General Assembly Meeting #75 | February 6, 2023

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WCH General Assembly Meeting #75

On Monday, February 6, 2023, we heard from Eleanor Hajee, Mina Dew, and Petra Quirke (introducing Iniciativa21) at World Council at Health General Assembly Meeting #75.

Eleanor Hajee | Community Abundance Network

Watch Eleanor Hajee’s presentation.

  • The One Mind Community Abundance Network (CAN) is a conscious community of changemakers helping to seed & pilot a new decentralized community and heart-based system in Hampshire, West Sussex and the South of England.
  • Eleanor Hajee launched OneMindCAN in 2021 and has spent the last 2 years working with the founding community to develop templates, frameworks and a simple step by step process to help mentor communities to ‘seed and grow their own’ local, independent, ethical, regenerative, and heart-based community system (over a 3 phase period); and has brought through proposals for a wider decentralised community system.
  • Inspired by a post-grad on Green Economics & Holistic Systems (2015) and Transformational coaching (2020). Eleanor recognises that community empowerment evolves through empowerment of the individual. Beginning with mindset shifts and working through the limiting beliefs, conditioning, fear and resistance that keeps us playing small.

Mina Dew | Class Action Covid UK — The Government Will Need to Pay!

Watch Mina Dew’s presentation.

  • Mina started Class Action Covid UK in October 2020, a legal case against UK Government for loss and injury resulting from harmful “Covid Measures”—including (but not limited to) masks, testing and the rollout of ineffective and dangerous “vaccines”.
  • Mina has a juris doctor (advanced law degree) from Bond University, Australia, and a psychology degree from Newcastle University, UK. Combining a working knowledge of the English common law system with an appreciation of the depth of the Covid deception, she has worked with lawyers in England and overseas to put together a comprehensive class action for the people of the UK

Petra Quirke | Introducing: WCH Partner Iniciativa21

Watch Petra Quirke’s presentation.

  • Iniciativa21 is a non-political community of doctors, psychologists, lawyers, other experts, and active citizens who disagree with the state’s approach to Covid-19.
  • The focus of Iniciativa21’s work is in the fields of medicine, law, psychosocial care, child care, and education.
  • Petra Quirke was chosen to speak because of her fluent English.

Update on Stop the WHO

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