General Assembly Meeting #83 | April 3, 2023

On Monday, April 3, 2023 we heard from Judith Brown, Derrick Broze, Jason Bassler, and Joe Martino at WCH General Assembly Meeting #83.

truth about facts

Judith Brown: The Truth About the Fact-Checkers

Watch her presentation here.

Judith Brown is a retired nurse educated to doctorate level. She first became interested in media issues while working in Africa and the Middle East. Her firsthand experiences were far different than what she was led to believe by the media and politicians. Inspired by that deception, Judith began researching the influence behind media with a focus on the war in Yemen.

She is a member of PANDA and has been researching the disinformation industry, specifically fact-checking, for the last two years.

An Inside Story: Independent Media vs The Fact-Checkers

Watch their presentation here.

Derrick Broze, Jason Bassler, and Joe Martino are activists, journalists, content creators, and change makers. Their shared experience with censorship and fact-checkers dates back years before Covid-19 emerged and brought fact-checking into the mainstream conversation.

Collectively, they were reaching millions daily with independent media outlets such as The Conscious Resistance Network, The Free Thought Project, Collective Evolution, The Pulse, Police the Police, The Anti-Media, and more before censorship changed everything in 2018. Learn more about their stories on our Substack.

Stop the WHO Update

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