General Assembly Meeting #73 | January 23, 2023

On Monday, January 23, 2023 we heard from Eugene Trufkin, Germaine Staley, and Mikael Kivivuori of the MKR Co-Operation Network at World Council at Health General Assembly Meeting #73.

Eugene Trufkin: The Truth About Food Quality

Watch Eugene Trufkin’s presentation.

  • Eugene was raised on an off-grid farm in Ukraine.
  • He graduated from the University of California, Irvine and is currently a fat loss and holistic health coach.

Germaine Staley: When in Doubt, Grow Something

Watch Germaine Staley’s presentation.

  • Germaine is a sustainability designer, permaculture designer/teacher, aquaponics teacher, and co-founder of Champions of Permaculture.
  • She is passionate about integrating holistic, ecological systems into the urban environment so that more of a balance with nature can be re-established.

Mikael Kivivuori: Introducing The MKR Co-Operation Network

Watch Mikael Kivivuori’s presentation.

  • MKR is an independent think tank and a mass movement that consists of active normal citizens and professionals from all fields, in great co-operation. MKR has expanded into “A Solution group for all crises” and is doing all kinds of good for a better future.
  • MKR was founded by Finnish doctor Mikael Kivivuori and embodies his ideas about the importance of love, understanding, forgiveness, mental well-being and psychology.

Matters Arising | January 23, 2023

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