General Assembly Meeting | March 21, 2022

Rewatch the full March 21, 2022 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting with guest speakers Dr. Pri Bandara and 5G Virus Platform.

Dr. Pri Bandara’s Interrupted Presentation: “Environmental Electromagnetic Pollution & Our Health in the 5G Era”

Dr. Bandara joined us on Monday, March 21 for a World Council for Health meeting on the health impacts of 5G and wireless technology. Dr. Bandara’s brilliant presentation was deleted before our eyes when her computer was taken over during an attack on our Zoom meeting, causing an intermission to the 33rd General Assembly.

Dr. Priyanka (Pri) Bandara is former academic clinical and basic researcher at leading Australian institutions (Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred hospitals, Faculty of Medicine at University of Sydney and UNSW), now operating independently to investigate the impact of common environmental pollutants on human health, particularly chronic diseases. She has a special interest in the toxicology of anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation (EMR), mainly microwave EMR used for wireless communication and surveillance technologies. Pri is an executive member of Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) and an advisory board member of Environmental Health Trust (USA).

We have prepared and released the portion of Dr. Bandara’s presentation that she was able to deliver.

Ali Osman Dilipak: Introducing 5G Virus Platform

5G Wireless News platform is a media initiative out of Turkey established in January 2020 by Mr. Muammer Karabulut and the father of Ali Osman Dilipak, Abdurrahman Dilipak. Abdurrahman is a very well-known political columnist and a human rights activist in Turkey.

About Markus Stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen is a German trumpeter and composer. His recordings and performances have typically alternated between jazz and chamber or opera music, the latter often in collaboration with his father, composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Markus is a successful composer for the London Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra Dark Italiana.


This is an edited version of the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 21, 2022. It includes both parts of the meeting that took place after an intermission was necessary to secure the meeting.

The meeting can also be found on Rumble and Odysee.


[00:00:00] Cristof Plothe: Hello, welcome everybody. To another Monday meeting of the World Council for Health. We are very honored to have you all here with us. My name is Christof Plothe and I’m be joining by the most amazing, [00:01:00] Kat Lindley tonight as a co-host. And our topic is a very urgent one tonight. We know that since the mid eighties we are surrounded by high frequencies of mobile phones, et cetera, but yet all the standards are still focused on thermal consequences for our system. But we’re here tonight with the most amazing speakers on that topic and we hope we’ll learn more about the current state of all the non-thermal effects and hope that these will be implemented in science and in official regulations very soon. So thank you very much. All of you for joining us tonight. Little disclaimer for tonight we are delighted to be hosting speakers from around the world on our platform and welcome different perspectives. We would like to point out however that the opinions of our guest speakers don’t necessarily represent the opinions of the WCH. This meeting is live and not rehearsed so therefore errors and omissions are possible as you usually see. Friendly [00:02:00] reminders. Please keep yourself on mute during the meeting. Also we’ll have a musician tonight! Please adhere to the code of conduct to a facilitate, respectful, and open discussion and to our partners in the meeting place, please write your questions in the chat with a Q at the front. Here, our mission statement, the World Council for Health is a nonprofit organization for the people, that is informed and funded by the people. Our global coalition of health focused organizations and civil society groups seek to broaden public health knowledge and sense making through science and shared wisdom. We’re dedicated you to safeguarding human rights and free will while empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing. There’s a better way, and we are committed to creating it together with you. Our values are topics and freedom, community integrity, transparency, and improvement. And you’re very welcome to have a closer look at them on our website. We have coalition partners around the world. We are very happy to welcome many [00:03:00] of them tonight. Apparently where have over 150 at the moment from at least 50 countries and we’ll update you like today with a Mind Health committee update. We’ll have a connection room on Wednesday, we’ll have a talk about the role of frequency and sound in healing, so you’re very welcome to join us on Wednesday. And to our proceedings tonight we are very honored to have with us some music for the first time and we’ll have amazing speakers. Our first one is going to be Dr. Pri Bandara from Australia on environmental and electromagnetic pollution and our health, biological effects and health consequences in the 5g area. And then we have Arthur Firstenberg later on from USA, 5G of satellites and terrestrial antenna arrays, a crisis for life on earth. And later on, we’ll have a partner introduction Ali Osman Dilipak from Turkey will join us from his website, 5g virus platform. And we’ll also have [00:04:00] Matters arising. So open floor for anyone to speak about matters arising around the world. We’ll start our meeting tonight with a very amazing man Markus Stockhausen. He’s a musician. He is a German trumpeter and composer widely considered one of the most shining jazz musicians of our time. His recording and performances have typically alternated between jazz and chamber or opera music. And Markus is also a successful composer for the London Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra Dark Italiana, the coroner of La Monnaie and others. Furthermore, together with the representatives of other arts, he realizes several performances in the border area between dance, geometry, light, color, language, and music. On top of these wonderful talents he has become a powerful voice for human rights, especially for the ones involving the challenges from EMF pollution. Markus it’s all yours and we can’t wait to hear you. Musical Performance by Markus Stockhausen — Markus Stockhausen: Thank you, Christof. I will [00:05:00] start. Cristof Plothe: Thank you, Markus for this absolutely wonderful moment to start our session. Our universe is filled with frequencies and good to know that there are some healing and good frequencies because we are going to be talking about loads of detrimental frequencies tonight. So thank you very much for these frequencies and we can’t wait to hear more of you tonight. Markus Stockhausen: You’re welcome. Dr. Pri Bandara — Cristof Plothe: So coming to our first speaker it’s Dr. Pri Bandara Pri is a former academic clinical and basic researcher at leading Australian institutions and now operates independently to investigate the impact of common environmental pollutants on human health, particularly chronic diseases. She has a special interest in the toxicology and anthropogenic, electromagnetic, radiation, EMR, mainly microwave EMR used for wireless communication and surveilance technologies. She’s an expert public speaker, especially on the topic of wireless health risks. The platforms, all yours. Thank you very much for tonight. Dr. Pri Bandara: [00:06:00] Thank you Cristof. First of all, I just want to make a comment about Markus’s beautiful sound frequencies. Just want to start by saying our mere existence depends on frequencies of nature. And for wellbeing, we really need to have ourselves exposed to the good, positive frequency. So here we are talking about different forms of frequencies. I’ll start my slight presentation. And I ask you not to worry about capturing all the information. There’s so much information there. In the time it’s hard to detail everything, but you can have the slides later for details. But I just want to introduce you to this very complex topic and share some scientific evidence indicating harm. Now, when we talk about environmental electromagnetic pollution, it is caused by different forms of man-made [00:07:00] electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation which now is collated in the 5g era. And now the most prominent form of this pollution comes from radio frequency electromagnetic radiation generated for wireless communications and surveillance networks. So in the modern 21st century life, we are surrounded by countless devices that emit RF radiation exposing us 24 7. This used to be quite rare a few decades ago, about three decades ago. So for example, in the nineties, until the the population wasn’t largely exposed. For example you can get exposed to a microwave radiation, which is radio frequency, radiation in a particular frequency band. In the old days, if you were standing by an operating microwave oven, [00:08:00] you get exposed to some microwave radiation, but many people don’t understand, that when you are exposed to your wifi, you get exposed to the same radiation all the time. And in fact, a more biological interfering form with pulse modulation of microwaves. So these are very complex topics that we don’t have to go into, but the evidence now suggests that if it’s not only small insects like bees that are dropping dead with this massive proliferation of man-made, electromagnetic frequencies, but even our children as they spend their entire days in close proximity to these microwave transmitters and fall asleep on them, they are getting harmed as well. In the 5G era, the microwave transmitters are going to be increased massively in millions because [00:09:00] everything’s going to be connected to everything and we are talking about things like smart cities, internet of things and this problem is at crisis point. I would like to start with this slide, which gives you an indication of the magnitude of this problem. From the 1950′ um, uh, s, the environmental levels of Radio Frequency radiation and microwave radiation largely, around this one gigahertz frequency band used for common communications. This has increased over the decades, to a quintillion times above the natural levels. The radio frequency we get from the sun is extremely low, almost nonexistent and everything is man-made. So when you think about this, it’s a billion times a billion, it’s unimaginabl e. And yet there’s little talk about [00:10:00] electromagnetic pollution. We are very concerned as a global society about say, for example, carbon dioxide increase. In that same period, we’ve had doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and we need to pay similar attention to electromagnetic pollution. And I asked you to look at this paper, which is a very good in introduction to the issue. Now, even today, in the modern world, there is wide variation of exposure and usually by many orders of magnitude. Let me, just give you one example from a, published paper by, Professor Lennart Hardell, a Swedish oncologist, who has done an amazing work in this space. In 2015- uh, he measured his exposure. I’m not sure what’s happening.[00:11:00] Intermission — Cristof Plothe: Okay. We’re live. Thank you very much for everybody attending. 5G Virus Platform — Cristof Plothe: We’ll have a slight change in our schedule tonight, but Ali Osman Dilipak from the 5G virus platform is the one speaker that we still have in our Zoom at the moment so thank you very much for sticking with us and being able to connect. The 5G virus platform was established which suggested a link between 5G technology and coronavirus. Ali Osman Dilipak and Muammer Karabulut are spokesperson for the platform. Dilipak is also a spokesperson for the cannabis cooperative. So thank you very much for joining us tonight and we can’t wait to hear from you. Ali Osman Dilipak: First of all, thanks for inviting and accepting 5G Wireless News platform to your organization and giving me the opportunity to introduce our platform to your valuable partners and audience. Let me give some brief information about 5G Wireless [00:12:00] News platform. The 5G Wireless News Platform was established in January, 2020. The initiative in establishing this platform was taken by Mr. Muammer Karabulut and my father Abdurrahman Dilipak. My father is a very well known political columnist and a human right activist. His opinions are followed by a vast majority of the public in Turkey. Mr. Muammer and my father worked jointly on many social projects together in the past. And now they both work for 5G Wireless News Platform along with other valuable colleagues and partners. I was chosen as the representative of 5G Wireless News in your valuable organization. As a platform, we have a website, which is published in almost every language. [00:13:00] On this website we cover the news and recent developments about 5G technologies and the correlation between 5G and illnesses and viruses. Thanks to the efforts of our partners and volunteers, the platform, and the website reach a big audience. I can say that we are the most important platform in this field in Turkey with our activities, campaigns and impact, because concern was the health problems that may occur while in the transition to 5G technologies. What would be the consequences of this technology when someone is exposed to radiation from such increased electromagnetic fields. This matter worried us a lot. We know that 5G virus gives harm to our immune system and our bodies become more vulnerable to [00:14:00] diseases. And most importantly to cancer. We filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and Huawei in Antalya city of Turkey in May 2020 about the harms of 5G applications in Turkey. This lawsuit still continues. Let me summarize our teases that we voiced in the lawsuit briefly. It is known that the radiation emitted by radioactive millimetric waves found in the electromagnetic field is absorbed by our body and it harms our health. The negative impact of these waves was questioned when the first radio broadcast was made in 1917. But at that time, this matter was covered. And interestingly masked with the epidemic named Spanish flu. In 1977, the research article of Russian scientists [00:15:00] based on experiments on biological effect of millimetric radio waves, revealed the danger we live in today. And the micro waves discovered in 1953 were also used as weapons for the first time, primarily in Russia due to their lateral effect. 5G technologies will also be used as weapons that target people directly. On May 31st, 2011, the International Agency for Research on Concept, which is a part of the World Health Organization with it’s press release number 208 published a report. This report reveals the experiments showing radio frequency electromagnetic fields cause cancer in humans. Again, on 27 may, [00:16:00] 2011, the standing committee acting on behalf of the European Council accepted the report, titled ‘Potential Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields and Their Effects on the Environment’, which has to be complied by the member states. In both reports, it is clearly written that, there has been increased concern about the negative effects of wireless communication tools in the last few years and the health effects caused by exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. Moreover in the purely scientific report of the European Council, the precautionary principle should be applied when scientific assessment does not allow the determination of risk with sufficient certainty. In case of increased exposure of the population, particularly vulnerable groups, such as the old and [00:17:00] children, there can be extremely high human and economic costs if early warnings are neglected. However, these warnings were never on the public agenda. The reason of course is the endless greed for money and the motivation in removing the barriers that create obstacles to technological enhancement. Defendant, Microsoft claims that they cannot be linked with 5G and they only develop software. We of course do not believe in this statement. Without Microsoft, there would be no 5G technology today. Microsoft is at the top of the 5G pyramid. Recently on September 28th, 2020, Jason Zander, deputy general manager of Microsoft Azure announced that they are partnering with the telecommunications industry [00:18:00] to deliver 5G and more. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform service that provides a wide variety of internet services. It is Microsoft’s first step into cloud computing/completing after the launch of Microsoft online services. So, in court, their statements of saying that they have nothing to do with 5G have been refuted. Yes, we have cited our claims and provided evidence documents in the lawsuit. And now waiting for the court decision. We will keep posted your platform about this lawsuit, once we hear from the court. After all these experiences, I can say that a completely the new field of knowledge has emerged. Biologically, it was the effects of electricity on humans, plants and animals, with the introduction of electricity, into [00:19:00] our lives, and with its increasing usage, the types of diseases have also increased. Our contemporary physicians remained oblivious to these diseases as they didn’t realize the effects of electricity on us. One of the solution in this field is to open a new door to signs by conducting medical studies, to treat diseases and take precautions against exposure to electromagnetic fields. In order to prevent harmful effects, people should be protected from electromagnetic signals and therefore REF radiation. Electromagnetic medicine, and bio electromagnetic medicine, which are newly developing disciplines in science, will we believe will reveal, all these details of how living organisms interact with electromagnetic fields.[00:20:00] At that time, Bill Gates will not be able to deceive anyone with World Health Organization, block people and countries with pandemic announcements, and no one will believe the lie of vaccines. The reality is known in all its details by scientists who were silenced and censored. The same reality is known by the perverts that hide this reality. In Turkey, we name them Supreme Minds are the global elites who try to rule the world and our struggle will continue with them. Thanks for listening to me. Cristof Plothe: Thank you very much for this amazing presentation. And we can’t wait to be updated on all your efforts to actually bring these cases to court. Thank you very much. Ali Osman Dilipak: No problem. It’s our pleasure. Thank you very much. Cristof Plothe: I’ll hand it over to Kat. Is there anything you might want [00:21:00] to add? Dr. Kat Lindley: We have one question so far. Mr. Depak what is the level of awareness and censorship in about 5G in Turkey? Ali Osman Dilipak: People mostly they are focusing on right now, the discussion on the table is more or less with this pandemic. It is quite affecting us. We are trying to link this COVID issue with 5G and its effect on the humans. But we to be honest, we cannot bring people’s attention to that point as we desire. But however, and Microsoft. Right now we can wait to result. Hopefully we can get something positive from the court. Dr. Kat Lindley: And since we have you with us tonight, can you tell us a little bit about how has Turkey been affected with this pandemic with mandates where are you guys with all that? Ali Osman Dilipak: I think the vaccin vaccination rate it is around 80% right now. There is, I can say no more Covid precautions on the table. However social economic impacts are still [00:22:00] affecting people. So many people lost their jobs, they are fired or some people they didn’t want to get vaccinated and they had some difficulties. We had a big meeting in Istanbul, we organized a protest, but unfortunately, there is a nobody from government side official officers or people from the private sector. They are scared to come and attend and support us because they are being threatened by their either employers or from the government, nobody can explain their opinion freely in this regard. This is the difficulty what we are facing with, but in private or through our social media communication, we receive many supports from the people, but when it comes to expressing this opinion in the field, we cannot get strong support from the people because of these reasons. Dr. Kat Lindley: Thank you very much for that update. Someone actually had a question and it’s in South Africa, [00:23:00] more 5G towers were put up during the lockdown. Is it same in Turkey? Ali Osman Dilipak: No, not really. There’s a preparation but public opposition in Europe is stronger than Turkey. We cannot motivate and move people in Turkey. They are, they agree with us. They support us. We admire, we see the public opposition and and public awareness is far better than Turkey. Actually, when we start this project, we were waiting great support from the community from the public, but frankly speaking this couldn’t happen to the level that we are waiting. But this does not mean that we will stop here. As I said in private people are contacting us, supporting us. So we will continue fighting for this . This lawsuit is an example of our determination in this regard and in regards to 5G installment of these towers and antennas, there is a infrastructure [00:24:00] preparation is going on, but they didn’t start building the towers yet. Dr. Kat Lindley: And we have a question from Fran in the newsroom, she’s asking. ‘ Do you have any of these topics available online on your website or any other websites that you recommend for people to look at?’ Ali Osman Dilipak: Yes, they can have a look at our website, 5G wireless It is not only in Turkish, there are many languages and we are trying to highlight recent developments. Not only in Turkey, but around the world in many languages we have many columnist people and here we share their opinions. So this is a platform where we raise our voice, we keep the people updated through this platform. Dr. Kat Lindley: Great. Thank you. And Paula asked, Are there any consequences from controlling the 5G development? So I know you said in Turkey it’s not being as developed as it is in Europe [00:25:00] currently. Ali Osman Dilipak: No, not yet. We are seeing protestors. They they are trying to demolish these 5G antennas and this kind of protest is not happening here because there is, no, as I said, Installment. There is no towers installed around us. I don’t know what will happen when we come to that stage, but we are trying to prepare public for it. We are trying to increase their awareness in this regard. That is what we are preparing for. The people like you from outside the country their expert opinions are very important, because sometimes they name us as a conspiracy theorist and they, some people, they say that you are not expert, you are not in this field, how you can express your opinion. It is not your field to say something that let experts speak and they will tell the truth. So this is what we are facing with. So if we have more experts locally and internationally, [00:26:00] I think we will be more strong and achieve what we want to achieve. Dr. Kat Lindley: I wanna thank you for coming back to on the zoom with us. It’s been experience, I believe for everyone, for our audience and. And it just shows how important this topic is for everyone to learn more about than we will definitely expand more on it. So thank you so much for your time today. Ali Osman Dilipak: Thank you. Cristof Plothe: There’s one thing we wanted to read out at the end, but I might just use this at the moment it’s was a quote that was posted this week in one of our group by Howard Zinn. And it is quite fitting for tonight. ‘It is to be hopefully in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history, not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. [00:27:00] If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places, and there are so many where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act and at least the possibility of sending the spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act in however smaller way, we don’t have to wait for some great grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presence. And to live now, as we think human beings should live in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory’. In these terms and riding on these waves of these beautiful words, um, encouraging us and to keep our activities alive. Kat, are there any questions from the open floor for anyone who would like to speak up and give an update or ask a question for [00:28:00] tonight? Human Rights Day — Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: I can talk about Human Rights Day in South Africa. So today is Human Rights Day in South Africa, of course, the 21st of March, but it’s better known as Sharpeville Day where there was a massacre against our black African people here in South Africa during a apartheid. And so there are many people who prefer to call it Sharpeville Day as opposed to Human Rights Day, to keep the memory of those who are sacrificed, in essence for the freedom and the semi democracy we have right now. But it is a day in which there are a lot of events and campaigns to commemorate human rights in all of its different forms. Of course, we still celebrate or commemorate our first thing on the 10th of December, which is International Human Rights Day. But the 21st of March, is certainly very popular and there’ve been a number of campaigns around the country, including various civil society formations marching around the country. Tomorrow as well, there’ll be another march, against these mandates [00:29:00] that the government is trying to impose on the people. They’ve tried to do that via employers, essentially giving them the weapons they need. But thankfully there is a massive awakening happening even amongst the employers who are realizing that we’ve got 60 to 80% immunity, natural immunity in South Africa, that was the zero positivity study that was done in counting one of our states, so to speak. And of course that these injections were for all intents and purposes intended for variation one. And so the idea of forcing it on anyone leave alone, the fact that you have the right to say no and of course with risk must come choice. But now government is talking about amending legislation to give it the authority to mandate or force injections. I personally don’t think this is going to succeed on a constitutional level, where to go to court. But also in the court of public opinion, I don’t think I know south Africans are not going to take it lying down because our priorities is dealing with the [00:30:00] endemic poverty, the unemployment that’s just been exacerbated during the lockdowns. I think the ruling party in South Africa here is playing a losing game of chess and might just lose their position as the ruling party were there to follow through with the mandate. Another very interesting development particularly on Human Rights Day. On the 16th of February, a group of over 70 doctors in South Africa through our organization Transformative Health Justice wrote a letter to SAHPRA, which is the health products, regulatory authority saying, this is what we, who noticed in people who are taking these jabs, everything from autoimmune diseases to heart conditions, to blood clotting a whole long list. SAHPRA didn’t reply for an entire month. Now, this is the authority approving these jabs and telling us it’s safe and effective. We then decided to make it public that SAHPRA had chosen not to reply, but to rather put out a press release on Pfizer’s court ordered safety report. [00:31:00] SAHPRA then replied on the 16th of March or the 18th of March and it wasn’t even a reply because in the first paragraph while they say they’re responding to the letter, the rest of it is essentially a cut and paste from previous press releases, just a one pager and nowhere in that letter, does it say as a regulator, we would like to meet representatives from this group of doctors, because we understand your perspective as professionals committed to the Hippocratic is important. And so we’ve launched a campaign over this human rights weekend, essentially asking the public to write to SAHPRA and the title of the email should be ‘SAHPRA – do the right thing’. And in the email to insist that SAHPRA actually meet these medical professionals to hear what is happening to their patients and in of course, masses of the public who can’t even access doctors are going through similar adverse effects that we’re also recording on SA VAERS which is the alternative to SAHPRA’s reporting system. So that campaign has kicked off [00:32:00] and we’ll be publishing some of the emails that have been written to SAHPRA. But certainly I think a vibrant culture of taking action for human rights is very much alive in South Africa, as it is around the world. And certainly our engagement with partners at the World Council For Health reminds that human rights are still alive. And as long as we stay committed to building and creating a better world, human rights will always continue to thrive. Thank you very much, Cristof. Cristof Plothe: Thank you very much for that Shabnam and all the best. Yeah. And whilst the subject of tonight has been about 5G, it has been about human rights as well, but we should not forget that it’s basically also about nature’s rights here because we are sending out a technology that will have influence on animals, insects plants and microbes, for that matter, it will affect everybody, so we don’t have too many lawyers yet defending our trees, defending our flowers and defending our bees et cetera, [00:33:00] et cetera. But they should all have a saying in what we’re doing to our world. And I can just quote here, a study that was was published last week in which they put high frequency towers next to tomato plants and the tomato plants lost about 70% of all their ingredients and therefore lacking some of the most substantial nutrients for us. In a way, if we don’t stop this we don’t only have an effect on us. We will see insects disappearing. We will see pollination disappearing. We will also observe our foods declining in nutrients. So this will all backfire on us. We could see tonight that we hit the spot. It seems like it and this won’t stop us. We will continue to spread the facts that we have. We’re open to any discuss ion with anybody but we won’t be stopped by this attempt tonight in order to block this message from reaching the people. Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: I’m so glad that you’ve raised the impact of the 5G on crops and of course on human health, but there’s also [00:34:00] the effect of having to mine for the materials to make those towers. Mining is a hugely extractive industry. It’s exploitative, people are harmed, the environment is harmed, but also these satellites hundreds of them as space debris so there’s all of these dimensions, even for people who don’t believe there’s a health impact, there certainly is an environmental impact. And perhaps for a lot of people, the journey can begin there. Cristof Plothe: Thank you very much for that Shabnam. Dr. Pri Bandara – Returns After Cyberattack — Cristof Plothe: I know that Pri has been listening- Can you hear us Pri? Dr. Pri Bandara: Yes I can. Cristof Plothe: Okay. Thank you for coming back to us after this, uh, most amazing event. Dr. Pri Bandara: Okay. Um, um, so, um, as you, you can see, you know, we we’ve had an, um, extraordinary experience, um, and, uh, well, I think it’s good that it happened this way. Um, So the whole world can see the cancel culture. [00:35:00] That has been created in this um, world controlled by big tech. So, um, you know, it’s happened to be, uh, it, It has happened to me before. For example, last year I was present giving, uh, recording um, Uh, uh, a presentation with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for GP education and my computer screen started going black and all sorts of weird things happened. I’ve had a lot of technical problems, but this is the first time in front of a live audience to this extent. So they, the hackers joined the meeting and pretended to be Tess Lawrie and asked for me to give remote access control, which I complied to. And they soon deleted all my slides so I have to present next week. I didn’t even have a backup [00:36:00] copy I just did the slides last night. Speaking of sabotage, it just shows how important this topic is; the impact of wireless radiation on health and wellbeing of people and all forms of life on earth is a huge problem. And there is intense censorship on this topic. In fact, before COVID this was the most controversial topic that nobody wanted to take up. I was only alerted to this issue in 2012. And when I took up the issue, within months, I realized this is a hot potato nobody wants to touch. And certainly academic researchers who are dependent on grant money. Now just to give you one biological effects of radio frequency, radiation, wireless radiation that all of us get exposed to through our favorite devices, not mine anymore, I’ve been [00:37:00] completely wireless device free or everything wired since 2012 with unbelievable health gains in my family, particularly to my young children. Personally what happened within my own family was the reason why I dedicated my entire life to protect people from wireless radiation dangers. My five year old, back in 2012 managed to recover from multiple immune mediated, chronic diseases and ADHD after we massively reduced his exposure by 9,000 fold in his sleeping area. Very high exposure from a couple of wireless devices, including a baby monitor. DNA damage caused by low levels of exposure, what’s called non perma levels of wireless radiation exposure from everyday devices like mobile phones, your wifi routers. This is real, and it [00:38:00] can increase your cancer risk and cause a whole host of adverse biological effects. In the 1990s, Professor Henry Lai’s team at University of Washington, were the first two comprehensively show that wireless radiation from mobile phones could cause DNA damage. What happened to professor Lai? There were mysterious forces operating through the university and the university was asked to sack him, which didn’t happen thankfully, but his research grants were cut and he was starved in terms of research funding. And then in the early two thousands around 2004 at the university of Vienna, Professor Hugo Rodriguez lab did some experiments with the European union funding very comprehensive study and showed again wireless radiation from a typical mobile phone within 24 hours of exposure caused DNA damage equivalent [00:39:00] to, the positive control was a very high dose of ionizing radiation equivalent of about 5,000 chest x-rays in today’s terms, cause they use very little I can’t say little low doses compared to before. It, it was quite remarkable DNA damage. And when they published this data, there was intense sabotage. There was pressure on the journal Mutation Research to to withdraw that publication claiming that Professor Rodriguez’s Lab committed a scientific fraud and there was a whole saga his lab was shut down. He lost his career. It was so many years later, finally this group was vindicated. Recently there was some legal action. The court determined that another professor manipulated a hidden program to sabotage this lab’s activity. You know how important this topic [00:40:00] is. They are preventing the world, the people from knowing the truth. And this is exactly why we need to stand up and talk about this issue. I’m happy to take any questions. Cristof Plothe: Thank you very much Pri for sharing your personal story behind it, your expertise and your outlook and we can’t stress enough your conclusions that this is a highly important topic for all of us. And we hope that we’ll he here more from you soon. Dr. Kat Lindley: Dr. Pri I just wanted to say thank you so much for hanging on with us because like you said, it’s actually good it happened here and today. So that we’re all aware that we’re all under attack and this is an important topic. And we’re looking forward to having you give you a full presentation on our next meetings when we have them scheduled. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your courage for having the voice out there showing everyone how important this is, because we don’t realize how exposed we are in our daily lives, our children just us, with our phones – [00:41:00] we’re so dependent on technology it’s incredible how we change from the days or before, as I like to say and the way to go forward is really to remember who we are and go back to basics. So thank you so much. Dr. Pri Bandara: Thank you very much Kat. Now there is a question asking any thoughts on microtech and injections and 5G relationship? I don’t want to really go into that here. I think that should be done with some evidence so let’s address that later. And indeed it’s an area that is. We need to investigate with urgency. And as you said Dr. Kat, it’s really important, not only to realize how harmful everyday exposures can be but people need to be educated on very simple and effective ways to minimize that harm with the technical help to wire devices and especially for children to give safe and secure wired connections for [00:42:00] work. Kids are on devices all the time, these days. Um, and so I’ll leave it there. Cristof Plothe: Okay, thank you very much Pri thank you very much, Kat. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to us and hopefully spread the news about the World Council for Health. Thank you for all the help of the incredible team behind organizing tonight. And we would also like to remind everybody again that we are for the people from the people, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. A big thank you to everybody who was with us tonight and conclude this night and let us all collect courage and trust for the times ahead. Thank you very much and have a good night. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you Pri, thank you, Zoe. Dr. Kat Lindley: Thanks Pri, thanks team. Good work. Cristof Plothe: Thanks. Pri and Ali and everyone. [00:43:00]

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