General Assembly Meeting | February 14, 2022

Rewatch the full February 14, 2022 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting with guest speakers Dr. Charles Hoffe and Kim Knight. Dr. Fernando Valerio introduced WCH Coalition Partner, Catracho.

Dr. Charles Hoffe: The Abandonment of Medical Ethics & the Censorship of Science

Dr. Hoffe is a family doctor in Lytton, BC, Canada. He has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. After seeing numerous cases of severe Covid injection injury in his own patients, Dr. Hoffe became an outspoken advocate for patient safety and the Hippocratic Oath: “First do no harm.”

A clip of Dr. Hoffe’s presentation can be found here.

Dr. Fernando Valerio introduces WCH Coalition Partner, Catracho.

Dr. Valerio is Co-Director of the Critical Care Unit of Hospital CEMESA in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and is a member of the Honduras COVID 19 Physician Task Force.

The Catracho Platform (Platforma Catracho) is a non-profit organization comprised of health professionals who are on the front lines in the battle against Covid-19 that are committed to Honduran society. Catracho provides recommendations on the management of Covid-19 and integrates information based on scientific evidence and the best experiences of professionals.

A clip of Dr. Valerio’s presentation can be found here.

Kim Knight: Covid-19: The Hidden Meaning & Messages for Humanity

Kim is a health and personal development coach based in Queenstown, New Zealand. As a result of her own 25-year journey back to health from a multitude of long-term health issues, including chronic fatigue, anxiety, and clinical depression, Kim became fascinated with identifying and clearing life problems at a root causal level.

A clip of Kim’s presentation can be found here.

Feb 7 General Assembly 1

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly on February 14, 2022.

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WCH – GA Meeting – February 14, 2022 === [00:00:00] Dr. Tess Lawrie: Good day, everyone and welcome. Thank you for taking the time out of your Valentine day to attend this live general assembly meeting. Love is very much a part of the World Council for Health [00:01:00] ethos, where we work together to empower and unify the beautiful people of this world through love and community. I’m Dr. Tess Lawrie and I and Dr. Mark Tracy are your hosts today. before we get started, I’d like to ask Shabnam Palesa Mohamed to read a short poem by Rumi, Shabnam? Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you very much Tess. and so what we’ve decided to do, because we’re all about love and solidarity today, instead of Rumi, who is the quintessential poet of love we’re going to travel to Maya Angelou, who is an American poet and civil rights activists published seven autobiographies, dozens of awards over the years, really quite a phenomenal women. And this poem is called still, I rise. You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? [00:02:00] ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells Pumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I’ll rise. Do you want to see me broken bowed, head and lowered eyes, shoulders falling like teardrops weakened by soulful cries. Does my haughtiness offend you? Don’t you take it awful hard. ’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines Diggin’ in my own backyard. You may shoot me with your words. You may cut me with your eyes. You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, air, I’ll rise. Out of the huts of history’s shame I rise. Up from a past that’s rooted in pain. I rise. I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide, Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise. Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear. I rise. Bringing the gifts that my [00:03:00] ancestors gave. I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise. I rise. I rise. Back to you, Tess. we are delighted to be hosting speakers from around the world on our platform and we welcome different perspectives. We would like to point out that the opinions of our guest speakers don’t necessarily represent the opinions of the WCH. And just a reminder that this meeting is live streamed and not rehearsed before errors and admissions are possible. Dr. Tess Lawrie: As we are live, if you do not wish to appear on camera, please turn your cameras off. Please keep yourself on mute during the meeting and adhere to the code of conduct to facilitate respectful and open discussion. To our partners in the meeting please write your questions in the Q and A feature or in the chat. If you’re watching through the newsroom, please be aware that you won’t see the chat or questions for now as this is for participants. Reminder of the [00:04:00] mission statement. If you’re new to will concept for health, the World Council for Health is a nonprofit organization for the people that is informed and funded by the people, our global coalition of health focused organizations and civil society groups seek to broaden public health knowledge. And sense-making through science and shared wisdom. We are dedicated to safeguarding human rights and free will while empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing. There is a better way, and we are committed to creating it together with you. We have many partner organizations and numbering now, well over 130, and if you do not see you, your logo there, please do let us know. It’s hard to keep up. We, our affiliates now,in 50, 50 different countries around the world. An update on our youth committee, we’re working on a cartoon series on how the pandemic has affected our youth. if you’re interested in joining the youth committee, please email us at [00:05:00] Dr. Tess Lawrie: As far as our mental health committee update, we’re two weeks into our 28 day connection challenge on Telegram, which started on Tuesday the 1st of February. We are also going to be running our first of many connection room sessions. And each of these will have a different guest. The first session is this Wednesday at 4:00 PM Eastern time or nine O’Clock, uh, greenish meantime. And we welcome Dr. Robbie O’Dwyer to run a 13 minute guided meditation for us. And this will be hosted on our World Council for Health discussion group on Telegram. You don’t need to sign up, just look at the channel at that time and join a group call and a group called .Will appear and you can choose to join. Everyone is welcome. From the law and activism committee, they have been busy with a statement on the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty, which is a motion, and also a campaign to promote biofreedom over biosecurity. They are also supporting medical professionals around the world who are [00:06:00] experiencing challenges. The health and humanity committee, the, the there’s been much discussion about the World Council for Health position on isolation regulations and COVID-19 testing recommendations. There has been discussion around HIV and COVID-19 and whether there is a link. Also discussions around the concept of vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and also a discussion around the contents undeclared contents of the vaccine. Dr. Tess Lawrie: And there will be a summary from Rob Verkerk in matters arising. So without further ado, the meeting proceedings,will run as follows. We have a guest speaker from Canada, Dr. Charles Hoffe, who is speaking about the abandonment of medical ethics and the censorship of science. We have news from Denmark and Canada. We have a, and we have two coalition partner introductions: Dr. Fernando Valerio from Honduras and Kim Knight from New Zealand. [00:07:00] And at the end of the evening, we will open the floor to the panel to, for matters arising. I would just like to highlight again, that we are funded by the people for the people, and we very much welcome and are grateful for the support we have received to date. Charles Hoffe — So I would like to welcome Dr. Charles Hoffe. Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family doctor. He lives and works in Lytton, in Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to Canada in 1919. He has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for 31 years. Dr. Tess Lawrie: And after seeing numerous cases of severe COVID vaccine injury in his own patients, Dr. Hoffe has been an outspoken advocate for safety and the Hippocratic oath. First do no harm, Dr. Hoffe has been threatened persecuted and disciplined by the medical authorities for the crime of causing vaccine hesitancy by daring to question the safety of the experimental gene therapy [00:08:00] vaccines and for advocating for the safety of his own patients who have been injured by the COVID jabs. Welcome Dr. Hoffe. It’s a pleasure to meet you here at last. Dr. Charles Hoffe: Thank you. Thank you very much for the invitation. So I wanted you to talk about the abandonment of medical ethics and the censorship of science. And it has troubled me, or firstly, I should say that as a doctor, the oath that every doctor takes. The Hippocratic oath is to do no harm. And it is a beautiful ethic. If the whole world lived by that ethic, it would be so different. And doing no harm also means preventing harm because it means that if you see somebody else in danger and you do nothing to protect them from that danger, you become complicit in their harm. And so [00:09:00] here in Canada, medical doctors are regulated by the colleges of physicians and surgeons in each province. and the duty of the college is basically fundamentally to protect the public. It’s to ensure that doctors have the appropriate training and credentials, and to ensure that what they’re doing is keeping people safe. In other words, that doctors are honest that they do no harm. And, and that there is, effectively that they’re never exploiting vulnerable people. and over the years I’ve been amazed at how pedantic they have been. I once received a letter of warning from the college about 25 years ago, that I was warning me and just informing me that I was not allowed to give medical care to my own family, because it was contrary to their code of ethics. It was astonishing. It was absolutely amazing. They, there were very pedantic about doctors, never having any business [00:10:00] dealings with their patients or, um, and, and particularly keen on informed consent and the fact that patients should never be coerced into having a treatment that they don’t want, and that patients needed to be fully informed about the risks and benefits so that they could make an informed choice. Dr. Charles Hoffe: So something has seriously changed in the world with this pandemic, as I think you’re probably all aware. The fact that right across the world, there is so much fear and deception and a complete abandonment of ethics and of common sense really makes me think that this is a spiritual problem that because I just cannot otherwise understand how so many intelligent and professional people across the world can all be, have all have gone off the rails so badly. So as was mentioned in the introduction, I firstly, was [00:11:00] warned, and put under investigation for questioning the safety of these shots when I, when I saw harm in my own patients and then was fired as an emergency room physician for explaining the concept of natural immunity to an emergency room nurse, and basically explaining why somebody who had natural immunity did not need to be immunized. And so I, I became very concerned that a doctor who was concerned about patient safety and medical ethics should be persecuted for doing so, because I’ve had that firsthand. And in fact, next month, the doctors in British Columbia who have not had the COVID jabs will all have their licenses suspended. Dr. Charles Hoffe: In other words, this is the decree of our medical authorities that if you believe- in fact, our medical health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry here in, in BC has said that if you, if a doctor will not have these shots, they should not be a doctor. In other words, if you believe in the ethic of informed [00:12:00] consent, you should not be a doctor. So this is from the highest levels at an absolute abandonment of medical ethics. And so early on in this pandemic, the first evidence I saw before I was reprimanded of the abandonment of ethics was the withholding of treatment where they- Doctors knew that hydroxychloroquine was effective against the first SARs virus. So there was no reason why it shouldn’t have been effective against the second. That had been known since 2006. And doctors had known that ivermectin had, was an effective antiviral and an effective anti-inflammatory. So it was a logical thing to try. But the fact that there’s been a such misinformation and active withholding of treatment to people who are seriously ill. Even something like vitamin D. There was a study from Malaysia that showed that if people have adequate vitamin D levels, [00:13:00] their mortality risk from COVID literally drops to zero. So the fact that they would not advocate even for vitamin D was just a glaring red flag, that something was very seriously wrong. So then of course, when the shots came out and there was no informed consent, that was another huge red flag for the abandonment of ethics, because informed consent involves four things. Firstly, a patient needs to be informed about the risks and with a vaccine that is experimental and we have no knowledge of what the long-term consequences might be or what it will possibly do to fertility or to children or to your immune system in the long-term. There’s no way a person can give informed consent if we don’t even know what the risks are. And the fact that- and then of course, in terms of the benefits, people were told that this was their duty to [00:14:00] society to get vaccinated, to keep others safe, which was a complete lie! Because it, I think everybody has now realized that it doesn’t stop the transmission of the virus. So its benefits are very minimal. And now with Omicron, which does, which it gives no protection against Omicron whatsoever. So there’s literally no, no benefit to it. And, and then of course, the the four aspects of informed consent, which are the foundation of medical ethics,are the risks, the benefits, the alternatives. They would not give people any alternatives. That they, they actively suppressed science and knowledge about alternative treatments so that people had no alternatives. And then of course, the fourth aspect to informed consent is that there must be no coercion that a patient must be completely free to decide whether or not they want that treatment. And so of [00:15:00] course, a child, for example, cannot give informed consent because there’s no way that they can understand the risks and benefits and the alternatives, they just haven’t, don’t have enough knowledge or life experience. And that is why minors in medical treatments down the years have never made this decision for themselves. That has always been their parents’ responsibility to make these decisions for them. And then of course, the Nuremberg trials,in December of 1946, the trials of the doctors occurred in Nuremberg, Germany, where 23 Nazi doctors were put on trial for using experimental treatments on people, against their wishes. And the outcome of those trials were that, nine of them were jailed and seven of them were executed by hanging for doing cruel experiments on people without informed consent. And so the [00:16:00] Nuremberg code arose from that. And so there, there has been, I made a speech about this in Victoria and have received two complaints from the college about it. It is absolutely astounding, this complete abandonment of ethics,and censorship of science, not just about effective treatments, but about natural immunity. There are now 150 studies showing the effectiveness of natural immunity. Yet these are actively suppressed and the authorities weren’t even mention it. They won’t look at the science, they it’s just about getting as many jobs into as many arms as possible. Dr. Charles Hoffe: And so in terms of trying to, fortunately there are more and more people waking up and realizing that the stories that we’ve been told by the authorities are- just don’t make any sense. People were told that, that it was their duty to [00:17:00] society to protect their fellow man to get vaccinated. But obviously a vaccine that does not stop the spread of a disease, doesn’t keep anyone safe. And we were told that everyone needed to be Vaxxed in order to get herd immunity, but you can’t get an immunity from a vaccine that doesn’t make you immune. So this is absurd. It is absurd to mandate a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread of a disease. There’s no community benefit to it. Secondly, I think most people are starting to realize that all of the travel restrictions and vaccine passports make absolutely no logical sense. To, to restrict travel, to stop the spread of a virus that is already everywhere, completely defies all logic. It is absolutely absurd that anybody could possibly support vaccine passport. The virus is in every country, every city. So [00:18:00] how having- and with a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread of it in any case, it is absolutely absurd. This is an abandonment of science in every way. And of course, persecuting doctors who dare to question the safety of it? If all these restrictions that have been put up upon us are all about safety, the masks, the distancing, the lockdowns, the shots, it’s all about safety, but yet the fact that they withhold treatments, the fact that they refuse to recognize natural immunity, the fact that they persecute doctors, who dare [inaudible] should make people really wonder is this really about safety? And then of course, if you look at the VAERS data, and the latest is from the 4th of February, there are 23,000. This is just in the US, [00:19:00] 23,000 people dead. I think it’s 40 some thousand permanently disabled. And 1.1 million vaccine injured. And the numbers from Europe from the EudraVigilance are even more horrifying with three and a half million vaccine injuries and almost 40,000 people dead. So th this mantra that it is safe and effective while we have more Covid than ever before is absolutely absurd. And then of course the most absurd is their desire to vaccinate children with the most dangerous vaccine ever rolled out upon humanity to protect them against the disease that poses no risk to them is the most absurd of all. So hopefully people are starting to wake up and realize that something has gone seriously wrong, but the power of mass formation and of hypnosis [00:20:00] and of brainwashing people through the media, the power of fear is quite awesome. So I think that sums up, I think just what I wanted to say about it, and I’d certainly be, open to any comments or questions. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you very much, Charles. Your frustration is just, it comes through so strongly in, and I feel for you being at the front line and just seeing the, the harms,and being powerless to prevent it really. But, but having to deal with the fallout and help as many people as you can. Dr. Mark Trozzi: So thank you for everything that you’re doing. We applaud you. Mark, Dr. Trozzi, Trozzi- do you have any questions in the chat for Charles? Yeahlots of love and support. And I’d like to, shout amen for all that. For those that, that I’m in most of us probably do know a lot about what Dr. Hoffe’s been doing since the beginning of this, but, just phenomenal amount of ethics and science and, really honored to consider your friend and colleague. An interesting point, that came up in the chat and this is other people’s chance to type [00:21:00] in a question if they’d like. But if I say that it’s interesting from Faisel Mansour, interesting how, the Omnichron arrived just when only the, quote vaccinated could travel. And then a lot of gratitude as well for different things you’ve done. And for, teaching about all the real medicine, lots of comments about just the malfeasance, the injustice, the criminality of the whole thing. And, so lots of blessings to you, Dr. Hoffe from everybody, including myself. Dr. Tess Lawrie: I see there is one, a new question that’s just been posted, from Canada, thanking you and saying you were very outspoken early on about the micro clots that you were seeing following, the vaccines and based on the- could you speak a little about your research and observations on this. Dr. Charles Hoffe: Yes, absolutely. I, when I started seeing horrible injuries in my patients, and initially they were mostly neurological, some of them are pulmonary and cardiac, but [00:22:00] I asked questions. I was trying to figure out the mechanism of injury for this. And when we discovered that unlike conventional vaccines, these shots do not stay in your arm. They go intravenous around your whole body, which means that the little packages of messenger RNA absorbed into the cells around your blood vessels, in the cappelary networks, everywhere. So in other words, that’s where the spike proteins were going to end up once they were formed by your body. It seemed logical that people would develop micro clots. And so I did, I started doing tests in my own patients with a D-dimer test to see if this micro clotting was happening. And I was horrified initially, I think after the first, I think nine people came back to the tree. 62% had elevated D-dimers and what I was trying to do is to get a D-dimer their shot, which was my control, and a D-dimer after a week after their shot. So that because there are some, there are other factors that can [00:23:00] sometimes affect D-dimer. And so that was my idea was to try and have this control group. Each patient would be a, have a control of their own so that you would know what their baseline was. And unfortunately, shortly I was so horrified initially when I saw such that more than half of people were getting this micro evidence of micro clotting. And by the way, these were not vaccine injured people. These were people who thought their shot went fine. And I started speaking about this and then about 10 days later, my practice was burned to the ground. The whole town was, in a devastating fire in June of last year and so we no longer have a lab. We no longer have any health facility in this town. Fortunately, my house survived.But ultimately I only had 15 patients in my study and only four of them had a control, in other words, had the D-dimer before their shot. So it ended up, so I haven’t, I just had desperately wanted to get bigger numbers to try and make it more statistically meaningful. [00:24:00] But that’s what I had tried to do. And so maybe I should just mention that I know other, doctors around the world, have been doing D-dimer tests on vaccine injured people in emergency rooms and finding massively high D-dimer levels, in people who have no evidence of clots on scans. Dr. Charles Hoffe: And it’s because the clots are microscopic they’re too small to see on a scan and they’re too scattered, but yet, when they’re in your brain or spinal cord, nervous tissue, heart lungs, this is very serious because these are tissues that cannot regenerate. And so the damage is permanent and will accumulate with every shot. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes. Thank you. And Dr. Hoffe, did you do any, immune, studies, particularly T-cell counts, CD8s and so on? Dr. Charles Hoffe: No, I was literally just doing a full blood count. I wanted to see if platelets were dropping as well as cause sometimes when you get a lot of clotting, the platelets, the platelets get consumed. Dr. Tess Lawrie: And so that was all I was doing. I was sort of limit that. [00:25:00] Yeah, it was pretty limited and it was just the start and unfortunately it got wiped out, but it was my effort to try and figure out what went wrong in my patients when nobody else could tell me. There’s one more question that Mark has for you, Mark, would you like to, ask it please? Dr. Mark Trozzi: Yes, please. Oh, yes, please. Charles, we have a question from, Robert Bernstein and, two parts. So have the medical boards always been tyrannical or have they become worse during COVID? and then the second question, is there any reason to suspect that some people receive placebo? So medical boards always tyrannical getting worse. And what about placebos? Dr. Charles Hoffe: Yeah. So firstly, with regard to the medical boards being tyrannical, they were very particular about ethics and patient safety and almost to the, to being pedantic. I thought, I’ve here in Canada. I’ve known doctors have enormous fines. there was one person who employed one of their [00:26:00] patients to do garden work for them and receive a $25,000 fine for doing business with a patient. I live in a small town where everybody in the town is my patient. Under those rules, I shouldn’t be able to buy gasoline, food, anything. I, and you’re, you’re not supposed to give medical care to your friends, but if you live in a town where everybody is your friend and everybody is your patient, what do you do? Dr. Charles Hoffe: Do you live as a hermit? It’s absurd. so in some senses they have been, they would, I think they were rather over pedantic about ethics and now have completely abandoned the ethics, which is really weird going from one extreme to the other. But they have never persecuted doctors who advocate for patient safety. Dr. Tess Lawrie: And that’s what I have done. I have ad- I’m passionate about patient safety and I, so I, as something, I think it’s a spiritual darkness because I cannot understand how so [00:27:00] many people can cooperate with this. Thanks very much Dr. Hoffe we are running out of time and need to move on. Do you want to just have a quick word on the placebo? If you have an opinion on whether people have received placebos? Dr. Charles Hoffe: Yes. Yes. As far as I’ve been able to establish somewhere between 20 and 30% of the shots are placebo. Are so, we don’t know what, not necessarily placebo, but they appear to not have the messenger RNA. In other words, they’re saline, they may still have some of the nanotechnology we don’t know for sure. But yeah,forcing people to have a shot with secret ingredients is of course, highly unethical. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes, we agreed. Alright thank you so much for that really interesting perspective that you shared. News from Denmark — Dr. Tess Lawrie: And we’re going to move on to,some news from Denmark,delivered by Yens Paulin. Are you there? You have about five minutes, not a lot of time, but please share your perspective.[00:28:00] Jens Paulin: Very well, I’ll just say a few words about the situation in Denmark. As one of the first countries to lift all restrictions on February 1st, it may seem that we are very progressive country when it comes to the vaccine narrative. And of course, we will prefer this compared to what is happening in Australia, Canada. But we would like to add as part of the picture that the opposition to the vaccine narrative in this country has been next to nothing. And I think that’s part of the reason why the government chose to lift the restrictions. We haven’t been relieved. We have been released because of good behavior. So to speak. Government has nothing to worry about from the Danish people. We have no political party in parliament opposing the restrictions or the vaccine narrative. [00:29:00] So we have no one to vote for anymore. That’s another way to abolish democracy and it’s legal. The mainstream media is 100% behind the government strategies. The vaccines are safe and effective across all major platforms. Adverse events are not discussed in public. They really don’t exist if you read the news. Well, one of the reasons for this lack of opposition, I think is that we are a very well organized country. That means that the silencing of the opposition has also been very well organized. Just one month to give an example, just one month into the pandemic in March 2020, new laws were passed enabling the agencies to issue very heavy fines on anyone threatening the security of [00:30:00] society, as they put it, and anyone stating that natural substances could help against COVID-19 was placed in that category, as a threat to society. And the food agency went out at once and hit down on anyone, advocating natural remedies to fight COVID-19 are advocating that natural substances should, could be beneficial. For example, vitamin C, vitamin D. They issued some heavy fines, like 6,008,000 pounds. And of course, everyone got really scared. They instantly created a lot of fear and it cascaded in no time into a lot of self censorship, natural therapists removing any talk about strengthening your immune system, that kind [00:31:00] of tearing oriented approach. It just disappeared very quickly because of that. So this kind of a position was very effectively silenced because they very quickly got the laws in place and hit down on any talk about natural approaches. Last but not least one must remember that we are a very small country, a little under 6 million people, and we have two gigantic medical companies, Novo Nordisk, a global player on the market for diabetes treatment and Lundbeck produces one of the top selling antidepressants worldwide. So half of the Danish population works for the pharmaceutical industry. That might be a bit exaggerated, but it takes it’s toll on the society having these two very huge companies making that kind of money, they have [00:32:00] the politicians and institutions full attention. They don’t need to bribe anyone. They just donate a new lab or a new hospital wing and everyone clap their hands in admiration. So all in all, just to tell you though, is small to Denmark, then reach the eye, some things still rotten here. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you so much for sharing that really interesting insight. it certainly explains a lot. Jens Paulin: Okay. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Jens, what is the vaccine uptake in Denmark? And, and is it,for double jab or triple jab or, or- [inaudible] of 20%- a little less than 20% of the Danish population is still un-vaccinated. All the others have three. Many of them I’ve had triple vaccination. [00:33:00] But, we are here. We are literally 20%, which is. Not vaccinated, but we have no voice anywhere in the media. It is. I think it’s a very interesting,statement on the state of humanity, really, when you think how we’ve been, how we’ve been incentivized and, and bribed in a way how we’ve been being incentivized to give away our freedoms either because of work position- Jens Paulin: It’s very sad because in Denmark, we have a great deal of trust in our society, and that makes a stable and sound society, trusting our government, trusting our institutions to the point where the government and the institutions are not sound anymore. The we are very vulnerable to this narrative because in our upbringing, Really I’ve learned too about [00:34:00] solidarity. We pay our very high taxes without grumbling. Most of the time, it’s exactly this kind of trust that can be misused and are being misused to very high degree in this country. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you again very much for the, for those insights. Dr. Mark Trozzi: Is- are there any questions, Mark? I don’t want to spend too long because we would also like to hear from Karen McKenna about Canada. I have, I just have one comment to share. It came in from Karen. Thanks so much,for what we’ve learned from your very important point on Denmark, is that the government can create a pretense of apparent normalcy when in fact it is all a facade hiding, true non beneficent intentions. That’s it. Jens Paulin: Thanks. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Okay. let’s move on. Thank you very much, Jens. Canada Update – Karen E McKenna — Dr. Tess Lawrie: Karen, would you like to give [00:35:00] us an update from Canada? There’s been certainly a lot going on in Canada over the last couple of weeks- Karen E. McKenna: Sure, Tess. I’ll give a short update and then I’ll pass it over to Dr. Hoffe who might have other information they want to add. So as everybody knows, there’s a lot going on in Canada right now. There are three main items. The first is pretty well known. It’s the trucker’s convoy and it sparked similar convoys in USA, New Zealand and across Europe. Reports from the ground are that the police have returned the diesel fuel and 50% of the Jerry cans, but the truckers had the fuel checked and early reports are that it contains 50% diesel and 50% water. So that’s still early reports, but the convoy is still in place. And peaceably holding up of the love and support in the streets is amazing. It’s in stark contrast to what is in the legacy media and the Canadians are being really supportive and nurturing to each other. Just a short update on the truckers convoy. And then the second, the second, the other two are political that the prime minister today is trying to pass the emergency measures [00:36:00] acts that has only been, happened three times before in the history of Canada. So that’s a very big political initiative and, the conservative parties, the third thing is putting forth a motion in parliament, to remove all the mandates. So there’s a, the situation is evolving very quickly in Canada. Lots going on, Dr. Trozzi Dr. Hoffe has, did you want to add anything? Dr. Charles Hoffe: I don’t think I have anything to add, Mark did you have anything? Maybe just, maybe just briefly as Karen said, these huge protests, we’ve got so much real media on the street, like LifeSite news, Strong and Free Canada, the dinosaur government funded propagandists, they’re just saying things that are so absurd that I think a lot of people are waking up. Dr. Mark Trozzi: And then I think one of the most beautiful things I see just beginning to happen, we’ve been calling for it for a while because the scientists and doctors and activists and lawyers, and we’ve all said, oh, wow, this is a crime. They’re killing people by intention. [00:37:00] And we’ve had some strong voices coming out from our police and military very [inaudible] as it was for us to deliver health care while being ordered to be criminals and then being removed from the patients because you wouldn’t assault them. But I’m, I am happy to see police military thinking about doing their job because we have a constitution, a charter of rights. And so we’re hoping to see action against, the criminals currently occupying our government and in a totally peaceful, lawful fashion, not by the protesters, but by the proper organizations that our forefathers built to do that. So we’re praying for the military and police to come to the defense of the people in the constitution and there’s some signs. So that’s one thing. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thanks very much. Thanks. Thanks both Karen and Mark, New York State Situation – Rima Laibow — Dr. Tess Lawrie: Rima, would you like to ask a question? Dr. Rima E. Laibow: No. I’d like to give you an update on New York state and the level of tyranny that’s being imposed and ask you all to take action. I’ve put a link in the chat. Tomorrow, the [00:38:00] commissioners are being asked to accept a regulation package, which is being offered by the governor cafe hotel, which would allow anyone to be, seized at any time, even in the event, that there is no health emergency. If they are deemed to be a potential threat to public health undefined, and they can be held indefinitely without any review without any due process being offered. Neither judicial nor medical review of any kind. In addition, any child can be, injected with anything, whether it’s a vaccine or a treatment at the, decision of the school nurse without any parental consent whatsoever, or without parental notice. The number of mandated, employees who must be, jabbed in order to maintain their employment is exponentially increased. And there are no religious exemptions. And for all practical purposes, there are [00:39:00] no medical exemptions available. I’m one of the very few physicians still writing medical exemptions in New York state. And employers must maintain the records of such vaccines quote, um, and present them to the state on demand without any notice to the individual involved, which circles back to the first issue, which is indefinite detention at the whim of the state. Dr. Rima E. Laibow: This is set to be put into effect or set to be rubber stamped by the commission tomorrow. And to go into effect on March 2nd, consequently, I urge everyone international attention and national attention, as well as New York state attention, is urgently important because this is being done through an end run of regulatorystatement rather than legislation. And, it is urgently important to not allow this, sneaky abrogation of total civil rights and medical rights to happen. [00:40:00] Put the link in the chat again and ask everyone to go there, take the action. it’s a,an action item on the internet that sends out emails to the appropriate persons and then spread it as widely as possible to generate as much opposition to this on a global basis as we can. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you. Thank you very much Rima for giving us that really up-to-date information. I believe that,similar,powers are being they’re trying to implement similar powers and other places, including Canada. And, I believe that the Law and Activism committee will be featuring this,focusing some attention on this. And, and hopefully we’ll put out a statement. I think unless anyone else wants to add something to that? We will continue, with, our coalition partner introductions. Dr. Fenando Valerio – Catracho — Dr. Tess Lawrie: I’m very pleased to welcome Dr. Fernando Valerio from Catracho in Honduras, Dr. Dr. Valeria is a co-director of the critical care unit of the hospital semester in [00:41:00] San Pedro, Sula, Honduras. He is a member of the Honduras COVID-19 physician task force, and he’s an ABIM certified in internal medicine and critical care medicine. And I can say that I know Dr Valeria’s work because he and his colleagues in Honduras were one of the first teams in the world to be recommending and using ivermectin based protocols. So a warm welcome to you, Dr. Valeria, you have the floor for 15 minutes. Dr. Fernando Valerio: Thanks for the invitation. Can you hear me? Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes. Dr. Fernando Valerio: Thank you, I will share my screen. Yeah. This is the team of Catracho. We started, treating patients in March 2020. We first saw patients in the ICU and we started following the guidelines of the international organizations. And we noticed that we were failing and most of our patients were dying following these guidance. So [00:42:00] around April 23rd, 2020, we decided to start doing some, changes. We started giving some medications to try to recover our patients and send them home. So we made an acronym with the first letter of the medications we were using. And Catracho is the nickname of the Hondurian people where we live and C is for colchicine, A is for anti-inflammatories for the use of corticosteroids, T is for Tocilizumab, R is for Ivermectin, A for the therapeutic anticoagulation. The other C in March was hydroxychloroquine. But after the, all the media started attacking hydroxychloroquine and, fear for that, our patient had, we started using a chroma, a chronometer. We started doing the treatment as fast and,as the patient [00:43:00] arrived to the emergency room. We heard from New York city that patients intubated were dying. And we, we replicate that, that, observation by seeing our patients, how were they dying? So we started using high flow oxygen and asking patients to protonate improve oxygenation. So that’s why that’s, what Catracho means for also is the nickname of a Hondurian general that was very resilient in the war against other countries here in central America. So this is part of our team, my partner, Oscar Diaz and Dr. Miguel Sierra from Texas, from Victoria, Texas. We, made these protocol together and we started noticing that patients were surviving. Let me see if I can. So today I’m going to tell you about the impact of this multifaceted treatment in the case fatality rate of COVID-19 in Honduras. So Honduras is a very small country, it is a very [00:44:00] underserved and understaffed. it is two hours away from Florida by plane and a little less than three hours from Texas has, has we, were we were not ready for a pandemic and we weren’t, we are not ready honestly, to take care of our own people without the pandemic, because we had very little resources. We wrote this opinion letter to the in INNOVARE journal of the University of Technology of Honduras is about the, scarce beds per inhabitants that we had before the pandemic. We just had a little bit of a 600, 5,600 beds in the total hospital public hospital system with 4,093 public hospital bed, and a little bit over 1500 in the social security system. Just 0.4 hospital bes for every 100,000 inhabitants, 9.5 hospital beds for 10 in [00:45:00] 100,000 inhabitants, just 125 critical care beds for 9 million people, six physicians for every 10,000 inhabitants and just 18 ICU adult ICU physicians and 27 pediatric ICU physicians. And, on the graph of the right, you can see the comparison of another population of 9 million people like New York city. Where they, where have 1600 critical, critical care specialists and more than 4,000 ICU beds. So no, we were not ready for a pandemic whatsoever. So we decided to change gears and decided to start treating early. And what we did is we created a protocol where we started giving, medications that were cheap, that were safe. And as soon as the patient started having symptoms, so we created an early response, medical kit called MAIZ in [00:46:00] Spanish is four. M is a mouthwash. And I’ll give you the details in the next slide. A is azithromycin. I is Ivermectin. Z is zinc, and you could also give hydroxychloroquine in the first days of the pandemic. If the patient didn’t do better after day seven, in the pulmonary phase, we would add anticoagulation rivaroxaban or apixaban. We would add colchicine and we would start doing, we, we started giving steroids on a dose of one mineral per kg. And if the patient would go to the hospital or to the ICU, we will do a triage protocol. So we started calling people using the media. We gave more than 200, Zoom meetings to, to train physicians over Honduras especially in the rural areas. And we would present our findings, our observations in, in, in very important TV shows [00:47:00] and in Honduras. So this is what happened. we presented these, research, first, plus one. And we noticed that by blocking the reproduction of the virus with medication like ivermectin hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, we can detain the inflammation. But if then, if the inflammation would go, we’ll continue. We can block the inflammasome, which is like a turbine to produce inflammation. Also give steroids. Give therapeutic anticoagulation for, to prevent further plotting. And we’ll ask the pages to oxygenate with high flow system, which are easier to use and to train physicians on the front field. And we’ll ask the patient to prone. And what we saw is that we decrease the days of hospital stay for our patients and around 6.9 days. And also we saw a very important trend to decrease mortality. We had our first 30 [00:48:00] patient, 30 patient had a mortality around 40% of the ICU, and we dropped that to 14%. In the univariate analysis that had a very significant key value of 0.01, now we’re in a multivariate analysis we didn’t see such a difference, but eh, we didn’t want to collect more data. Or at that point, we wanted to just spread the word and tell the world that ivermectin was working, especially when you add it to a protocol to help patients in the ICU. So if this was working in ICU, we decided a early treatment protocol. So we would give, in the outpatient, treatment, we’ll give a mouthwash that had a very low dose of high sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide. We would give ivermectin a hundred microns per kg with a full stomach for five days. We’ll give sink 50 minutes, twice per day for 10 days. And if the patient didn’t do better, as I said, we will get started giving [00:49:00] prednisone 1 million per kg per day for seven days. We’ll start colchicine twice per day for seven days. And we’ll give a population like rivaroxaban 20 milliliters per day or Apixaban,five millimetres twice per day. And what happened? We made a team with a researcher from Texas a and M and our case fatality rate first dropped from 17% then from one, when we started the CATRACHO protocol at the hospital, and then in a massive TV show, we presented the treatments. And after that, the seven day fatality rate continue dropping. And it continued dropping significantly. So when we did a kaiser analysis before our intervention and after our own intervention, the case fatality rate dropped from 14.5 being one of the highest of the world. We were in the top 30 country with the highest case fatality rate, and we were the second and the third highest guys fatality rate of, of [00:50:00] the patients of America. And we drop it to 2.4. And that had a p-value basically of zero. Which is 2.2 times 10 minus 16 of the 10 square. We were very pleased to see that and we decided to go forward to make another analysis, and we requested another scientist to help us find out if the ____ was doing the change and not only the treatments, because we didn’t have enough ICU or hospital beds. So we knew that the change was done on the fields on the early stages of the disease. So Dr. and Dr. Lee Zeng from- Dr. Antis, the head of family practice medicine Texas A&M and Dr. Lee Zeng is a mathematician from, from University of Texas A&M did this analysis, which was actually, was really clever. I think, I don’t know, I’m [00:51:00] not very happy with randomized controlled trials in the setting of a pandemic. So we did this analysis, Dr. Zeng help us out to analyze what happened when we did the changes. So in, on May of, 2020, our case fatality rate dropped, and it did not drop in the Mexican population, which is a country nearby with the same ethics, and culture. And it dropped under a, the lower limit control. These too hard control studies uses a statistical process control analysis that sets an upper level control and a lower level control. Just like a lot of, industry is due to make recalls to their cell phones or to their cars, for instance. So at the same day, the case fatality rate of Mexico did not change. And we did in Honduras. So by around June, we, our [00:52:00] hospital system was about to collapse. We have patients all over. We didn’t have enough beds. So we requested government to distribute, to go house by house, using medical brigades, to treat patients with our, these mice get, you can see the picture on the left upper corner of the screen. To send them to, to start them on steroids after day seven and anticoagulation, and then the case fatality rate on average in the world was around 5%. And what happened despite our cases where increases increasing our case fatality rate dropped again in June of 2020. So this is a comparison of this on the left. Dr. Fernando Valerio: We see the case fatality,Eh, record of all the month of 2020, we drop it from 10.1 all the way to 2.4. And just before November, after being hit by [00:53:00] last four hurricanes, our case fatality was around 1.6. And after November, after we recover all the patients that were having severe plottings that were case fatality rate was probably the lowest of all Latin America; of 1.5. And having said that, I would strongly believe it was very, it was probably lower than 1.5 because we never had enough testing. Testing was done on just the sickest patients of the hospital in the hospitals or eh, or those that had the money or the availability to go in and get the tests. But I’m very, I believe with the case that I had to drain was very likely lower than that and how we did compared to other countries with a stronger, healthcare system. If we compared to Italy, Mexico, and the United States, we were doing a lot better in June of 2020. [00:54:00] So this is my presentation of Catracho, I hope you liked it. I’m open for questions. Thank you so much. Dr. Mark Trozzi: Thank you so much, Dr. Valerio. Really nice to hear such a good thing happening, especially coming from Canada, where the treatments have been blocked, doctors prescribing proper treatment have had their licenses suspended, et cetera, and all this, as we perceive to herd the population into the dangerous injections. One question is, with you being, able and doing such a great job of administering proper treatment to the population. And therefore I would imagine also with very little sickness achieving great herd immunity. How did that, what was the impact of that in terms of protecting the population against the dangerous injections have the population been predominantly protected against being injected? Dr. Fernando Valerio: Not really, we had a lot of- after 2020, there [00:55:00] was a big debate, uh, between doctors. Some were not believers of ivermectin because big journals were not, showing data and treatments where we’re helping and there’s as any like every country around the world, there’s a lot of politics. And the, union of doctors who manage the Hondurian College of Physicians were very anti-gun, to, to govern to the government. So they started doing the rollover of vaccination and around 50% of the population’s been, have received the vaccine and they, and there’s a huge call to, to vaccinate everyone. So unfortunately, despite our success and, but big pharma took over and, most, some of these treatments are not being given to patients, but Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thanks. you, we lost you for a moment there, Dr. Valerio, I think there are a couple more questions for you in the chat. Dr. Mark Trozzi: Sure. here’s one from a Dr. Jackie [00:56:00] Stone, can use Doxycycline given that we are often concerned about malaria in Zimbabwe in the differential diagnosis, we may use doxycycline and Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in some patient before the roles, the results are back. So as regarding your use of doxycycline and then,she was commenting as well, we tend to use ivermectin with doxycycline, with Hydroxychloroquine, with azithromycin, as both Hydroxychloroquine and azithro concentrated in the Lysosome but as long as there is combination therapy and it is given early patients do well. Some have some information from Jackie Stone and the question about, are you using doxycycline there? Dr. Valerio? Dr. Fernando Valerio: Actually we did. We ran out of Azithromycin some days of the pandemic. And we receive information that Doxycycline was working. So we gave some Doxycycline as well, but that was in 2021. Dr. Mark Trozzi: And one other question, we’re not, I’m not sure which type [00:57:00] of, the COVID injections are being administered there, but we’re wondering if, perhaps what’s predominantly being used. Are they causing vaccine injuries? And are you using similar protocols, to treat these vaccine injuries? Dr. Fernando Valerio: Yes, we are. We are we, the jabs that are being applied here are Pfizer. Moderna, AstraZeneca. And we had some Sputnik vaccination, too. And for those that are injured by vaccination and go to some doctors that follow us, we treat them with ivermectin and sometimes with steroids. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thanks. Very much. Dr. Mark Trozzi: Thanks very much. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yeah. I have to say Dr. Lara it’s, it’s just remarkable that your team and Honduras was doing this in 2020. And when you think of all the suffering, that’s been injured by the people of the world over the last year, with the inaction from other governments and health authorities, when you know that there was this, protocol regimen that was working so well in your country, and I know other [00:58:00] countries as well, like El Salvador, have been giving people, these at-home kits that they can use that include ivermectin and zinc and other things. And, and it’s just remarkable that, you were doing it and nobody’s been listening and,and so much loss and suffering has occurred. It just as a last question, is there any thing that your government? Why, what is the difference between the action your government took,in rolling out those,those kits to people, and what do you think made them do it and other countries not to do it? Actually it was a combination of many things. One is that we were not prepared for our system was underserved, and we were desperate. Two they listened to the doctors on the front fields, because since we didn’t have enough critical care doctors and receiving patients at the critical care setting was the recommendation of the international agencies. Dr. Fernando Valerio: They paid [00:59:00] attention to us because our protocol with these medications was working in the ICU and in antivirals work, if they’re given early, not late early- Dr. Tess Lawrie: Oh, unfortunately we’ve lost you again, Dr. Valerio but thank you very much. You cut off there again. Thank you very much for coming in and sharing that perspective and hopefully there are. Doctors people and other,health professionals, as well as regulatory authority officials who might be tuned in today and would, think very carefully about the importance of the information that you’ve shared. So thank you once more. Kim Knight — Dr. Tess Lawrie: And we’re going to move on, to,another partner introduction, Kim Knight who’s with the art of health and wellbeing. And, she is also going to speak about COVID-19 the hidden meaning and messages for humanity. So Kim is a health and personal development coach based in the Alpine result of [01:00:00] Queenstown New Zealand. As a result of her own 25 year journey, back to health from a multitude of long-term health issues, including chronic fatigue, anxiety and clinical depression, Kim became fascinated with identifying and clearing life problems at a root causal level. She has 20 years clinical training and experience in various cutting edge health approaches, including lifestyle medicine. So welcome, Kim, we look forward to hearing what you have to share with us. Kim Knight: Thank you, everybody, and, my talk today is on the deeper meaning and messages of COVID-19 as I see it. Does COVID-19 have meaning and lessons and gifts, and I’m well aware that my presentation is very different from many of the presentations, from doctors and scientists. I hope that it will bring some, some useful information. So I live in the beautiful, resort,of Queenstown. And, I’m just going to share just a little bit about my background because it helps to understand, [01:01:00] why am I sharing what I’m sharing today. Kim Knight: I’ve trained in a lot of different therapies, which most people will never have of heard of. I was just drawn down this track for whatever reason. And I’ve also been very privileged to study with many spiritual, great spiritual teachers. And, I always feel quite hesitant about mentioning anything to do with spirituality and consciousness on, on, on, forums and platforms like this, because I never know where people are coming from. So obviously this is just my experience, but it has brought me to where I am today in my understanding and how I see the world. And I’ve been very passionate about, since I dunno, I think it was about 2009 speaking at what I call mainstream medical health conferences,around the world. And usually I found myself as the only natural health practitioner in,big groups of doctors and scientists and nurses and medical professionals. And that was quite challenging, but I just have [01:02:00] a real passion for bringing together integrative,alternative, although I don’t call it alternative, health care and medicine. I think there’s a place for them to come together, but I just need to say, do I know anything? Because the more I learn, the more I know very little in the bigger scheme of things. And so what I’m presenting in here is just it’s like a little pinprick of really the total picture. So what I want to talk about today is what I call the bigger picture of life, which is something that I’m always looking at and natural harmony and balance and the individual and the collective, the connection, the microcosm, and the macrocosm, and then offering some solutions just from my perspective of the way out. I’m pleased, bear in mind that I’m only going to be touching on these topics because of the time. So let’s start with the bigger picture. And I do want to say, I just love this quote. I have it on the back of my business card. All truth [01:03:00] passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second. It is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. And, just bear in mind that some of the information I’m presenting now,it may be ridiculed, by people listening and that’s okay. And also just to mention very briefly a thing called a ring pass, not a ring past, not expansion as our consciousness and awareness expands. We expand past. circle also circumference of awareness, and that can be quite a shattering experience sometimes. And this has to happen actually, as we evolve our consciousness, we’re going to have an impasse not expansions, which are not comfortable experiences. And I had, I’ve had a couple of my own very, huge impasse mass expansions. Haven’t got time to talk about that now, but just to mention it. So the reality is we live in massive universe. It’s just so enormous. We can’t even comprehend it. And there’s actually a [01:04:00] bigger picture. According to some sources or history, we haven’t been around just a few thousand years. We’ve actually been around for millions of years. And I’ve put the link here to the website, if you want to go and find out more about this, but I highly recommend checking out, a video on YouTube. It’s had millions of views, the hidden history of humanity by, Philip. Can’t remember his last name is just gone. But anyway,we have a much, much longer history than what we’ve been taught in school. So again, this is, this can be quite a shock if you’ve not really thought about this or being told about it before. And it’s important to understand this, to understand what we’re going through right now. And it’s interesting, the word, in the bigger scheme of things. Again, I haven’t got time to go into detail here with this, but, the word scheme, we’re just a a tiny cog in a much, much bigger, scheme of things in the universe. Kim Knight: But most people, we’ve not been taught this, but just to bring it back to a much smaller perspective, [01:05:00] every two and a half thousand years or so, there’s a great change. And we’re currently moving from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. And as we move from one age, energetically, there, there is huge turmoil often at the crossover, just like when two seas come together and it gets very rough. And we’re right in the middle of this,at the point of this changeover. And we also have to understand that as humans, we evolve and we there’s invalid evolution and evolution, and in evolution is, when we move from spirit to,to matter, and then we go the other way. And the, and it is said in, in, in the ageless wisdom teachings, which is a huge body of teachings, which I’ve been studying for 20 years now. And I literally only know probably, one little grain of sand,on a whole beach is that we have that there are five, sorry, seven kingdoms of nature. And the human kingdom is one of those [01:06:00] kingdoms. And we’re currently evolving up towards the kingdom of souls. Yes, I know this is quite esoteric, but, just take what you want from this and just leave the rest. And also there are many different dimensions of existence that we exist on. Again, I’m only touching on this, just,in this presentation, but the point is that we are evolving from the human kingdom to the kingdom of souls. Some people say, so what is the goal and the purpose of life? Accordinh to what I’ve been learning from various different spiritual teachers, who all seem to say the same thing, and I’m talking about teachers, who’ve reached the level of realization called enlightenment, and when you’re living and operating from that space, you have a completely different understanding of the world. And one of the things that one has from this space is what is called wisdom. And so we’re here to grow, to learn,and to be in,in a state of oneness, oneness where we cannot harm another [01:07:00] because the other is ourselves. And we’re here to be of service in the bigger scheme of things, but crisis often proceeds change. Kim Knight: And as my first chigong teacher used to say, true healing has changed, and we’re never the same again. And what happens is we go through pain and suffering is that they turn into gifts and gratitudes because we learn and grow and improve and evolve. And this is what happens individually as we go through crises. So let’s look at harmony. Harmony is homeostasis, from an individual on a planetary level. We know that in the body, our body is always, maintaining homeostasis where our body is absolutely incredible. The, I don’t know, hundreds of thousands, millions of,things that it doesn’t start up our body every moment of the day, trying to maintain, homeostasis and balance. And this is going on in a planetary life, so to speak and [01:08:00] also in the universe. It’s a true fact, a sad fact that what is natural has become unnatural and what is unnatural has become natural. We’ve really lost touch with balance in our current modern society. And what does that mean? It means we’ve lost touch with nature, with our own nature. We’ve forgotten that we’re part of nature and we’ve also lost connection with our true nature, our true self. And when this happens, getting sick is the body’s way of bringing us back into balance. It’s a wake up call for change, and this is what I’ve discovered through my own journey from sickness to health, and then working with hundreds of clients, seeing the same thing over and over again. So how does nature attempt to bring us back on track when we’ve lost balance? It manifests a sickness because the world organism has lost homeostasis. Actually after that, that should have been a slide later. So it’s our individual organism has lost homeostasis, and the [01:09:00] body goes through what we call a natural healing cycle and symptoms and sickness are part of the natural healing cycle. And this is one of the most misunderstood things, I would say for most people today is understanding that, in large parts, symptoms are part of the healing process. So I’ve worked a lot with people with chronic fatigue who come and say, I had a virus and then I never got well, but when we track back, we find that actually the illness, the dis-ease started many years before the virus actually in inverted commas set in. The virus was the last straw effect because there was so much imbalance in that person’s life. And in that person’s, mentally, emotionally, physically that the body just, it just had to collapse to it to allow that person to heal and to get them to wake up and take notice that they needed to make some change. And by the way, I just want to, say that, there are so many different opinions now on, what is a virus? Just,[01:10:00] just last week, the film terrain was released where they’re saying, viruses don’t exist and they’ve never been isolated. So if everything is built on that, if this germ theory doesn’t actually exist, then everything collapses. And then listening to something else the other day where, you know, saying the virus is the result of cell poisoning due to radiation, you go back and look at the Spanish flu, the world war II pandemic, 1968 pandemic, et cetera. Kim Knight: So there are many different theories of why a virus exists. I’m not gonna make any conclusions on that. I just, you can go and explore that yourself. But coming back to health and healing. The problem is, and this is what I’ve seen with, myself and hundreds of clients is that if we get out of balance and we’re constantly stressed, we have unresolved trauma then it leads to us not taking care of ourselves. And the result of that dis-ease which turns into disease. And it’s not, it’s often not until we reach a crisis point that we’re willing to [01:11:00] open, to change and do the necessary work to create that change. Now, bear in mind, everything I’m saying right now, I’m talking about individuals, but think collectively, too. So symptoms are not random. Illness is not a mistake. The body has not made a mistake, symptoms, contain messages, meaning and purpose. The solution, therefore is to restore balance, to heal the trauma, to reduce the stress, to respect ourselves greater, self care. And the result is that people, come back to health and I’ve worked with so many people who have just been bedridden with illness for years, and then they do this and they get well within a few months. So the body has incredible self-healing abilities. If we look at the collective, what’s happening collectively, it’s the same thing. And I remember very clearly back in March, 2020 when this pandemic was announced so to speak, and I thought, whoa, this is a collective version of everything that I’ve been seeing. When I’ve been working with people individually, it’s exactly the same thing. It’s just happening on a [01:12:00] collective level. Now, isn’t that interesting? We’ve got to such a crisis, collectively that the whole planet now is sick. And it’s a good, it’s good to remember that every human is a cell in the body of humanity, that there is no separation, and this is the oneness aspect of everything. Kim Knight: So remember crisis often proceeds change. So that happens individually. But now we’re in a collective crisis because we’re in a space of change and illness shows us the next step we need to take for our evolution and growth. So the question is, are we getting the meaning and the message of the virus and bear in mind what I said before, whether the virus is real or not, it doesn’t matter. The global situation is still a wake up call for humanity to change their ways and restore balance. So what is the change? There there are many, changes that we need to make. Obviously, this is very complex topic. But from what [01:13:00] I’ve been learning, through how I change myself and how I get better outcomes for myself in my health. And that means mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. The solution is the internal change that we make. We start inside. So I changed my ways,and then I get better. And then my whole world changes externally, too. So one of the keys and the secrets to the change that we’re wanting that we’re seeking in this world situation is we’ve got to start becoming more inwards and looking at what do we need to change internally each one of us, one person at a time. And but if we look deeper and ask, why did we lose this global planetary collective homeostasis? Again it comes back to what the same reason that, each individual has lost it because,humanity is the group of all humans individually. And it’s what we do and how we behave and act that brings results. Kim Knight: So coming back [01:14:00] to Involution and evolution, What’s interesting is to remember that there are many different yugas or huge eons of time. And it’s just useful to remember that we are in what is called the Kali Yuga at the moment, which is the dark ages. And yeah, there’s going to be a lot of turmoil during this time, but, why have we gone so far off track? We live in a world of cause and effect where actions have consequences. That’s a law of the universe, so to speak, it’s a law of life. And every action we take will either have a beneficial or harmful effect. That’s just, again, a fact as an individual, we can either self-harm or self-respect and self care, and every little thing that we do, every thought we have every action that we do will have one or one or other of those effects. Kim Knight: And as an individual, we will either cause harm or benefit to self, to others and the planet. And the problem is ignorance. One of the main problems is [01:15:00] ignorance and, and we’re not aware of what we’re not aware of until we become aware. And many of us are ignorant of the truth of life, how life works, our purpose here, we’re unaware of who we truly are, and we can either be ignorant or self-aware or somewhere in between. And as we move through this shift of ages, there’s this shift from,two Pisces to Aquarius and then the bigger shifts as well,from the planet, sorry, the kingdom of humans to the kingdom of soul, so to speak, our consciousness is expanding and crises often accompany such transformation. So what drives our behavior? This is what we have to start to look at. And I’m only referring here to the wrench way system, because this is what I’ve been studying for many years, but there are many different ways of looking at this. So just bear in mind, this is just one way of looking at it, but it still has truth. Human behavior is driven by unconscious patterns, which are intricately tied to our [01:16:00] conditioning, our beliefs, our worldviews, our paradigms, our values, and our state of awareness or our state of ignorance. And I just want to share with you 10 fundamental patterns that we’ve learned to work on in this system. Just to give you an example, because these patterns, it doesn’t matter what system you’re looking at, these patterns relate to everybody. We have these 10 unhealthy patterns of consciousness, for example, greed, that’s just a really, easier example to look at when we think of human consciousness, the fact that we have wanted, more than what we need, we have competitiveness, which now, we starting to transition to cooperation. Kim Knight: So we have these unhealthy patterns of consciousness, which we need to work on and transform, and we can do this, but it takes effort to do it. And it takes first of all, the knowledge that we need to do it in the first place. And I just want to share a few quotes here from Yuan Tze, who is the founder of Feng Shui. Everyone [01:17:00] in society is at the mercy of patterns, human society, is a culture of patterns. It’s only when patterns are transformed that true progress in life as possible. Good intentions led by unhealthy patterns can cause harm. The most important thing for life is the manifestation of realization and wisdom. So we don’t want to grow our consciousness just for the sake of growing our consciousness. We want to grow it so that we become a wiser human being because when we operate from true wisdom, then we do no harm and we do what is best for the collective. And we were just coming from a much, much wiser and more understanding place. So a goal is this self-realization of wisdom. So some suggestions for solutions, and again, some more quotes, should we be more afraid of destruction and crisis or afraid of continuing in the same direction without making change? Which should we be more concerned about? Yuan Tze [01:18:00] civilization is a civilization, which should be the core of human civilization, which connects from the heart level. And it’s a hard word to describe, but it’s our heart. It’s our consciousness. It’s our true self combined. So we’re coming from this place of greater self-realization. So the world may continue to present a crisis and uncertainties, but through purifying the heart and uplifting the consciousness, we can arrive at a place where we still have that we will have the clarity and strength to still life in a good direction and keep moving towards a bright future. So the good news is that we can bring ourselves through this, but we must work on ourselves. We need to transform our consciousness and we need to transform our heart consciousness. And in Ridge way, we do that by cultivating what we call the Five Shen the five heart, the five essential qualities of the heart, which are trust, openness, love, gratitude, and respect. And also, but this isn’t, a topic for another talk. I’m very passionate about [01:19:00] bringing what I see as a new healthcare system to the world, where we understand that we heal a person, not an illness. We heal a whole person’s life, not a disease. And understanding that when we’re talking about healing, we have to take everything into account in a person’s life. So if you’d like more information on along the lines of what I’ve been sharing today, I did do a webinar about a year ago for the health forum, New Zealand, what in the world is going on. It was an emotional resilience webinar, but I talked a lot more about this bigger picture. I went much more into detail and also last year I ran a summit called awaken. It’s not yet up for free viewing again. I haven’t had the time to go back and do that, but, if you want to learn more about this much, much bigger picture of life,that I’ve been referring to, then the ageless wisdom teachings, the org, is an esoteric astrology or, that they have lots more references to other websites on the [01:20:00] website. Kim Knight: So I hope this has been, interesting. It’s just being so quick. I could have gone into several hours detail on many of those slides. Yeah, thank you. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you very much, Kim. We’d love to have you back. That was just so informative. And aligned with World Council for Health is trying to do really, to help people remember who they are and why we’re here and the importance of remembering that everything we say do and think has an impact on ourselves and also on, collective health. What you’ve shared just provided such clarity on the mission ahead and, and everybody is, has been really enthusiastic. Dr. Tess Lawrie: I would like to just highlight again, the strong message of Kim’s that COVID actually is the opportunity as it is a magnificent opportunity for us to change and to change our destiny as a humanity. And we have, we all have a choice to make, whether we stay in the dark [01:21:00] and remain ignorant or we, make positive choices, empower ourselves and take an active part, engage in, our destiny and a future that is bright for our children. So with that, thank you once more, Kim, and, Rob Verkerk – Update — Dr. Tess Lawrie: We’re going to move on to, to a quick update, a summary from,Dr. Rob Verkerk,for the science and medical committee who have been looking at the interim, and,preliminary report from a UK laboratory, on the COVID vaccination or the COVID vaccine contents that was commissioned by EbMC squared, the community interest company that, does the, the administration for the World Council for Health. So Rob Verkerk, the floor is yours for 10 minutes. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Perfect. Okay. So, um, Tess provided me with a copy of the report the minute it came through. It’s obviously out there and what we want to do is just provide a little bit of, substance around what is going on because [01:22:00] critically it is an interim report. And,as a scientist, I’ve been involved in quite a few nano technological investigations for products ranging from,self assembling natural nanoparticles, bear in mind that happens every time we, interact bile with our food, within our bodies. So self-assembly that a lot of people get very disturbed by it is a very natural process. And it occurs through electrostatic forces and, lipophilic and hydrophilic substances. and,we just wanted to get a measure of this. So just a little bit of,background, Galileo said all truths are easy to understand once they’re discovered. The point is to discover them. Now, the reality is if you’re looking for something that you already know is in a vial, it’s a whole lot easier than trying to establish what’s in there if you have absolutely no idea. So in many respects, this interim study has come from the perspective that there [01:23:00] might be graphene in it. I said to Tess before, speaking about it, I wanted to speak with, one of the key scientists involved. This morning at a very early hour, Tess and I had a discussion, I continued that discussion for another hour. So I’m confident that the things that we’re just going to talk about in summary terms,are pretty real. This is, basically a concoction of various pieces of data from an article I wrote, at the end of last year in December, “What’s in the Jabs that they’re so desperate to give us”, and it reminds us because we’re going to be looking specifically, at the two MRNA jabs and the non replicating viral vector, the AstraZeneca injection. Dr. Rob Verkerk: And you’ll see if you just run across to the middle of the chart, you’ll see that, in terms of the lipid nanoparticles in the Pfizer and Moderna injections, you’re looking at about 10 billion particles per dose, for the Pfizer, as you know, there’s about three times the [01:24:00] amount of MRNA in the Moderna. So that’s about 40 billion, and when it comes to the adenoviral vectors, it’s about 50 billion. So there’s a huge amount of, supposedly active ingredient and carrier within that, on the extreme right, you’ll see the other ingredients, and,you know, the prime other ingredients for the MRNs or the other PEGylated lipid nanoparticles that deliver the products. And then you have, polysorbate, sucrose, a bunch of other things within the, AstraZeneca slide. That should be all you find in it. There were three pieces of data that, that emerged last year that would suggest, if you are scientifically minded and you care about humanity, you need to take this further. And that was the very reason that,Tess decided to commission a study. Pablo Campra’s work, from Spain, was pretty critical. It used Raman spectroscopy that we’re going to- very briefly,[01:25:00] you’ll see another group of scientists that came together that actually included Campra that, that couldn’t disclose who they were. Any leading ISO accredited lab that does, that will instantly lose funding and those scientists will, see the careers pretty much terminated. And then you’ve also got the work we, we had on WCH professor on, Arne Burkhart, just a couple of weeks ago, who is one of the key German pathologist that was able to show some pretty strange, objects in,pathological examinations that have been carried out, that fitted the description of graphene. Dr. Rob Verkerk: So the, this particular unit study is done exclusively with Raman spectroscopy and associated microscopy. Very briefly. What you’re doing is shining a laser via a mirror that splits the beam into the spectrometer. you have a, a detector within it. and, from that you, you get this scattering. Now, most [01:26:00] objects that you strike with this laser, this split laser light will basically just return the same amount of energy from the photon in the light that submitted, that comes back to it. That’s called Railey scattering that you’ll see,in the two other diagrams, but what happens in certain substance, substances, you get a very specific signature. For when the substance either absorbs some of that energy or loses some of that energy. So either it creates- basically you’re looking at the vibrational state. We’ve heard a lot about resonance and vibration as everything on this planet is resonating and vibrating. But what happens depending on the ramen shift, it was called after Raman and he was an Indian scientist that discovered it. You see the specific scattering, particularly the Stopes direction. That’s another scientist that found that, that’s a more common form. The other form is anti stokes. When the, the [01:27:00] molecule that you are subjecting to light absorbs more energy. Has it been studied widely? Absolutely. It has the very characteristic bands that you can see in terms of, Raman scattering, the D band or the two D band. There’s a reference here that we’ll show you. Graphene is a pretty new substance. It was discovered in 2004. It has very potent, electron transport properties. It really lends itself rather beautifully to nano electronic devices, that I’ve been following some of the work that was being done, looking at behavioral changes in animals that were being carried out specifically with the purpose of mind control and that work has been published in major journals. Dr. Rob Verkerk: So the people who have, suggested there may be a link between 5G or 6G electronic devices and graphene are not barking up a conspiracy theory tree. There is genuine [01:28:00] reason to be concerned about the linkage between those two things. It’s also fantastically strong substance 200 times stronger than steel. It can be layered into, different layers. Raman spectroscopy is one way of determining those layers. Coming back to the UK, there has been a group in Cambridge, headed by Andrea Ferrari that’s done a lot of the work, in terms of characterizing, exactly what graphite- graphene is basically, very closely related to graphite. But it has this very various, these very specific, properties in terms of electron transport and use in nano technology. So let’s go to the report itself. essentially in terms of the, supply chain, EBMC squared was able to obtain four vials of injection material. One Pfizer, two Moderna and one AstraZeneca. Dr. Rob Verkerk: They came specifically from areas. Many of you will know that the adverse [01:29:00] reactions are often clustered in particular geographical locations. And these came from an area of the UK where there had been particular clusters of adverse events. That supply chain, as you will know, because it involves doctors who have to often substitute, we heard from Dr. Hoffe about how this works, we’ve also heard from Dr. Becker in our committee, how this happens, that they will, in order to maintain the Hippocratic oath, some- some homes substitute vials for saline in order to do no harm. So that supply chain is known, but again, just like the lab, it cannot be put into the public domain -That believe it or not is the scientist calling. Andthe key here was to establish, first of all, is the graphene within or graphite composites within these vials and [01:30:00] actually they were fairly sure that they wouldn’t be. So that was an interesting perspective to, to come from. There isn’t a detailed quantitative analysis because it’s an early interim study. But there was a vague quantification done by looking at a two centimeter transect for all the samples. So you can see that there’s a little or a lot of these, different, graphite related substances in it. so I’m going to take you very quickly, you can obviously get a report and have a more detailed look. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Just remember when you look at these images that were only meant to be seeing in the case of Moderna lipid nanoparticles with this very fragile MRNA in it. Now immediately you start to see things that don’t look like that should ring the alarm bells. In a normal situation- I’ve been involved as a scientist in many food adulteration cases. And as soon as you see something like this, normally you can just knock on the door of the local, the national, [01:31:00] medicines regulator, the MHRA in the UK, and go look what we found and they’ll pick it up. And,and go after the company. In this case, we all believe that the system is too corrupt to be able to do that. But, you’ll see, just from microscopy, you have a problem when you start looking, at the spectra. Now you’ll see, for example, in the top left, you’ll see that very big peak. That aligns absolutely with the S with the spectrum that you would expect for graphene, but you’ll see, it’s pretty noisy, and it’s very noisy because there’s a bunch of things in there. Some of which are fluorescent, so they are reflecting, they’re scattering more light, but it’s very key that we’re seeing that tall peak at exactly the spectrum that is expected for graphene composites. When you go to Pfizer again, you’ll see, a whole range of ribbons, filaments, nano dots, all the things that were viewed [01:32:00] as, generally conspiracy theories, and, they appear to be there. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Again they should not be there, exactly what they are, is defined here by some Raman spectroscopy. There are other ways of doing more detailed characterization and that’s something that I’ve been talking to the scientists about. Once again, both in terms of counts, you’ll see the,graph, graphene composites, in a two centimeter spectrum and they outnumber everything else. You’ll see again, they have these signature peaks around graphene in them, same applies to the,AstraZeneca as well. So I just want to conclude by saying that, it’s pretty clear that graphite composite forms as undeclared ingredients are very common in the vials. The ramen spectro we’re not crystal clear because they were confounded by a lot of noise and fluorescence. What is visible through microscopy? It appears to be in the form of ribbon [01:33:00] sheets, tubular forms, nano dots, and nano scrolls. And it is our view that further studies should be carried out on more detailed characterization of the forms. More quantification, more studies on function. Why are they there, obviously on toxicology? And these are all things that are required. Even if you’re going to be putting natural nanoparticulates into food. Here we have an undeclared adulterated drug that we can’t knock on the door of the regulators with because they’re in deep. And you’ll see that there were a number of other spectra that were shown up that, suggests that other substances that are not declared on the label are also there. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Including Calcite so these are all minerals, and because it is Valentine’s day and because I’m working hard to keep to time. I just want to give you one final quote from Lao this is from 500 [01:34:00] years before this guy Jesus roamed the planet saying being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. And right now we all need loads of courage. Thank you. Thank you very much, Rob. And, I think, suffice to say, I don’t think we need to take questions on it, but just suffice to say that, there needs to be more investigation, into this, if only because,they are under undeclared, items in these vaccine vials. We will keep you abreast of, of developments with that as analyses are ongoing. End Rob Verkerk — So with that, we can, we can, we’re in matters arising. Is there any, are there any matters arising that have not already been covered? Otherwise it looks like we are on schedule for,a timely, time you finished the evening, any matters arising.[01:35:00] Dr. Tess Lawrie: All right. just to add, to, to Rob’s quote,I would just to say that, just to remind everybody that,Einstein said that- Zoe Strickland: Uh, Tess? Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes? Zoe Strickland: Sorry to interrupt, Faisal Mansoor has just asked to give an update about Sri Lanka. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Oh, okay. I’m just going to promote into panelist, Dr. Mark Trozzi: Please finish the Einstein quote, if you will, Tess! Dr. Tess Lawrie: I was just remembering that he said love is the most powerful force in the universe, and we don’t know much about it, but it certainly is a,our natural state and we’ve, we’ve through, lived through our conditioning. We forget. And we, we just live a very fearful existence from the get go. And we forget that love is actually our natural state. It’s not an emotion, it’s basically who we are. And, and if we can all remember that, we’ll all be able to step away from the fear and move forward and,[01:36:00] and be ready for this amazing challenge. That’s been presented to shape a better world. Dr. Jennifer Hibbed: From the materials space, into the hearts space. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yeah, it’s all connected. Faisal Mansoor: I just heard a really frightening thing today in Sri Lanka, where in the outline villages, you know, far from the cities, et cetera, the government of checkpoints, set up vaccinating, force vaccinating people. If they don’t have their COVID card on them. This is despite the fact that the director general of health services that said there are no vaccine mandates in the country, but the army and the police are bullying the villages in to taking the vaccine shot. Unfortunately, if you stand up to them or if you have a vaccine card or whatever, when you argue that it’s not, there’s no mandate as such, they apparently do back down. But, most of the religious, just out of fear, they just do what they’re told and they’re being [01:37:00] forced to take it in. There also two,like Supreme court cases that have been set up at the moment to deal with this one is about the adverse effects. Proof we’ve got together, we are collecting affidavits to file in court. And the other one of course is about, about vaccine mandate for children. But that case keeps on getting postponed and never heard so far. It’s now put back to March, I believe. that’s really all I wanted to tell you about that in Sri Lanka at the moment. That’s pretty, it’s pretty awful that they’re forcing the villages to take it out of fear. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes. Thanks very much for sharing that there are absolute atrocities happening all over the place with people serve freedom to choose and free will being totally trampled upon. All I can say is, we’re all in this together and our we’re with you in Sri Lanka in spirit and, and we know that it’s not always possible to stand up to [01:38:00] these, these powerful forces, especially when you’re confronted face to face. And you’re not given a choice and it feels really threatening. And it’s, it’s not just vaccinations it’s also,on a day-to-day basis, people are being forced or coerced into taking all sorts of number of tests and invasive tests, swaps their noses and down their throats. And without really being, without being given a choice at all. And, and this is really why we are all, we come together like this to try and support each other and, and find solutions through gentle, activism, ways that we can, and also legal lawful routes, to find ways of bringing these, holding these perpetrators of these crimes to account. Faisal Mansoor: As a tragedy here is like the doctors, lots of doctors, there are so many doctors all prescribing ivermectin, but Omar and I have been trying to get a group of them together to talk about it, to stand up for it and come up and be counted. But not one of them are willing to do that. Not one of them willing [01:39:00] to attend one of our webinars. Not one of them are willing to actually say, swear an affidavit that they’re prescribing ivermectin. All the, they do it daily. I’m, it’s really, the, nobody wants to be controversial. Even the chairman of the local, infectious diseases and vaccine council, I mean he had, he said, we all give ivermectin, we can’t say we do. It’s political. So that’s the situation that it’s really sad that the medical fraternity are not strong here. They won’t stand up and be counted. Dr. Tess Lawrie: I, it’s not just there it’s all over. The medical fraternity seemed to,in many places seem complicit in what is going on and it’s going to take a long time before, we see, a recovery,and, and respect and trust restored,in the medical profession and the authorities. I think this is why people are looking at other types of healing and in actual fact it’s, it is a good opportunity for us to recognize that there are many other sorts of, of [01:40:00] healers and healing practices and it’s time for us to move on from the, the types of,of, disease, focused, healing to preventative, health and like what Kim Knight was saying, about, about us all, moving from ignorance into likeness and actually,engaging and participating and,and stepping away from fear and recognizing that remembering who we are as, as loving and compassionate people. How long it will take for the general awareness to be raised is,is up to us all really as individuals to, and, and we can each do out, but by, by healing ourselves and, and, improving the future for us all as a clinic, So- Dr. Tess Lawrie: Is there anyone else have any words they can share? With Faisal that,in solidarity?[01:41:00] Dr. Mark Trozzi: I have one thought, one thought Faisal which,is a front we find ourselves working with. And I think we’ve gained some ground with under the oppression in Canada’s. As you, you pointed out, the people who know their rights are able to speak the right words, and then, the people trying to assault them with the needles are backing off. I guess, preemptively, whatever activist groups we can support to basically, the action of teaching people, their rights, we’re encouraging Canadians now to keep the very brief one-page document charter of rights and freedoms part of our constitution in their pocket. But if the people are informed, perhaps they’ll be more able to protect themselves as you pointed out. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you, Mark. Capri, would you like to have the last of the, last say, I see your hand is up? Perhaps we need to promote you to panelist? There we go. you should be able to speak now, Pri? Dr. Bandara? Dr. Pri Bandara: Can you [01:42:00] hear me now? Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes. Dr. Pri Bandara: Oh, great. Okay. thank you for the opportunity to respond to, what Faisel said. Very disturbing indeed. I would like to what, getting in touch with Feisal because I’m already working, I’m quite involved in this issue in Sri Lanka, although I’m based in Australia. I- I sent to my email address in the chat, but because Faisal would be in the webinar mode, he can’t save the chat. So I just wanted to make sure that,he notices that I’m trying to get in touch with him. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Oh, I, thank you very much. Thank you very much, Pri. Zoe Strickland: I think you will be able to save the chat, because he’s also a panelist right now. I believe. Yes. I should be able to say that. So could you type your email [01:43:00] address in the chat so I can contact you? I’m working with the doctors and lawyers in Sri Lanka. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you, Pri. You’ll be able to connect In the chat. It’ll be on for a moment longer. So with that, I’m going to close the, general assembly for the evening. I want to thank all the speakers. it’s just been amazingly informative. We’ve heard so much news. We’ve heard science and we’ve had, some information on how to restore balance in our lives,on our journeys on this earth as we learn and grow. I also want to thank all the people who’ve joined us on the live stream. Thank you for your interest, and also thank you to everybody for your support and your donations. It keeps us going so with that, goodbye, everybody. And, we’ll see you next week. Same time. Dr. Jennifer Hibbed: Bye everybody. Thank you. Thanks. Bye everyone. Goodbye. Happy Valentines, everyone. happy. [01:44:00] Valentine’s day. God bless. Thank you. Dr. Mark Trozzi: God bless and thanks Charles too, for coming today. Dr. Charles Hoffe: Okay. You’re very welcome, Mark. Dr. Jennifer Hibbed: Yeah, Charles, that was really good. Thank you. Did a great speech.

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