General Assembly Meeting #90 | May 22, 2023

On Monday, May 22, 2023, we heard from Veronika Kyrylenko and Alistair Williams at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #90.

The Power of Self Expression

GA 90

Veronika Kyrylenko: The New American

Watch Veronika’s full presentation.

  • Veronika Kyrylenko is senior editor at the New American magazine, a twice monthly publication aimed at freedom-loving Americans.
  • A seasoned investigative journalist and professional linguist she is a highly respected writer and political analyst.
  • During the Covid-19 crisis her work focused on vaccines, vaccine policies and the medical freedom movement.

Alistair Williams: A Cancelled Comedian

Watch Alistair’s full presentation.

  • Alistair Williams is a British comedian who in 2019 suddenly found himself on the wrong side of humor when he made an observational joke about Brexit.
  • He was cancelled by venues for having a supposed “wrong view” and lost gigs and work at a rapid rate.
  • Alistair says he refuses to suppress his views and continues to express himself via comedy and podcasts about what he thinks is really going on in society.
  • He is also the official entertainment at this years’ Better Way Conference gala dinner.

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