this battle. And much to my surprise, there was more than 120 Canadian organizations that work in some form or another doing this work. And so we’ve listed those let me just do a quick screen share. So you can see that the that, what that website looks like.

[01:19:34] So this is our freedom website. We have a listing of allies. We have a gallery just to show the rising up. You can download the graphics of freedom rising, and then we’ve got a number of documents for consideration. But if you go to the listing of, in Canada, like I said, there’s more than 120 organizations that are part of that Alliance.

[01:19:57] We also began to look at [01:20:00] allies internationally. It’s not going to let me do it. Let me just go back, maybe. Yeah.

[01:20:05] The fun of computers, let me stop that screenshare. And so we’re also listing international organizations. So if your group is interested in being listed under the freedom, rising info website, there’s a contact that you would simply send your information and a copy of your local to that to our website designer.

[01:20:25] I just want to take a minute and show where we’re actually doing an upgrade to our website now to give it a fresher look and to be more inviting to those that are beginning to join this movement. We recognize that as the mandates increase that more and more people are being recognized the tyranny and want to be a part of helping to end it.

[01:20:47] The other thing that we’ve done is that is trying to bring the various leaders together. So every Friday morning I host a gathering of freedom leaders. And the idea is one is we need to recognize who’s doing this work. We need to [01:21:00] deepen our relationships with each other, build a sense of trust, figure out where we can amplify each other’s efforts and avoid duplication.

[01:21:08] So the goal is to build a strong Alliance as we reimagine our world and and what isn’t working for us. So maybe that’s just the best oversight I can give you in the minutes that I have for here.

[01:21:20] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: That was wonderful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the work you’re doing and the dedication.

[01:21:25] And I know it’s like everybody, it’s from the heart and you’ve made a huge difference in Canada and continue to thank you so much. And you’re a leader that will, as an example to other countries around the world. So absolutely Ted is definitely a great person to get in touch with, for all of the action groups and anyone that’s got information to feed into this so we can all help each other.

[01:21:46] Thank you so much.

[01:21:47] Ted Kuntz: Thank you. Appreciate it.

[01:21:49] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Now I have a very special person to bring forward and Ted knows her very well said, Svetlana Ricoff. She is a [01:22:00] phenomenon, and she does say that you inspired her Ted to take off on what she has been doing. She is she, I met Svetlana a few weeks ago as she was stepping off the stepping out of her job as a nurse in her post in a local hospital.

[01:22:17] And she is starting up these clinics and I will let her carry forward and talk about this. And she has started clinics called Esra wellness. And she is an example to everybody about where we’re moving forward to and Svetlana please carry on the dialogue. Tell everyone a little bit about you and just this whirlwind phenomenon that you’ve started up in across Canada.

[01:22:40] And you might be muted right now. Neither told me that her signal was a little weak. Let me see if she, is she in here? Is she in the meeting? Okay. Svetlana come on in! Maybe her connection. All right.

[01:22:58] Ted Kuntz: Maybe I could just jump in [01:23:00] for a few minutes.

[01:23:00] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Why don’t you talk a bit and I’m going to call her and just see what’s going on while you talk. Cause you, you know exactly. Cause Ted and I are on her leadership committee too. So Ted, please carry forward and talk about what’s about what’s going on.

[01:23:12] Ted Kuntz: Svetlana is a registered nurse who until a couple of weeks ago was employed. She saw that her employer and others in the medical system in Canada were refusing to treat those that are were un-vaccinated and she wanted to respond to that growing need.

[01:23:28] And so she started up a private clinic to treat the unvaccinated and that caused her to be fired from her job for daring to do that. As a result of the vaccine mandates in the medical system in Canada here, there are so many doctors, registered nurses and other health professionals that have lost their jobs for refusing to comply with the tyranny.

[01:23:50] And Svetla na’s idea was to bring those people into an alternative private clinic that she is calling Ezra wellness center. And I [01:24:00] got to participate in a bringing together of medical health professionals in my community, which is Kelowna British Columbia, with Svetlana it was an amazing conversation of just this beautiful heart energy.

[01:24:13] And I’ll just share a story with you is in the conversation, one of the nurses said shouldn’t we hire a lawyer to get our jobs back. And there was this, the spontaneous laughter through the room and people said, why would we want our jobs back? They treated us poorly and they treated the patients poorly let’s make something better.

[01:24:32] And I really loved the spirit of of recognizing the severe limitations and, the capturing control of our medical system by the pharmaceutical industry. The loss of beautiful health and wellness modalities and skillsets that don’t get recognized or or permitted. And so I can see a beautiful transformation happening in the wellness sector as we invite in the other modalities. And we remove the capture and control [01:25:00] mechanisms by the college of physicians and surgeons and other mechanisms that prevent us from properly restoring health to people that have experienced poor health or disease. This movement has grown like wildfire Svetlana I think told me that there’s more than 20 communities in British Columbia.

[01:25:17] It’s now growing quickly and Ontario two clinics opened up last week in Grand Forks and in Kamloops. And there’s just tremendous interest in being part of this renewed a sense of wellness care.

[01:25:31] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you so much. Svetlana is back in of stand here. Oh, you’re here.

[01:25:36] Svetlana: Okay. Thank you, Ted. Hi guys. Might’ve spent on it. I’m from Grand Forks Southern British Columbia, Canada,

[01:25:42] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Can we get visual. Can we get a visual on you?

[01:25:45] Svetlana: I’m in the clinic today. Basically we started this clinic. I started this clinic in response to one, all the un-vaxxed healthcare workers being fired. And I, as I sit in my primary care office at Christina Lake, I can just see [01:26:00] patient care-taking nose dive. So I saw the writing on the wall and I thought, you know what? This is not going to look good. We have 40% of our community health care people who just got fired for not taking the job as of October 26.

[01:26:12] So we currently have over about 45, healthcare staff, which is huge for a town of about 5,000 people. This is, these are huge numbers, but this is across the board we’re seeing. So some groups, the two hundreds we have probably 50 locations right now across Canada and they’re spreading like wildfire.

[01:26:31] Everybody needs something to do all the health care. Plus we want to provide health care. So we have divorced our licensing bodies, our governing bodies. So I’m no longer a registered nurse or a nurse. I’ve been a nurse for 20 years. I even emerge in primary care are my spa.

[01:26:48] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Oh, we lost you. She’s still in here.

[01:26:53] I think we lost her. Oh, unfortunate. It’s too bad. Her reception is bad today. Cause normally it’s pretty [01:27:00] good. But if she pops back in, we’ll let her have a few more words.

[01:27:03] In the meantime, I’d like to move on to our committee updates and that would leave to the committee chair for legal is Shabnam, please. Shabnam can you please carry forward with your legal update and whoever you would like to have speak within your committee.

[01:27:18] Thank you.

[01:27:19] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much Jen all so for our legal committee today, we’re going to be hearing from Uri and Charles, and then I will go last, Uri do you want to go first with your update?

[01:27:31] Uri: Yes. Yes. yes greetings everyone. I will be very brief. I will just share my screen for a one, two minutes and then pass it to do Charles. So obviously one of the, one of the little side projects that we are on, as I mentioned, a couple of meetings back is that we are putting together a case law, which is related to COVID-19.

[01:27:57] AS FAR AS I GOT- [01:28:00] ML

[01:28:00] And as far as as far as the Czech Republic that’s the main update I wanted to give and just can move this one. That might not even be necessary because I was just super briefly this is like a list of cases, which Czech lawyers warn against the government.

[01:28:21] And I don’t, I won’t be even enlarging it. I just will quickly skim through it. So page number one, page number two, page number three, page number four. And right now we are currently sitting at number 46, 46 victories against various mandates. Mandates and government restrictions and such.

[01:28:49] So that is that an obviously trying to collect case law from other countries as well. And I will post an [01:29:00] email into the chat. So if if anyone who is on the call or listening. Have some knowledge regarding some favorable case, you can send it, we will edit to the database, to the list.

[01:29:13] And hopefully once we finalize a couple more countries, I think Austria, Germany, France, and Italy are next. So once we have, at least these like five, six bigger countries in Europe, then all they did this whole list. The database will be, I will be published on a website of your choosing with some short commentary.

[01:29:35] So that is, all from my brief update and back to you, Shabnam or Charles.

[01:29:42] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much Uri, really exciting work going on in the Czech Republic giving us lots of hope and solidarity there. Charles I think you want to highlight some aspects of our last meeting and perhaps an update from Australia.

[01:29:53] Charles: Thanks everybody, 500 medical professional [01:30:00] (que?) Tasmania recently. And Tasmania is a state of Australia with only less than 700,000 ? So So Svetlana the example of what happens if a large number of medical professionals don’t take the jab. They applied for an injunction. They all lost their jobs on Saturday nights on Sunday night, third on the 31st of October, however, they didn’t succeed in the injunction, but they succeeded in having a court hearing on this Thursday, this week on the safety of the jabs.

[01:30:37] So that was an immediate loss, but a win ? Test, Tasmanian health system, I have on good authority from a psychiatrist in the Tasmanian system that if they lose one doctor, the whole system breaks down. So this question of what happened where do people get their care? Be ready for all [01:31:00] problems of lack of care, being blamed on the unjabbed, everybody. That’s the gameplan. However, the withdrawal of your skills is a crucial element in truth and justice. In the Queensland Supreme court police Queensland police have succeeded in gaining an injunction against mandatory jabs you lose your job. You have to you’re stood down. If you don’t get a job that has now we’ve succeeded in the injunction.

[01:31:29] I’ve been advising on that case. And there’s a three-day hearing in December. Now, the beauty of getting a hearing is that we can cross examine the health department. People who made the decision, we can get discovery of documents. So that’s what was a very good result. Now in Australia, doctors and Robert Brennan who represented the COVID medical network here, doctors are attacked by AHPRA AHPRA.[01:32:00]

[01:32:00] I’m happy to share the AHPRA Australia, health practitioners, regulatory authority, and the issue that I recommend to all of you as a legal strategy. And I’ve spoken to a number of lawyers representing doctors. You say I’ve been suspended. I urge you to ask the question as you do with a scientific diagnosis, put your science head on, say who actually has suspended you.

[01:32:23] What was the process? Because in Australia and in many jurisdictions, the obfuscation is deliberate so that you don’t know who to attack. You don’t know who to take to court. We have AHPRA we have medical boards of each state. We have separate bodies that investigate cases and hear cases against doctors.

[01:32:45] When you ask that question, who actually is taking these proceedings against me, it leads to very interesting opportunities. Doctors are being attacked. And we brought around the world, were they doctors to push back against [01:33:00] attacks. So there are many ways to do that. One of them in Australia that we’re attacking and there’s funding coming for a case against our TGA for the banning of ivermectin.

[01:33:14] And we’re running the corruption case, not the science case. Okay. So don’t get caught up in my (inaudible) do not get caught up that this is a scientific debate. No, this is much bigger than it. I agree with Ryan, a ? Analysis of what’s happening. There are scientific issues that we need to deal with, but stop thinking that this is just size.

[01:33:36] No, it’s not. It’s far bigger than that. And that’s the attitude that I take. If you just focus on the science, the corruption will continue. That’s my report from Australia.

[01:33:47] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much, Charles, some useful insights there. All right. So a little bit of general and a little bit of what’s happening in South Africa as quickly as I can.

[01:33:57] So the right to protest has been severely curtailed [01:34:00] in South Africa, as it is around the world. Interestingly enough, we have planned to have a national rally around the country on Saturday in one of our regions called Cape Town we received intelligence telling us that the police ? To use live ammunition against the protestors who had planned to gather at parliament.

[01:34:17] And so this was of course a very serious concern for us. And we had to change tactics and say, instead of calling it a rally or a march, all the words they don’t like, let’s call it a picnic instead. I’m assuming in time that will also become a problem. Now, the challenge for me, as someone who has been violently arrested, is not my own safety but we I’m coordinating or assisting to coordinate and prevent other people there ready for what might potentially happen with the police or the type of security that had been deployed to squash protest in our country and around the world. So suddenly we need to develop very intelligent tactics to deal with things like the tear gas, which has, seriously harmful components to how [01:35:00] to deal with safe islands. Who is your negotiation team? What is your plan B what is your plan C? So it’s all about thinking very tactically. You still live in very scary times with suddenly the determination level that very much I hear in South Africa and around the world. And so being one of the protest capitals of the world, if anyone does want to collaborate to talk about ideas, we’d be very happy to do the issue of masks also come up ordinarily in terms of the Gatherings Act did not allow to wear the mask in the act is very specific about that. But of course these regulations under the Disaster Management Act can make it illegal, again in inverted commas, for you to wear a mask. So that’s the argument you bring up every time with a protest.

[01:35:40] The Gatherings Act says, you’re not supposed to wear a mask. It’s a bit of a confusion with our police as to which laws we actually followed. The other is the doctrine of common purpose, which is an apartheid era law that says if one person is committing a criminal act, anyone who is there by association is also found [01:36:00] guilty of committing that same act.

[01:36:01] It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in peaceful protests, because one person not wearing a mask surely is not a reason to shut down everybody else or attack them with violence, but it has happened. And so they’re going to be several interesting cases getting to our courts very shortly.

[01:36:17] In terms of legal action, I did an interview during the course of the week. We do have a couple of parties going to court to challenge the children being jabbed because of course you know there is no informed consent there. And that includes if political party, the civil society organized the hearing health healthy with astonishing (Inaudible)

[01:36:41] so I think they have a pretty good chance of success. And it’s been a good litmus test, of course, where they stand on the issue of informed consent, the post backed completely by the sign that kids don’t need it. THG which is the organization that I founded has fostered two affidavits that are available to NFR [01:37:00] affiliates.

[01:37:00] The one is for the adults, with the parents guardians at the center, it doesn’t. And the lax would kill themselves and protect themselves from fraud. Jabber parents basically saying I did not want the job. These are my reasons. And if it does come full to coerced or treated negatively in any way, these are the consequences, vehicle advocacy and suing for costs.

[01:37:20] We’ve kept those deliberately short because printing is the big issue for the masses of people in our country. Then the red list is another initiative the face from in South Africa. And basically it’s a list of organizations that are either mandating. In other words, bossing or discriminating against those to decide not to take your dad.

[01:37:37] I certainly think it’s an initiative that needs to spin around the world. Unfortunately, it does create a two tier society, but we have to have options. If you’re the company that’s doing the wrong thing, you’re going to be served with a notice of liability. And if you ignore that you will be listed. And of course the green list is they’re also developing in organizations that are doing the opposite.

[01:37:57] So no force thing and no discrimination. [01:38:00] There has been a development in terms of compensation for that injuries in our country. And initially it was a scheme where civil society would pay for any injuries or death that hasn’t happened yet in South Africa. And I doubt that it ever will because the bias is so high.

[01:38:15] Now they turn the responsibility over to the employee will mandate will be responsible for any adversity or they settle. But again, the bar is really high. I do see a split happening and businesses just being decimated as it is. They’ll come over to the light side and so we can continue the resistance together.

[01:38:35] And very finally to mention that the legal committee has been working with Zoe on developing our resources. And so more updates will follow on that page, see resources from around the world that you could utilize and share with each other in defending our right to freedom. I think I leave it there for nothing if you’re running out of time.

[01:38:52] Thanks again. Thanks Shannon. That was really informative. And I’d like to move on now to science and medical [01:39:00] update with the chair of that committee. Dr. Kat, please come forward. Thanks so much, Jennifer. Yeah, I speak really fast I’ll be done really quickly. I just want to say since it’s on the back end of the legal caring, healthcare workers condition is, has taken African health products and theology and our department of health.

[01:39:18] And we are very hopeful. Our legal papers are available to anybody who wants them. I’m you just have to message me or get an all boop and I’ll make them available. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. A lot of research went into those papers and it’s a really comprehensive. Appeal. So on the science and medical update.

[01:39:36] Our article that went up on the pandemic fatigue is out for everyone to see if you’re on the telegram channel. Please get all your members of your, of the different affiliate groups to get onto our telegram channel. So you can get the latest updates, articles easier. There it’s always on the website, but it’s nice to get it.

[01:39:53] First. When you see it on the telegram channel, we busy with a few others post COVID injection syndrome. Shedding, [01:40:00] what is shedding a detox from shedding detox from post jab? Why not to get the second job? We’ve also got a frequently asked questions and glossary that should be up this week, although we’ve had our round table discussion, which happens once a month.

[01:40:16] And since then we have made a telegram Chan check a group, actually that is open for discussion all the time. If there’s anybody who is treating COVID patients anywhere in the world, please just message me. I’ll put my email address in the chat. Now you can just email me get onto the group.

[01:40:33] We have such amazing discussions. Up-to-date what’s happening around. We discuss dosages, discuss patients. So it is like a ward round every day, all the time you have support there. So we’ve got that going. And we’ve also started an important documents telegram, a group that group has referenced articles, pre published, and published from around the world.

[01:40:56] Everybody’s welcome to access the documents on [01:41:00] there. We have papers that you can use if you’re doing a presentation, if you’ve written a paper and you’d like to put it on there, please just message me. Like I said, I’m going to put my email address on there. If you’d like to be contributing on that, you’re welcome to become admin.

[01:41:13] And then we just show you how to reference the documents and you can just search it at the top and then you find whatever you’re looking for. Affidavits going there, letters to principals letters, to schools exemption documents, reasons for exemptions, like I said, published articles. It’s all in there also.

[01:41:29] Very exciting coming up is our African health summit. It’s on the 19th, 20th and 21st of November, we are looking for all the affiliates to get involved to at least advertise on your different on different platforms. So we are going to have it live hopefully on the World Council for Health newsrooms.

[01:41:47] So it will be live for people to watch and we’d like to get I’m going to be doing something well exciting again. So we can have panel discussions with doctors or the legal team. I also want to do a panel discussion with journalists this time [01:42:00] so we can see what’s actually going on around the. And then I’d like to invite any everyone who is on the zoom call today, if you are involved in research or if you have that passion for writing we are looking for people to join our mid and science, and med committee meetings on Tuesdays.

[01:42:19] When you you can just email me to get involved. We do discuss things that go out and onto our website, because it’s not about us prescribing. It is about us working together. We are in a transparent organization. We want to be at the cutting edge. We don’t want to tell you what other people are doing.

[01:42:38] We want to use your knowledge and combined knowledge and put out protocols for everybody because we are stronger together and we want to help people. And by helping each other we know we’re definitely stronger because like we say, in the World Council for Health, there is a better way and we’re going to find it together.

[01:42:55] Thank you. Thanks miss Eva. And before we go on to other [01:43:00] business, I’d like to just put an outreach to everyone following our live feed and everyone associated with our affiliates to consider donating to well council for health, to support our work, to finance our collaborative initiatives with our alliances and for dissemination of all of this information throughout the world.

[01:43:18] And also our media outreach and to help us build a very user-friendly website because we plan on building this to be something that’s user-friendly for everybody to go to. And all the members here or all we’re all volunteering our time for free, and we will continue doing that, but there are certain functions that we would need to hire and pay for.

[01:43:41] And certainly some of our media outreach and some work that we’re doing on our website. So we’d really appreciate any kind of donation that you might consider a passing for council health and it’s to be used for helping all of us across the world. Now, moving on to our any further business [01:44:00] matters arising I have talked to Humphreys that wants to come forward and have a few words regarding what’s going on in Barbuda and get Dr.

[01:44:07] Humphreys would you like to speak now? You may.

[01:44:11] Jennifer is not here. All right. Is there anyone else that would like to come forward with any, anything urgent they would like to to make announcement while we’re live and have so many wonderful affiliates online with us right now,

[01:44:25] we’ve covered a lot of terrain today. Dr. Hubbard, I put into the chat room. I’ve got two wonderful interviews this week on Wednesday, Dr. Peter Breggin. Who’s the author of a global 19 a and the global predators. We are the prey. I don’t know if you’ve seen his new book that’s out. He’ll be my guest on Wednesday.

[01:44:45] And then Dr. Mark , who’s one of their fine members of your council. And Dr. Paul Alexander will be my guest on Thursday. So I’ve put the links to register for both of those. They’re live at a 7:00 PM, [01:45:00] Ontario time, and that’s Eastern standard time for everybody. Thank you so much for bringing that forward, because I think that’s of interest to everybody.

[01:45:08] And is anyone else got anything that they’d like to bring forward now? Because we are coming to a close for our meeting for today. Can you ask me

[01:45:16] please? Oh, yes, let’s go first.

[01:45:21] Okay. I just wanted to give everyone as lawyers in the UK we’ve, there are those lawyers who are fighting things through the courts. And then there are the lawyers like myself who are helping individuals understand how to serve notices of liability. And what we’ve got in the UK are teams of people up and down the country who have taken it upon themselves to identify who within their local community is ID is perpetrating the homes or aiding and abetting or complicit.

[01:45:54] And when those individuals have been identified notices of liability for harm suffering, loss and death had been [01:46:00] served on them together with cease and desist, and we’ve had some really good results. So for example the association of teachers said that around 79% of British schools, who’ve been served with notices of liability and the Dorset schools, which is an area in Britain, it’s geographical area Dorset.

[01:46:19] The schools have stopped the rollout because, or they put it on pause because as individual head teachers and vaccinators, et cetera, have realized because they’ve been told that they will be held personally criminally and civilly liable for any harm. Obviously they’ve started to stop doing. I don’t know.

[01:46:40] I know that notices of being served in other countries. But for those countries that haven’t yet started to think about alternative ways of dealing with it. Our view is you can go to the top and ask the two people at the top to stop issuing the diktats. But the people at the bottom is still doing it anyway, you can get caught decisions, but people just [01:47:00] seem to ignore them.

[01:47:01] But if an individual is served with a notice in their hand, black and white saying you personally are going to be held accountable, but that seems to have quite a powerful effect. So I just wanted to let everyone know that’s one thing that we’re succeeding on over here. That’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

[01:47:17] And you, as they say, the low lying fruit, right? And you go after the individually, Jen, if I can come in very quickly to underscore it, and I think it’s hugely effective. The affidavit that we’ve done for the adults and the kids, the feedback we’re getting is that the schools have, they know, and they’re saying they will not do the dabs on these sites.

[01:47:35] Parents must take the kids somewhere else. Step in the right direction. But that directive works very quickly. Can I ask a quick question? Thank you, Jennifer. I’d like to know a couple of things, first of all, if you guys distributed the chat because there’s a lot of exchange and information. If you go into the chat, you can copy the chat.

[01:47:55] The three oh, I see. From the, from my phone, I don’t know how to do it [01:48:00] anyway. That’s that was one question to me. Can I finish and let Chavez the other question about the legal, okay. I have a question about what the legal to the lawyer, maybe she can help out. Did you want to set, did you want to give it to Shannon?

[01:48:15] Is that question for Chavez? She was a lawyer for the person who just spoke or people who are in Canada. If people know of lawyers who are helping university students, I have several cases already who reach out to me for being hunted down by the school. And they will be Dean enrolled from class for either not disclosing or saying that they won’t take the injection.

[01:48:45] If people could advise on how to operate, how you can help students like those, I would be very grateful. Thank you, Claudia. I back to Shannon. Thanks very much, Jen. So universities is a very challenging situation here [01:49:00] in South Africa. Young people are very active and so they’re standing up against the mandates because they know that mandates and all the law and apart from creative tactics and protesting, they will be headed to court as well.

[01:49:11] So that’s why. No, this is the pliability also very important for students to be able to understand how they work and be able to serve them, to defend the right education. Just to finish what I was saying, that I am looking forward to interviewing legal practitioners from around the world as well from the World Council for Health, as part of my role at child site news.

[01:49:33] So if you are a practitioner wants to share what’s happening in your country, please feel free to contact me at people, power one on, pick them all for drop my email with dot com because they want to highlight what legal practitioners, wouldn’t the world council for, how they’re doing and provide that resource to the world to highlight what’s happening.

[01:49:52] The interview I did with Jessica Rose and Herman is available also in go and watch it. Absolutely brilliant [01:50:00] vis data versus COVID-19 transparency, which is a fascinating conversation. And find me just to mention that I’m working on a conference for south side news, called fact checking the depth and more details on that will be available soon.

[01:50:14] Thanks again.

[01:50:14] I, and so that’s called tonight Irish. I’m an Irish Trinidadian. I am actually in London, but I’m part of a group in Trinidad that started up earlier this year. In the first quarter we found ourselves on Facebook. And have started and registered COVID-19 transparency advocacy group, and then a responsible parents, Trinidad and Tobago group.

[01:50:41] And we’ve ballooned into, several thousand regular sort of participants in Trinidad. There’s a state of emergency, so people are not allowed to protest. Children have not been in school going into the second year. So there’s a breakdown in, in, in remembering [01:51:00] what children have learned recently, the government allowed vaccine may two children informs four, five, and six.

[01:51:07] They will enter school. And three weeks later after that was a coercive move, they’ve allowed the vaccinated ones to go to school. They’ve totally segregated the schools and set up a conflict, which is a disaster for the children and the end of education. As we’ve known it, they’re insisting on a new norm, new normal protocols and calling it that calling it then you normal protocols, our ministry of health and government has been very much captured by a regional entity based in St.

[01:51:43] Lucia. What.

[01:51:45] To be the CA Caribbean environmental health Institute, a health Institute under the control of the Pan-American health organization, which is of course under the control of the world health organization. It looks itself to be very much under the control of something else, but a [01:52:00] Trinidad is an extremely bad situation in terms of human rights people have lost their jobs unless they’re vaccinated.

[01:52:08] Large conglomerates and companies have set up what they call safe zones, which are really segregated zones. We’ve been fighting very hard with one doctor on board. There’s one doctor out of a population of 1.4 million. We’re very small, but Trinidad and Tobago is known for its oil and gas economy or what used to be that what’s left of it.

[01:52:33] So we, we’re up against very difficult things in Trinidad. So we filed the judicial an appeal for judicial review. What is it pre pre action protocol letter. In and we’re seeking to protect what we see as the most vulnerable the children. Now, since, they’ve moved through the population with coercion, the latest news with that, the five to 11 year olds are going to be available for vaccines.

[01:52:59] [01:53:00] The prime minister’s already indicated that as soon as that it’s approved by what he calls approved by the who, but they will become mandatory for everybody, essentially all the children from five to 11. So this has caused extraordinary anxiety at a national level and being locked down in a state of emergency has prevented face-to-face community.

[01:53:24] A lot of face-to-face communication and for the voice of resistance to be visible to the country. So where we were in a very bad way like I said, I’m based in the UK, I with archery at the protest. And at the other day I was looking around for you, but I couldn’t recognize you, although I heard you were there.

[01:53:43] But yeah. So in a nutshell is, we that’s who we are and, we’re working hard. We did reach out to other organizations in the Caribbean. Our lawyers on the fittest, I would say for the courtroom, we’re working with what we have. We come from a very deeply corrupt [01:54:00] society at all levels, including the judiciary.

[01:54:03] We’re with, yeah, it’s tough times in the Caribbean. But we’re most grateful to be here. I look forward to getting, information I’ve seen what shop Shabnam, sorry, the woman from South Africa, the telegram posts that I’ve seen, that I’ve been trolling through it and feeding that information to our lawyer.

[01:54:22] So I just like to say we’re most grateful to be here and thanks a lot to everybody and we will continue to be part of the group. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support and bringing forward this information. We know that Caribbean is suffering tremendously right now, and it’s coming as a shock and coming very quickly.

[01:54:42] And I would like to thank all of you and everyone for your presence here on the zoom. And for those of you following our live stream, your commitment to support bringing forward the truth, health, and freedom throughout all our nations of the world is what we’re all here. And it’s our [01:55:00] goal together and the world council of health.

[01:55:02] So thank you everyone for being here. And we support all of you and pray for everybody around the world as we move forward from day to day. And we look forward to seeing you next week and bringing forward as much information as we can to help strengthen our brothers and sisters around the. Thank you for being here.


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