General Assembly Meeting #81 | March 20, 2023

On Monday, March 20, 2023 we heard from Shomit Mitter, Hope LoveJoy, and Prof Dr Dana Flavin at General Assembly Meeting #81.


Shomit Mitter | Manifestation and Past Lives

Watch Shomit Mitter’s presentation.

  • Shomit is one of London’s leading therapists. In his one-to-one work, he seeks to uncover the deep-seated causes of a client’s ailment rather than simply to paper over the cracks with suggestions and affirmations.
  • In his workshops he teaches clients how to transcend their blocks, harness their power and take projects forward with focus, conviction and confidence.
  • His work is distinguished by the manner in which it combines the profundity of ancient Indian modalities with the efficacy of Western hypnotherapy.

Hope LoveJoy | THE ARC: 6 Keys to Transformation

Watch Hope LoveJoy’s presentation.

  • Hope LoveJoy is a father and grandfather, who not only survived 15 years of drug addiction as well as a lifetime of abuse and PTSD, to become a 5-time business owner and educator, but also someone who will do whatever it takes to make sure all children across this planet have a future where they will be free.
  • Hope is the sole creator of two informational websites listed below with a combined membership of 12,000+ people from at least 60 countries.
  • THE ARC is one of the many Free Keys that Hope has been able to put together, use and teach to others, based on the culmination of most of the research he has tirelessly done, which has the potential of healing anyone who uses it and thereby healing the world.

Prof Dr Dana F Flavin | Reversing Cancer

Watch Dr Dana F Flavin’s presentation.

  • Dr Flavin has studied 58 semesters with 4 disciplines in Medicine and Science. She was the former top FDA Toxicology Advisor. She is a Biochemist, Pharmacologist, and Physician.
  • Her many accomplishments include curing EBV hepatosplenomegaly in 24-48 hours, reversing AIDS in 2 months, reversing autoimmune diseases in 4 weeks, and reversing stage IV cancers of the lung, colon, skin, thyroid, and breast.

Matters Arising

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  1. I was so intrigued by Shomit Mitter’s stories, as well As his explanation of how people deeply heal from long-standing painful issues. I 100% agree because that was my experience too. I’ve suffered with severe depression since age 15. It was often frightening how low I could feel, wishing life were over on a regular basis. Medication only helped briefly, it would always come back. I was in regular talk therapy for at least 15 years. Although the insights gained and the connection with another kind soul was helpful… Nothing really lasted. I lived in great fear of the darkness in my mind. Then EVERYTHING changed when I worked with a hypnotherapist who talked about the influence of past lives. I felt different after the first time meeting her. I had hope that the despair I felt inside was actually from unresolved trauma from another life…as well as from my very early years too. My work with her happened in 2016, and the change in me and my outlook was night and day. I can identify now as someone who has been completely transformed now. I understand how deep seated those subconscious beliefs were and it was necessary to work at that level. I am forever grateful. I would be very interested in any workshops by Shomit in the future! Many thanks.