General Assembly Meeting #84 | April 10, 2023

On Monday, April 10, 2023 we heard from Louise Creffield, Kim Knight, and Prof Mahin Khatami, PhD at WCH General Assembly Meeting #84.

GA 84

Louise Creffield | Taking Action Against the WHO

Watch Louise Creffield’s presentation.

Louise is the Founder & Director of Save Our Rights UK, a grassroots movement focused on legislative and Human Rights issues. She spent 2.5 years working in politics with the vision of making a change, but after seeing the inner workings of Parliament realised it wasn’t possible in the current system. She wanted to create a real democracy, so started Save Our Rights UK. Louise spoke about taking action against the proposed WHO pandemic treaty ahead of a UK parliamentary debate on April 17.

Kim Knight | The Bigger Picture

Watch Kim Knight’s presentation.

Kim is a health and personal development coach specializing in root cause analysis and lifestyle medicine. Her passion for getting to the roots of problems is one of the reasons she started to investigate the bigger meaning and purpose of life. The combination of her own challenging journey to heal from chronic illness and personal trauma, combined with three decades of study in esotericism, has brought her to a unique understanding of life which she calls ‘The Bigger Picture’.

Prof Mahin Khatami, PhD | Cancer & Vaccines: Altering Immune Neuroplasticity & Bioenergetics

Watch Dr Mahin Khatami’s presentation.

Dr Mahin Khatam was born in Tehran-Iran. She immigrated to USA in 1969 after training in Chemistry and Science Education. Mahin received her MA in Biochemistry from SUNY at Buffalo and PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. Her postdoctoral trainings were in physiology and protein chemistry. She currently serves as expert Immunologist for vaccine legal cases.

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