General Assembly Meeting | March 7, 2022

Rewatch the full March 7, 2022 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting with guest speakers Dr Astrid Stuckelberger; Shaun Barcavage and Brianne Dressen with React19; and Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin with the Center for Natural Hormone Therapy.

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger: Unpacking the Issues Around the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger is a PhD in Population Health and Privat-Docent at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and Lausanne. She has been teaching and conducting research for over 25 years, has a BSc in Genetic Psychology, and a Master of Science. She has worked with WHO on pandemic management and International Health Regulation, on the Ethics Review Board, and on human-centered factors in health policy. Dr Stuckelberger has represented scientific NGOs at the UN/WHO for the last 20 years and is the author of several books, scientific articles, and UN/EU reports.

Dr Stuckelberger joined the WCH General Assembly Meeting from Switzerland to discuss the WHO pandemic treaty.

A clip of Dr Stuckelberger’s presentation can be found here.

Shaun Barcavage and Brianne Dressen introduce WCH Coalition Partner, React19

Shaun Barcavage and Brianne Dressen joined the World Council for Health to introduce WCH Coalition Partner, React19.

React19 is a research-focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists, and physicians. React19 is working to increase understanding of the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms after acute infection or after vaccination.

A clip of Shaun and Brianne’s presentation can be found here.

Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin introduce WCH Coalition Partner, the Center for Natural Hormone Therapy

The Center for Natural Hormone Therapy creates treatment protocols based on the research in natural hormones and other natural substances that cannot be patented. NHT also strives to raise awareness of how this research is being distorted by the pharmaceutical industry.

A clip of this presentation can be found here.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 7, 2022. This meeting can also be found on Rumble.


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  1. Thank you for your hard work!
    I noticed that the link here for Astrid’s presentation, is not active..
    “A clip of Dr Stuckelberger’s presentation can be found here.”

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for great content.

    You have a scraping sound in the background. You might want to mandate all participants to use headsets and mute themselves when not speaking, in order not to destroy the recordings of you fantastic participants, like Dr Stückelberger. Stückelberger’s is wearing a headset. This is intelligent, since it stops audio feedback. Sound could be even better with condenser microphones, of course, if you really want to serve the people with good quality.

    Also, I recommend using a green screen as a background IF faking another background, or the hair will look crazy. However, it is, in my opinion, often much better having another natural background, like healthy plants or a shelf of books. Real looks more real, wise and healthy.

    I also want to tell you that there is a LIVE-stream possibility on I have used it with open free software, GNU/Linux Mint, Jitsi Meet and OBS Studio, directly from the Linux repository (no updates) and it functions perfectly with my laptop computer when I used a cool pack, 640×360 resolution, 10fps and 64kbps audio. Next I will try to push it to 1222×600 resolution to fit in the Odysee size format.

    To make videos easily accessible for all, I also recommend compressing the finished video with Handbrake to RF28, unless there is small text in the presentation. Also make the file web optimized!

    I love you all. Keep up the good work!
    /The Engineer